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Posted By: See message please on 2006-11-24
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Hello! Does anyone know what transcription companies use this platform? Thanks in advance!!

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I used Intrascript for a short period and hated it. The medical spellcheck as nonexistant and the ShortHand function was hard to use.
Milner Transcription Services
MTSO using Intrascript
Does anyone know of a company that's hiring right now that uses Intrascript as their platform? Looking for a new position and am very familiar with Intrascript.
MTSO using IntraScript
Try MediTran America, 800-545-3441.
I have worked with this platform for approx 6 months now and find it really nice and easy.  I also used express scribe and what I found was that it will stick if you have click the voice file more than once (if that makes since).  I also use this platform with SSTS (start stop transcription system which I prefer).  Don't know if that answered your question.  What company do you work for? 
I was just hired by Advanced Transcription out of Oregon and I am really excited about working there. Can you tell me more about SSTS? Where to get it, etc.?
IScriptor does...nm
Has anyone ever worked for co who uses IntraScript? Is it user friendly, productive? Any comments
Iscriptor is the platform.
Even for part-time you have to tell them which 3 days of the week you will work.  I believe it's transcribing from a pool, but not sure if you can have assigned dictators.  I think the pay starts at 8 for clinic, but they could go to 9 if they consider it acute care.
My account is Iscriptor....
which I find no better or worse than the other 8 or so platforms I have been on. I don't know if that is what they use for all accounts, though. Yes, they do direct deposit. I've only been with them a few months; work has gotten low a few times, they were quick to offer me a backup account which I haven't yet taken them up on. People are very nice. Pay is about average, 8 cpl for clinic to start, don't know about acute care.  Good luck to you!
Has anyone ever worked on Iscriptor?

Can you tell me anything about it please? 



Has anyone worked with Iscriptor platform?
Does Iscriptor only work with ExpressScribe voice player?  I have had problems getting ExpressScribe to work the way I would like it to.  When I let up on the foot pedal, I would like the recording to back up a few words rather than just picking up where it left off or even moving ahead a little.  Any advice?
What is Iscriptor (Word based??) and ... NM