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Is Futurnet out of control with their new accounts

Posted By: or is it me? Any new hires out there? on 2008-07-22
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I have worked for them for over a year. The accounts I am on are great. Barely any ESL's and their pay is good per line. I can get anywhere from 250 to 330 lph. You can email me directly if you wish.

Running out of work for weeks, low job counts on most accounts and yet they have a job ad for more Editor AND MTs?  I undestand why they need editors since the pay cut, but as an MT literally, I have made less than half of what I was making due to work shortage.  The job ad just tips the scales. 

I do not understand why companies go out and look to hire more when work is already running out?  I have seen this same issue on this board with a few companies consistently.  I just don't get it.  I have had my own business before and if someone ran out, I bent over backwards to offer them other work as opposed to them having down time.  Just another one of the many who is in it completely for the money and sees MT as just another typist!  

Control I
I agree with you regarding ulterior motive.  The simple answer is to DEMAND to know up front when working with Ex-Text whether Ctrl I will be used and if not, WHY NOT.  If no answer to this or if given some vague answer, DON'T work for them. 
Control I
Not being able to use Control I sounds suspicious to me.  Dictaphone can set up any line count in Control I.  One woman in Florida is paid and charges by every 37 characters and dictaphone has that set up.  So anyone stopping you from using Control I has their own motives. 
They have control over it
Of course they have control, you don't think they are going to gyp themselves do you.
To the OP, this is just a classic example of KS PR control

My facts cannot be wrong, as this is what happened specifically to me. I do not have to stretch the truth whatsoever.  The true version is colorful enough.  Imagine being hired and thinking you are going to have an unlimited amount of work, quitting your old job, only to find out a week later that not only you, but the other girls on the same account no longer have any work.  Sorry, the deal fell through.  Certainly not MY fault, but KS's.  The thing turned out to be that the account was just an overflow account.  Go figure. 

As far as the bounced check goes, I don't know what "one of the 8 means", but my checked bounced and I received NO letter from KS's bank.  As a matter of fact, I had to email again and again and, yes, again the office to get my money and fees paid.  It took quite a while.  I have the paperwork right here in my desk.  I have proof. 

To the KS MT who says I need to get my facts straight, I believe this is once again Lee pretending to be an MT or one of her management team trying to deflect the truth.  It is the usual way of KS. 

If you do take a job with them, I wish you good luck and I sincerely hope that you do not have the same problems as many of us have had.  

I use Control F or find
I go to top of each page and do Control F and type in name of company or whatever I am searching. Seems to work pretty well and quicker than reading through all the posts!
Also Control T (indent),

Control X (cut) and Control A (select all).

I need these functions to do my other job.  I got around the problem by changing the Control X, T and A commands to function keys on my keyboard.  This way, I can do both.

Control and quality
You know, MTs can't have it both ways. On one hand, we seem to want recognition that what we does can impact patient care and thus is very important. On the other hand, we don't want to be held accountable for the errors we make. When a patient's chart has a major error in it, that can impact patient care. And unfortunately sometimes the only way to get people to wake up and pay attention is by  penalizing them for those errors and for going so fast they simply are not paying attention. I've never had a deduction for those kind of things so perhaps can't really speak to it, but the way I understand that policy it seems to be quite fair to me.
Question about using Control I. sm
I'm in a similar situation and feel my I Chart line counts are pretty low. Do you mean to use Control I while in the I Chart program or use it while in the ExText program? At least I can verify how many reports and what my line count is in I Chart but the fact remains that I Chart is slow to give results and usually I receive my totals after hours.
Control-I in EXText
is what I use. However, if the MTSO will not allow you to use it, then it will not help you. Control-I in EXText counts the lines immediately. I don't use I-Chart for line counts for that reason right there...too slow!
If they allowed use to use Control-I,
they wouldn't be able to manipulate the line count!!!
They disable Control-I
to be able to control the line count...could be good, could be bad. Depends.
they've got control and it's not going to get any better....
until they get tired of the game or nobody plays anymore.

Why do you think you will be OK with this if you cannot have the self control to diet now? sm
It is failing because the underlying reasons are still there. The basic one is -you will be fat if you eat too much and exercise too little.

