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If you use an Emdat Stop/Start foot pedal...please sm

Posted By: stumped on 2006-07-23
In Reply to:

I'm having a problem getting the Y-shaped proprietary Emdat Stop/Start foot pedal to work.  It was supposed to have been preprogrammed but wasn't so I redid the programming.  The play pedal (middle) and the fast forward (left) pedal are functional but not the rewind.  In addition, the control/shift/, (comma) command and control/shift/. (period) command aren't doing the job to slow down or speed up the voice.  The F-keys work, but after 30 years of using a foot pedal it will be almost impossible to make the switch to using key commands. 

It's so difficult to type without using the foot pedal to be able to control what the dictator is saying and without the ability to use rewind.  I have gone over the instructions from the Stop/Start website with a fine-tooth come and have googled and read everything I could find but still no solution.  I've sent tech support an email, but they're not available on weekends. 

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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I use my own foot pedal. It isn't an EMDAT pedal either, just a regular WAV pedal. nm
EMDAT foot pedal
You have to purchase their own foot pedal at $99.00. No other foot pedal will work with their software. Good luck!
EMDAT foot pedal
You really do not need a foot pedal with EMDAT. I have been using the platform for over 6 years and use the hot keys (function keys).
EMDAT foot pedal

 With the newest version of Inscribe, you can configure any pedal.  You no longer have to use the specific Emdat pedal.

I use a foot pedal with Emdat
I have a USB Emdat foot pedal that I used for 3 days.

I will sell it for $70 including shipping.  I bought this pedal brand new from Stop/Start about 6 months ago to use with my laptop.  I found that I was more productive on my old PC (for which I use a PS/2 Emdat foot pedal), so after trying it for 3 days I packed the USB Emdat foot pedal back in the box and never used it.

Please email me if you're interested in purchasing the foot pedal.  You could PayPal the money to me or send me a money order - either way is fine. 


I use the Infinity foot pedal and it works fine on Emdat. sm
The other poster was right.  With the new version of Emdat you can configure most, if not all, foot pedals to work.  
Friend said it was atrocious there & you need your own Start-Stop pedal and software. Don't do it
Star Stop works better than express scribe. If you want start Stop, yea it is kind of sm
expensive. I wish they did pay their QA hourly as I think they would see better quality work, but they per line and it is higher than the other person posted.

I have never had a problem with management, so I am unfamiliar with what the other person experienced with management.

Pay is always on time (most of the time early). I like the software. I guess you just have to see if it fits for you.
Need a foot pedal
I need a foot pedal.  Could anyone tell me what I need to look for when I purchase one.  The ones I have looked at on the internet are between $125 and $200.  I would like to find one that is less expensive.
$65 usb foot pedal
It is an Infinity USB footpedal and works with Express Scribe, which is free, and many other programs. It is on tvps.com. You can find the compatibility list on there.
Foot pedal
Yee gads, supposed to take a MT test tomorrow and do not have a foot pedal. Has anyone else out there taken one using their mouse and if so how did it work out? I have been to 4 different computer stores tonight. No one had a clue as to what a foot pedal is. Any info appreciated.
Foot pedal
Excuse me, but have not been on internet for a long period of time. The test I am taking has been sent by email, have Media Player there, but how do they connect? Don't fuss at me, just some help please. Thanks.
USB foot pedal

I use a USB foot pedal but it's a pain but there is a work around.  You need Express Scribe and to download the voice file there.  When you are all done with your note you need to go into the Editscript audio box, which is on the upper left hand side and move the slider to 97-98% and then press listen, listen to the end, then send the report. If you don't it messes something up on their end.  Send me an email if this is not quite clear.  I've been doing this for a year and a half this way but am not in the program right now.


9 pin foot pedal
I just began MT from home about a month ago. A friend who had gotten out of the business loaned me a 9 pin foot pedal. However, my brand new Dell computer (bought it in 7/06) had no serial port for a 9 pin pedal. I bought an adapter, but it never worked, so I had to get a USB foot pedal. Most of the newest computers have no place to connect a 9-pin. I spoke to Dell about this, and they said, the 9-pin is considered to be old technology.
Foot pedal
Wish I could help you.

