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Is anyone familiar with NetMed?

Posted By: Kat on 2009-08-07
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I am trying to find out if anyone knows anything about NetMed.  Are they US based?  Good or bad experience, etc.  Thanks

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Not familiar with actual company but familiar with platform some use and it is super-slick!
No, they do not charge rental for equipment. 
Anyone have any information regarding NetMed out of Cadillac, Michigan. Thanks.

There have been good comments on the boards about them, and they have only IC positions.  That's all I know..

any info on them? Much appreciated.
The pay is not that good, 7.5 cpl the last I knew. You have to train in Cadillac, Michigan if you live in Michigan. Don't know if they hire out of state, last I knew they didn't.
Yes, IC  and pay is on time, or at least was.
Yes, I have heard of them.
I worked for NetMed for a short time. Unfortunately I was looking for part-time work and it just wasn't working out (too hard to keep up with two full time jobs). Everyone in the company seemed very nice and I never had a problem with getting paid. I wish things would have worked out, I really enjoyed working for NetMed the short time I did.
Did anyone apply for the hem/onc opening for this company?  If so, have you heard back from them.  I immediately sent them my resume (have over 10 years MT exp.) but have heard nothing back.  Curious to know if anyone else has heard back.  Thanks for sharing.
I applied. Not really looking for work, but I do Hem/Onc and was interested in seeing what the pay scale was. No reply as of yet.
Here is the ad: NetMed Transcription has an immediate need for 2 MT's that have experience in Hematology/Oncology. All english speeking doctors. Sofware provided.

I see no mention of 8 cents per line.
Has anyone applied to this company that has an ad on Job Board?  It says to send them an email...no email addy is listed with posting so I went on Google and searched for the company, sent my resume directly to them (or so I thought) then a few minutes later I get an email that says it is an undeliverable address!  What's up with that?  How are we supposed to send a resume when that happens?  Is it a legitimate ad or not?????
Actually, I did send my resume where it says Apply but I always like to send it via email as well because so many companies state they sometimes do not receive the ones sent via the site.
The e-mail address on my previous post does not work.
regarding NetMed
I work for NetMed. Plenty of work. Flexible. You are assigned your own doctors. Work is due in 24 hours from the time it goes into your cue.
NetMed in MI? Very few comments here. sm
I'm checking out a handful of companies. Don't need health insurance, but trying to find a good match with full time M-F work, preferably assigned accounts. 20+ years MT experience. Love the small company I presently work for, but not quite enough work for me (I have really high line counts some days, but other days are terrible with shortage of work) Unfortunately, the docs from the teaching hospitals have a very inconsistent dictation load, and my income is being affected by this, thus I am pursuing a different company. Thanks for any input.
Anyone heard of NetMed?
Anyone heard of NetMed?
NetMed Transcription
Just curious what accounts your friend was talking about. We try to take care of our MT's so this concerns me. Any feedback would be great.
NetMed in Cadillac, MI.
Anyone heard of NetMed and how are they?
Anyone heard of NetMed and how are they?
NetMed Transcription

I run NetMed and I am just trying to find out what the opinion out there is our the company.  We have never missed paying an invoice to an MT and all the MT's are US based.  Please let me know if you have heard anything positive or negative.


I worked at NetMed for a while too. sm
I worked there for maybe 2 months but it just did not work out. The people there were very nice and I never had a problem with being paid. If I had computer problems, there was always somebody who would call back right away. They also have a mentoring program too. But I thought they used Vianetta or something like that. Either way, I enjoyed working for them. I would recommend them to anybody.
any info on NetMed?
Can't find much about it.  Thanks!
netmed workers
I tested for the company called Net Med Transcription and was just wondering if anyone out there works for them and if they like, dislike them?
NetMed Transcription in Michigan
Does anyone have any experience with this company?  Thanks!
Anyone heard of NetMed Transcription?
Anyone heard of NetMed Transcription?
Information on NetMed in Michigan?
Are workers for NetMed IC's or employees?
NetMed in Cadillac provides computers. At least they used to.nm
e-mail address for NetMed


Here is the e-mail address for NetMed Transcription from their website.