No, I am not skinny or naturally thin but I am average weight and have self control to not eat junk food and fast food and triple portions and I exercise. Every day whether I feel like it or not. It is a commitment and having surgery is both a dangerous thing but also a cop out. You want to be there for your children? Great, but what are you showing them? That you can do whatever you want and wave a magic surgery wand and poof! no more need to have self control. That is not a good thing to teach your kids. They need to see good eating habits, good exercise habits and no excuses. Kids are heavier now than ever and if they think that there is a magic surgery at the end, like many parents are teaching by example, why should they try to eat healthy and exercise?

The scariest thing I ever heard is that the children now are the first generation ever that have an estimated life span SHORTER than their parents because of obesity.

What are you showing them by taking the easy way out? Do you make them do homework or make excuses for that? Do they do chores and know what work is or do they get everything handed to them? IT IS THE SAME MESSAGE BUT IN A DIFFERENT MANNER!
They do it to control how much you make.
Once you start making decent money they will put you on some other WT or hospital.  It's the way FN operates and has done that for years.  The comment below by the MT that does 4 jobs then E-mails for more work is delusional.  I'll like to see what she has to say in about 6 months (if she's still there).  They also have posted for another new client starting next week. I didn't like the fact that they control my work - I have never come across that except at FN.  Glad I'm not there anymore.
That's why they pay 9 cpl they control your work
Sounds like pretty good money but you end up making just as much as 7 cpl because they dish out the work.
Do you not think we have quality control
just because we are on VR? Where are these people getting their ideas from? Are you just assuming that there is not quality there? If you have a good platform and MTers to teach, your job can be a breeze.
And there are some that can't control their mouths. How's the
Control I tells me I have no right to access (sm)
Isn't it that way for all?  I'm new at this.
MS in FL has owners who are control freaks and whatever happens
There is one person there (still after 4 years) who would sell you down the river if he thought it would make him look better to the owners but tell you to your face how wonderful you are, unless you have the putzvah to politely debate the issue. Then his boxing gloves come out and the verbal abuse begins. It really is slave labor there. I've been in the office, I've talked with the owners. I know things will never change there unless they start losing clients, but the clients they currently have are so grateful ANYONE will transcribe their reports, they STAY with MS!

And that, my dear, is why nothing changes at MS in FL.
How do you control speed of voice?
I work with editscript also and have the footpedal nightmare. I can get the files over to the express scribe no problem, but cannot control speed. I can fix manually, but the second I touch foot pedal, speed goes back to mouse voice speed. Any suggestions? Would be very helpful. I actually went through the foot pedal nightmare and got the 9pin and even the co. couldn't make it work!!
Not many people have control over their clients!
If you are in an overflow situation, where you have people who work for the hospital and who work for a service - the people in the hospital get the work first.

The options that a company has is to only take full outsource contracts, but sometimes that is not feasible.

It is frustrating for all concerned.
Check under Control R and see if there is a list.
On the accounts I do, there are some, some by dictator name, some are generic. I've only had one MD say, use my normal for the physical exam. Otherwise if I get to use one it's just because I looked for it.
What would the control I show you that you can't see on website? (sm)

And do all companies who use Ex-Text block this function?  What does it accomplish?

it sounds to me like control the end result
would mean the way you format things, insisting you use spell check and that type of thing. I had asked for clarification earlier this week, too, as to whether they in fact could place any type of line count on IC. The info on the IRS web site looks like not.
Of course managers can control workflow.
That is their job. The alternative would be to toss everything into one giant pool, and you would get whatever comes next regardless of account or work type. As far as deleting jobs, wouldn't a job deleted from Escription be deleted entirely thus not reaching the client and no being able to charge them for the job? That doesn't make sense at all.
It's called damage control
They are reading this board and they know they are going to lose a significant number of MTs. Now how is Dorothy going to look to Transcend. She probably promised we were the most faithful robots ever and would follow whereever she leads. Now Transcend is going to have to hire more MTs to cover the accounts.
I think you are damage control posting all over this board lately.
I agree. I think it is a control issue that I found
MTSOs have no control over the factors that would make this
what are you offering, you offshore, have no control over your client?
what are you offering, you offshore, have no control over your client? Duh?!
meant to add that.
Posts about TransTech are getting way out of control. Take discussion regarding
Have you checked your control panel settings?nm
Do the control A thing, find the name, pull it....sm
into the box, highlight it, hit control C then escape out and paste it (control V) into the document. That way the name is correct as well as the credentials. Hope you find this helpful.
The suits and facilities often control dictation, not
No thanks. Dont want to give this much control/info
that you don't know about.  What kind of software/spyware/trackers are also put on your PC with something like this?  No thanks.
So not true! It's a way to control noise. Goodness.

