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LOL! Does seem rather strange, doesn't it?

Posted By: nm on 2009-09-02
In Reply to: LOL, precisely what I was thinking too!!! - Unbelievable


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LOL! Is IS a very strange company run by very strange people. I have had that
very thought before and it made me laugh to see you refer to it as strange, too. Thank goodness it's not just me!

Good luck Candy!
*Strange*; nothign strange about it.

Doesn't apply if your OSI account doesn't use Ichart.
It is the Ichart only for OSi where you are cheated.
TT doesn't pay for spaces or ExText doesn't

That's strange, I received an e-mail from someone from this board about scoping, thought it was you .  And, I replied to that person, who knows who I talked to (and if she received it LOL).

How strange

Can you tell me who contacted you?  I just thought it was strange that they sent me a contract without having me test first.

That is strange!
Where do you work? Are you employee, statutory or IC? 
That does seem very strange. I'll have to poke around. I don't really even know of any other MT boards!
That is strange because they were
Maybe they are overstaffed....
What do you mean? Seems like strange
Something strange is going on!
I just signed on this morning and there was nothing to do. I e-mailed the CEO and it will be interesting. I am almost positive that the account I have been working on has been gone, but why have they not told me? Are they embarrassed? The only e-mail I got this week was that work is very slow and that they hope to be getting back up to speed. I was not told that I was let go, fired, etc. You would think a company would at least tell their MTs if their account was taken away. I've been sitting here for 8 days with absolutely nothing to do. Very strange.......
Something strange going on with this
I was contacted by a woman who seemed knowledgeable about the cardiology accounts - I told her I was very interested. She wanted me to email my bank account information for direct deposit without any documents i needed to sign. I told her I was uncomfortable doing that with just her email address and the phone # I had did not even state her name, just the phone number. I told her I would email her to see if she received my email (not my personal information), she did not email me back. I called the # she gave me and left a message to email me and never heard back from her. She had told me my resume was forwarded from Cardioscribe. I emailed Cardioscribe to ask about this person and have not heard back from them. This is really scary.
It is strange. I know when I run out SM
on a weekend or at night I can call the help desk and get another account to work on.  The last time I truly ran out of work was Christmas last year.
That's strange because I
didn't need anything special for the platform.  You're talking about apex right?  I think it's just online and connected to their server in there office.  It doesn't have anything to do with using Word.
It IS strange. sm

If the person supposedly got paid everything they were owed before, how did they manage to be owed another $5000 in a month?  If one was supposedly owed $12,000 from this MTSO and they got their money, why would they still work for this MTSO? 

Yes, very strange
About a month ago, I sent in my resume and was set up for their testing.  I tested for them and got a call.  They told me I did well on their acute care test and they just wanted me to test on their clinic test.  Did that.  Didn't hear anything and I sent two e-mail letters letting them know I completed their testing, which was about 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything from them since!
Very strange, that's where I'm looking.
Nevertheless, there's no need for dark side to be so mean.

Lots of nasty on the board today, must have been a bad Monday.
They not only require calendars from us as to what days we will work but also that they be 60 days in advance. You can imagine what this does to any social and/or family life. I did not mind that as long as I could earn a living, but the last four months have been pitiful. What I want to know is where did the work go? Are we just supposed to keep checking every hour for 12-20 hours a day? This isn't working for me at all.
very strange
that you can't use any of your editing tools on the VR reports. The company I work for encouraged expanders, etc. They want you to edit these reports as quick as you can to keep TAT. The more you produce, the more money they make.

I know the pay is less, but you will be able to produce more lines than with straight typing. Maybe not to starting off, but you will after you get use to it.

I don't VR is going anywhere soon. MTSOs will do whatever is needed to get accounts.

Here's my strange experience
I had a recruiter from a company (initials PS) tell me on a second interview that she wasn't going to hire me because I asked too many questions. Same recruiter swore that this company didn't offshore. I ended up getting the job but wish I would have paid attention to the red flags and run the other way.
I think it sounds strange but it is a way to
No telling how far I will go. I know that Florence has been pushing this and she wants me to work with her which I am honored to do. I really hate to say this here but it does look like I am going to be replacing one QA and there are two more. I feel a little uncomfortable but at least I will have a long happy career in QA at OSI. I am very greatful for that.
How strange. I just got through posting
and they called!LOL! They told me they would be calling me back at the end of the week. Wish I could wait that long. Oh well.
That is pretty strange...

that with your years of experience Axo offered you 7 cents!!  I have 10 years total MT experience and they offered me 9.5 to start and said after 30 days they would review and possibly bump it up to 10...

