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If they are advertising on this board, why would you not name names? nm

Posted By: Amanda on 2009-06-03
In Reply to: I don't want to name names...but...sm - nn


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Believe I saw them advertising on another board for MTs...NM
There are companies on this board advertising for 8 cpl
They also want you to pay your own taxes, provide equipment,and pay your own long distance service. PLEASE. Don't do it.
Names are not allowed on this board.
How would you feel if you were an MT who was applying for a job and came to this board and saw a message with your name on it. Maybe she does not want her employer to know that she is applying for a job elsewhere....

Why don't you list the name of your company so that I will know NOT to apply there. Very unprofessional. If an email keeps bouncing...just let it go and move on to the next qualified applicant...very simple. Do not post people's name here.
Look at the board, company names are everywhere.
I have deleted one of your posts. Do not post names of employees on this board. Thank you. nm
Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
Just curious as to where they are advertising?
That may be but they are advertising. nm
no msg
Not advertising but looks like...
they are taking resumes, doing testing on their web site. I'm tired of going through applying, testing, etc. and then finding out the company is a nightmar so I thought I'd check firrst
Well, they are advertising for a
recruiter so I think they need to get that position filled so they will have someone who will reply to all the job applicants they have.  Now, that is just my opinion.
Where are they advertising?
I don't see it anywhere.
See ImageStat advertising on here too.
Be prepared to have to buy expensive equipment, like a $300+ Cisco router because they claim nothing else works with the system, and they have a very odd, untrackable method for counting lines.  It is gross lines, but sometimes the margins for reports are very wide with a tiny font.  Feast or famine with them because they do overflow work only.  QA is not nice, either. 
They'll keep advertising.

They need Americans who will perfect voice recognition for the Indians.

Then they won't have any use for us any more.

That's crazy! I wonder how they can get away advertising that.


I see Discriter advertising
over and over for the Mich account and an Eye account. They don't sound bad. Anyone have the scoop on why no one wants these jobs? tempted. .
Anyone currently working on the all OPs job they are advertising for. nm
Just a form of advertising
Kind of like a Q&A. Like does so and so offer insurance A: Why yes they do very reasonable. Q: Any info on this company. A: Great company!! Smiley smiley tappy tappy feet. Get a room---- pleaseeeeee
Diskriter is advertising for MTs again? Y
Anyone work for Diskriter?  Are they losing MTs?  I see them advertising quite a bit or are they getting new accounts?  Anyone work(ed) for them have any input?

Why is Transtech still advertising for MT's

I don't see them advertising any jobs, though...nm
If they're hiring, where is their job ad or link?  Thanks
They're advertising for MT?/QA? via (sm)
Corporate Transcriptionist's? via a very frequently hit resume board online as a link to their own questionnaire/employment form.....so it seems. jhmmmmmm.
no advertising campaign. It's just sm
those of us who have been doing this for a long time feel like you learn better by using books. Its sad that this profession has come to the point where looking into books is considered wasting time.
Where are they advertising, Internet or Classifieds? nm


Does anyone know about this JG company that is advertising right now a lot. Any info would be
helpful. Have they lost a lot of people or did they get a lot of accounts.
Are they advertising? Care to share where? sm
Any info I have is old, too. Are they currently advertising? They had decent accounts a couple years ago, though I heard their QA people weren't the kindest.
Isn't/wasn't the person advertising with MDI in FL?
I recall her name, and I believe I remember seeing it associated with job ads for MDI in Florida.
They've been advertising for about a year -
I remember seeing a company advertising something about . . .
benefits starting immediately after hiring.  I think it might have been in regards to accruing PTO, not having to wait until after probation or one year with the company.  Does anybody remember which company this was?  Thanks!
MedScribe keeps advertising (see inside)
ER MTs seem to be plentiful.  Why are they having such difficulty finding people to work for them? 
OMGosh, TRX who doesnt pay is advertising.

Be forewarned.  They DO NOT pay.

After I was told I was hired by someone advertising
on the company board here - I provided my DL#, SSN and never heard back from her - since she said up front a background investigation would need to be done down the line and with the type of work I was to do - I understood - but never again.  Unless it is a very reputable company with a lot of info about them out there - I will never provide again - way too scarey.
Robin is advertising for MTs on guru.com

Ad text removed by Administrator as it was ad placed on another site.

we're the free advertising . nm
ADMINISTRATOR, what company is she advertising for, please? nm
Anybody know of companies hiring that aren't advertising? nm
MDI-FL is advertising top line rates. Anyone know what amount that is? nm
They must be advertising increased referral bonuses again.

They are constantly advertising because they are GROWING! They have brought on
two new accounts that I know just since Christmastime and more to come.
Did anyone ever hear of this JRancour Company that is advertising for MTs. I think they are in


I wonder why they keep advertising if there is no work. Are you doing the basic 4 or clinic. nm
Transcend advertising for help and slow work for you.
They will help you to find an account to keep your fingers flying. I would just hazard a guess that you might have to ask for an account on another platform but your team lead is the one to help you. They are the ones to rattle the cages.
Why have they bothered advertising or tried hiring people when they do not have enough
manpower to get it going in an efficient manner. Truly, I hope Shiela is also not the one responsible for doing payroll. That may well be too much on one person. I have worked in offices where doctors were too cheap to hire extra help and just ran us into the ground with so much work until we quit from burn out. It just not the right way to run a business, having one person do everything. I do feel for Shiela but who would want to contact her now and burden her more. BTDT
After advertising they only use US MTs, now CardioScribes is outsourcing to India. nm

I am boiling mad, mainly at being lied to.  There has been no work due to the holidays, even now.  Now I find out the real reason is that they are giving it to a company in India.  Heck, for all I know, they probably own that company too, since they are also based in India (despite their web site page with a pic of all Caucasian or non-Indian people).  I wonder if their clients know about this change of policy?

I suppose in this day and age, I should not be surprised at such deceipt.  Are there any honest companies still out there?

after making such a great advertising for your company...sm
that EVEN provides its special Expander and TRAININ G, could you finally also name this WONDERFUL COMPANY?

Why else would you tell us about this so phantastic company?

Heartland is advertising sign-on bonus. Aren't they for
The school is a BUSINESS and the bogus pay scale is ADVERTISING
It's called free enterprise. How could anyone believe such a claim? You've gotta be kidding me.
Banned from advertising on MTStars (offshoring & lying about it)
They are now advertising for IC's located anywhere. Just FYI in case you're still interested.
Alphamed advertising again for VR. The turn-off may be the whole whopping 3 cpl offered for VR
We are in America and we are trying to survive on AMERICA'S cost of living. We cannot live on India wages. When are these companies going to wake up. They want you to have experience, yet they want to pay you a few pennies a line. They also state there are ESLs. Have THEY tried to do VR on those reports, 3 cpl is NOT enough. You practically re-type the whole thing. Another joke. This business is getting too sad.
Why is transcend advertising for help. No work is the story for 3 or 4 weeks.

In 2+ years, never been so low in work, even with secondary accounts to try to go to. And now they advertise for more help?  Are we all supposed to go to part time? 

It's a general free advertising site - you have to be careful though (sm)
because a lot of ads on there are scams...you have to look for the ones that are realistic.