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Is that full or part?

Posted By: Lula on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: 15 years and more like $20,000 - no message

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are you full or part time
If you are making at laest 20 an hour, this would have to be part-time, otherwise the numbers don't add up, should be at least 40K
Is there any difference between full and part time IC status at DSG?
Trying to narrow down my choices and make my decision.  Thanks! 
MDI-MD hires statutory employees, full or part time. sm
Their web site is www.mditrans.com.  They pay well, always on time, direct deposit, and genuinely care about their employees.  Good luck!
Part & Full Time Data Entry & Document Coding Position - Sara McDaniel - HR Administrator
This company has ads on other web sites. You have to pay them $55 to do a background check up front. Guess what? If you don't get hired, they've got your $55. Don't know if it's legit - just posting facts.
I'm lookin for part-time work (about 3-4 hrs daily) after 13 years of full-time, anyone know of a
company that is hiring flexible part-time?  I'm starting a career in real estate but don't want to totally quit transcription, but I think most places require 25 hours a week and I cant work weekends, as real estate sales are the biggest on the weekend with open houses and people off work to shows homes to.  If you know of a place I'd sure appreciate the info.  Thanks!
Not what I was told; 3500/wk part-time & 6000 wk/full-time. nm
Precyse Solutions is hiring part-time and full-time right now.
Saw this on their website.
MDI-MD: What are daily line requirements for full-time/part-time? Thanks! nm
I have one full-time job and 2 part-time jobs. It can be tricky at times, sm
but at least I now have plenty of work always. I have some big financial goals, and right now that seems to be the only way to accomplish it.  I can't see any reason why it would not be legal -- why would you say that?  I am cheating no one, except myself (out of sleep and a social life).  Fortunately, I am single with no children or anything.  I cannot imagine doing this if I had a family.  At least my dogige understands. 
Full time/part time based on # hours or
# lines per pay period, nothing to do with quality. The lower the quality the higher the pay it seems.
Part-timers cost as much to have on the books as full timers with only
a fraction of the revenue. It costs the same to run a check, mail things, send equipment, set up with IS, etc with PT as FT.
Solution: Find another job, part time or full time.
Post your resume, hope for the best.
Depends on how flexible you need to be and if full-time or part-time
They are a little more flexible if you are part-time.  Not so much full-time, where you can be a little flexible within the day (not a strict 8-5), but if you are scheduled for Monday, you have to work Monday unless you request off, and if you are scheduled for a Holiday, you have to work the holiday, unless you request off.  They encourage you to clock out every time you are not typing to keep your lph rate up, which means an 8 hour day can turn into 12 hours at the computer.  If they run out of work (which they do quite often), you have to make the time up.  They are also leaning more towards Voice Recognition, so MTs are getting trained on that, but not sure what percent will go that way.  It does affect how much work you may get though in the other accounts.   
They are advertising for full time HIM now, do they still hire part time? nm
Question on MDI-MT full time vs. part time
Does anyone know how many lines per week or per pay period are required at MDI-MT to be considered full time?  Thanks.
Part-time MT getting full-time work ??????

TransTech should not be giving out work to PT people on their DAY OFF, or any other time BEFORE a full-time MT has enough work    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full time is 40 hours, and yes they have part-time.
Were you full time or part time?
I would like to get about 1500 lines a day in if possible - not possible? The pay seems good.
Not sure about part time but for full time you get SM
up to 12 hours to do a 7 hour shift. Webmedx requires 35 hours a week for full time, not 40.
Full Time vs. Part Time
Can anyone tell me how many minutes of dictation is considered to be full time?  I do clinic dictation and am wondering if I am actually doing part-time work or full time?
I have a full time and part time job also. nm
part-time IC is 5000/pay period and full time IC is 10,000 per pay period. Need to talk with
recruiter about cpl, I'm sure it varies with experience. 
Last year $36K part time, going to make more this year full time BUT sm

I AGREE it IS getting harder to make money.  I used to make $24 very part time 10 years ago and now...well it is Word and platforms versus WP5.1.  I got 7.5 cents a byte line then and I get 9.5 cents a character line now.  That IS a huge different in point of fact.


Thank you! I'm looking for part-time work to supplement my no-work full-time job.