If you’re interested in working with NetMed Transcription Services or would like additional information about the company, please email Terry Mickelson at ttmickelson@netmedtranscription.com.

  • Or send your resume to:
    NetMed Transcription Services, L.L.C.
    2604 Sunnyside Drive
    Cadillac, MI 49601
    ph 1.800.981.6676

NetMed must have changed a lot in 5 years. sm
I worked for them for 3-4 months. We were not a good fit for each other. I was having a hard time meeting QA. That said, I thought they were good to work for. They bent over backwards to help me get with the program. I never had any trouble with getting help for any problems and the tech people were great at getting back to you with answers. My mentor gal was great too.

But that was just my experience.
Another good company - NetMed nm
Anyone with NetMed? If so, do you still have to pay a rental fee for software/equipment? nm
Can anybody give me feedback on NetMed? Email if you would like to. nm
put number in google search--NetMed Transcription /nm
I'll lay a nickel against next week's paycheck that this is the NetMed guy. Again. nm
anyone familiar with . . .

Electronic Medical Transcription Services?  Found them on MTJobs and would like some insight.  Thanks!

Firday entertainment or just an owner / operator looking to get feedback - maybe if they are tired of annon bellyaching, they should post their company name and let us have it lol. Mnay of us do go to the people who bring us on as IC - but as an IC they state it is rheir company and they can do as they like - and sure they can - but without good MT they will not go anywhere but India. You owners must soon come to realize that we give your company it's good (or bad) name for the work WE do - you on the other hand hold checks, bounce checks, and give us grief for your own downfalls. Good luck to you all.
not familiar with D & L? who are they
I am not familiar with SH, so not much help there...
But I did use an Expander program that boosted my productivity b/4. That was great and it helped, but I needed to take the next step. With IT, it sort of thinks ahead for you. No memorizing the shortcuts...it works differently. If you type tpwa for The patient was admitted, IT automatically brings up several words and phrases that MIGHT possibly be used next, like: to the emergency room, to the hospital, in the past, and all you have to do is use 1 or 2 more Keystrokes to add whatever phrase is dictated. If you go to textware.com, you can get the lowdown. They also have a refund policy if it does not work for you. It took me a while to get used to it, but I love it now. I also use my expander in addition to IT. I have hospital, the, and, physician, etc. under my expander as well. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I hope this helps.

Good luck!
Anyone familiar with LTS, Inc? Thanks
Anybody familiar with SFT
There is a job posting on the job board by this company. Anybody know anything about this company?
Most of the ones I am familiar with you
either save up your sick time or vacation time (if they give any) or take Family Medical Leave Act with no pay.
You would not do at 4 cpl but very familiar?
I think $20+ per hour now times is pretty good salary plus with my full retirement money from SS and retirement check, I come out ok. You as others on here are doubting Thomases but those are the ones who can't cut the mustard doing it and probably never will be able to do for a good paycheck. Funny thing but the most I see for VR is 4, some has fallen to 3 and yet you are familiar,,,,, hmmmm would not do for 4. Oh, that makes a lot of sense, never do for 4 and very familiar. Do those 2 belong in the same sentence? If you really were familiar then you as a longterm MTer would not a newbie could not do.
I'm Familiar But It Was
There has been a lot of restructuring there and things are still in a state of complete disorganization.  Upper management gives conflicting comments when asked questions or for clarification, turnover is high, pay for MTs has been cut repeatedly, QA requirements gets changed often, and the list goes on.......it was not a good experience and personally I'm not sure I would recommend them to anyone.  If you have more questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
Anyone familiar wtih QED
Does anyone work for this company? Does anyone ave any advice on this company?
that sounds so familiar to me
I wrote the QA director regarding one incident and made my case. We, MTs, use our fingers, ears, and most importantly, our brains. Somehow, the QAs forget that we have brains and can analyze what we hear.
Anyone familiar with EZ-Scribe? (sm)
Any comments welcome!
Anyone familiar with TRX, Inc? I have an interview

Anyone familiar with Inscribe or NTI? nm