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I would contact them at....

Posted By: Stacy on 2006-07-13
In Reply to: Might have to make a move - sue

www.medwaremt.com for that information as there are too many variables. Good luck!

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Contact RBJ
directory, go to World Wide News, but keep trying.   You may have a good fit, and company may or may not shut down, but plz remember her clients are reading this as well.  Will the client base be there in a month???
Thanks! Please contact me at:

octobermt@yahoo.com with info.

Thank you.

If you can get anyone to contact you and
actually hire you and then follow through after that it probably is a good company. I was hired last year but never heard back from anyone and when I would call nobody had an answer for me.
I'm not sure, but I would contact them again as
when I applied, I heard back in less than 24 hours.
UST...no contact
I have tested with them, sent my resume about 5 times, still won't call me back to say yeah or nay, what does it take? Just shoot out an e-mail either way, I hate companies who never give the courtesy of a reply at all.
You may want to contact them, some of us have
been working constant OT...can't imaging you being out of work....
Anyone know how to contact ELL, TX? sm

They had a post on Job Seeker's board a couple of weeks ago.  Sent a resume but no response. Are they legitimate? Can't come up with anything on Google search or searching this board. Thanks

I would definitely contact them.
and you have bills to pay.
Same here. I would contact them again as
you won't be sorry. I have been a MT for 30+ years and have never, ever worked for a better more appreciative company. I am going to be with MDI till they have to pry my hands from the keyboard! Keep trying!!
Again, have you tried contact TT regarding
your situation? As far as facts...account signifies one.
No contact !


I would love to contact my docs just to let them know what is going on. Not for payment from them, that is not the point. Just to give them a heads up.

Are you suing over a bounced check or nonpayment?  Can anything legal be done for nonpayment? Was there ever a contract signed by you about their pay schedule? Like, you will be paid every two weeks. I have a calender of pay dates is all I have ever had. Cannot remember signing a pay schedule contract.

Yes she contacted me last night and offered me 5cpl with 8 years experience.
Do you have a ph# or a contact name?
You can contact
the Better Business Bureau for starters to report their business practices.  They may intervene.  They may also direct you elsewhere for help. 
when you contact SM
the medical facilities, are you calling them, or sending them a standard letter, or email...

What has the response been so far?
Please contact me
I need a PT job ASAP. Is your company hiring PT? al_transcription@yahoo.com
who to contact
You can contact me at cissy.g@mediscribes.com. I am a TL/Team lead and QA for Cardioscribes. I am in touch daily with my team so I doubt you are on my account but if you contact me I can certainly put you in touch with your account team lead and QA and make sure they have your info as well.
Contact them again.
It's doubtful that Susan was the person actually posting the job ad (though possible, I guess). In my experience, everyone at T-C is very open and very, very friendly. If you're concerned, contact them again with your problem. As we all know, MTs come and go so quickly that things like resumes and tests can be easily overlooked, especially if the company is having a bit of a hiring spree. Not that it's an excuse to ignore your test results and not get back with you, but it does happen.
Where to contact them
I receive information through MTjobs.com newsletter and I believe it was in there. They do have a website for MDI and you can go there and apply for a job, or find out information.
If they don't contact you....sm
you won't be missing out on much.....find better, there are better companies out there.  FutureNet handles overflow only, they always have. 
Click on the link that says Contact Us at the top of the main page. Click on Contact Us again on the next page and an email box should pop up. There is no testing, it's just based on your resume and a phone interview, but I'm pretty sure they aren't hiring right now.
No Contact!
Don't feel bad!  I applied to P.R.N. as well several days ago and have not heard a word!  I specifically applied because I have many years experience in Hem/Onc and I have heard nothing.  But I have had this happen several times in the past few weeks with other ads as well.  I have no idea what these companies are looking for and why they will not reply at all after placing an ad for help.  Very rude to say the least! 
I need an email/contact of someone..sm

Does anyone know the email address of an Edna Palmer with Cymed, Virginia?  I can't get my emails or calls returned, thanks.  I left my email address if you know this and want to email me privately.  TIA!!!

Contact this recruiter (sm)
Bonnie Monico. bmonico@medwaremt.com

Medware is a great place to work and they normally get people started very quickly. Bonnie will take good care of you!

I'm interested too. Please contact me also.
Does Amphion now have the St. Luke's ER account? If so, please contact me at
You need to contact the recruiter. I am IC
and make waaaaay more than 7 cents. It is going to be based on your experience and your testing.
Does anyone have contact info for
Contact info for MDI-MD?
Can someone give me the contact
Thanks! Contact me through email...nm


Need a contact for ScribeRight..sm
All I have is a fax number for ScribeRight.....does anyone have a contact number for this company?  Thank you for any info.
contact information
I was wanting to apply with them. Do you happen to have the contact info ?
Thanks for the contact number.. I will do that! ... nm
Contact Info
Can you tell me how to contact this company? I would like to apply as well. Thanks!

Contact SPI or Cymed.
:) good luck
Can you ask MetLife who you can contact? SM
Maybe the Securities and Exchange Commission?  To file a report....it is highly improper for a company to not forward the contribution monthly/quarterly.  Something is wrong and it's not with any paperwork.  Smells like Medware has trouble with mismanaging funds.
How do you contact them? Do they have a website? nm
contact me by email.
Can you tell me how to contact VanBelkum. nm
Any contact information?

Contact company
at staylor@milnervoice.com
Anyone contact their supervisors yet
I have googled both Medware and SPI and this is the only place where it talks about Medware being bought out.
Don't think so. Had a contact tell me that getting ANY holidays off was VERY
Contact PA Labor
Oh, well if you were not a part of the HMC account, by all means if you were not paid, email me and I will give you our contact at PA Labor and Industry. Im sure he would be interested in hearing your story, as the Marinos are just pleading innocence to all our woes.  You could be another cog in their wheel.  Email me and I will give you his name. 
Probably best to contact some of the new/newer MTs over there
Anybody know how to contact MDI Maryland?
I think I would try to contact the supervisor
You may want to contact the office....SM
If you are having a hard time getting at least 12,000 lines a pay period, then maybe it is the account that you are on. I would try contacting they office and they should have no problem putting you on a different account to see if that fixes the problem. I got lucky with my 2 accounts and am able to do well over 12,000 a pay period, so I would contact HR. They are usually very good about that sort of thing. Good luck!
Did you not think that QA and mgmt were in contact?
Zylomed might. Had a contact say she liked
I don't work there, but that's probably something you should contact them about
It would probably be more helpful to ask them directly about the discrepancy.