I just crawled under my desk (it's scary under there) to see but my pedal is so old and worn, I can't find the info on it.

I use my foot pedal.
I like going back and forth between editing and straight typing. I make more money doing VR (eScription) and I produce a lot more lines.
You sure can use the foot pedal
wav foot pedal
Help! I want to take a test for a company and need a wav foot pedal. I feel so stupid. I don't know what that means. I have foot pedals coming out the wazoo, one with a USB port and one that has 7 pins, but neither are working with the wav files that are coming through real player. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
more on foot pedal
Many accounts are C-phone, which they will rent to you if you don't have one (but you can usually find a reasonable deal on eBay), so you would use the foot pedal with that.

I don't remember all the computer requirements, but you do have to have high-speed internet, unlimited long distance for any C-phone or Lanier accounts (you get hired to a specific account), and anti-virus/spywrae software.
Foot pedal

On a typical online computerized transcription test, you can click on the voice file options, then right click on Save target as, then save the voice file on your PC, and then play it with your own player, and use your foot pedal.

We use a foot pedal. nm
Could be the foot pedal....
BayScribe requires the Infinity foot pedal (not the DVI model). I had to purchase one for two of my accounts because the foot pedal I had wouldn't interface with Dragon or Bayscribe.
It has to do if you have a foot pedal or not.
If you try to transcribe these types of tests without a foot pedal, it is indeed impossible. You will miss words, because it will take an extremely long time to listen, type, go back, type, etc. Also, if your footpedal is not set up to back space enough (sometimes footpedals don't do so well with software), that too can be a problem. In my case, I had the foot pedal and I could go over it and be done with it without spending hours. But, in the past, I have done these kinds of tests without the pedal and it is murder. In my opinion, the companies are aware of this, and do little to make the potential candidates comfortable. When I used to hire, I gave the MT every opportunity and resource to do their best. Not with this company and several others. There are those out there who do a better test, believe me. So, it is not you or your friends. It is indeed the nature of the technology, and this particular company does not seem to care about making sure all goes well for the potential candidate.
yes, you need a 15-pin foot pedal
That is the only pedal that works with their platform.
foot pedal..
I have one that will not work with expresscribe at all...Luckily I have an older one that does...unless the job you are applying for can tell you how to use, I would watch for the format they use, or you will be buying another foot pedal to work...the one that does not work to test, works great on DocQScribe and Emdat, also Chartscript for sure.
When I took it I had no foot pedal, either. But
Good thing, too - because I didn't know how to slow down the fast dictators. I think it took me about 7 hours to transcribe it all and then proof it.
RE: No foot pedal.
Without the use of a foot pedal an MT is likely to do much worse on a test because replaying words and phrases is too much trouble and takes too long. The company should understand this and fix their testing procedures but don't count on it.

It happened to me once with a different company. They did not take that into account at all. I concluded that they were incompetent at setting up a credible test and wrote them off for good.
Thanks, I don't have the foot pedal, had to do it with keyboard. SM
Foot pedal EScribe
At the top of the express scribe box . Click on settings, then click the control tab, if you have a USB pedal select VEC USB, then click the Foot Pedal Control Set up wizard. Follow the prompts to finish off.
I can't get my foot pedal to work
Any suggestions on how to make it work?
DB9 foot pedal converter--

For anyone who has converted a USB footpedal to a DB9 serial can you PLEASE tell me how you did it???? Did you have to buy another part to connect the footpedal USB to the USB on the DB9 serial adapter?

From what I am told my serial USB is a *male* and my foot pedal USB is a *male* and they don't sell serial adapters that are *female*.

Boy I hope this makes sense... I am just really confused. I am supposed to be starting for Sten-Tel and this has been my only problem.


Thanks a bunch!!

