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I think they start you in the 8-9 cpl range and with shift diffs and production incentives

Posted By: Current TTer on 2007-04-19
In Reply to: Sorry, acute care...nm - Looking for something new

you can make another 1.5 cpl or so. I work second shift and my base is .09 plus I always earn at least another half cent on production bonuses and a quarter cent for the shift diff.

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Is it legal if there are production incentives?
More money/production incentives only.
They are extremely flexible with my schedule and everyone is very nice. They were also very understanding when we had personal issues this summer. I also think their insurance is pretty reasonable.

I pass along pay I'm offered when it is higher to encourage them to pay more.
Would you choose $15 with no incentives over straight production??
I have an offer to go shift lead at $15 an hour or another company is offering me 0.9 a line with production incentives on a fairly easy clinical specialty account with what looks like a lot of normals.  Would most of you go for the certain money or take the production in hopes that you can work up speed and eventually make more?  Not sure what to do here.  Thanks
Does Keystrokes offer production incentives or...sm

maybe cost of living raises or performance raises or ANYTHING like that, so a person knows there is a chance for income advancement over time?  TIA!

Line requirements, production incentives

They will go a bit higher than that for second or third shift. That, along with the incentives,
makes it a pretty darn competitive line rate when you also take into account the rich benefits package. JMHO.
4.5 with shift & weekend incentives
JLG shift/production
Not sure what you mean by work by the shift versus production. JLG has several different software platforms and some c-phone accounts as well and pay scale and other account requirements vary. As for the accts I have, we are paid by production, 65-character line NO SPACES. I noticed that recently they posted an ad where they were offering to pay spaces for whatever account they were trying to staff, so even that is not uniform.

They say they pay a shift differential. I can tell you that when I hired I had to negotiate that with them specifically...otherwise they were not voluntarily forthcoming in specifying exactly what the shift differential is. Also, about four months later, they adjusted my pay rate DOWN, claiming that everyone in the company was taking the same hit...no way to know for sure. I still make a decent line rate, but it seems to me that my shift differential dried up when the reduction was made and the reduction has never been restored.

With regard to shift, when I hired, there was no universal requirement to work weekends (I hired as an IC). I was told I could work as much or as little as I wanted to. However, later on they did REQUIRE that we all work at least one weekend day (including ICs). Of course, again, I have no way of knowing if that has been enforced across the board.

Beyond that, at least in my case, they have been very flexible with my hours and days, just as long as I put in eight hours on the weekend. That eight hours does not necessarily have to be on the same day...can be split between Saturday and Sunday if you like. I don't work 5 days straight (Tuesday through Saturday or Sunday through Thursday). I like 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off...and that has been no problem. From time to time, I switch my day off and that has also never been a problem.

I am not sure how this works for fulltime employees and keep in mind, this may not apply to other accounts.
Very good company. Incentive pay for production plus shift and weekend differentials. sm

Their platform is stable (proprietary, I've been on it for about a year and a half now).  Pay is always on time.  Good support staff.  Their insurance changed this year.  Plenty of work.  They don't overhire on their accounts from what I can see.  If anything, there is always plenty of work, which I like because I can hop on outside of my regular shift and get some more lines.  Now that they pay extra for weekends, I like to pick up some extra hours then. 

I see DSG has an ad for 2nd and 3rd shift. Anyone start here recently
that can say how they like it and is there enough work 2nd and 3rd shift.
AllType 6 months ago offered 8 cpl to start and only up to 8.5 cpl with heavy ESL production. Want
Bummed!!! Apparently the MDI-FL side doesnt get incentives. It seems like the benefits/incentives
would apply to everyone. Oh well, wouldnt be the first time.
Incentives? What incentives? Lucky I can get the minimum lines.
This is true. Shift does matter. I work 2nd shift and really have not had any issues with not havi
3rd shift radiology can be like that. Feast or famine. Same with 3rd shift sm
ER work. Sometimes the doctors are too busy to dictate, so they do it at the end. Why don't you talk to them and ask about a different shift?
Ya know, even if I spend time during my shift or after that shift

it is still MY time, expected by the company, and I am not getting paid for it regardless.  I don't answer my phone while I am working, never did, never will.  What other profession, while probably punching a clock, do folks work for free?  If I worked in an office doing this, that time would be paid - say 15 minutes a day x 5 days a week at even $10/hour =   $50 a month - and it is more time spent than that to deal with the email thing and the reminders and the changes in specifics and logging in and out of 3 different accounts when primary is out of work.  GRRR. 

I don't change jobs easily either, glad you are happy where you are - but producing 1400 lines of ACCURATE text will end my career soon (and probably yours also) and then what are we all to do?  My goal is not to work more, work harder and longer hours to produce a salary I can live on. 