That is the thing that really irks me about this transcription business.  There really isn't any standard as far as pay goes and it seems you just have to get lucky to get a good line rate....I've had other places offer me anywhere from 6 cents up.  No way I am working for 6 cents...

They have a very strange pay scale and no one
can quite figure it out.  Very hard to get lines, unable to make any money.  Lots of turnover.  They are also currently training women in Trinidad to be MTs so it is only a matter of time before the jobs follow. 
Not strange... using keystrokes... sm

I work for a company who computes pay by Keystrokes (not the company Keystrokes, that's different).  For example, the average range when I started working there was about 0.0014 - 0.0016 per keystroke.  Now, this is easier than it sounds... It's based on a 65-character line, just like most places - counting spaces, etc.  If you multiply 0.0014 x 65 - that equals about 9.1 cents a line, which isn't shabby pay.  If you do 65,000 keystrokes that day, that's 1000 lines (65,000 keystrokes divided by 65 is 1000)  that's $91 dollars a day.  If your daily quota is reasonable, you could be making some nice money.  Hope this helps.


So you take what you were offered, and, depending on quotas for keystrokes during the pay period

Well, I think you are right and it is strange that no one can figure it out. I am also considering
not working for anymore companies that use it.  I think I lose about 75 lph at least. That adds up especially at todays rates or MTs. 
That's strange because I was making
I did not have to test, and even though I was not too keen on the VR, I still thought the communication was good.  The training was a little much since there were five trainees, and one that was not so bright taking up a lot of time when I could already tell she would never last.  Oh well, so much for that.  I think they are all the same really, the nationals that is.  You are basically just a number.  Go with a smaller company if you're looking to be stroked all day, and doted over. 
That's strange. A few weeks ago someone
and sold it all off as it was taking a full-time person to maintain equipment.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn't believe everything I read on this board.
I just think it is kind of strange that
inquiries?  Do they not have other employees?  It seems that only two posters pretty much reply, which one is you (Jo), and the other is KSMT....  Just think this is kind of strange.  Are you to PR for keystrokes?  Hmmmm?
Strange account
Oh yeah, I tested for them too. I have a lot of ortho experience but the sound was sooooo bad and the dictator so awful I didn't even finish the test. Good thing!
I find it very strange.
What is strange to me, are posters who use a reg.
Sounds strange....
Sounds like one of those crazy people who want to try and attack your computer with a virus....
I guess I don't see why that's strange when they
No reason to assume they're not telling the truth. I wish I could find that information, but someone posted on restuvus the other day the log of this site's ownership, and it did show months ago that it changed over. That was way before it was supposedly hijacked.
Very strange question
I recently started working for a company and so far, so good' however, i am assigned different accounts that pop up at any given time and have one doc who is really HEAVY ESL  -- when I have asked for samples, even with patient information blacked out, they are saying 'against HIPPA regulations, etc.  I have worked in other platforms for other companies and if I couldn't understand a medication or whatever, could sometimes go into a patient's chart to see the formatting, meds etc.  This is the FIRST time I have heard of anything like this.  Thanks
This sounds very strange to me....sm

I work for Webmedx and have never heard of J&J.  The whole thing sounds fishy to me.  Any other Webbers out there that can shed a little more light on this? 

Strange, but smart, too.

Can you imagine just how much money companies lose by wasting time with MTs who don't know what they are doing?  I think if the company is small enough, this would be the best way to ensure quality MTs come aboard. 

Everybody might want to read the post at the top of the Company Board from Administration.  I think it is a good policy. 


