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I use Smartype and the ExText expander

Posted By: Works great for me on 2005-08-24
In Reply to: EXText - Jayne


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Smartype in EXText
When you are signed out of EXText, you have to go into your regular Word. In your Smartype menu, go to Smartype Preferences (Cntrl 2) and select the box/option for Start Smartype when Word is started. The next time you are in EXText and it brings up the Word document, your Smartline should be there and your suggestion box at the bottom of the page the way you are used to seeing it. You will just be missing the menu at the top of Word.

I should have explained this part before, I thought you were only looking for the menu. Sorry about that!

I hope this does the trick for you.
Smartype into EXText Toolbar
Anyone know how to get the Smartype menu added to the toolbar in EXText?
Smartype in EXText toolbar
ST works great in EXText but you cannot add the menu, unfortunately. Use Cntrl 3 to add a word, Cntrl 5 to delete a word, and Cntrl 6 to modify a position while working in EXText. You cannot add a smart block while in EXText, so you will have to do that when you are logged out (or use the ESP Expander for blocks of text).
SmarType works great with ExText.
Extext has its own expander, you don't need
ESP expander for ExText
ESP is just about the same as PC Shorthand. If you do not have an Expander already in use with all the info you need on it, do not go to the expense of buying a different one. ESP is a good one to use.
Expander question for those using ExText sm
When we opened the Word client off line, the IT guy and myself, we found Stedmans on the task bar. Now, I am online trying to use it and I don't see the Stedmans on the task bar and I can't use my Smart Type as a result. I DO see the blue Smart Line and I see the space below for the glossary, but Smart Type is supposed to launch when Word starts...but I can't see or use anything.

I have done some reading and I was told that Smart Type would work in ExText, thought it would, now it won't.

Is there a trick I should know?

Thanks so much, in advance, for your help.
Shorthand or ExText expander system? Which is
It's the ExText software. Easy to use. Has it's own expander, if you want, and line counting b
I use Smartype with Extext and it works fine. It just automatically came on when I went on Extext.
Hi: Only Shorthand is and they recommend it.
Stedmans Smartype
I know that Stedman's Smartype works with Word and will work with ExText on a limited basis.  Are there any platforms out there that Smartype will work with?
Smartype not in menu
Well, how do you turn on Smartype if it isn't listed on your toolbar? 
It's similar to Smartype. Words pop up at the
if you see the word you are typing, you can hit enter and it puts in the entire word without you having to type the rest of it.
Is Shorthand or Smartype compatible with
Anybody running Smartype with the Medware MeriT program? (nm)

Any Amphion people use smartype or some other prodcution enhancer?

Does ShortHand or SmarType work with the company DiskWriter's system?
9cpl and 11 cpl for weekends. Use ExText. My ExText version wasn't compatible with theirs
As long as it will work with Windows-based programs then whatever expander you use should work in Merit. I use Shorthand with no problems but have no experience with the one you mentioned.

I worked for a small local company, and only did proofreading, no transcripton, so I'm embarassed to say I don't even know what an expander is.

As long as your Expander is Windows-based it will work with the Merit platform.
I only use my expander, AUT.
I'm not a window person but their window program is easy, easy, easy. I use ShortHand as an Expander because it is not limited except by the size of your hard drive - autocorrect is limited, so rather than have everything going on at once, I disabled autocorrect and stayed strictly with Shorthand and made my own custom dict. This is truly a great company but don't play around with your schedule. If you commit to a certain time, be there. They need to know they can depend on you for TAT. I've never had a problem with them. They are great, but they do have standards like not abusing QA because you don't want to take the time to check it out yourself. Otherwise, go for it.
Can you use an Expander with it?
Anyone out here with JLG, what expander do you use? (sm)

I have one that I use to help me with DQS on my full time job, but find it doesn't work that well for me with JLG and I don't want to take the chance of having it set up for JLG and then screw up my FT job.  I also haven't been able to figure JLG's out (don't laugh!) correctly and I'm looking for something else to supplement it/replace it so I can get my line count up higher (only working there part time).  What Expander works for you???

The one I use is ShortHand 8.60v. Having enough money to eat is my motivator I guess!
What expander do you use?

Do you use shorthand? 

when people talk about extext and they use ShortHand and the built in esp, are they referring to shorthand as their own shortcuts or something different?  I don't want to sound stupid but just wanting to make sure I understand!  Thank you for your help!
The platform I am on uses Instant Text ...
I don't use an expander.
It is just a really, really easy ER account with tons of work.

