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Intellitype for Oncology

Posted By: Judy on 2007-10-22
In Reply to: Have to choose IC over Employee?? ....sm - CindiRI

You would have to be an IC but they are extremely flexible and I know are looking for help on this account.  It is for Oncology.  The company is great to work for and great people to deal with.

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Does anyone work for Intellitype?  Please give me the ins and outs of what you think of the company.  Thanks  
They have an opening for their oncology account.  I searched archives and almost all the messages were posted in 2004.  Could someone please post with current info on this company.  Good, bad, ugly?????  Much appreciated.
IntelliType nm
Please, would MTs for this company please let me know how they are to work for...enough work, good people on staff to work with, flexible schedules, good platform, able to make a decent living??????  I have asked several times about this company but never get any response, good or bad.  Nothing.  Archives here has a few replies from 2004, but nothing recent.  Please, would like to hear anything about this company if you have knowledge of them.  TIA.
My neighbor works for Intellitype and has been with them for 7 years. She says it's ok. She works on an oncology account. She has 2 gripes - she has been getting 9 cents per line for 7 years and she has to work weekends. She was hired in working Monday through Friday but she found that on Monday there was no work forcing her to work on Saturday or Sunday. She has asked for a raise to no avail. Other than that she says the people are ok at Intellitype. Hope this helps.
...OOps, you're correct, it is the Phillipines they offshore to. Sorry.

They have an ad on this board.  Anyone familiar with this company...pros and cons, please.


I like them.   Tons of work.   Platform is decent to work on.   Dictators are mostly good.  Pay on time every time, accurately.
Do you mean Intellitype?
If you mean Intellitype in California, they are so-so. I know because my neighbor has worked for them for about 7 years. Pay tops at 9 cents with spaces, at least for her, and she is a well-experienced oncology transcripitionist. You can be an Editor for the work they send to the Phillipines, but that is frustrating according to my neighbor - may as well type the whole thing. Pay for that was 4 cents a line. They encourage you to work on weekends, or at least, ask for help on the weekends. When they can get that help, there is not a lot of work on Monday for those logging on.
I know for a fact Rick (the owner) moved central office to Costa Rica. He does or was using a lot of offshore to the Philippines, and perhaps India. I'm not sure about now. I know the move to Costa Rica is real because my neighbor works for Intellitype. That's all I know.
Does anyone work for Intellitype.  I'm interviewing with them.  I'm hoping to get some info on how they are to work for and what I can expect to make with 13 years experience.  Please help!
...but tries to keep it quiet and asks the American MTs to do the Indian's editing...
IntelliType info
I would like to find out what platform they use for their oncology account, percentage of ESL dictators, and how the staff is to work with. I have a lot of oncology experience and would like to apply, but thought I would get a little information on this company first.  Thanks very much.
Their system needs to be upgraded. It's slow. You waste a lot of time waiting for parts of the program to load. There have been technical issues for a long time that just do not seem to get resolved.

As for ESL, lots, same as most accounts. Sound quality is good.

The bonus structure is comical, adds up to next to nothing.

The work tends to run out on weekends and early mornings, especially Monday.

Not sure why she's hiring -- when there hasn't been work for the current MTs. Lots of SOS's, no incentive to go with it.

If you need a steady full time income, look elsewhere. If you can handle not knowing if there will be sufficient work or not, they might be a good match.
Intellitype or Lofin
Any one working for this compnay?  Thanks
Intellitype good company
I have worked for Intellitype for the last 3 years transcribing radiology.  They are a great bunch to work for.  Pay is ALWAYS on time!  I work on the ExText platform and have immediate access to my line counts at any given time.  You as an IC dictate how many lines per day you want to commit to.  Each month you fill out a calendar with the amount of lines for each day.  If you are taking off a certain day or week you leave that area blank.  I'm not sure about the other accounts they have, but radiology is the best, very low ESLs.  When I first started with them, I had an acute care account with some ESLs, but once I learned them it was not a problem.  My attitude is if you take the time to learn ESL doctors well you will benefit the most and be a better transcriptionist.  Good luck!
IntelliType's method of paying????

Could anyone explain to me how IntelliType's tiered method of paying works?  I have been offered a job with them but not sure I understand how this works.  The recruiter said they pay 8.25 cpl for the first 700 lines, then after that it goes up to 8.50 until you get to 1000, and then up again to whatever amount of lines to 8.75, etc.  How do you make any money this way?  It's so confusing to me.  Their ad states they pay 8-9 cpl, nothing about the tiered payment method.  Are you able to make a decent living this way?  It just seems very low for IC status.

Thanks for your help.


