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Keep your eye on the MTstars job seekers board.

Posted By: watch for them on 2005-10-27
In Reply to: Anyone know of companies that hire orthopedic transcriptionists.. - Looking for recommendations

There are ads for ortho accounts quite often, but the ads are usually deleted when the positions are filled.

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Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board.
Try the Job Seekers board. Many of them sm
indicate that they hire US MTs only.
It looks like on the Job Seekers' board that most
I wonder how many of those clicks results in resumes. Seems like all the companies would be getting inundated with applicants right now.
If you look at the Job Seekers board you will see
your questions.  Also Transcription Relief Services is another company that is always looking. 
See the Job Seekers board, please. (SM)
The job advertisements are very descriptive. You should be able to discern easily who has insurance and who doesn't.

The Company board is for asking about specific companies.

Do you mean the Job Seekers board?
I count 23 job postings in the last week, so I would say it's far from dried up.
MD-IT has an ad on the Job Seekers board that says
Job seekers board
Check posting from 8/10/2009 for specifics.
Your post on GL is on the job seekers board. nm
Anyone know anything about BIG Enterprises? Add on job seekers board, thanks. nm
Check the job seekers board.
Lots of IC part time positions out there.
On the job seekers board does anybody know who that is seeking
Seems to be getting quite a few lookers. Just wondering who this is
Check the Job Seekers board. nm
There are plenty of jobs on the job seekers board
Go to Job Seekers board, Add a resume, and follow
I have no idea. It is posted on the job seekers board.


You need to read the ad on Job Seekers board for QA person. huh? nm
Job Bank icon on Job Seekers board
Did Shannon have a job to post on the job seekers' board
or did she just want MTs to apply with no details given???  Any info on this one? 
Keystrokes has an ad for a pathology transcriber on the job seekers board. sm
Is Pathology easy to do? I have 8 years in acute care but have never done pathology or radiology and might be interested in a change.
What does "DOE" mean on the job seekers board for the rate to be paid?

None of the ones on the Job Seekers board send work outside the country. They
would not be allowed to advertise if they did.
Anyone have any info on MT Professional listed on Seekers board? nm
I'm surprised the Moderator permitted this on Job Seekers Board..nm

07/28/09 for new MTs, FT & PT, all shifts.  Are they saying the accounts are UNDERSTAFFED?

Naturally, the new hirees will be gooing and gushing all over this board again about how GREAT their accounts are and how  EASY their dictators are.


Love the MTStars Job board....

No Jobs from MTSOs involved in offshoring, sending good/easy dictators to India, Pakistan, Philippines etc and keeping the ESL garbage for us here.

Love the MTStars Job board....
No Jobs from MTSOs involved in offshoring, sending good/easy dictators to India, Pakistan, Philippines etc and keeping the ESL garbage for us here.
Was let go from Zylomed because of posting to MTStars board
Just a little followup to my post of 10-14-06 post to this board.  The Zylomed MT manager failed to address the real issue I raised concerning taking away regular work without notice or explaination, but decided to let me go today because of my post about their company to this board.  So, because of my comments I have been let go.  Maybe it's best to not name company names (excuse me, my tongue is in my cheek) on a board that's specifically designed to uncover these problems.  So, MTs beware, I guess.  However, I received many supportive emails from others visiting this board--one of those kind MTs referred me to another service that I'm starting with tomorrow (while I beat the pavement locally.)  Much happier MT today!  Feel like I can breathe again.  This board has awesome support.  All worked out well.
At the top of the company board page, do a google search for MTStars.
Start reading. This is an Indian based company. There were recent posts over the past few days about this company.
It has nothing to do with MTStars or the owner of MTStars. It
has to do with the fact that the person who posted gave enough information that the company recognized who it was.  We, at MTStars, do not give anyone information about who posts what.
I think that many job seekers

view the insurance provided and premium rate to be quite, quite high on the list of important information needed, so I do not think this is a bash post.  It seems the uncertainty about insurance with this particular entity has been questioned several times over the last month or so, therefore it is a valid topic for discussion.  Thanks for management coming on and providing specific information.



There is a posting on the Job seekers...

board for Hanover PA that mentions a Pennsylvania board.  Does anyone know where I would find this?  Thanks!

Try Diskriter, add on Job Seekers
I work as a hospital employee through Diskriter and the benefits are very affordable.  They are advertising for a Florida hospital.  I don't work for this particular hospital, but in general I am sure the benefits are better and more affordable than any national company.  I think there are only certains states that they can hire employees from, so you will have to check on that.  I have love my job with DR as a hospital employee. I'm making more than I have ever made as an MT in 15 years.   You can find some more info in a thread towards the bottom of the page.  Don't let the negative posts discourage you.  The hiring process is a little more involved, but it is for a hospital employee position, which makes a big difference.     
Oh...the thing in Job Seekers...
Yeah, it seems odd that he doesn't mention pay.
Job Seekers/Job Bank
I never really noticed how many were coming on a daily basis before. They obviously haven't flocked to the other board. I think they have 7 postings for the whole month. Maybe companies just aren't hiring as much right now. I didn't notice the Job Bank before you said that. I never even think to look there. Maybe companies aren't thinking to post there, either.

