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Looking for fellow employees of Health Information Partners..sm

Posted By: ds on 2008-10-13
In Reply to:

Since they sold last year and I did not accept the job with OSi, I have had one crappy job after another.  Just curious to know where everybody ended up at, so email me if you like.


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Health Information Partners
Great people there, good pay, and always have work.  What more could you want!
Health Information Partners

Does anyone have any feedback on Health Information Partners (HIP)--good or bad?


Health Information Partners?

Good Morning.  Does anyone know about this company?  Line rate?  Orientation pay?  Scheduling?  Overall good company to work for? 

Thank you very much.

Health Information Partners - sm

Anybody  working for this company that could me some info i.e. platform, pay, line requirement, work flow, etc.? It would be much appreciated. I did a search and only found minimal information. Thanks in advance.

Anyone work for Health Information Partners LLC or
have any information about this company??  Need feedback.  Much thanks.
Is PT offered at Health Information Partners? Thanks. nm
Health Information Partners (HIP) questions...
Anyone work for HIP or know about them?  They had an ad up a couple of places and was wondering about the scoop on them.  I found some old posts here from 2004-2005, looks like they are a small, newer company so maybe that's why I can't find much.  Any info and insight, good and bad??  Thanks!!
This is Health Information Partners with a new name. City is the same in an ad of theirs. Newbies
Health Information Partners, but they sold and are no longer around :( nm
Health Information Partners, based in Maryland. She used to take in newbies
HIP (Health Info Partners)

You can use the CTRL I feature, and it matches the ichart line count.

DeVenture Health Partners
Hello, does anyone have any information about DeVenture Health Partners?  They are advertising on the Jobs board.  Thank you very much!
DeVenture Health Partners anyone?
I am just looking for info on this company.  They are on the Job Seeker's Board.  Thank you very much!
DeVenture Health Partners

Has anyone ever heard of this company? http://www.deventure.biz

Good, bad, ugly, ever worked for them..etc. Any info would be appreciated.  THANKS!


Just Google Mercy Health Partners...sm
And take your pick. They are all over the country. We have a couple of their hospitals and med centers in our town. They are in Muskegon and along the west side of Michigan, they are in Ohio, Tennessee, etc. In my former life as a medical biller, I worked for their Collections Center in my town also.
Mercy Health Partners is a conglomerate of
hospitals and clinics that are all over the country and not an MTSO.
Health Infomation Partners contact info?
Could you give me the website and/or telephone number of Health Information Partners? I'm not finding anything on Google. Thanks!
Mercy Health Partners, anybody ever heard of them? Can't find anything in the archives. nm
Thank you DTS. I love my bag! Happy MT Week to fellow DTS employees.

Does anyone have any information on HIP (Health
Information Partners)?  Consistent work?  Good platform?  Anything else?  Thanks in advance!!
Health Information First, LLC
Hi, does anyone have any experience with this company out of Maryland?  I just tested with them.
Health Information First (Hi1st),
Can I get some feedback on this company pretty please?  Thanks much!
HIM = Health Information Management
Are there any companies out there that offer benefits to PT employees, such as health insurance?
I know it's a rarity but I know hospitals do.
Are there any companies who offer health benefits to part time employees?
Need insurance.
Amphion, TransTech, eTransPlus, some at Focus, and Health Information
EXACTLY! HIPAA protects the privacy of your health information IN THIS COUNTRY!
Once your protected health information leaves this country, your privacy is no longer protected.  So while you may not trust your neighbor to know your medical history, you can trust that if they breech your privacy, you have legal recourse and you can have their jobs!  In India, if someone holds your health records hostage and threaten to publish them on the internet because they didn't get their 2 cpl, you are basically screwed! 
Interested in information on Focus Infomatics health insurance
I am curious as to what the costs of their health insurance plan, and if they offer family insurance, what that cost is. I really need a job with benefits.
Does anyone know anything about a company called Heart of Georgia Health Information Services? (sm)
I am beginning a job search and this was one of the services that I came across.  Has anyone worked for them and had good or bad experiences that they could share?  TIA
MT Salary woes article in Advance for Health Information Prof. 8/2008

Vol. 18 •Issue 17 • Page 20
Reactions to the MT Study

A group of professors is taking a hard look at the medical transcription industry.

