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Is there consistent work at MDI-Fl, Precyse, or

Posted By: TransHealth for a very experienced MT? nm on 2005-11-14
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Work is consistent
I work at AllType and we are consistently busy and getting new accounts as well.
Consistent work

I know there are a lot of negative posts on here about MQ, but it is the only company I have worked for that I did not have to worry about being out of work. Some call it the *cesspool*, I call it a safety net if my primaries ever get low on work, and I don't have to waste my valuable time calling someone to ask for work because it is automatic if primaries are low. They also pay on time everytime and have been very flexible with my schedule, I prefer a split shift. Pay could be better, but more than some other places, and always having work available is the most important for me as being out of work would devastate me financially. As a matter of fact, it was the guarantee of always having work that made me switch to them as the national I was with previous was running out of work on my primaries too often and I had to spend too much time begging for other work. I am very happy at MQ after experiencing working for some other nationals, TT and KS specifically were fairly consistent about being out of work in my experience. I also really like the DocQScribe platform at MQ and the fact that they supply all the equipment; I no longer have to worry about what would happen if somehting went wrong with my personal computer and I could not work or afford to get it fixed or replace it. I have never had a problem with communication, my PS is great at getting back to me promptly.  

The people complaining about the *cesspool*  at MQ on here are the same ones who will complain about being out of work when in actuality work is available, they just refuse to do unfamiliar accounts, thus affecting their own paycheck, never happy. Personally, I don't have enough extra money to be that picky about work and I am relieved to find a company who can consistently supply me with work. Good luck in whatever you decide and I hope you find the right fit!


Stay with the one that has the most consistent work available. nm
Consistent work with All-Type NJ?
Anyone work for All-Type in New Jersey? Am considering them and wonder if their work flow is consistent or are there lots of dry spells? Any other information would ge helpful. Thx.
Does Focus have a consistent work?
I've been hearing good things about Focus and just took their online test. Is it true they have sufficient work to keep you busy and will give you one or two accounts and not a jumble of different accounts?
Goodluck - consistent work? not a chance. nm
You sold yourself short then. There ARE good compoanies out there with consistent work. sm
I work for one that is praised on this board and attacked on this board, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

The money and consistency are there for those who work hard.

My apologies for lumping you in with others.
It's been pretty consistent for me, but I work for two companies and type several doctors
and even with that, sometimes it gets slow, and then when it picks up, it is really hectic.  It's so hard with this type of work to get it just right :)
This must be a consistent problem

As an IC you don't have to give notice if you are leaving and Tonya should know this.  I stayed through two pay cycles and that was ENOUGH.  You have to beg and continually ask to get paid so your situation is not unique.  

I think a big part of the problem is it comes from India.  I left right after we received a notice that the line count function did not work and that our lines are counted manually.  Why was the line count such a big secret?

A growing company is one thing but pay is another.  Pay should not be contingent on growing


At least one thing with SS is consistent . . .
You can always count on this clown to show up being rude and obnoxious!  Seems like upper management has a lot of time on their hands, doesn't it?  Seems a little odd, they're the ones ALWAYS running ads looking for MTs and most of us have our choice of jobs when we start looking.  What's wrong with that picture? 
Exactly! MTSO needs a consistent IC that she can count on. Take off now and then but you
Fast Chart is Consistent
I have been with Fast Chart for about 10 months. You're right. You do start at the bottom, but rapidly move up. They do pay for all headers and footers. There people are great and completly honest.
Is this consistent 3000 lines per day
I have hit 3200 lines on a secondary ER account, but not on a consistent basis because the work ran out.  This was also working overtime on a VERY easy account with very good normals.  It is my understanding that this account no longer exists.  
I meant a consistent workload.
Sorry, it's been a long night at the computer. I should have caught that.
Are there any companies with consistent workload?

No matter how many accounts I get, there never seems to be enough work and now, with the holidays almost here, all of my accounts are picked bone dry.  Bah humbug.


