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Is Keystrokes the beneficiary for the life insurance they pay for?

Posted By: Nannieboo on 2005-12-26
In Reply to: Keystrokes announces 2006 benefits package sm - Keystrokes Management Team

If so, I'd be a bit careful

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life insurance
Do you know how much life insurance one can get without evidence of insurability? I need life insurance but have a recent cancer diagnosis. (I'm fine!) Don't really need the health insurance but can't get life through my spouse.
I don't have a life insurance deduction .. $10,000 is included sm
in my health insurance premium, and since I am single, that is enough for me. 
LOL. No. I had to choose my own beneficiary. Are there companies sm
that do that?
insurance Keystrokes

You might want to check it out because I don't think KS is offering benefits any longer, I believe after the first of the year they went to IC status only.  But it could be a case-by-case basis, who knows.

I work for TransHealth and they have pretty good benefits, medical, life, dental and vision, PTO, sick days, and paid holidays, and direct deposit, and they do not hold anything back or do you have to wait to get paid like you do with some companies you have to wait a month before you get your first paycheck, or 3 weeks, with TH, I was paid like 10 days later for training, as well as, my money was in the bank when they said it was going to be there.  I like TH very much, nice company to work, for me.  TH is looking for MTs and I think they had a QA opening as well.  I would apply to TH if you need benefits.  Mine are very inexpensive, and there was no waiting period either, I started like September 15th, and my insurance was in effect on October 1st. 

Keystrokes insurance

Can someone give me details on the type and price of insurance available at Keystrokes.  Am thinking of applying with them in the near future but need insurance info as that would make my decision for me.  Price for family or employee/spouse, office visits covered with copay, prescriptions, etc.

Thanks for any information you may be able to give me.



Keystrokes Insurance
Has there been any change in Keystrokes health insurance yet? I need to know if they have gotten new coverage, how much it costs and how long does it take to get on it. Thanks for any info.
Keystrokes insurance
I was wondering if anyone who works for Keystrokes can email me privately or over this forum as to what their insurance costs per month.  Also, how is the coverage, etc?  Thanks!
Keystrokes insurance

This company's actions in this matter are simply disgraceful.  I was made to feel that I was the ONLY one in the company distressed over the inadequate insurance offerings.  When I received the AFLAC brochures, I trashed them.  Supplemental insurance is useless to those without comprehensive primary coverage.  Their excuses get more creative each time I inquire (i.e., The reason we can't get better coverage is because most of our employees are women...; most of our employees are married and covered already so they don't even CARE about insurance...; yada yada yada...).

So...while they continue to explore the options, and promise us weekly that things are almost finalized, many of us are just hoping to stay well.  In 2007 I was told that the only oustanding issue was whether office visits would cost $20 or $30.  Shame on them.

I'm at least relieved to know I'm not alone here.

Keystrokes Insurance
Has anybody heard if there is any chance that we will be offered more affordable insurance? I love this company, but the insurance rates are killing me.
Insurance for Keystrokes
Employees are eligible for insurance after 30 days of full time status employment.
Insurance for Keystrokes
Employees are eligible for insurance after 30 days of full time status employment.

I don't get their insurance because my husband has better insurance so can't tell you much else...Hope that helps :)
Keystrokes insurance
Can anyone working for Keystrokes tell me how their insurance coverage is, what it costs and the deductible. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Keystrokes insurance
Please, I didn't mean to start another war. I just wanted to know about the cost of their insurance. Anyone working there have an answer to my question? I would really appreciate this as it will decide whether I even go through their testing process. Any useful information? Thanks
TransTech and Keystrokes insurance
Can anyone tell me who carries the major medical with these companies?  Thinking of applying with both companies but want to know who they have their major medical with before I apply.  TIA
Keystrokes - Health Insurance
I think I remember that Keystrokes is supposed to be getting new health insurance that will be less expensive.  Can any Keystrokes employees tell me what is going on with that?  Do you have it yet?  How much is it a month?  I am considering a job at Keystrokes but I need the health insurance benefit, preferably low cost.  Thanks for replying.
What about Keystrokes insurance, is it reasonable?
Did Keystrokes ever get the new health insurance? NM

Just wondering.

