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I used Bytescribe

Posted By: Former employee on 2007-02-14
In Reply to: I couldn't even get their test to open for me so I could take it. - nm

Bytescribe wave player worked. You have to copy it into your wave player. You cannot open it when they send it to you. You need to copy and paste it into the wave player that you use.

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Bytescribe and WAVpedal worked, (sm)
sort of. Trying to play the files off the site, even with saving to my computer, did not work; ExpressScribe was no better.

Bytescribe is available for a 7-day free trial:


I had the other one left over from some service.

The first dictation, the neonatology one -- did the last line make sense to anybody?

It's been over 10 days, so I doubt I'll hear from them. No great loss. If their techies can't set up the test properly, could they be any better at designing an efficient work transfer system?
Is Bytescribe a good platform. nm
....I didn't take job with SoftScript, so I don't know for sure. The ByteScribe
Have read that a ByteScribe is more compatible, but no actual
Bytescribe pedal & Express Scribe
I use a Bytescribe pedal with Express Scribe all the time and it works great.
DocShuttle/Bytescribe has a free download
Bytescribe is not a platform, just a digital voice player - sm
That said I have always liked it, but it only allows 3 installations, which I have used up on mine, after that you have to get permission from them. I need to do that as my computer crashed and am now unable to reinstall it, a real pain in the butt. I have heard you have to purchase additional installations after 3 but don't know about that as of yet. But it is a very versatile program/player, places every type of voice file that I have ever needed it to (.dss, .wav, Playall).
You need experience, an independent Fax machine, & your own DocShuttle/ByteScribe software. Pay in