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If they were very close friends, yes I would let them know. sm

Posted By: MT225 on 2006-10-25
In Reply to: What would you do? Ethical question. - Curry Pouter

However, I would be very tactful in doing so. Maybe give them a hint to start looking for another company or job that you have some inside information...etc. If they don't get the hint, then just tell them.

Chances are the company may know this is coming and didn't tell the MTs. Most companies know when their contracts are up for bid or they are given 30-90 day notice the hospital dropping them. So, if the owners of the company do not have the common courtesy to let their MTs know, shame on them! It happens all the time in the corporate world.

Little bit of advice - do not get into gossipy detail, he said, she said. Just do it with diplomacy.

Good luck whatever you decide.

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Says you.
I have friends who are still there and (sm)
are hating it more and more everyday.  They are already putting out feelers for other companies and ask me how I like my new job.  It's like day and night from SmartMed.
What? My friends?
Because of my good buddies, I don't have to pay any taxes. That makes them my bestest friends. As I trot around the globe on the backs of the working class, I'll flush the commode while flying over your state just to say a BIG HELLO! 
Yea, try almost 60!!!! And my friends say I should go
Close, but not quite.
All I have to do is close it out.
try All Type. I have quite a few friends who
work for them part time and have raved about them.
new friends - Winefred
Wow, thanks girls!  I had a lot of response and appreciate it.  Looking forward to chatting with all of you. Go TTer's!!
I used to be best friends with my boss (sm)
and let me tell you, there is always some guilt that goes along with your friend asking you to give up your weekends, time off, whatever, to work.  I loved her dearly as a friend, but I don't seek out boss/employee friend relationships any more for this very reason. 
Supportive? Yes! If we were friends...however,
My Friends are Happy
Not true, I got a few friends working at ATSI and they are getting better packages and salaries than most other companies and are quite happy there and they got plenty of work with salaries on time!
wow! one of my best friends is currently at Grady
He was admitted on Tuesday, still not discharged.  I'll have to call him to see if he is aware of this dilemma.
Transcriptionist friends
To NM: The server wouldn't let me email you. I would love to have a fellow transcription friend!
I have several friends who are in bankruptcy
right now, mostly from the shenanigans over at Medquist. My dearest friend was so embarrassed and ashamed and felt it was a dishonorable thing to do. She had her back against the wall (she lost her house too, it was foreclosed) and I told her there is nothing dishonorable about falling on hard times. Perhaps all of the people who judge those who are having a tough go of it ought to remember that they have not walked in others' shoes.
Well, I agree and have other MT friends

and have enlightened each other ad nauseum.  I don't think that I am just sitting around complaining, as I tried to be proactive in my situation and they DIDN'T want to hear from me, and DIDN'T care.  I got the boot.  There were others waiting to take my place - someone who is willing to be degraded and doesn't care, and management doesn't have to get my pesky e-mails.

As far as a large group of MT's standing up and fighting for ourselves, that would be great!  Where do I sign up?

Sure you do, if you don't have a close friendship with
Don't be fooled.  It has been said here before that the office staff are all pretty much related in one way or another, and they are.  So why couldn't those working at home be close friends and relatives too?
pretty close to DQS
a little different
this will never come close to mtjbs. n/m
October is close enough
You don't have to be to the letter, to the day, to the exact moment. It's October in 3 months. Four years and 9 months is just as good as five years.
they are based close to me
I doubt it.....Not even close
fat cat may be close to retirement sm
but she still has some humanity about her! Probably why she still has a job so close to retirement.

Not all companies have the attitudes that you post. In this business, there is absolutely no call for that kind of attitude. The companies can cover their butts. Half of them don't have work anyway.

I have been through exactly what the poster posted and I told MQ to stick it after 23 years. Have not had a problem getting a job and have been upfront and honest about the situation I found myself in.

When an employer calls someone at hospice and starts ragging on them, knowing full well there is no work to do the 8 HOURS I WAS SCHEDULED PER WEEK, then its time to get out. I did and never looked back. Probably was the boost I needed to get out of that place.