MQ and mute-control on conference calls
MQ allows peons to talk on conference calls, but there is also a setting that you (the peon) can use to mute your phone purposefully when the dog barks, the dishwasher whines, the doorbell rings, the kids scream, and the husband starts moaning loudly. That setting is *2. We were reminded of it at the beginning of every conference call, and if the CCM or conference call leader should have happened to forget, invariably somebody would ask within 5 minutes of the beginning of the call. That puts the obligation on the peon to mute themself when they are wandering around their property listening to cows moo and husbands moan, and then to UN-mute themself when they want to ask if they really heard that right??? LOL!

Seriously speaking, it seems crazy to hold a conference call and then not allow the peons to talk. They may as well send out a mass email!
I have been told Clarity Control by Spheris. nm
Maybe a spin doctor, or a damage-control
The main board is totally crazy and out of control.
I totally agree!
Does anyone know how to control the DocQscribe line counting method?
Every software has a way to mark what to count and what not to count.  Anyone know how this is done with DocQscribe? 
Sure, factor it in, but no one knows what the future holds and MTSO has no control over those
Control i does not give us the exact line count where

we work.  We do not get paid for everything that control i would show.  It has recently been fixed so that we can use control i, but the line shown there is not what we will get paid for.  We have to go to ichart to get our *true* line count.  Ichart often is very slow and/or down !  There is a big difference in the control i line count and what we get paid for.  We also have no way to see the reports that we have done with the exact line count for that report, nor any report that shows us the job numbers we transcribed EVER!  We are even blocked from the function that shows the prior report that we did. Control i does absolutely no good if it is not a correct line count (paycheck-wise).  The only thing that I see good out of it with Transtech is that it does show the number of reports that I have transcribed so that I can compare it with my handwritten tablet of jobs, but it does not show each and every report number or line count for each report. The only way we could that is to look at Ichart at the end of each job which is very time consuming since it is so very SLOW !  But still no job numbers. 

I think it was to control some font size change issues
At least I think I read something about it on the internal company forum.  It wasn't affecting my accounts, so I didn't pay much attention, but some people on some accounts were having to reset their font size over and over and the update was supposed to correct that.
Control copy, put in in text description, name it then save.
I'm not damage control! I'm really nobody in the grand scheme of things. Just a quiet MT!
That is what is just soooooooooooooo weird still with MQ. I don't know - I've been there for a long time, never talk to anybody, never hear from anybody, my account always has work, and its a great account. I have a back up, which I rarely get a report from. When I do, I admit, its challenging in that I have to look up a doctor here and there, but I just have never had a problem once.  I got transferred to Amherst, too, and everything is fine. No changes. I had some I-mail problems, along with everyone else, called the 1-800 # and got people on the phone immediately, who were super nice. Had a mistake with my check, my fault entered hours in wrong section, and got a person on the phone immediately, who fixed the problem and had a new check out to me the next day.  Its really a mystery to me why some have problems. When I do ask my bosses about it, they say my head would spin if I heard the problems some MTs are - how picky they are - how rude - cherry pickers or will only type on the 3rd Tuesday of the second week after a full moon - never answer THEIR phones, never answer emails, etc. Whole reverse of what I hear on this board 24/7. And I have to admit, I believe the office people who tell me their side, cause I know I've never experienced one singly problem that some MTs on this board whine about constantly.  And I've survived the new QA plan, no big deal at all, and survived the dreaded office transfer - nothing to it at all! So, I can't help but think that we somehow get the treatment we earn at MQ, or at any company for that matter.  And, no, please don't patronize me or kid yourselves. I'm just an MT with some time to kill on the boards tonight!
Control freaks and think up everything they can to make things difficult. They must be very unhappy
women up there.