His knowledge of the industry a few years ago? Admittedly, zero. Coming from, as he described it, a position of ignorance about the medical transcription industry, Gary David, PhD, associate professor of sociology at Bentley College, Waltham, MA, hit the road and headed to Reno, NV, last year, where he took in the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) Conference. After realizing no formal academic research had ever been done on the medical transcription industry, Dr. David and two Bentley colleagues, Donald Chand, PhD, professor of information and process management, and Angela Garcia, PhD, associate professor of sociology, set out to do an in-depth study of the industry.

The first part of the study was an online survey taken by 3,800 MTs, and the results of the survey were compiled, analyzed and presented as the study's preliminary findings. The full study is still in its infancy; the preliminary results from the survey represent only one part of the teams multifaceted approach. Dr. David has become embedded in the industry, serving on task forces and committees with AHDI and the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA), and he's now a staple at the annual conferences.

ADVANCE spoke to Dr. David, as well as to experts in the industry. We aimed to look at specific aspects of the study's preliminary results and gauge its reception. The opinions are mixed when it comes to three major issues in the medical transcription industry: quality, the work force shortage and the ever-present salary issue.

Questions on Quality

The survey posed several questions related to the quality of documentation done by MTs. Nearly half of MTs reported that they see how flagged errors are resolved only rarely or never. Also, the survey showed that 59 percent of MTs transcribe for multiple physicians at multiple hospitals and/or clinics. Dr. David's view is that if an MT isn't told how a flagging issue was resolved, he or she may not know how to resolve a similar issue in the future, which can affect quality. Likewise, Dr. David noted, if an MT is transcribing for many accounts, he or she might not be able to develop an ear for physicians.

According to David Plummer, founder and CEO, Probity Medical Transcription, Harrisburg, PA, quality review is useless unless that information is shared quickly with the MTs. He also agreed that transcriptionists should have primary accounts to work on, and then when that runs out, have pre-determined secondary and tertiary accounts. Today, many MTs are transcribing the dictations of multiple physicians from multiple hospitals and/or clinics, Plummer said, and that's just the way the business model works for most medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs), he explained. Quality, turnaround times (TATs) and productivity suffer in this design; however, when you have a transcription system where the pools do not contain sophisticated logic and has transcriptionists flit from one account to another, these are expected outcomes, in Plummer's opinion. What has happened is that the architecture of some of the newer platforms has not been built with [MT familiarity] in mind, and it creates these massive pools with multiple hospitals and tens of thousands of physicians, and that's just not good for quality or the MT, Plummer explained.

Chris Hopkins, chief operating officer, Landmark Transcription, St. Davids, PA, looked at the survey results from another angle. He noted that approximately 50 percent of his work force consists of independent contractors, which may indicate that those MTs are working for multiple companies, which would explain why they are transcribing for many different accounts. Hopkins also said that just because an MT is transcribing for multiple accounts doesn't mean that quality work isn't being produced. Landmark maintains a system where MTs are assigned certain accounts, and MTs do transcribe for multiple physicians. By working on certain accounts, however, MTs can keep track of the different client specifications, something that Hopkins said may be difficult in a pooling system as mentioned above. [MTs] can't build up any kind of speed or fluency on an account when they're doing 10 different accounts, Hopkins said.

Bonnie Crow, director of U.S. operations at MxSecure, Scottsdale, AZ, agreed that in an MTSO setting, MTs are most likely transcribing for multiple accounts. These MTs are often experienced and highly skilled, Crow said, and therefore they produce high quality documents. With the flagging issue, Crow said that software used at MxSecure provides feedback to MTs, and she believes most platforms will allow this (Probity and Landmark have software that lets MTs see how a flagging was resolved, as well). Crow also noted that MTs should go through a quality auditing process on a consistent basis. I strongly feel the Quality Assurance monitoring process today is the best it has ever been, Crow said.