TransHealth has some that start the next month after you start work. nm
They pay well 10 cpl days, 11 cpl 2nd shift, 12 for 3rd shift
1300 lines a day required, 65 character line. They have benefits. Don't know much else.
I have worked both 3rd shift and day shift (SM)
including what you call banker's hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). I ran out of work more often on 3rd than I do now on the day shift.
What about incentives? Are there any at all? nm
How is pay at KS? Incentives? nm
Incentives - who has them?
I've read a couple of posts where MTs mention incentives, goals, bonuses and I'm interested in finding out which companies actually reward or motivate MTs to do more than just the minimum required, aside from just getting more lines. Thanks!
TT incentives
Does anybody know how TTs incentive tiers work? I know that if you type 13,000 lines, you get 0.25 cents more for the entire 13,000, and if you do 20,000 lines, you get a penny more, but what are the in between amounts?
I have seen accounts that run incentives based on minutes of dictation, but they also do it on number of reports done or lines typed. Just depends on the account I guess.

Don't be afraid to ask for a backup account, by the way. Some accounts have lots of work.
AND if you maintain under 10% QA another 0.25 cpl back to the first line!!!!  They also have a great benefits package.
Pay better than most, no incentives, but
lots of OT available, 6 pd vacation days, a week PTO, get paid for down time, though there hasn't been any of that lately thankfully.   They provide all equip/software.  $500 sign-on bonus, $500 every year on anniversary.  QA fairly strict, minimum score 98.5. 
What is pay range for OSI? nm
JLG pay range?

I have a telephone interview on Monday with JLG.  I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the telephone interview consists of and maybe the pay range (I know an exact pay cannot be given since it's based on individual factors). 


i believe range is 9-11 cpl.
I don't know that they have a range. They
asked me how much I wanted, I said, and they said they could do that.  More than 8 cpl and there is a shift differential. 
10cpl plus incentives
I have 13 yrs exp and with MQ I am getting 10cpl plus incentives but before my office closed, raises were given out all the time, all you had to do was asked. We were never given a yearly review, I learned that by calling every year, that was the way that I got a raise.-HMMM-maybe that is why my office was one of the ones to close
Just found out after much prodding and after seeing a recruitment ad for Focus that they have put an incentive plan in effect for some employees and not others. Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware.   
Focus incentives
Well, a while back I saw an ad from Focus trying to hire new MTs. It stated there were incentives being offered. I have worked for Focus for 9 months, no incentives, work weekends, eves, and holidays, too. Emailed office and asked. Was told they were discussing this. Kept prodding and emailing and find out tonight via email the MTs working on Netcare only will get incentives. Not sure what they will be or even have been.
MQ incentives/bonus SM

I was told the following:

$1,000 bonus after three months....have to meet standards (full time, 12,000 lines per pay).

$1,000 after three more months, same as above

Lines are 65 characters including spaces

14-18,000 lines in two weeks = .5 cpl bonus

18,001 -20,000 lines in two weeks = 1 cpl bonus

23,000+ lines in two weeks = 1.5 cpl bonus

Also...after 15,000 lines I get .5 cpl retroactively added to my original line count pay of 8 cpl.

Also...$50 bonus for anything over 20,000 lines

Let's hope this is all true...I'm not quitting my other job yet for them due to all of the bad press, I'll work two, the money will be nice for X-mas.

Spheris incentives?

Does anyone know if Spheris offers any incentives/bonuses?  Do they pay for spaces, headers and footers?  What is their base line rate range?


MDI incentives/holidays
Unfortunately there is no holiday pay/weekend pay. There are sometimes incentives offered when accounts get behind.
Incentives? Anyone who works there getting them?
I just read the ad and saw that they offer production-based incentives? I've worked there for a little while, and I have yet to hear anything about this. Does anyone get them? If so, what are they?
Pay range, per line, MDI
Can anyone out there share this information?  What determines there line; 65 with or without spaces and the pay range for this.  Is there platform productive?  Thanks.
I have been looking at four companies that range from sm
$1.00 per report plus .50 for each link to 1.35 per report but links are not paid. The average seems to be $1.10 or so. It is still good money when you think about it. I type 15-20 reports an hour, so even at $1.10 I make more than the hourly at most hospitals and I don't have to leave my house.
What is pay range for Transcend for MT & VR? nm
GIMT pay range
8-9 cents with spaces depending on account.
Can someone give me a range of how well
Execuscribe pays?  TIA
Do you happen to know a cpl range that they pay? nm
Does anyone know the pay range for MxSecure? Thx. nm
Do you happen to know their pay range? nm
No one makes $0.07. The range is sm
.08 to 0.105, usually starting around 0.085 or 0.09.
I made in the range of $50,000.00
I have some of my own accounts and do very low volume for an online company that I started the end of last year just to get some experience online.  I think if you have the experience and the dedication, you can easily make $50,000.00 per year doing transcription.  I wouldn't know about working for nationals though because I only tried one, and I did not like the platform.  It was not productive.  I can see where someone putting in 40 hours and working on a platform they like as an employee and receiving incentives could make $45,000.00.  I do not think that is unreachable, I just don't do nationals or acute care.  Maybe acute care pays more, I'm not sure????? 
I also make in the $30 range at KS
It should be though. A company can have a pay range, but
they can also pay someone more than the range.  If the pay range is usually 8 cpl and I get 10 I'm not going to discuss that with another MT because then they will ask for more money or say so and so makes 10 cpl they can't I have more than 8.   The only person I discuss my pay with is DH.  
Transtech QA Pay range
Can some very kind TT QA person (or anyone who knows) email me with the 'range' of pay for QA - third shift? Thanks so much.