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I was wondering the same thing. Can only assume

Posted By: everything is going smoothly. nm on 2007-09-11
In Reply to: Is it okay to not receive any mail from the office for a few days at a time? (sm) - NewTT


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Agree. How rude to use that ASSume thing,
She does not work from her living room. Why would assume such a thing? Why would it matter to you
do not post things that you have no idea about. If you have a problem with KS or any company, why not ignore it and move on? Why does it concern you?
I'm wondering the same thing...
lots of goodbye emails, dontcha think? I'm a little worried.
I was wondering the same thing.
Seemed strange that no name is attached. Fishy.
I was wondering the same thing when
you didn't say what company WAS giving you problems. Why leave people wondering?
I was wondering the same thing...
I was wondering the same thing ... sm
That's why I was hoping that others would chime in. I don't know how folks who are the primary breadwinners in their home are able to make a living here. I'm sure that there must be some who are making good money; that's just the nature of the beast in the workplace -- diverse work experiences within the same organization. I know, though, of many who in terms of the compensation are really in the toilet right now just as I am.
I am wondering the same thing
Definitely not from the United States.
Wondering same thing....sm
Hired by them, though start date still several days in future.... From what I was told, editors listen to entire dictation for maximum quality assurance, as company has top quality reputation to uphold (whether MTs on 100% QA are in need of this? or whether ESLs are so heavily accented that it's required? not sure - but it is apparently done this way, which raises a few red flags for me, also, regarding the accounts and difficulty vs. pay per line ;).  Thus, that minimum line requirement per hour for editors, as well as the MTs. I sure wouldn't mind being able to make a little more, though.
I was wondering the same thing!
Hmmm...inquiring minds want to know!
I was wondering the same thing also sm
but to say your employer has mental problems and she has to work at home BECAUSE she has kids. Kind of a spoiled selfish way of thinking. She should be glad she CAN work at home if she needs to especially if she lives in a rural area (I haven't figured that one out either).

Heaven forbid she would HAVE to work outside and take her kids to daycare or the babysitter! Poor thing she HAS to work at home because she has kids. Some people are just so entitled.
I was wondering the same thing

I sent my resume as soon as they posted the job ad but have heard nothing back at all. 

I was wondering the same thing! As of last year, they
Me too! Just today. I'm wondering the same thing. - nm
Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing
I work for them too and was wondering the same thing?? What gives all of a sudden?? nm
Why would you even assume that if there is a
I've worked for plenty of companies where QA was conflicted on issues.  One would say one thing, and the other would say something different.  How does that make the MT bad?  As a matter of fact, when I worked for Transcend it happened at least 3 different times because there was conflicting information from the client and the account manager.  Good gravy, let's just sell out your fellow MTs in a heartbeat.  Unless you're QA with a superiority complex, of course.  
and I am to assume
that the other's names are actually hat they post as. Can we get beyond the name and note the thread information - I truly hope that those with common sense would take heed to what is posted but use common sense and investigate any job they apply for. Regardless of the name - for example - when D&L starts hiring under their NEW name, will you all just jump at the chance?

I appreciate the thread - no off shore - and will also use my knowledge to investigate it first before cheering the company on.
I really don't know but I ASSume they are.

I tried to figure it one time by checking my word count.  In MS word you click tools and word count with and without spaces.  Then divide both figures by 65 to see what I get and compare it to what they have but my platform messed up and I lost my document. 

I have not figured out how we get paid.  When I worked for the hospital, my supe there said we did not get paid for headers or footers.  When I signed on with the MTSO the recruiter said the same thing.  However, my supe at the MTSO said we did. 

You can assume all you want.

You can let that brain of yours just go wherever it wants to with the situation.  LOL  I don't owe any explanation to you or anyone else as you have no business in this situation to begin with.  Get a life and quit butting into things you do not have any business being in.

I work for the BEST company in the MT industry. 

You do know what happens when you assume, right?
Good god, could you be more judgmental and finger-pointing? First of all, this is the ONLY thing I have posted in at least three months. I don't disagree that there is negativity, but IN MY EXPERIENCE, this is an excellent point to be brought up.

I do not work for any of the companies that are regularly discussed or bashed here. Two of the companies I work for, I really do love my supervisors and feel pretty decent sense of teamwork.

As for what I'm willing to do, I learned MANY years ago that in order to make money in this profession, you have to be willing to do everything. Even the stuff that makes you want to punch your speakers.

Let me reiterate, you assumed some pretty ridiculous stuff right there.

I do all work - every dictator who pops up, every work type - sitting here at my computer for at LEAST 13 hours a day.

