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I worked for them and every

Posted By: Monday there was no work. on 2005-12-01
In Reply to: I figured they were growing, hadn't - Dano

Had to call and beg for someone to send me something. It got really old.  They have a person who patrols here and is well versed in trying to sound like an MT, but you can pick it out a mile away what she has written.  And it's not DH.  She is a good person.  The other one I'm talking about, well, her head turns all the way around when she speaks.

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I worked for a temp agency for 3 years..LOVED it. Just worked. No counts, no hassels, GREAT pay..
No benefits at the time.  I even learned pathology while temping (8 months on that assigment).  I loved the variety, the ability to say I'm not available such and such time.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I didn't need benefits.
A company is ONLY supposed to verify that someone worked there, what dates they worked, whether PT o
and last date worked. It opens everyone up to a lawsuit if more is given, so most companies are told by their attorneys and business advisors to verify only.

No one has a right to a reference, only verification of employment.
It worked! Latest suggestion from DJ's email worked. nm
If I worked a longer day, I just put my regular shift, 3p-11p, or whatever. If I worked sm
an extra day, then I was told to fudge the hours around on the other days so it all came out to 40.  I didn't really mind -- have learned not to expect overtime in this profession -- and I was happy to be able to work whenever I needed to get the lines I needed.  However, them telling me directly to fudge on my time sheet would seem to be a violation of the wage and hour laws.  I suppose it doesn't matter now if they do not even have enough work to make the minimum line count necessary.  Several of the companies I thought were golden seem to have gotten a bit tarnished lately sad. 
Glad it worked for you. I have worked for companies
that were more reliable and paid without the delay I had. Maybe you started before they started doing that but it makes no difference. I TOO am a single parent.

You are not trying to argue? Sounds like you not only are trying to argue but you are just waiting for anyone to post anything about the co on here so you can just get out there and respond, which seems to be the way I have always noticed it. It's like all the MTs or whoever that work there are just waiting to respond.

This board is about the good points and bad points about companies. I am telling my experience.

The people were nice people though, but my experience was not a good one and I will not say it was.

I can go a week after the end of payday and even 10days later but that's it. Kids would starve.
Best company I have ever worked for, and I have worked for a lot!
I can't believe some of the things these people say here, and have to wonder if it just the same person or two bashing. I have been at MDI for four years and I do not have a low workload and I get treated very, very well.
They one I am not sure of. I have always worked FT for them. I have worked both IC and employee
and I always did way over 12,000 a pay peroid. I am sure they are pretty comparative to other companies. You definitely could contact a recruiter by applying if they would answer all of your questions up front. Good luck.
Worked for both
They both have their pros and cons. MedQuist is poor at communicating with their staff. Keep you in the dark, but they leave you alone and let you work. Spheris, on the other hand micromanages every minute of your time. If you stop to go to the bathroom without signing out, your phone will be ringing within 5 minutes with your supervisor wanting to know where you are. They are much better at communicating and support, though. You just have to pick your poison.

I worked for both MQ and S.
MQ SUCKS!!!!  Spheris has better training, no rental fees on equipment, management and trainers who actually know what they're doing, a decent platform, and better pay.  Those jerks at MQ threatened via $30 Fed Ex envelope to sue me for the equipment I had already mailed back to them, and I had proof of it with UPS tracking confirmation.  And no, I never got fired from there.  Besides all that, S isn't involved in any lawsuits and hasn't been delisted from NASDAQ like MQ has.
When I worked at MQ
Their "clinic work" was from Emory University and very, very difficult. It was in their clinics that they did drug studies, cancer research, surgeries, AIDS research with lots of ESL residents and doctors. It isn't like a nor doctor's office "clinic." They don't tell you that when you take the job.
worked for both
cherry picking (MDI) and they have to know what you are doing all day (TSI) "WHERE ARE YOU, WHY AREN'T YOU TYPING?"
OK, I worked for a different TSI.
I don't know about that one.  I work for a very small MTSO with fewer than 20 MTs.  It's my fit, but I'm not going to name names on the boards.
Worked for both.....
I worked for Spheris a while ago, they were very unprofessional in my opinion, disorganized and really didn't pay well, communication was almost nonexistant. My manager never even introduced herself and just really had a bad attitude in her email, which was her only contact.