The download speed is not consistent, can be as slow as

dial-up at times.  I had it for a year so I know.   Satellite is also not secure, so if company is 100% compliant with HIPAA satellite would not be allowed. 

I had lots of problems with my satellite, though I was never without for more than a day.  Customer service was the absolute pits.  They have since updated some of their equipment that is suppposed to eliminate some of the issues.  


I used to work for Precyse and...

they are a good company.  They weren't for me because I am used to working my own schedule.  They require you to work specific hours (usually you can choose them) and I just couldn't do it with 2 small kids.  (If something comes up you can e-mail them and make up the time later.)

They provide all equipment.  Their QA staff is really great - positive and helpful.  You will most of the time get your QA stuff back within a few hours - always within 24 hours.  Their platform is easy to use.  I worked on quite a few accounts while I was there and they were all pretty decent.  One had some crummy ESLs as the majority, but I didn't work on it much so can't say if it would have gotten better with time and adjustment on my part.  (I usually adjust just fine to ESLs - these were mumblers as well)

They do have good benefits and you can accumulate PTO, which you can use at any time you wish - all or part of it.  So if you just need extra money one pay period, you can ask them to add it on.  You can also check your balance of PTO at any time.  Also, they have direct deposit and pay is always on-time - without exception.  They also mail you your stub and it always came exactly on time.  Also, the payroll person is very accessible for any questions, etc.  She even sent an e-mail out to us once because the paystubs (direct deposit was already in the bank) were late and she wanted to apologize - she had used a different post office.

The other thing that was a drawback for me, but you may not mind, is they do send out a lot of e-mails with account updates, asking for help, etc.  That's not so bad but it was 3-4 time daily thing and they started getting to me.  However, they do also offer bonuses quite regularly and other incentives too.  They do believe in motivation and recognition for those that go the extra mile.

Also, they do quarterly reviews and do value quality work. 

They are a good company overall.  I know you will see various opinions on this board about them, but the only 2 negatives for me were as above - the e-mails and the set hours.  Honestly, though, if it weren't that I was so bogged down with my children's schedules, I would have stayed with them.  If you can handle those things, then the positives outweigh the negatives. 

I work for Precyse
I have worked for Edix and Medquist in the past and Precyse is definitely a cut above those 2. It is a smaller company, but they are very good to work for and ....get this....they actually value their MTs!  They don't call you MTs or staff, but colleagues.  Everyone is respected equally here.  I have owned my own business and have worked for the other large nationals listed above, and feel that I have found my home.  I think you will be very pleased with Precyse.  Their platform is web based, called Correct Type (Precyse calls it PrecyseType, but it is the same web-based program we used at MQ).  Very user friendly.  Staff of Precyse is excellent.  It is not an easy company to get a job with, so if you have been offered a position, go for it!  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Precyse - no work
Is this typical? I have only 2 accounts and never have enough work.  I have asked twice for an extra account with no response back.  Their TAT seems very quick so I'm wondering if they over-hire so they meet TAT and we sit here with nothing to do.  Haven't been here even a month but certainly can't afford this.
I *do* work at Precyse and most of the work is going to India
Is there always lots of work at Precyse? Do they do
Anybody work for Precyse Solutions?
 Any feedback from their employees or ex-employees would be appreciated.  Thanks.
I AGREE COMPLETELY! I'd rather be paid a consistent, respectable hourly rate
If you work for Precyse now, try calling the help desk, if not sm...

If you're not with Precyse now, you work on one of their PCs with everything already loaded.  My best guess would be to say "no, you can't use a laptop", but I never had to use one, so don't quote me on that. 

Hope this helps some

Is it hard to get lines at Precyse? Does work run
How is the work flow at Precyse these days? Is it
Quit Precyse. Work for someone who does not offshore. nm
Precyse QA does not edit the overseas work. QA


Precyse. Disorganized, low work, broken promises.
Precyse rate was good but they were always running out of work.
What spell-checks work with Transhealth, Precyse and Medquist? nm
Precyse has had problems with lack of work, too. They offshore heavily.
Am considering Precyse and would appreciate any feedback from gals/guys who currently work for this company. The good, the bad, and anything in between. Thanks.

