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IC and taxes

Posted By: Shelly on 2008-11-26
In Reply to:

I have just accepted an IC position. I have never worked as an IC before. Do you set aside your tax money and pay it quarterly or at the end of the year. (for next year) Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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They must deduct FEDERAL taxes.. NOT STATE taxes.. if they took out state taxes.. it would be FLORID
which would only have to be refunded to you for you to pay YOUR state what you owe them which is nothing but a pain... be glad they weren't handling your state tax.. and I think in this case.. if someone at the IRS told you they have to deduct YOUR states taxes.. it is that person who is uneducated... they only have to deduce federal income tax


When you work for someone you STILL PAY YOUR TAXES, your employer does NOT except for the 7.5 SS.  Look at your pay check, are not taxed withheld??? As an IC you are RESPONSIBLE for withholding your own taxes and sending them in but either as an employee or a IC -- you still PAY them, except for the 7.5 of social security.   Sorry but it bugs me when people say as an IC you pay your own taxes as it is incorrect -- you are RESPONSIBLE for paying your own taxes.  With your write off's, flexibility and most of the time more pay it does cover the extra SS you have to pay.  Been doing it for almost 20 years. 



SE and taxes
I'm seriously considering accepting a job as an SE.  The employer holds and pays social security but not income tax or other federal tax.  My state has no income tax, but I was wondering if I would have to pay Medicare tax as well as withholding tax.  Also, is there a way to pay via IRS monthly or bimonthly rather than quarterly.  This is new to me and I'm a little spooked. If I would have to pay Medicare, does anyone know what percent that is.  I understand I should hold or pay 25% roughly for withholding.  Help please. 
Absolutely and you do not have to be only an IC for this write off. Even if you are an employee expenses that you incur in order to perform your job which are not reimbursed by your employer are all eligible. I write off my ink cartridges, printer paper, internet service, etc.
I really believe a sharp CPA is worth every penny.
It is my understanding that if the state your company is located in does not have a sales tax - then they do not handle the state taxes period. Examples would be companies located in Florida and I think Tennessee.

The cost is the same to the employee either way, it is just the convenience of not having to deal with it. Whether they deduct it out of your check and pay it or whether they give you the full amount and you deduct it - either way you owe it and have to pay it. Of course it is less convenient to file quarterly taxes. According to my CPA the employer does not have to withhold if their state does not have state income tax. The employee is responsible for paying quarterly in order to avoid any late fines. Maybe each state has their own standards but I can't imagine all these companies in states without state taxes would be getting away with not withholding if that were the case. By the way, having more held out of hubbies return sounds like a good idea to me if you are filing jointly anyway.

I wonder then, since this seems to be different state to state, if some of these companies would legally be able to just not employee MTs from states who require the employer, regardless of location, to handle the state taxes. I could see them thinking the paperwork/accounting costs would not be worth it.
SS taxes
just taken out of pay, you have to use bayscribe, but certain programs they can import into bayscribe and yes, they will if asked provide sample reports.
Yes, they do.
IC Taxes
For some IC is better, I guess it depends on your circumstances.  My husband is on disability so our income is very low, we clam the mortgage interest our home and we never have to pay in.  I do have to pay 1% local tax each year but that is never more than $100.00 or so. As IC you are able to write off Internet expenses, paper, ink, ref. books ect.  For me it is just better.  Plus as IC I feel that I have more control, but that is jost my opinion. 
Taxes sm
If you are an IC then you have to pay your own taxes. There is no difference. You would just convert the $$ into US (your bank does this) and keep track of the actual US dollars you made and then claim it on your tax return. Hope this helps.
As an SE..do they pay any taxes..sm
or are you responsible for paying all your taxes yourself?
Are there are any Radiology jobs that pay part of taxes?

The post above is not true.  As an employee the employer pays one half of your federal and state (if you have them) taxes.  It is not just half of the FICA they pay. It is half of the total federal (Fed, FICA, Medicare.)  I was an MTSO for 8 years and looked into making my ICs employees and just couldn't swing it plus try to offer benefits.