Regretfully, we have had an incident where an unscrupulous offshore individual has placed an advertisement for employment, pretending to be an actual US-based company. Apparently, some have applied and even begun to work by this ad with an abrupt cancellation.

The owner of the actual company (US-based) has contacted us and is understandably upset.

We have removed the advertisement and placed a ban on this individual. Please, if you have responded to or are corresponding with anyone related to the ad, we advise you to stop.

The ad was posted on 10/03/08 by Timothy Olyphant and the subject was Seeking Contractors. This what the ad stated:

We are currently seeking contractors for Transcription Project. Audio is downloaded via FTP. Preferably, these contractors would work the morning shift clearing jobs as they come through the server. We are looking for contractors committed to do 5000 lines/day, Tuesday through Saturday. This contractor positions are available immediately. Interested contractors can send in the resumes/contractor profile to integritymedicaltranscription@yahoo.com. Please quote your rate per line.

Please note that this ad is a scam and the email address is not the actual address of the real US-based company.

We encourage you to contact the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) or one of our Moderators (cher@mtstars.com, javabean@mtstars.com) with any complaints or suspicions you have about advertisements on MTStars' Job Seeker's Board.


MTStars Team

It was constituted as a job wanted ad. Look on the Job Seekers
When you paste a resume on the Job Seekers
or does it print correctly on the recruiter's side? 
Thank you and thank MTStars..NM
Maybe MTStars

is also hindering your production?


This board is really a great help when looking for employment.   There are many positive posts that turn out to be decent companies, and then there are also negative posts about experiences each person has had.   Both perspectives should be allowed and not discouraged with threats.  Just maybe, these companies that are trying to decrease our wages even further and are deceptive in their business practices will be put out of business eventually and we might see a new trend.  There are a few businesses posted about regularly on this board that have the same issues come up time and time again.  I see these as red flags.   On the flip side it is just as important to let people know if you've found a good thing (this does not include recruiters on here making untruthful posts for their benefit).  This might encourage companies that are treating their MTs well and are above reproach to continue to strive towards making this once again a decent career path. One could only hope that a board like this would be able to make a significant difference in the way things have been going by networking and sharing our information.

But what about those ads up at the top of MTStars? Those
are their sponsers/advertisers.  One of those could also place a job post with MTstars.
forum here at mtstars........nm
Try MTStars FlashCount
MTStars Ad Policy
That USED to be the policy - but according to the www.mtstars.com homepage:  The hands of time cannot be turned back on the widespread transfer of information globally and as of January 1, 2006, MTStars opened itself up to include the global environment. MTStars limits this only to allow US Transcription Services that outsource offshore to post open jobs seeking US QA Editors. DIRECT offshore posting, communication, solicitation is still prohibited.  Translation:  Only companies that are BASED offshore are not to advertise through this site.  Hope this helps!

Just sent you an email through MTStars (nm)
The owner of MTStars?
I thought Sheri owned it? (though I haven't been here in a while)
Well, MTStars does have a system set up
lack of a better word - I guess its handled on an individual basis at times, i.e. whether to permanently ban or temporarily ban or just a word of warning.  I know from experience.   There are definitely outright trolls, and that is true, but I know even from my own experience, I can just get so angry sometimes at something that I do lose it and say things that I probably actually would have said to someone's face, but maybe not. I don't know. As the posters above have said, we can be a very unappreciated and abused employee, MTs as a whole, and many of us are in very frustrating work situations, more so in these hard times, so, yes, tempers flare. I think most flares here are from those who just refuse to validate others' experiences, i.e. the happy MTs who viciously attack the unhappy MTs, whether just in general or specifically company related.  That is so sad. The MTs finally vent, as really none of us have anyone to talk to or understand in real life, and they get squashed and called names, or insulted that they must be having problems due to poor skills, etc. That's so sad and I generally then find myself attacking people I think are attacking other people.  Its just human nature for all of us, though the name calling and stuff is very poor judgment.  I think its happening more of late because of the financial issues that are impacting us all - bosses and MTs alike.  I appreciate the current editing of this forum, as I said earlier it used to be so heavily edited that it was 100% skewed to hide the truth about the site owner's favorite companies, i.e. advertisers, sponsors, or employment affilitations, etc. I 100% agree that it was her perogative to do so, as she owned it, but it was done in such a way that nobody knew that things were being skewed that way.  So, it was a form of misrepresentation, though, again, her right.  So, I hope that for the most part what I read on here these days is a bit more unfiltered - might not be happy news, but perhaps its more fair and balanced, as they say!
well I am sitting here on MTstars so...
That means there are no jobs. I ran out about an hour ago. Guess I will grab some lunch and try again later. Have a good one.
I'm on MTstars posting so...
work is still low. Been able to meet my committment, but it takes all day.