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It is easy enough to verify by doing a Google search

Posted By: and reading articles quoting the owner so on 2006-02-24
In Reply to: Ask the moderator - is that supposed to scare me? - MTMom2

it is not unfounded rumors.

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Company Board, MTStar Search Box, (located below Google Search Box)
Use the Google search box for MTStars.com, not the Search box at top of page. Lots of
Company Board Search For box (not Google search box)
search on Company Board Search For box (not Google).
Is this a Google search or MT Stars search?
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
search mtstarts box, below Google search box, ....
use mtstars Search box, (below Google Search)
Do a Google search for
Cbay India Maryland transcription

and see what comes up. Nearly 1,000 hits. Honestly, you can do better than that.
Do a Google search here. You don't want
Use the Google search bar towards the top.
It does not work.
Google site search (nm)
you can google search them and get old posts but
no sure how old those might be.
If you do a Google search in above box, there is info

Try doing a google search for hospitals
in or near Atlanta-this should give you websites and contact names, then send an e-mail to them. For instance:

Type in Google search:

Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia

Sorry, not the Google search but "search for"
If you use the Google search box and type in UST
making sure the MTStars button is clicked, it will bring up a ton of responses on this company.
search in Search Box (not Google box)
search in Search For box below Google box
I did a google search and found their website. It does

appear that they are a new company and from what their website says sounds like they are pretty green.   Copyright on the website is 2004, which doesn't necessarily mean anything.  If you use the name and then online.com that is their website address.  I don't recognize the name of the person listed, though that doesn't mean a whole lot either  - LOL.  My mom had a saying when my dad would some I didn't know that.  She would say the library is full of things you don't know.  

If you search Google via MTStars.com for TTS, you'll get
I don't understand why people can google or search the
archives before asking a question.   A lot of this job is researched-based.   Just like on the word board when someone asks a question a 10-YO would no the answer too, it isn't being helpful to give them the answer. 
Company Board, search not in Google box, but box below it
Use the Google search bar towards the top of the MT Stars site
Make sure that -mt stars- has a dot beside it. Type in the company name and do a search.
this has been asked many times lately. Use Search box below Google box
did you try Search For box (not Google) on Company Board
put number in google search--NetMed Transcription /nm
Google Davis Transcription and search the boards
There has been numerous posts. 
Search Transcription Connection in Google Box at the top of board.
Search with Google box on this page. Much, much negative info
Use the Google box on this page & the mtstars.com button to search.
Company Board, go down to Mtstar Search Box (not Google)
Use the Google box search for MTStars at page top. A few posts from 4/2007 come up.
At the top of the company board page, do a google search for MTStars.
Start reading. This is an Indian based company. There were recent posts over the past few days about this company.
Use the Google box on this page and click on MTStars for your search. Lots of posts
HELPFUL SEARCH TIP: in Google window type exactly: "MD-IT" site:www.mtstars.com...
someone i know is a super hacker for websites and knows how to search for info. it will pull up all statements that have ever been posted about MD-IT but you must type it just as i have posted.
It's EASY to search recent posts (sm)

using Google site search.

Ex:  chase site:mtstars.com revealed all the posts written about this transcriptoin company, most recent first.

Anyone know of a company, easy clinic work, easy Word format, dependable pay? Help!
But you do have to verify and look up
ones that are not there.
You'd have to verify
with them, of course, but I know as an IC I let them know how much work/how many hours I will commit to in a day and then the expectation is you will achieve it.

My experience has not been that they insist on 9-5 etc.
I can absolutely verify this. SM
Awful work.  The worst of the worst dictators. Yes, the platform is great, but that doesn't help much when you have nearly 100% ESL dictators and the WORST ESLs I have ever heard.  QA is definitely very rude and if you like getting 9000 e-mails a day begging people to work, then it is your cup of tea.  I live in the Midwest and I was not offered employee status ever.  I have to pay to get my check sent to me overnight.  No direct deposit and no bennies.  Nada.  So in other words, decent pay, 10 cents a line, for crap work and no bennies.  That about sums it up. 
you verify what I said, experience=8 cpl or
Of course they're going to try to make you feel grateful for being offered 9 cpl. What's the alternative? We know it's low for your level of expertise, but we're not willing to give you more. Again, MOST companies will pay 8 cpl or above if you have enough experience and/or negotiate well. I didn't say it was a great wage, just answering the OP's question.
Softscript will pay you 10 cpl if you can verify that now.
You'll have to get through QA and meet minimum line expectations, but they'd be glad to pay you that if you deserve it!
I would verify these things - sm