I applaud the OP for doing what she did. Family comes before any doggone job. She won't have a problem geting UE either. She applied for FMLA, they denied her, what else can she do? FMLA is there for situations just like this.

I don't blame her for telling the higher-ups. I would have let them know too before I left that place and never looked back.

Wish I knew waht place it was!
It should be getting close to the time where
this conversation disappears off the board. Did anyone ever notice when we start discussing line counts at a CERTAIN company the conversation disappears - poof, like it never existed.

I've been noticing the same problems, and I think I work at the same place as all of you. I have also noticed that my own formula for adding lines up using the word count, which I usually took the count in word and divided by 1.123, and it equalled out pretty darn close to the other count. Now that doesn't add up anymore. Wow, something is definitely wrong with this place. I think it's time to jump overboard for me.
Not even close - laughing
I am just one who has been trying to offer 'food for thought' posts, that's all.

Only 20 years of exp. here, but that's close enough,


I worked for them for about a year.  It was an okay experience.  I had a surgery center account which was small and just about the perfect amount of work for an 8-hour day, plus it was M-F 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.  I didn't like it that my primary was somebody else's secondary, so sometimes I would get kicked to my secondary because somebody else was on my primary and it wasn't big enough to share.  My secondary account was slim pickins so I usually actually got kicked straight to my tertiary, which they PROMISED would NEVER run out of work, but of course it did, sometimes for days at a time.  The one thing that bothers me most is running out of work.  I get really nervous about that.  Add to that the new e-mails about transitioning to VR and I said I'm outta here.  I just wasn't interested at the time in doing that.  

Maybe I should have stayed and my account would have been safe from VR - I don't know.  I just didn't want to have to worry about it.  All in all, other than the fact that they don't seem to offer more than 8 cpl, they were an okay company.  Not horrible, not wonderful.  Mine was a Diskriter account, not a hospital employee account, which are two entirely different things.

Oh yeah, the QA for my account was an absolute ditz.  I wasn't impressed with her  AT ALL. 

i had the same happend to me..not once but twice AND..I reccommended two friends and they had the
same issues.  There are happy people there..I won't discount that..but certain accounts have some very poor leads and the whole company suffers for it.  I never got an ID..I had to use 2 or 3 others that belonged to people who were off.  When I refused to do that the second time..I had no job.  To each their own.  This board in particular deletes any negative about KS. 
I have friends who used to work for FN and moved on. sm
FN has more than their share of ESLs and you very well know it.  You are not only snippy, as someone said, you are condescending and misleading. 
Good for you!!! Me too!! And I tell all my family and friends

I spoke to a clinic that is/was using it.  They said it was the worst thing they had ever seen.  You could actually have a rash on your face, but by the time the machine *reaches* out for the nearest sounding word, you may end up with some dread disease.  And face it, nobody but nobody has time to READ EVERY REPORT FOR ACCURACY AND CORRECTNESS this day and time. Well, by golly, come to think of it, that's what MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONISTS USED TO DO, before we were replaced by machines that can't spell or know a toenail from a hangnail in the grand scheme of things.

I'm like you, the first time I find something in my reports, they will hear from my lawyer.  I won't even waste the time being on hold, calling the hospital or doctor.

Hey, I have India-American friends
They came here and became Americans, so please don't call them dot-heads. The difference in them is that they live here and observe the same standards we do and have to pay bills at the same rates do. I have no problem with them.

I understand the anger, but the real anger shouldn't be at them, but at our own countrymen who advocate it and sell out their own people. There's a fine line between profit and sleaze and shamless greed, and they've crossed it. Some hospitals are strongly against it and they need to start investigating and prosecuting those who trick them, IMO. There are security risks regardless how well software is made. Patient names, dictated S.S. numbers, etc. It's creepy, if you ask me. Anyone can jot the stuff down and they would not be accountable to an American court.