Bravo!!!  Obviously, the OP either has grown children or no children.  It takes an incredible juggling act to raise kids these days.  Most parents in our income range need all the help they can get.  Just having custody of a 2-year-old for 6 weeks has taught me that.  Daycare alone is taking all I have.  You're right - never underestimate the people with authority in nursing homes.  My son reminds me of that sometimes - I only hope he is joking!  Have a good Monday!!
I realize that. What I am concerned about is Social Security and how that works and how do I decide how much taxes to hold out of my check to be sure I am covered at tax time? Just looking for some preferences here from people who have done it both ways. Thanks!
After taxes, it's a lot less than $100.....
Skroo that!
IC and Taxes
Thanks for the information. I was thinking it would be best to pay quarterly. I have my city taxes set up like that already. Do you know how to set up state and federal taxes to be quarterly?
IC taxes

You don't pay any more taxes as an IC than you do as a regular employee.  You pay your taxes differently and pay more up front than you do as an employee, but on the back end when you do your taxes it all evens out.

You have to pay your regular federal withholding.  It's the same rate that you would pay based on 0 deductions with a regular job.   You can use the tax table http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p15.pdf to figure that out.  Then you have to pay the whole FICA tax of 15.3%.  Half of that is the employer's portion, which you don't have to pay as an employee.  The other half and the federal withholding you already pay as an employee.

When you do your taxes at the end of the year, you enter half of your self employment FICA tax on line 27 (along with a schedule SE) and you deduct it from your gross income. 

So you have to pay more up front, but you don't pay more in the long run.

I pay 25% to the feds every time I get paid and I pay 5% to the state every time I get paid.  A lot of people like to do it quarterly, but I like to get it over with so I don't think I have the money to spend.

You can make your federal tax payments on line here:  https://www.eftps.gov/eftps/ .   You have to sign up with them and then they mail you paperwork with online passwords and stuff, so it takes about a week to get actual access, but it's worth it.  It's where I pay all of my taxes.  Your state probably has an online presence where you can pay your state taxes as well.

I've only ever been an IC so I can't compare working as an IC to working as an employee on production.

rather just under 100,000 a year, after taxes
please.  transcribing for a national??
Employees pay taxes too
You are only paying 7.5% more due to SS, and you should be able to find 7.5% worth of deductions to take.  If you were an employee you still pay the taxes they just withold it from your check.  
withholding taxes? sm

I am fairly new to the IC status.  Approximately what percentage should I be putting away for taxes (federal, state and local).  I know it varies, but just a baseline amount please if anybody can help me out?  I would like to start this with the new year.  Where do you put the money, your regular savings account or open a separate account?  TIA. 


Quarterly taxes
I think you just have to make up the difference come tax time. When I called H&R Block, they said the easiest way is to estimate your income and make 25% quarterly payments. So, that is what I will do. Your tax preparer can provide you with a quarterly schedule with dates and amounts, as well as remittance slips and addressed envelopes to make your payments.

You end up paying for these one way or another, if you are an employee you get less per line and do not have the choice of what health insurance, or when to take time off or how to pay your taxes it is all done for you.  As an IC you get more per line and you chose which health insurance company to have, when you take time off and how to invest your money so you don't pay as much taxes.   Sorry like I have always said even as an employee you pay for the benefits it is just that someone is handling that for you for a price -- lower wages.
If you are an IC NO taxes are taken out. If you are married have

your spouse have extra taken from their check.  How much to save you if you need to pay quarterly depends on your income bracket, but around 30%.

The above post made no sense.   Having to pay for bennies and working for benefits at another company.  Of course you have to work to get bennies, but if a company you work for pays your benefits that results in a higher rate of pay and if you have to work the more you get for working the better. 


Speaking of taxes...

when paying self-employment tax, does that include unemployment taxes?  I was thinking of filing since it looks like finding another job may take a long time. 

Need info on taxes, etc... sm
I had my first IC job in 2005 (did not make very much money though).  We do our own taxes, and I would like to know how to find out (in simple terms) what tax forms, etc. I need to include when filing taxes this year.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks!
ICs are responsible for taxes... sm

and insurance and all withholdings (1099 status).  A statutory employee has FICA withheld and usually Social Security (W2 status).  Both have to turn in schedules to their companies, but ICs have a little more flexibility.  Also, ICs supply their own equipment.  Statutories have the option of company supplied (with a rental fee taken from their check, which is waived a lot of times for high production) or use their own equipment.  No bennies for either.  An IC just usually needs to meet client turnaround times and can stop and start a lot more than a statutory or full employee status person does. 