IntelliType...current employees
Would any current employees please tell me how they like working for IntelliType.  I did talk to the recruiter about a job but it seems to me as though their pay rate for IC status is a bit low.  What do you think about this?  Do you feel you are able to earn a good living with them.  This is for their ad regarding hematology/oncology.  Do they have enough work?  Platform good/bad, etc.  Please let me know if you make a decent living.  This is very important to me.  Thanks so much for your help.
Any recent info on IntelliType.
the good, bad and ugly? TIA
any info on Intellitype would be helpful nm



Intellitype/Lofin uses ExText.nm
No message.
Does Intellitype provide software/hardware?
Thinking of applying but wanted to know what I might need for them.  Do they have a line requirement?  Thanks!
IntelliType and Amphion use ExText to name a couple.
That ad is for Intellitype if you click on the More Information link, or whatever it is. nm
Intellitype was looking specifically for oncology about a week or so ago.


Yes, I know they were looking but I am leery of pursuing a job with a company I know nothing about.  I have posted queries on both MT Stars and MTDaily about this company and have received no replies.  I might just go ahead and take their test then see what comes of it though.  Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!  Much appreciated.


Who is looking for oncology MTs? I have...sm
 20 years experience (teaching hosp), plus ortho and cardiology, and multispecialty clinic.  No OB/GYN, tho.  Anyone?  TIA.
I will be doing oncology.....sm
but I know they were looking for Ortho MTs also.
I was to be training on a new oncology account this week but I have decided to quit KS.
KS Oncology
I do know when KS did the mass hiring about a month ago for a new Oncology acct, I was hired. It was Allscripts platform and was a realllll dream, but the reports were so incredibly brief (4-6 lines)that there was no way I could make my line count unless I was glued to my chair and the voice file was not the greatest either. Needless to say, I stayed with my current company.

I did ask for a backup account and it was the same way as well, few lines per report.

I love Oncology and have been doing it for many years, but I am used to doing clinic consults, full office notes, etc.
4.5 and 5.5 for oncology i believe.
I am an MT for Oncology and there
is no way I would type it for that amount of money.  It is not an easy speciality.  You get what you pay for.
If it's the same oncology account that I believe was in
Chicago or thereabouts, run very quickly. They had a very hard time staffing that account and went so far as to take all the other accounts away from some MTs just so they would have to work on the oncology account. That's why I left. I was with them for a year and found them to be very MT unfriendly, although they say they have changed. But beware, Jan Clay (the recruiter) worked for many years at EDiX which is now Spheris, so that should tell you something.
Looking for oncology work.....sm
Looking for a part-time IC position that consists mainly of hematology/oncology work. No national companies please.  If you have any leads, please leave your email and I will send a resume.  Thanks!
Anybody know who has an oncology account ? sm

Need part-time flexible hours and a decent line rate - prefer to work over the net.  I haven't been between jobs in a couple years now and here I am coming up short and before Christmas no less.  I have 10 years experience.  Any suggestions?  It doesn't sound like there is a single decent company listed on these boards that anybody truly likes to work for.

Oncology Transcription
Seeking oncology transcription position.  15 years experience in medical and radiation oncology. 
For oncology or for any account?
Oncology Account
It uses Word-based AllScripts platform -- very easy to use.  My favorite platform!  You need Windows XP -- not Vista and a wav pedal.  They start people between 8 and 9 cpl based on experience.
Any oncology keystrokers? nm
There are 3 oncology accounts, 2 are new. sm
The older one and one new one use Allscripts, which is web based and easy. The new one is a total outsource with a large group (30) of oncologists.

The other new one is done in Meditech, has 15 oncologists and is Mon-Fri only.

It is an oncology clinic. Cannot say the name. The other two are
Medical oncology
Landmark has an excellent medical oncology account. I know someone who works on it. You need at least five years of experience in oncology, I think, to interview.
Would you please clarify if this is the Landmark in Philadelphia or California. I did a search for Landmark on the board and there are many comments but I'm confused as to which Landmark you are referring to and if it's a currently stable and thriving company. Many comments on the board talk about a Landmark that lost many accounts recently.

Would appreciate anything else you can tell me about the Landmark with the oncology account.
I have typed oncology only.....
for at least 10 years.  Of course, in my opinion, it is easier to do this because when doing clinic work you have less doctors, less work types and such as that.  For me, the pay is the same as any other MT.  I love typing oncology though and would hate to have to go back to acute care.
Proscript oncology
I think these may be new accounts. In six years, I have never had VR with Proscript
Transtech ad/oncology
Is the workload at TT better now since I see they have an ad up for oncology...would like to hear if there is enough work on this account(s) to apply.  Thanks
Looking for a company hiring for oncology. Anyone? nm


Looking for company hiring for oncology
Yes, I am!
GIMT and Keystrokes have oncology
Try Transtech, they are hiring for oncology. NM
no message.