As long as Americans tolerate it, it will continue. Most aren't even aware of it and when you tell them, they're shocked and angry.

does anyone have legal friends to help get us started?
When I talk to family and friends about this,
I have a couple of friends who work for them.
I can find out.  Anyway, from what I gather you can pick your own hours.  They do like for you to work 1 weekend out of the month and they do pay extra for that.  The friend that works for them full-time is sounding more like she is regretting it because she is on an account with bad dictators and she is have way too much trouble getting her lines in.  She says she has to work long hours just to be able to pay for her insurance.  I was just talking to one their part-time employee today.  He was talking about an ER account he was on and he seemed okay with it.  Another girl at our office looked into it for part-time work and she said they were very unorganized and they did not deliver her what they promised.  Different strokes for different folks, I guess. 
For Scribbles and his/her union friends

If you really want to know how to form a union, check out the link below for the AFL/CIO.  You'll need to pick a union with which to affiliate.  They have a list with contacts.  They also have state/local federations of labor with contacts.  You'll also need a professional union organizer to help you.  There's a form you can fill out to get in touch with one.    

SEIU split from the AFL/CIO and is a healthcare union.  Find a web page for a local in your area, and they can give you the same information as above. 

These are the people who can really answer your questions and help you.  I'm betting, though, that you just want stay on these boards to stir the pot and whine. 

Or the gain of their friends and suckups. They don't
buddies do. Or else they could care less and let people pick and choose as they please so what's the difference. Some get the cream while the others get the crap.
Need experienced input here from my friends....sm
I have started work with a lovely, growing company, the owners/managers are extremely lovely, helpful, flexible bosses, and my main account is a Surgical Center, which I love.  The line rate is good, but here is my quandry....I can only get paid once a month, at the end of the month, and with a family of five, we really need that bi-weekly check, the budget is just too tight.  Does anyone else get paid this way, or am I being totally stupid....pay is by GROSS LINE, a line is a line, 8.5????  Thanks in advance for everyone's opinion!
How many MTs?? Not even close to 400 unless you are counting your offshore MTs.
Tell everyone how many MTs and QA Specialists you lost in one months' time.
Do you see this as coming very close to Spheris. Is this what this is all about.
Nope, close but no cigar.
Spheris purchased Avicis (formerly HealthScribe) but not Acusis.
Archaic doesn't even come close.
Although I am not in management, I work close with them. sm
They do not offshore. If you have experience, negotitate your line rate. You will get very close to what you want if you are good.

They do work with new MTs, which I think is a great thing for them. Everyone needs someplace to get the experience.

If I had to say one negative thing about them it is this... they are pretty strict on the schedule you set for yourself.

They do offer 2nd and 3rd shift differential. There is also a weekend differential. They do offer further bonuses from time to time.

I personally like their software since it is integrated with Word. It is very easy to use and easy to learn.

Although I am full time, I cannot elaborate on their benefits. I know they have medical, but no dental or vision as far as I know. However, my spouse carries the insurance so that was never an issue for me.

I hope this helps. I know a lot of people do not like Softscript. I can say if you would have asked me 1-1/2 years ago, I probably would have agreed with them, but there have been a lot of changes and they really are for the better of the employee not just the company.
Guess didn't look close enough
Didn't put 2 and 2 together (Jennifer Poole and RC Transcription).  So right.  We deserve more than 5 cpl.  What a rip!  Case closed:(
oops supposed to be close - sorry, just got up
I was offered a position but was not even close
to what I make per line, especially since I just got my 2nd raise!!!!  WOOHOO.
I have never run out of work at Keystrokes, nor have I come close
I have 2 ER accounts, and they both keep me very busy. It is true that they make sure that everyone working there has enough work before they will hire more people. That's why I love them so much.
Webmedx comes pretty close...sm
to meeting your requirements. They do have a fair amount of ESL and I doubt you could get a M-F schedule, but everything else they can and do offer.
Nothing to worry about there, they pay for it, you do it at a clinic close to you.
Pee in a cup, blah blah, no big deal.  Good gig if you can get it.
Not even close. They only have temporary work right now. nm
I'm pretty close - about 12-13K/month.
Not them but CorT bounced my friends 3 checks. nm
Had many friends in the QA dept who all left about the same time.
AND...yes, I do believe them!