That's due in part to the technology that can allow MTs to follow documents through the quality assurance (QA) process. Kathy Eberle, who works in QA and is the operations supervisor for Landmark Transcription, explained that as soon as a document leaves QA's hands, MTs can immediately see the changes that were made. Some platforms make this difficult, however, and MTs and QA personnel may have to work harder to ensure that errors are explained. It is extra work to give them the feedback that they need, but in the end, it always pays off for QA because the MTs always become better for it, Eberle said.

Shortage or No Shortage?

Besides quality issues, another point brought to light by the MT study's preliminary results is the aging work force and, potentially, a looming work force shortage. There's no denying that the work force is on the older side—77 percent of respondents are older than 40. There is, however, room to debate whether or not there's an immediate crisis when it comes to a work force shortage. Dr. David commented that because there are no solid numbers on the actual number of MTs working, there's no way to determine if there is definitely a shortage.

Plummer disagreed with the conclusion that there's a work force shortage right now. He pointed out that Probity uses all domestic labor, and noted that all of the accounts he'd like to secure are either being transcribed in-house or by other MTSOs. When an account is landed, the MTs on that account typically join Probity, and the need for more workers is quickly met. Plummer called the work force shortage overplayed.

Eberle referred to the shortage as simply a shortage of qualified MTs, rather than of all MTs. She's noticing that many good MTs are leaving not just their positions, but the industry, and they're going back to school to start different careers. With quality MTs, we're truly lacking at the moment, Eberle added.

Hopkins echoed that, to a certain degree. He admitted it was hard to say whether or not the industry was facing a work force shortage, and said he doesn't see that happening at his MTSO, where his needs differ from some of the bigger transcription companies. At my level, where we are, we don't see a tremendous shortage of transcriptionists, Hopkins said.

He added that if he has an opening, he advertises it and that day, he'll wind up with 40 résumés in his inbox. I can usually fill a very specific position within a day, Hopkins said.

Crow, however, is worried about finding qualified MTs to support the growth of the industry. There aren't enough younger MTs to replace the retiring MTs within the next 10 years, she pointed out, and she strongly believes that there is a work force shortage. She added that new education programs are being put in place to produce good MTs, and many MTSOs are offering mentoring programs. Her company started a mentoring program 2 months ago for new MTs to help them garner experience in the field. This seems to be easing the labor shortage, according to Crow. We are very excited with the decrease in attrition numbers we are seeing already!

Salary Woes

While there may be debate over whether there's a work force shortage right now, one certainty in the MT industry is that wages aren't heading upward. In the survey, MTs reported varied personal incomes, with the majority, 72 percent, bringing home $10,000 to $50,000 annually. Another survey question asked about the number of wage earners in MTs' households, and 33 percent said that there is only one wage earner in the household--the MT.

Dr. David called the industry one of the only places where the laws of supply and demand don't work. There may be fewer transcriptionists and there's a greater demand for transcription services. [That] should mean that [MTs] get paid more, but their pay doesn't increase—if anything it goes down or stagnates—and so part of it is linked to how there's just no perceived value in what it is they do, he explained.

The industry as a whole needs to recognize that MTs spend a lot of time and money learning their craft, and if wages continue to drop or stagnate, potential MTs are going to look elsewhere—to other industries—for jobs, Hopkins pointed out. We want to see a viable pool of labor here in the United States, he said. If people can get better benefits and better wages at McDonald's, why wouldn't they go there? It's too hard to learn this business. It takes years of work to be fluent and professional.

Dr. David observed that there was a sense of unrest in the industry about salary issues. There's a number of things impacting [MTs], causing their wages to go down or be less robust in terms of going up, so it's definitely an issue that we've heard about, Dr. David said.

What's Next?

Overall, despite differing opinions on the results of the survey, everyone agreed that it could be a valuable tool in the industry. Crow said she hopes the study can lead to medical transcription being recognized as a degreed profession with mandated certification. I think once this is in place, the profession will be viewed by the younger people as a desirable health care position, Crow said.

Hopkins hopes the study highlights the fact that offshoring labor is doing what he called a disservice to the industry. I think if people focus on providing a livable wage to the transcriptionists with a reasonable package of benefits and a decent schedule, the labor pool will become deeper and broader because more people will start to come into the industry, he explained.