I came from a company that used word perfect and honestly I loved it because I was used to it.  Setting up and using macros was easy for me and came naturally after all that time.  I have tried some free demo Expanders and have a hard time getting used to the automatic additions but I'm getting there.  I have not been impressed with the demos and can't see spending the money on the ones I've tried.  I have since been using the word auto correct and auto text. 

I'm thinking about trying Instant Text from the reviews on here and other forums, but the price tag is a little put offish for me.  I don't mind putting the money into if it gives me the money in return, obviously.  Has anybody tried this and regretted the purchase?  Being Christmas time and having 3 kids and a large extended family to think about the coming month, I don't want to put this kind of money into myself, aah, y'all know what I mean. 

Shortly, is it totally worth it to buy for myself at this time of the year???

can you use IT expander?
Also, does their platform come with its own expander?  Thank you all!
yes, it comes with its own expander.
(and remember, this platform was developed by/with MTs)...and a big plus is that you can bring most Expanders in with this platform. I brought years and years of stuff from MQ and they integrated it into their expander. I'm not 100% on IT, but i believe i've seen where you can use it too.
Hi, I posted yesterday regarding using PC ShortHand as your Expander for a Meditech account. I neglected to tell you that you will have to purchase that software on your own. KS does not supply that. Good luck!
It is in you and in your expander.
Can you at least print a list of your expansions in case you need to manually redo them?
But were you using an expander? NM
No using expander?
Please tell me you are just assuming this? I do VR and still use my Expander just fine. If you have troubles with your headings/subheadings, you can make shorts for them so they go where they need, etc. Wrong word? Just use your short for it and delete the incorrect one. One big tip - take your hands off your home row, that is bad in VR. I know, I know, we have been brainwashed to it for straight typing, but its a no, no for VR, you will probably use your Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys far more.

Gals, its really not all bad. You will lose money at first, but as the VR results improve, your major editing will be less and less and your pay back up where you need it to be.

Oh, and if you are using escription, I had heard a while back there VR was excellent, doesn't take long at all to train it.
Can anyone tell me about Medware's expander?
Hi!  Is there anyone that can tell me about the type of expander Medware includes with its software?  I have seen in the Medware ad that they have this and would like to know some specs.  Is it good or should I get Smartype?  THANKS!!
Medware's expander

I personally use Shorthand rather than theirs. I don't think the built-in one is bad, it is just more limited than I prefer. If I remember correctly the names of the macros are limited to a certain # of characters. I do know a lot of people there use it though, so it can't be all bad. Me, I like Shorthand because of the "hints" window that they use, which shows you if there is an entry that matches the letters you have typed.

Here is a link for Shorthand, if you are interested. They have a free trial period.

Medware expander
No, their expander is not good.  It is very limiting.  You will do much better with your own expander, like Smartype or Shorthand. 
Medrite Expander
How do you activate the Expander in Medrite? Does it show a list of what you have added in case you don't remember your entries, i.e., like the little yellow box that is available in Shorthand?
Why cant we use expander with one less space?
We havent gone to one space yet but I got the email this morning that they are working on the accounts and will notify us when our accounts are changed over.  Why cant you use the Expander with one space?  I dont know what I will do without my expander.  When you switched over, did you take a big cut in pay with the one less space?
If you aren't using an expander just think how
many more lines you could produce with an Expander and then that would be like gettin a raise.
I have been using my expander for years

as well, so of course most of the things I don't need to be reminded.  But sometimes it does help, like if I have made a normal for a certain doctor or whatever, because some doctors have SEVERAL different normals so if I have something pop up that helps me to remember which is which, then that helps.  With the Bayscribe Expander you have to actually go into it (unless you use the Quick Bar) to see what is under a particular abbreviation. 

Yes, work that expander (sm)
I know that when I was at a hospital there was a limit to how much you could put in  your text Expanders because there was only so much memory for them.  Now that I'm at a service and there's no limit, I consistently do 300+ lph. 

I am lucky in that my main account has maybe 15 regular dictators I can get used to and I have a lot of entire reports saved (common stuff like colonoscopies or cholecystectomies, and I just make changes as they say them).  I do have to be flexible, though, 'cuz if my main account's caught up I get my backup account(s).  My line count goes down when that happens, but not by all that much.

When I was at the hospital, sometimes people would ask me for help and I'd watch them type a sentence or two and I'd be like they didn't put 'chest x-ray' or 'physical examination' in an expander?  I think there's a book or an article somewhere that can help you make most of expanders (sorry, don't remember where; search the archives here and you can probably find it).
Cymed expander

I was just wondering what kind of Expander Cymed uses?


Best expander for BeyondTXT
 I know this comes with ShortCuts which seems okay but has anyone found another you think is a better fit? TIA.
Oh my. You actually use that term enough to need an expander?
Jo, what type of expander are you using? nm