Keystrokes Health Insurance
For single coverage:
$202 a month with $2500 deductible.

$251.30 a month with $1000 deductible
Keystrokes insurance vs mine
I just saw the post below on Keystrokes insurance. Count you blessings guys. My company's health insurance is only around $100/pay, family $900, but get this. The deductible is $5000 single/$10,000 for family, and if you have family coverage, the $10,000 must be met before anyone is eligible for coverage. This company does not really expect anyone to buy this insurance. This is insane. You are better off just to pay your own way, and take your chances. I pay $20 a month on my hospital bill, and there is nothing they can do as long as I am making payments. I don't know what else to do. I have lots of health issues and worry every day.
Welcome to Keystrokes :-) I have single coverage on the insurance sm

so I cannot really answer your question about the family plan, but no one had responded, so I at least wanted to say hello.  I have medical ($1000 deductible), vision, and dental for $129.86 per pay period for single coverage.  I'm glad you cleared that up about the license thing because that threw me!  (smile).

I do not know what the percentage of ESLs is on my acccount.  It is a Meditech/C-phone count, and the lines are not really difficult to obtain.  The only problem I have is me ... can't seem to find my focus lately.  :(

Good luck! 

Keystrokes is hiring. Can anyone tell me how much for their medical insurance benefits etc...
I am looking for a FT job with good medical benefits for either myself or family coverage. They are seeking ortho MTs and that is right up my alley. Thanks in advance for any help.
Does anyone know what the current family rate for insurance is with Keystrokes?
Im looking at comparison costs.
Keystrokes' insurance was not canceled. They are looking for better rates and coverage sm
in more states as Unicare is not in every state. I have Unicare with them and while it is a little on the high side IMO, it is less than what my husband's non-MT job offers for our family of 5.

They are not working on it long after their insurance is canceled. They are working to change, which can be done at any time although preferably at the beginning of a year or quarter.

And by the way, your grapevine is not that great. You should check facts before posting something that makes it look like they don't have any insurance.
To Keystrokes employees: Has anyone heard anything about when a new, less expensive insurance (sm)
is starting?  I was told by a valid source it was to be February 1 but it apparently didn't happen then.  Has anyone else heard a different date?  TIA.
Does anyone know how long it takes before you qualify for insurance at Keystrokes? nm
Keystrokes has new insurance (finally) that is reasonable and good coverage. sm
The cost for a single person is $404 per month but they pay 1/2, so it is $202 or $101 per pay check (1st and 15th). I received my papers and card and rx card last week and the coverage is better than the BCBS that I had with others. $20 per visit co-pay, instead of $50.
Heard Keystrokes was getting better benefits, medical insurance etc.. Anyone care to elaborate? I
ready for a change.
How much are single insurance rates???? Webmedx, Axolotl, Keystrokes, TT, Transend?
Thanks for the info!
401k funds are protected by govt insurance similar to the insurance
that banks have (FDIC). It is safe even if the company goes under.
The insurance cost is double for Transcend but insurance probably doesn't factor in for her.
I have heard more good things about Axolotl than Transcend, although it seems Axolotl may be less flexible with your schedule and someone told me that QA was pretty strict, which should not matter either if you have worked for a hospital and know what your QA score is.
The insurance plan in my opinion is excellent insurance. I am not sure if it will change when it'
time to renew or not. I really hope not but I know that a lot of companies change every year in an effort to keep costs down because most insurance companies start raising rates after you have been with them a year. The insurance is Great West and they also have excellent dental and vision plans. I believe the cost is less than $70 a pay period for the employee.
Insurance sucks compared to my old insurance... sm
The insurance seems like they don't want to cover anything, even simple prescriptions I used to pay 4 or 10 dollars on I now pay 20 to 43 dollars.  I like the company/people so far, just don't like the insurance.
Nasty, rude, unprofessional.

I spent most days watching TV because there was supposedly no work, and when I quit they screwed me out of the money that they agreed to pay to ship their equipment back.