GO for it! I've owned my own company and worked for others. This is the classiest, best run, best paid, best benefits place I've ever found.
Precyse. sm
Is achieving a decent line count at Precyse easy to do? 
Precyse. sm
I have tested with them twice, they were slow responding.  Usually when I test I get an immediate response and job offer, they are a little slow in getting back.  Would like to hear from Precyse MTs - line counts reasonably achievable? 
Been with Precyse 3+ years.  Their recruiting needs some big time attention.  They are rather selective about who they hire and quality is an issue.  In my experience, I have had no problem achieving my lines, including the bonus every pay period for lines over 12,000.  Of course I have been doing this for over 20 years! 
I am not a newbie either.  I am switching companies trying to find a fit. Precyse cheats people with 20 years or plus experience on line counts.  You are told, you will get feedback from every report, Not so, if you are very capable.  I have done a lot, a lot of lines.  Worked all day the day before I quit with all my macros, stayed focused and had 600 lines.  That has never happened to me before, even with learning curve.  I do 12-500  a day, until I met them.  I finally figured out, they don't pay for headers, so why should I do them?  I don't think they pay for footers either.  I am running back to my old job as soon as I can, at least they don't steel lines.

I've worked for both these companies.  The platform is Webcorrect (DocQScribe).  I happen to love that platform and I managed 1200 to 1400 lines in 6-7 hours - yes, relatively easy to get.  I did all consultations and ERs (didn't like being stuck in these work types and ended up, after about 4 months, not getting any ERs).  If you didn't like the old Edix management, you probably won't like Precyse.  For the most part, though, other than a couple of snippy QA and supervisors, they're not bad. 

As far as MDI goes, I did voice recognition for them for a few weeks.  The platform  I worked on was Escription - easy.  The problem is, VR doesn't pay well (about half) and it is very possible to spend lots of time on these reports.  Spent about 70% of the time on VR and the rest typing.  These folks seemed unorganized and no one was available.  If you're a self-starter, you'll do fine.

In my opinion, Precyse is the better, more structured company with much better benefits.  The pay is always on time, every other week.  If you don't like DocQScribe (Webcorrect), though, don't go there. 

Good luck to you.  Wish you the best.







Hope this helps.  Email me for any further questions about where I work now. 






And I think Precyse too?
Precyse does too

Do they pay well? Annual raises?  Do they pay on time?  Do they put you on too many accounts?  Is platform fast enough?  Is their line counting system fair?

Any other comments appreciated.



As I said before, each MT has to find a company that fits their needs and schedule.  I've been with Precyse going on 4 years (they are only 6 years old) and love it.  Pay is good, I always have work (of course I work a split shift by choice and there is always work), and have been on the same 2 accounts the whole time.  They do not hold your hand, you have to be independent, but I like that.  I never have PC problems, paycheck problems, or problems achieving my lines.  I love their PTO account and the fact that it adds up so quickly.  I've been doing this a long time and by far this is best national I have worked for thus far. 

That's my 2 cents!

Try Precyse, could get 9-10 cpl
Good benefits, too.

anyone working for Precyse or know anything about them?  thanks


I just called the Precyse telephone number and used the prompts for employment opportunities, and medical transcription.  The automated voice said, Just a minute, please...  Then there was screeching, like a fax machine!  ROFL!

Anybody know a better way to contact them?  I took their on-line test last week, and I just wanted to follow up.


I have looked in the archives.  Awhile back it seemed there were mostly good things to say about them.  Now I see more negative posts.  Is someone reading this who wouldn't mind it if I Email and ask some specifics?  TIA. 

Precyse uses it too.
Precyse MTs, (sm)
I will be training on Precyse soon.  Just wondered if you guys had any pointers about getting started off on the right foot.  Also, do any of you use your own PC or do you use theirs? 

I am thinking about looking into Precyse. Does anyone have any really bad experiences with them such as lack of work etc.? 

I believe Precyse does too. -nm