I didnt know if they had the 9 foot pedal in USB or not. Where did you get yours.
Your right.. the 9-pin is becoming outdated and obsolete. If there is a USB one out there that works then I need to get one. Can I ask where you got yours and have you tried it on a laptop?
Bring your own foot pedal...
SPi just told us former Cymed emps that, from now on, everyone has to provide their own foot pedal. (CyMed provided software and foot pedal; we've always had to use our own computers...but I'd rather do that and keep some modicum of my privacy instead of using a CO computer where big-boss-brother can watch my every move) :S

Foot pedal not required
I have been transcribing with the Emdat platform for over 6 years and love it. I have never used a foot pedal. You can use hot keys (F1, F2, F3, etc).
Foot Pedal Problems
I (and all the other MTs) had a problem with my foot pedal when I worked for a previous employer. We were told we just had to deal with it. We were basically shown how to repeatedly slam our foot on the pedal to get it to do what we wanted. You can imagine what this did to our line counts! Anyway, they later realized (i.e., knew all along) that it was because the software was not compatible with the foot pedal. That was changed, and the foot pedal worked fine.
Not a foot pedal issue - I used my own.

Actually, it's more like $165+ but who's counting when it ain't gonna be paid!  This isn't bashing.  It's trying to call them out--some of these outfits deserve a bad rap if they do this to an MT trying to make a living.  My work was never criticized, QA was good.  It's MTs treating sister (term loosely used) MTs badly.  That's all I will ever say about them again.  They cheated me out pay for work  I performed for the, without the slightest apology or explaination.  I quit working for them, not the other way around.  Why should I continue working in good faith when one pay period went by, then another...  I'm done.  Thanks for the forum.  Good luck to all current happy folks there.   

How do I get my foot pedal to work?

Several potential employers have sent wave files.  I downloaded them, opened them with media player but my foot pedal does not recognize the file. VERY hard to transcribe by starting and stoping the recording manually....no time for that.

Any helpful insight would be appreciated.  I've contaced the companies for help, but really not helping. 

Do you need a special foot pedal for DVI?
Special foot pedal
You need a special foot pedal for TransNet.
Foot pedal question?
Does anyone know if an Infinity foot pedal would work with MedRite?
I took the test, and at first was put off because I could not use the foot pedal, sm

but really it was not that tough.  If I remember right, F2 is play/pause, F3 rewind, and F4 fast forward.  It took a little bit to get used to, but it didn't take me anywhere close to 3 hours (about 1/2 that), so do not let that put you off.   Apparently I passed, as I have an appointment to talk with the recruiter tomorrow.  I do not know many details about the company, but I guess I will find out. 


Good luck!  

Well, the foot pedal/head set that was......
mailed to me came from Webmedx.  Some of the info. that they sent me has the letterhead for J&J and some has the letterhead for Webmedx.  It is quite strange and it seems they would explain that aspect to you.
Foot pedal for SoftScript

I went on their website and there is no mention of what foot pedal they require.


When did KS stop supplying foot pedals?
I was hired by KS in early September. I was immediately sent an email with attachements of docs that I had to complete and return. I immediately completed it and faxed it back in. I got an email acknowledging that my paperwork had been received.

Six weeks went by without a word from ANYONE. I emailed the person who initially emailed me the pwrk. I also emailed the recruiter. Three days went by without a word from either. Finally, after another week and a few days, I was contacted by the TL and an IT person and a foot pedal was sent.

When you hire people, there is no acceptable reason for weeks to go by without any sort of contact. I hope that you guys have since gotten yourselves together. I quit shortly after being hired.
I got my foot pedal today, just as Becky
said I would. I'm excited to get started with KS! I have emailed Becky every day and left messages for her and she has always gotten back to me in a timely manner!
foot pedal- Express Scribe

Yes, I've got that far.  I'm actually able to play now, but I still don't have all the kinks ironed out.  When I play, it is warbled...I'm sure the problem is with my settings and my F-keys...can you help me?!  At least I know now this pedal does work thanks to your telling me yours did...I kept plugging and accidentally discovered I had to click on Express Scribe when I signed in.... Thank you for your help.

I have this downloaded, but can't see to get the foot pedal to work. lol nm
Foot pedal question for Phoenix MTs...sm

I was just hired by PM and am trying to figure out if my pedal will work with the software.  This is the pedal I have now





Foot pedal not used with Dictaphone ExSpeech n/m
You can also use Express scribe with a foot pedal and do it that way... nm