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Look at the correlation.

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-16
In Reply to: Could you be any more obtuse? - Give details.

Longtime customer giving a lot and being loyal to the seller = longtime employee producing a lot and being loyal. Neighbor on first time visit getting discount = newbie off the street bringing less to the table in skill, ability, and being able to hit the ground running.  Discount = incentives given to newbies, shorter time for raises, enticements to get them to apply.  Compare big insurance companies to the high producers. Why is it a false sense of entitlement for the longtime, dedicated, hard-working, high-producing employee to expect the same or more than what is offered to newbies? Why is it a false sense of entitlement to be aggravated by money spent to entice newbies rather than to reward loyalty? And If you don't think there is enticement look at the way the raise policy is structured and look at past and future ads on MTJobs, etc.

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