And I am still running out of work. With THREE jobs with THREE companies, two of which I have seen hiring in the past two months.

I have spoken to my supervisors, and I am on as many accounts (15 with one, 7 with another, and 5 with the last) as I can be on.

Now find MY fault in that. Other than NOT wishing to take a risk on kicking one of these jobs to the curb for a less reputable company, and then having to spend hours and hours of my own time - AGAIN - learning a kajillion account specifics. Only to run out of work even more often.

But back to my specific question, even though you breezed through the actual fact without even a response:

MT companies, in several articles I've read recently, are blatantly stating that they're offshoring because there is a shortage of MTs in the US. So why am I (ME) out of work so often?

When you assume you are usually
wrong. Sorry but I am past retirement age and was trained OTJ at a hospital, so that sorta shoots your theory down. I cannot believe all people put out about VR, you included. To say a person could probaby take Dorland's and do, just another fable to go along with the rest. Do some research before talking about something you apparently have little knowledge about. I have 36 years in and counting so back to your assuming again. I love it when people are so off the target.
You assume right, so you really need to get your...sm
facts straight before shooting off at the mouth/fingers.  And furthermore, I was responding to the above post to the above poster, not get into a p---ing contest with YOU about abbreviations, so I don't care what you ASSUME.  P.S. Yes, I do know the correct abbreviation for my state, if its any of your beeswax, which, incidentally did not come into play in my post.  Do you know yours? 
You can assume what you like
However, if I decide to stay there, even if just to spite QA, I don't need even more wrath called down upon me as I'm sure I'll be doing enough of that anyway with every report I argue. Had it been a load of 'hooey', I could have just said it was MQ since many assumed that and the company is large enough that new hires come and go without notice.
Ha, that is funny what you assume
I have been an MT for 15 years.  I have worked at the Cleveland Clinic inhouse for many of those years and for 1 other national and 3 smaller MTSOs as an IC.  I have PLENTY of experience with platforms and doctors and sound quality.  Maybe you just need your hand held!
Amherst I assume.
I would think we can safely assume that. nm
I get them, I would assume they are offered to all, but not sure

thanks for the info. I assume you are sm
happy with them?
Don't assume they won't give you the
Health insurance benefits, when offered, are as much of your compensation package as anything else. Recruiters know this. I have always asked and though some have seemed somewhat reluctant to look it up, I always got specific answers as to contribution, copays, caps, etc. Just be sure you know what you want to ask, and ask away. What's the worst that could happen?

Good luck.
If you are an IC. I assume for tax purposes, but I'm
It is unfortunate but no one should assume . .
that they have not been trying to hustle up business, as that is something that is a constant - trying to obtain new accounts, but it just has not happened. I agree with prior posting, stay positive, they are a good company and something will happen, it may just take time.
If you don't save them, I would assume one
would be out of a job if required to by employer.
Why do you assume that this person has not

searched the archives?  Maybe they have and just have more questions, looking for current employees of the company.  I do not understand why when people post here looking for information about a company that other people have to be so rude and make such comments.  I understand that some do not realize that the archives are there to search but be nice about it and not so snippy.

First rule: DON'T assume
Can see you are frustrated but don't assume people who *might* have answered your original post saw it.

If you were going to take the time and effort to write a second post - why choose such an off-putting tone?

How about: I know you all are very busy trying to work 24/7 to make HALF of what you used to make - but my first post went unanswered. Would someone KINDLY please point me in the right direction?

Assume everything in effect as of Jan 1
Don't assume my job isn't on the line. sm
I want a job to feed my family because they're my priority, that's my reality.

Excuse me, but why do you assume that every post...
is directed at YOU? For crying out loud, I was merely posting my experience with Transcend and how *I* was getting 20K per payroll period. YOU need to a grip - or something?? Sheesh!
A lot of them are hiring due to growth. To assume that they sm
cannot keep or find MTs is crazy. I work for a company that is getting new accounts all the time. I know because I help train new hires. They are one of the companies that posts a lot of openings. Just because a company advertises for new MTs often does not mean that they cannot keep MTs.