I started with OSi about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. Their platform is very easy to use and highly productive. I have never run out of work, pay is always on time and they are very flexible. I am completely happy with them.
worked for them?
This Worked For Me
You sound like you are in the shape I was in about 5 years ago with my hands. My doctor recommended high doses of Magnesium with smaller doses of Vitamin B6 with it. I took 2600 mg (all at one time) of Magnesium every day with 200 mg of B6. Within 3 days my pain was COMPLETELY gone and I've never had to wear braces again! Of course, I no longer take those incredibly high doses of magnesium daily, but I do stick to about 1000 mg a day with a 100-mg capsule of B6, and I've remained pain-free all this time. Good luck to you!! And by the way, my friend works e-bay as her full-time income and seems to be pretty content with it. :)
Have you worked for them before?
Just wondering if you have worked for them before and know how bad the accounts are.  I dont want to get into a bad situation.
who had it when you worked on it?
Has anyone ever worked as an MT
Just applied with temp agency who is hiring for MT work.  Don't know what to expect.  I will be giving up the at-home job to do this job.  I think.  Just wondering would it be less money and demanding line counts, etc.  I think it's close to home. 
Has anyone here worked for JLG?
Never worked there. Don't know.
I worked there I IM'd and
I never heard back from them and if I did it was hours after my message got sent.  Duno what went on there.
I have worked both FT and IC
at home and currently working SE, but am changing to FT.  We need the insurance.  Since I want the option of working more extra if I need it, I have obtained a PT job and might change that to IC.  I like the option of working more than 40 hours to achieve my financial goals. 
I worked for them
Nice company to work for, always pleasant, and the pay was on time.  I don't know if there is a website.
No I do not but everyone I have worked for does it.
It is not limited to one co. They just don't care. There is only one company I know that will not take anyone off until they know their work is at almost 100%
Have worked there for a few
I worked for a ST like that
worked for them for a little while
800 lines minimum per day, 1000 on Saturdays minimum.  You can set your own schedule but must stick to it.
who knows, and I worked ........
for them for 2 years.
I worked there

Never got a response back ...all I ever needed was another account because I never, ever had work on my primary.  Try sending your 2 weeks notice, lol.  You will get a phone call in record time after hitting the send button.  I no sooner hit the send button and bam my phone was ringing. 

Its a great company to work for, but the communication just really sucks.  I never would have minded and would probably still be there if I never had the running out of work issue and being told I need to make my lines when there was only 20 minutes of work in my 5 hour a day schedule. 

My advice to you is to KEEP calling, keep e-mailing... or like I said, once you are really fed up, time how long it takes to hear back when you put in your notice and wait for them to ask you whats wrong and let them know it.


same as one that i worked for; 3.5 also
Yes, I worked for them. sm

I worked there in 2004 for a short time.  I had to leave as the system was too slow with my dial-up.  I was doing an account utilizing Meditech and TransNet with great dictators from a Hamilton teaching hospital.

They are in Ottawa, ON.  That's Canada, of course.  I was an IC.  They provided computer and all other equipment.  I believe there was a small rental fee.  You are paid by the minute and the pay was good at the time.  They are a growing company, as far as I know.  I would recommend them.