It's strange isn't it? If they're
happy with VR, fine, enjoy doing your VR, but why DEMAND other MTs be thrilled about taking a pay cut to do the same amount of work? I find it odd.
Strange thing
I have been an MT for over 20 years. I have no problem doing VR, what I have a problem with is being paid 1/2 the rate I am paid with regular transcription. Do you think people are on here complaining for the heck of it?? It is pretty scary in these economic times to watch your paycheck go down by hundreds of dollars. The platform is easy, no problem whatsoever. The pay stinks. There is something seriously wrong with an industry when I am making the same money, actually now less money, than I made 10-12 years ago. If VR was for turnaround time, that would be great, but it's not, it is simply to put more money in other pockets besides the people who are actually doing the work. Nothing LAUGHABLE about it.
Strange thing
Have you considered that some people just don't like VR? And would it be all right with you if those of us who don't want to do it make our own choices? I make over two hundred dollars a day each and every day transcribing. No way am I going to learn VR two years from retirement. I am always wary when people make generalizing statements such as you make. Some people love VR, let them do it. Some people do not like it. As my mama used to say, it takes all kinds to make a world.
strange thing
You seem to have some anger issues that you are (mis)directing at your fellow MTs. Your behavior is needlessly judgmental and immature. Perhaps you would benefit from discussing your anger with someone who could help you.
Strange huh? I cannot locate anything on them either. sm
From what I was told, it was only those 2 ladies running the business. No other MTs or anything so I guess just a very small business just starting out but not off to a good start and I don't want someone to end up like I did without pay.

Here is the ad I responded to......

It was posted here on MTStars on 06/17/2009 and again with another name.....http://forum.mtstars.com/seeker/1/7880,Podiatry_transcriptionist.html

If you read close, you can tell the identifying information is the same, just posted under a different name and cannot locate info on either one of the names. The account I did is located in South Dakota.
Anyone see this ad and find it strange?
Macro Solutions,Llc
Contact: Andy White
38930 Highway 226, Scio, Oregon 97374
Telephone: 866-920-8684 X2204, Fax:
Title of position: Transcriptionist
Experience: No experience
Location of position: United States: nationwide position
At home or company: Work from home
Full or Part time: Available anytime
Employee Type: Employee
Type of Transcription: Many types of transcription
Specialty: Any Specialty
Job Description: Macro Solutions Llc, a computer and imaging supplies giant is looking for Customer Service Representative to join our dynamic work force in order to build a good, better and unequalled customer service. BASIC FUNCTION: The Customer Service Representative is responsible for providing exemplary customer service to Macro Solutions customers, internal and external. This position is a part-time and full time opportunity paying $18 per hour. Monday-Friday and six daily business hours which may be increased later. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: * Researches on vital information that may help the growth of the company * Assists customers and shipping department regarding material issues * Assists the executive leadership in any area that needs urgent attendance * Receives and Issue out payment, Obtain, processes and mails invoices * Mail receiving and forwarding * Files documentation and paperwork. * Performs other duties as assigned by executive leadership Are you goal driven, hard working, humble and trust-worthy and with the desire to succeed...look no further...Macro Solutions is the answer. Don't have experience...no problem...there will be a hands on training if need be. Candidates should submit their resumes referencing this ad to Hiring Officer Mike Henry at: applications@macrosolutions-inc.com
Hardware/Software: MS Word, MS Excel, Spreadsheet
Method of sending/receiving dictation: Email, Fax
Compensation Information: 18/hr
Date Posted: 2009-07-31 07:17:28.0

Does sound strange, I worked there also and...
never, ever was there a pay issue.  In fact, the HR person apologized because the stubs were late once (although the direct deposit was right on time). 
I agree, it was strange. Never heard of them.
Stay away - strange people. nm
Strange that they're not in the archives.
I've been with them a long time.  The new platform is now bad...we all know we had to switch from WP5.1 to keep up with the hospitals.  No late pays, plenty of work, no problems with tech support, it's all good for me.
Thank you for the info. Sounds strange!! nm
Strange situation and trying to get opinions

I recently started working for a service who utilizes the Dictaphone platform, however, there is no way for the MT to check their lines, either by doing control I or going through the I-chart system.  I'm just curious to know if anyone else has run into this situation because in my opinion, it seems like the MT could be cheated out of their lines.



That's strange because I had a dedicated account
or acute care.  I was doing clinic VR/some transcription.  Very strange that the work ran out.  There was no rule like that when I worked there, and it has been within the past six months.  Things must have changed.
Very strange e-mail from Spectramedi
Has anyone ever heard of Spectramedi? I just received this e-mail from them:


Your resume may match one of our job openings we have for a Medical Transcriptionist. You are requested to kindly fill in and mail back the form attached along with your address, phone number and email id to hr_8566@ny.spectramedi.com We will be contacting you soon.

Thanking You,
HR Dept.

They knew my full name (even middle initial) and somehow got my resume and e-mail address! I have no idea how they found me or how they got my resume. I am very happy with my present company that I have been with for almost a year and have no intention of applying. I am just curious if anyone else got this e-mail from them. I am kind of freaked out that they seem to have my information and have no clue how they got it! I don't want to be contacted by them!