You need to get a life.....
I guess you had a bad experience, but that says nothing for the more than 400 MTs who are happy at OSi. I don't understand why you spend so much time running down a company instead of being a productive citizen. What you give comes back to you in the future. NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE.....I hope you are happy in your life because the reflection here shows some real issues you probably need to work on.
Get a life.
I too have "worked" for them, as a slave I might add.  I work my tail off and do not get paid what I should.  You, apparently a company suck up, get paid what you deserve.  Some of us do not.  You are not in the know.  I am looking elsewhere as we speak because I cannot and WILL NOT take it any more.  Get a life.  It is not just me as other people have the same complaints.  Unless you WALK in our shoes just SHUT UP.
You must have no life. No wonder lol
me get a life?

ha ha ha ha. That's original!!  Spelling police??  You have such an original way with words!!!!  Things that make you go hmm?  What year was that? I am so laughing and laughing.



Sure, but I have a life too..
get a life
You are the one with no life
I have not been on this site cheerleading for this lousy company for the past year.
Get a life...
You don't know me from a can of paint.  You don't know the OP either, so get over yourself.  CHEERS!
you think i have a life?
hah!, work, eat, walk 2 miles and do it again :) but really, its fun still. i never even filled out any 'stuff' about me really. but when you get 30 or more people on there that have a little something to share, it doesn't feel like we're boring !!
Run for your life!
The cornerstone platform is the worst I have ever worked on.  I have just found another job and will be leaving in about 2 weeks.  Keep looking, you will find a better company.
set for life
Wow, I know that when I went to school and got started doing this job, I didn't think I wouldn't being doing it for a good company. I wasn't educated on scam artists, and thief's in this business. I never start any job thinking I am going to do a half XXX job, and leave work undone and so yeah, I put in all the hours that it required to get the job done, I didn't get paid for my work, I got ripped off. I am not a negative person, I set out to be successful, happy, and yes SET for life. I'm sorry that you don't agree with that, but that is why people have 401K plans,and retirement funds and buy a house.
take over your life is right.

I spend most of my day doing this work.  They say come back later in the day when there is work.  You get a few hours off, but you can't plan anything. 

Oh, I DO have a life
A quite wonderful life, because I do WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO EARN AN INCOME TO KEEP MY FAMILY AFLOAT.

I don't post on here to complain that wow, my job is so wonderful that I just HAD to waste interviewers' time and perhaps push another NEEDY MT out of the running but I had to turn down a job because it required I work a weekend day.

Get a grip. The post was complaining/whining/whatever you choose to call it. If you're in a position to turn down a 'wonderful' job, more power to you, but don't get on here and complain about having to do so.

The only objection I have is that she should have put the name of the 'wonderful' company so someone willing to work and put in the hours and schedule could have applied.

Perhaps YOU need to get a life...a life where you have bills to pay, are the sole breadwinner, and don't waste the time of MTSOs and try to push other MTs out of the running for apparently kicks and giggles, since she's so happy at her current job.

Sometimes I'm totally amazed by the ignorance on this board and whom people choose to side with or against. Guess it must depend on the lunar cycle or something.

*Eye roll*
That is exactly where I am at with my NO life. Thinking about what to do now.
To: Get a life, at Transcend.

Not sure if you saw the post below or not, but I'm looking for extra pointers on how to make the 20K lines per pay period when the work load is low.  I'm a fast typist, have lots of entries in my expander and even have a lot of files already formatted with jumps in them to save time. I work during my regular schedule leave the downloads on automatic so that I can type when the work comes in. I've been working different shifts at different times, but still can't do it.  How do you do it?  Do you have to work more than your 8-hour shift to get the 20K when the work load is low?

Ummmm...a life maybe???????
Welcome to REAL life!
Working 40 hours for benefits is not a NEW concept. MTs have long done themselves a great disservice by balking at change.

You still have the benefit of earning more dollars, but MTs are FINALLY become like REAL employees. You know where you have to work the hours to get the perks???

If you're doing 30 hours, slow down and do 39. Problem solved.


Go to school to become a P.A. where, I hate to tell ya, they're going to want you to work 40 hours.
Story of my life
ESL city!!! I got to the point where I just couldn't take any more.  Other than Bonnie Monico who is top notch and a sweetie, it was a rather horrible little experience for me.