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I think you may have done yourself...

Posted By: Stacy on 2006-07-12
In Reply to: If you are on the Dictaphone side, you are definitely NOT -sm - Jane

an injustice by not giving Medware (or any company that offshores) a chance. I wonder if you were around when the memo was sent from the pres. about the offshoring. The reality is that most companies (not just transcription companies---for example look at Walmart---where is a lot of their stuff made?) have some sort of offshoring. It is just a fact of life. It also does not surprise me about voice recognition becoming the norm. This has been something that has been in the works for years. The reason why a lot of companies offshore is because there are not enough workers to take on the load (or willing enough to take on the workload). I did my research on medical transcription before getting into the field, and there is a huge shortage of quality MTs. I think instead of running and hiding from companies that offshore, you should find out why they do so. Some do it because of the shortage of workers, and others do it because that it what the client wants (anything to save a buck). I have been VERY happy with Medware and none of that really matters to me. My thing is as long as the work is there and my paychecks are on time, I have NOTHING to worry about. Of note, half of their staff are not offshore MTs. Just a minimal percentage are. JMO!

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