Um, she worked for MQ! Enough said?
Ah, but have you ever worked for MQ???
Yes, I have worked for several different
companies. The words from dictation are all the same, but the working conditions, the transcription platform, the personnel, are all different and I would rather leave a company early before I get entrenched in an antiquated system. I think that is best for both the company and the employee so you do not become bitter and are not taking up a lot of time/space, requiring excessive amount of assistance, etc. When I find a platform and people I like to work with, I am there for the duration or until they cut the pay, and then I am out the door.
I worked there
There's a lot more to it than just editing. You have to track the changes for the new people, keep logs you aren't paid for, one for payroll and one for each supervisor/account. You do more other than you do editing. They shorted me a week's pay and then I had a check arrive 12 days late (at that point I quit) with the payroll person telling me it wasn't her problem. I liked the platform and the work, but the rest just stinks.
Has anyone worked with PDA?
Professional Dictation Associates...Has anyone worked for this transcription company and have any helpful information about being employed/contracted with them?  Thanks in advance.
Worked for them
I worked for them a couple of years ago and it was terrible. Their platform did not work and was not Transcriptionist friendly. Don't know if they have changed anything. Bad communcation too or no communication.
Worked here for almost 3
I worked for Web...sm
A few years back and I have to say, they were fair and I was generally happy there. Same ups and downs as any national, but no real complaints. I left to take a hospital employee position, BTW. Best of luck to you!
I have worked for them
Since the fall and I have no complaints whatsoever. I'm making lots more money than I was with MQ, have plenty of work, and no problems with communication.My experience has been nothing but positive. Hope that helps.
I worked for them at 8 cpl
It must be hit or miss with RIU. I have heard of people complaining about the company and others who were happy. I was offered 8 cpl as a newbie and had a great account with lots of work and mostly easy dictators. Hated doing the headers though and they were constantly dumping work on me. They say that you have 10 hr TAT, but it is actually 5 hours since they can give you work up to the midpoint of your shift. Anyway, left to go with a smaller MT service that knows how to treat employees.
Yes, worked there too
and agree the owner is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Very good to her transcriptionists. Yes, plenty of work.
I have never worked at your co., but SM
I have seen this accusation repeatedly.  Great.  Nice.  Move on from it.  All you are doing is letting people who have barely heard of Shapin know that the company likes to run down their former employees in public.  I would also guess from these and other posts that the company is on the dysfunctional side--lots of drama.  There are some who will be attracted to that atmosphere, but the majority of us (all good MTs, mind you) just want to do the best job we can without dealing with other people's hysteria and drama.
I have worked
for a few different companies here in LV and was wondering if you care to name the one you mention. (As I am wondering if it is one I had trouble with about 2 years ago).

You can email me privately if you prefer.
and where was it you worked again?
when i worked there...
I never started out contacting the owner.  She is the one who would contact me.  She personally hired me and some others that I know.  She is the one who would call us, as at that time we were on some new account and she was trying to promise everything in the world.  the only problem was there were a few of us who were in contact with each other and we could compare notes.  In doing so, she was caught in many lies!  Left there pretty quickly.
Worked for them
There are a lot of negative posts about them. I didn't have a problem with them. The only reason that I left was because of them paying on a payscale meaning that your cpl could go up or down depending on your lph and other variables. The people were super nice, but it just wasn't a good fit for me. Benefits with them starts after 90 days which does include PTO. Hope this helps you out.
Worked for 2 of them

No huge complaints regarding Medware except that they start you on 3-4 accounts at once.  I was given information on what would be my primary but didn't even get that account once I started....they gave me one with a specialty I told them up front I had no experience with.

Alltype is growing like crazy and has a really good platform.  They give a bonus quarterly as well. 


I worked there for almost 3 yrs. About the
holidays, if it is your scheduled day to work, you are supposed to work them UNLESS you request it in writing that you want these days off. I would do it early though because it is a first come first serve basis (or it used to be). I do not work on Christmas or Thanksgiving because I am out of town with my family and I get this straight with any company before I go to work for them.

This is the only business I know where you get the holidays but have to request to take them and have that request approved.

That is how that works with them. Not all companies are that way, but that is how they are...so all is not lost there.

I don't know about the 401K before I never had one.

Just be sure you put it on paper about those two holidays and in their offer letter be sure that it is spelled out to you that you are to get these days off. I would not take a job that would not put this in an offer letter. This is an essential item that could be a deal breaker.

I liked working for them. I worked on Merit, which to me is one of the easiest programs I have come across with any company.

Good luck in your decision making.
I worked for one, now for the other

With Medware, I was told I would be on a certain account so I researched the hospital, got my links saved, etc., and then when I started, I didn't get that account at all.  They also started me out on 3 from the first day and at that time they just fed to you so it would be a tad confusing trying to figure out which one you were working on.

With Alltype, you get one primary account and can then request others if you want them.  I prefer them to Medware.   They actually have so far delivered everything they promised to me, no hiding anything, no changing anything, and I like that.


Never worked there, but
they used to type the ER reports for the hospital I worked for as it was a small local company.  I know it used to be that you basically worked in the office for a period of time, 6 months or a year I think, and then you could work from home.  That was about 2 or 3 years ago, so things probably have changed.