OH - I thought part transcription, part escription, but don't know for sure
They no longer hire part-time and may be eliminating part-time employees within the next 6 months.
They are going to have those that are PT go FT if possible. Some accounts require 1 weekend day, but not all. Most transcriptionists have 1 account with 1 back-up account. I know that they are hiring for hospital accounts in medical records and radiology right now.
No PTO for part-time. Not sure if you can work part-time or not since recent rule change. sm
You do pay a deposit for their equipment.
There is a part-time and a flexible part-time, just left there and they offered
me both. Flexible, however, is more or less when they need you (I.e. weekends), part-time is fixed hours.
Yes I know they hire part time because I referred someone there for part time.
They are internet based.
From what I understand, the part-time positions will be only be for those that are already part-time
It is not a restructuring of the company, just of some of the existing part-time positions.

I know that there are a few employees who have been with Keystrokes for many, many years who are part-time and they will not displaced.

Other than that, there have been many discussions why there will not be any new part-time employees hired, and I really don't think they will back down on that.
ek is full of it.
sorry ek but you have been outed.
you are full of it
OMG but you are full of yourself! sm
You know, we really want to be behind you cos I'm sure all of us would HATE to be in your friend's shoes, but you sure are alienating all of us with the way you respond to us.

Please remember where your anger should be directed -- toward the guilty party, not US.

And telling us what to post is really over the top. (Support the post or don't write anything please.) This is a public forum and we are all entitled to our own opinions, and just because you said to not comment on how the situation got to where it is now does NOT mean that we have to comply. If someone is curious, they have every right to ask. You may choose not to answer, however.
As far as I know they only pay if you have AT&T. I'm full-time also and don't get anything fo
Yes, thank you. I didn't have the full name.
JLG does for full time.
They do not for part time though.
consider the MT already has a full-time job, though
Keystrokes Full
I've interviewed with them, went through the process, only to find they have no openings for what I'm looking for at the moment.  I type the big 4 and ER.  Think they had clinic available, but not interested......
Full timer here
I work as an Editor for them.  The platform couldn't be any simpler, honestly.  Good mixture on most of the accounts as far as ESL/other.   Growing like crazy!!  The bonuses are for real as well.  Very nice folks to work for and plenty plenty of work; in fact they are trying to get more MTs on board to be able to stop sending so much out.
Full time
Thanks for the info!
Can you tell me what they consider to be full-time? TIA nm
I would rather not give the full name...sm
of the company with the line counting issues, but they are out of Florida and start with an M.  There have been several posts lately about them running out of work and a major change in management.  Hopefully, that is enough information for you. 
Use full name of owner. nm
I do VR full time...
The best platform by far is Escription which is very productive.  I was nervous about VR too but even with 50% pay per line I am making a lot more money overall.  I do have some typing but the older the account is the better the VR is.  Some notes i barely have to edit now.  If I straight type I average around 200 lph (acute care) but on VR I do well over 500+.  Escription learns indefinitely, so the longer the account has been there the better it is.  I try to keep my lines per hour on VR at least above 250 which even on a brand new account has never been an issue, so I have made out.  The typing break is great and I absolutely love it.  If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me.  (I am just an MT and not management for a company or anything like that.) 
For full-time
line count is 11,000 per pay period and for PT it is 5000. They're pretty reasonable on QA, not nearly as bad as other companies.
positions are all full
full time
full time pay scale for IC 3000 lines 7.5 cpl, 6000 9 cpl anything above 6000 is 10 cpl. 
I actually came full circle...
I'm back working with the same wonderful ladies who hired me back in 2002 when I first moved to Maine.  They are just a small local MTSO and they are absolutely the bees knees to work for...I couldn't be happier.  Well, I mean, unless I won powerball or something--then the grin would be really hard to smack off my face. 
45K full time.
If and when you do go full time - please keep us
posted.  I will be interested to see if it continues to be easily 250 lines per hour.  Some companies take the good part timers and lure them into full time just to dump horrible dictators on them.  Let us know if this happens to you.
I think most recruiters are full of HOT AIR, and -
during the recruiting/testing/hiring process, they promise a heckuva lot more than the company ever actually delivers. There are already too many 'suits' lurking on this board, as it is.