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I think HappyMQer is a rehire at MQ but not sure

Posted By: my fave was bought by MQ in 1996...nm on 2006-07-14
In Reply to: as you can see, no one else is telling theirs either-sm - none

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They can still say that they would not rehire you, which is bad.
They just can't give specifics or personal opinions, i.e. late all the time or lazy worker.
That email offering a bonus was not sent out to everyone.  Only a limited number of individuals/
Idea for you to try for rehire. sm
Go directly to Lee. She knows that circumstances change. She is a softie at heart but does not admit it :)
The skinny on Spheris rehire
The fact is...

When you terminate, your supervisor checks a little box at the end of your form that says "rehire" or "No-rehire."

If you quit without notice, or if you quit just to go work with someone else without giving your supervisor a chance to make things better, quit without any reason, or if you were especially difficult while you were working with the company with lots of production or quality warnings, etc., you will probably be more susceptible to the no-rehire-box check.

If not, then you certainly should be able to be rehired if the rehire box was checked.

What is the deal with not being eligible for rehire? nm
All a company can do is put you on a do not rehire list.
If you put them on your resume as a reference they can by law only answer the dates you were employed. Nothing else. If you give notice they can put you on the rehire list or not. You decide. These are the legal facts. Not to say they may do other things. But if you are a good MT and you want to work for a reputable company it should not be a problem. Re: black list passed around: There are rumors of it, but when I hired I would have paid no mind to it, rather judged for myself through interview and researching references. Good luck to you. It is a slow time of year, the only reason you may not hear back right away from potential employers.
Yep, I wish they'd rehire me. About 2 weeks ago I e mailed the owner
Then her admin asst sent me the sheet with questions right away too... they said they were very interested. After that, nothing. I e mailed the assistant and she said HR got the form, but I never heard again. Maybe I got blacklisted from the bad experience last year. I am really sorry for what happened, trying to juggle 2 jobs, and especially for losing face with KS. However, if they felt I was not a good fit, that is their choice. I can promise the stars but if they felt I was not a good fit, I truly understand and won't bug them again. I am, however, extremely happy for everyone who gets to work there, and I am glad I had a chance last year. I just blew it! My bad.
Yes, if you left on good terms, you can be eligible for rehire. nm
I gave notice and was told had to work final weeks in order to be eligible for rehire. Had no