I know this is true for the company I work for in Florida and for at least two of the others that post a lot. I think that MQ having problems has been good for a lot of the smaller companies!
I assume U.S. citizens don't need jobs
Our small locally owned and operated, independent telephone company outsources their customer service to India after hours and on weekends.  The so-called customer service rep, who spoke English very poorly, was a bloomin' idiot.  I asked where he was located and he said, Iowa.  Unhuh.  When the phone company office opened I was on the phone reaming them a new one and they admitted they outsource to India because it cuts down on their operating costs and keeps the rates low for their customers.  Yeah, right.  Guess the Indian's got a raise because they sure went right ahead and raised our rates a couple months ago.
So from your smarmy little post, should we assume you took the job? nm

If I assumed anything I would assume your job IS on the line. n/m

Assume they're just compiling data (sm)
to sell.
I can only assume that the company which has not responded is either of the opinion that (sm)
if you are seriously interested in the position, you will find a way to take the test -- wav pedal or not, or just haven't had time to respond yet.  I've tested without a pedal and, while yes it is more time consuming, it can be done. As far as the dial up is concerned, I would think that if sent them an email requesting their system requirements, the information would be divulged, within a day or so.
You all automatically assume my quality is low...? that is silly.
that is what I find disturbing. You all sound very anti-MT, in my opinion.

Rather than meet the issues (with the exception of perhaps 1 post) I brought up head-on, you turn it around on me, you have made everything personal, you have ganged up and attacked me with incorrect assumptions and rude comments that I am just burned out, and assumed I am a low-quality MT.

One year ago I was making about $16+/hour (on average), today transcribing more lines, I am averaging a little over $11/hour because of (I am told) staying competitive with almost third-world countries and technologies. Well, I do not want to do QA just to make more money.

That is not burn-out, that is trying to fight for something I believe in. Then I come to this boards, and read a lot of QA people posting how much they make, like $16/hour--what I used to make...

I would never work in QA just like I would never work in management. Already have done it and I am not interested. I enjoy just transcribing.

The great divide I talk about is extremely obvious in most of these posts here...how could anyone not see that, it is so clear.

I got blasted because I put in my opinion, but I got blasted personally.

What it sounds like to me is a lot of hostility from QA to MTs because you obviously have a lot of low-quality MTs. If that is the case, I apologize, but that is not me. I resent the implication that it is, just based on my opinions.

Every post on here has attacked me, and that to me proves my point a million times over...there is a big divide between QA and MT. Instead of just whining about how awful MTs are, and visa versa, something should be done to bring us together.

MTs are also editors and should be trained as such. Personally, I do not even leave many blanks, and those I do it is with great appreciation and respect that I ask QA to help me.

Working on VR, especially, we should all be QA and should all have those skills.

I also am referring a lot to bigger companies I have worked for who use QA as a tool to lower MT pay (even good MTs).

I have never said I do not make mistakes, either. If anyone read my posts I clearly agreed to constructive criticism and having QA to help when stuck on a report.

The tone of hearing QA complain about MTs, I just wanted to remind people that we are also hitting a report head-on, where we are also finding correct demographics, searching databases for doctor names, etc. Unless on VR, we are not just reading through an already transcribed report...

Also, if you all have such a terrible time with MTs, why not get with management and find a way to hire seasoned MTs or find ways to coach them.

The great divide is, in fact, just what someone rudely posted is the feeling of being disconnected. In all honesty you have to admit even if only to yourselves, all we hear is mostly negative, negative, all the time. We are not kept up to date on changes, they just happen. We have no voice, no say. Our jobs our in jeopardy every day, any minute they can be taken away, you can be fired, or not even fired, but work can just dry up for an MT who disagrees with management, or perhaps has questions. QA can make or break an MT just like a supervisor.

I worked at ______ and most of the QA people were sadistic, and could never agree even amongst themselves. They would torment MTs.

All my opinions, I stick to them...and all these posts have done for me is reconfirm a lot of what I have felt.
Don't know. I do it before I sign it off and assume that report isn't in count
I would talk to your manager -- why would you assume you aren't getting anything?
That is kind of weird. With over 1,000 people that work for Transcend, I am sure that a few were missed. Happens every year, people notify their manager and they get a card.

Instead of posting here, I would let your manager know. I can pretty well assure you that you weren't missed on purpose - if you weren't doing your job, you wouldn't be there.

I assume we are to time in for this or is this too costly for the company? nm
Quit yelling. Don't assume they haven't asked. nm
Don't be so quick to assume that a company of that size does not know the laws. sm
It can come back to bite you later on; fraud has no statute of limitations.

You need to look at the facts: Companies pay unemployment insurance in every state they have employees in. They pay whether there are claims or not. The money paid to you was money paid into a general fund, so you really didn't do anything to the company themselves. It's not like companies write a check to the unemployment division; the money comes from money paid in out of taxes. Shame on you for taking money for free when you were an IC. It is illegal, it is unethical and your name should be assact, not classact, based on the obvious ignorance you have in most areas.

By the way, most MT jobs are employee status, not IC. If you were applying for jobs every week online and offline for six months and could not get a job, the answer is simple: You need a new career because you suck.
I do not have access to her phone number. I can just assume she has already hired all the help
she needed, but thanks...