IC pay for all the taxes, employees do not.
Half is paid by the company.
Yes, you are an employee so they take out all necessary taxes. nm
Quarterly taxes are not always

an option. Sometimes they are a requirement. You should check with an accountant, but I had a personal experience during my early years of statutory employment status with MQ whereby I did not pay estimated quarterly taxes. Because of some legality, I ended up paying a penalty because according to the IRS I should have been able to predict that my estimated taxes were going to be more than the previous year and therefore I should have paid them ahead.

Again, check with your accountant on that, but I would strongly advise estimated quarterly tax payments.

yes you do..it is called taxes...sm
and you give them money every time you buy prescription drugs, gasoline, oil, and other commodities that the big business interests have holdings in. Stop letting big business run the country..it is still WE the PEOPLE, all people..not just the rich, but I don't want to get political..wrong board and I don't want to be banned for speaking my opinion. So, I am saying no more on the subject. suggest you do the same.
My taxes pay for your child
Here again our taxes are paying for you having children -- tired of it.  People that get money back or even more than they pain all due to having kids -- we pay for their children.  No wonder we have such a deficit and such a work ethic, -- they want everyone to take care of them -- so tired of that.
Think of it this way. It is return of MY taxes that I
Don't worry about taxes

Contact your state attorney and see what they say.  As for taxes, if they withheld them but DID NOT send them to Federal or state, as long as you had proof that they paid it, you can still count it when doing your taxes.  They will go after the employer for what they withheld and did not pay to the federal and state.  This has happened to me before and they went off my W2 forms and not what was actually sent in.


And then they complain about TAXES!!!
Give me a break.  You should pay double or triple the taxes of someone making 30 to 50,000. 
I would think it's deducted before taxes?
Are you responsible for your own taxes?
Do you have benefits?  How fast do you type?
No IC the taxes kill you
I don't need bennies though have them through another source..Full time
How are your taxes at the end of the year?

How can you make double the money without paying back into SS? That's a question I have had for a long time. You're allowed to make so much money a year on SS. If you go over that, you have to pay back $1 for every $2 you earn unless you hit that golden age of 70(?).


Retirement and taxes

Here's the scoop on SS and taxes.  They  do not penalize you once you reach full retirement age, HOWEVER, if you continue to work they will continue to deduct SS from your paycheck and at the end of the year if you make over a certain amount, you also pay taxes on your SS benefits up to 85% of what you receive from SS..

Contrary to what chatty says, they do not want you to take early retirement.  They encourage you to wait until full retirement age.  That way you might die and they never have to pay a penny.  The death benefit to your beneficiary is a whopping $225.  If you do the math, you are much better off taking retirement at the earliest possible moment.

One more thing to consider: Local taxes

Don't know about you, but I have a local tax I think it's 1.5%, where I live.  They don't deduct that from my pay like my state and federal taxes are deducted. I asked them to but they refused.  So I'm going to have to come up with that money next year to pay my local tax.  I can't afford to save it now.  Those of you who have a local tax whrere you live better check your pay stubs and make arrangements. 


8 cpl for IC work? And I get to pay my own taxes too - sheesh nm

I thought the self-employment taxes were

for income taxes.  That doesn't include Social Security, does it?  Can you pay your own Social Security if you are an IC?  I don't get it.

As an SE the company pays your taxes, but
you have the flexibility with your schedule as an IC.   I have always been an employee so I'm not up on all this, just what I was told at one time, though that was a couple of years ago and rules/regs may have changed.   Don't know how SE would affect you being able to claim business expenses, if at all. 
What type of documentation do you get for taxes?
Put 30% of your pay away for yearly taxes. You will be fine! nm
who pays the taxes on offshoring?

I have never seen this addressed but who pays the taxes to the United States on offshore work?  They aren't govered by our tax system.  The companies who use them, do they pay the taxes? 

Medware and state taxes
I was told by someone in the IRS that Medware should be taking out state taxes in my paycheck, but nothing has been done about this, and I have to pay my state taxes myself. I don't know how they get away with this.
state payroll taxes
My previous job was in the payroll department for a fairly large manufacturing company. We had employees in about 18 states other than NC. We had tax tables from any state that we had employees, and we were required to withhold based on those tables. We did have one that did not require us to withhold taxes but it wasn't Florida.