Did you ask when you were hired what the company definition of a line was?  Are you paid for spaces, headers, footers, demographics?  The DQS platform can only do what people have programmed it to do and nothing more.  I worked on the back end with this platform for nearly 10 years.  You can break down every single key stroke and assign it various values, i.e., you can make the letter *a* count for 2 strokes if you want and *?* count for nothing.  Those are just examples.  If you are on different accounts the lines may also be counted differently.  So many variables, but look at the suggestions above. 

Here is the story I was given but no way to verify

Here’s the line we got from one of the smaller MTSOs I worked for.  A lot of MTSOs have in their contracts with some hospitals that there is a minimum amount of minutes/jobs per year that the hospital promises to send to the MTSO and the hospital had to pay the entire contract even if they did not send that many minutes/jobs.  That is so the MTSO has a better idea of how many MTs they will need for the year (like that ever worked !!! They were always overstaffed or understaffed).  But I digress.  So come the end of the year (usually November or December) we would get slammed with old dictation and a lot of it was work types we usually did not get.  So, we were told that the hospital “found” some old dictation.  The MTs figured that we were not the only MTSO that that particular hospital used or they still had in-house MTs, and what really happened was instead of being charged for jobs they did not have us type, they cleaned out their in-house dictations and sent everything they had to us.  Some hospitals do not have a time limit on discharge summaries and letters so they can be a couple of weeks old without anyone worrying about it. 


Some of the hospitals had all their dictations go through their in-house dictating system, and then the hospital would transmit jobs to us in batches.  So, another time we got slammed, they told us the hospital was having problems because their in-house system had crashed or something, and they just “found” all these old dictations that had gotten “stuck” in their system and just popped up when they rebooted. 


Do not know if either explanation is true, but that was their story.  Guess they sounded plausible, because we never asked again where all those jobs came from after the first couple of years.  LOL 

I love it. It is fast, easy to learn and easy to use.

Could you verify this and let us know, because I haven't seen a word about this...
Yup. I can sure verify that story! Disgusting. nm
Verify line count
A long time ago I read on this board that an employer had to clearly define a line telling you exactly how they figured it and how they counted it.  The poster said it was a requirement by US DOL.  They also said the person being paid by the line had to be able to verify their lines.  I have tried to find this post and cannot.  Does anyone know about this.  Can your employer send you home to work, pay you by the line, and not clearly define what they use to determine a line and how it is counted?  Human Resources said it is up to the Department head and they will not interfere.  Their attitude is if you don't like it you can quit.  Now, they haven't done this to me yet, but the two people they did it to have quit.  They paid them 8 cents a line, no headers or footers, in fact, they paid only for the body of the report, and did not even count paragraph headings, even though we almost always have to either take one out because it is not dictated, or draw them together because they are dictated all in one paragraph.  We get no pay for anything already on the page, except 2 lines added to each report for numbers we have to type such as job number, dates and times of  dictation and transcription.  Nothing else is paid for.  They say we get paid for auto correct and auto text but they can't show us.  There are just two of us left, and only one of us is going to be paid by the hour, and I am low man on the totem pole.  If they tell me they will pay be by the line, what are my recourses, other than quitting,  for proving to Human Resources that they really do HAVE   to define a line and how it is counted, and I really do HAVE the right to check their figures against my own.  Please help as the axe is about to fall about this and I am scratching on glass trying to get info about my rights, if any.  Thanks.
How do you verify your line counts

I like to see the reports typed so that I can do a check against my list that I write on a tablet for myself. How are you doing this? CTRL I does not give an accurate count, because it shows every line/character in the report, which we do not get paid for.

Please share with us how you double check your handwritten list by the number of jobs/job #'s you get paid for. I have never worked a job where this is not available to the MT.

I want to see a list of reports by job number that I have sent/transcribed showing the number of lines for each individual report.