Plummer hopes to see more transcription programs set up at colleges to help school more domestic MTs. He also hopes the study helps companies adhere to better quality, because that could help the entire industry. Overall, he found the preliminary results to be valuable, and he noted that the industry is ever-changing. It's a dynamic study, too, because it's like painting the Golden Gate Bridge—by the time you get done, it's time to do it again, Plummer said.

Lynn Jusinski is an associate Editor with ADVANCE.

Execuscribe--Current information?? Any employees out there.
Can anyone share information on this company, platform, accounts, pay, benefits etc. Considering applying. Thanks.
OSI's new partners

From their website...

In the business services sector, Culbro is targeting companies engaged in outsourcing and off-shoring. Culbro has a significant private equity effort in India and is particularly interested in companies that have a US/India connection (see Helix-Investments.com for more information).

Deventure Global Partners

Is the company's full name.  Enough said.


What new financial partners? I didn't know that? Who are they
Were their new venture capitalists, er, partners, on the calls?
Should be very interesting.
They might be partners. And the combo bought out Focus a few months ago. nm
How many AAMT execs silent partners/on boards/
Work for MQ and would rather share with you all than our ILP (international labor partners). sm
Actually I bet after seeing this on here a lot of MQers will be trying to get on at DSG. We both use Docuscribe and that is certainly a plus IMO.
If I'm right I need to switch from daytime to graveyard shift to work "with" my partners LO
I just need to reverse my whole schedule...NOT.. Instead, I've been offered a dayshift job with benefits and they do not offshore because they refuse to. That says enough to me about where I need to be and God bless all of the hospitals and facilities out there they refuse to let their transcription services off-shore their world. You are true Americans and care about us.
I totally agree. I also wonder if they increase the work flow to our "overseas partners" so th
gets done by them thus not many US MTs are getting the incentive. I just find it strange that we can have a lot of work before the holiday that no one seems to be working on but then on the holiday we run out of work. Something is up with that.
My Fellow MT's I need your help!
The small MTSO I work for is out of the Houston, Texas area, also the account I am on is in that area.  As you know several cities have been devastated from hurricane Ike.  I have been out of work since late Thursday, and a little work is trickling in this morning and yesterday, but not nearly enough.  Anyone know of a company hiring PT to supplement my income. I really need something I can pick up fast.  I work on the ExText platform presently, but also have worked on DocQscribe, and Bayscribe, along with proprietary software and Word.  I have 30+ years experience and love operative reports, but can do everything acute care/clinic, all work types and ESL.  I am really in a financial bind right now with the possibility of losing my home. Need a position that pays bi-weekly, can't afford to wait 1 month before getting paid.  Dont' have health insurance as I have a 90-day wait, which will be December 1 before I am insured.  I need to try and get a temporary insurance as am diabetic and have hypertension, but cannot afford it.  Did manage to enroll in Walgreens health program, and get my meds cheaper than what I paid when I was ensured.  I have tried applying with some positions I had tried over the years, but turned down for various reasons, but think I've been black listed.  I guess you can say I'm sort of desperate now though.  Thanks you guys.  .
Thank you fellow MTs....
I am so glad to have people respond and will check into all of these companies.  Thanks again!  You are all very helpful and I appreciate it. 
See what I mean, fellow MTs? (see below)
And I think Bitemia's rage is just the very TIP OF THE ICEBERG. The rest is hidden just below the surface, and could end up sinking their ship. TT sure shudda' thought this one through a little better.
Was hired by Amphion two weeks ago, and even though I don't start for another week, was wondering how long until I get the computer, etc.  Don't want to bother them, but am getting anxious....should I contact HR or just sit tight?  Am REALLY excited about this opportunity!!! 
Fellow Transcender, I have had so
many problems with this platform.  If you make just ONE mistake, it screws everything up and you can't get back.  I did 3 reports in 3 hours today.  Very frustrating. 
Help your fellow MTs. Which company is this?
find an employment attorney and do it ASAP.

That's all I am at liberty to say.

A fellow TT'er
Your need to repeatedly justify yourself is really doing more harm than good. We know your story and we know by now you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your job, but these posts are really getting old. IMO you're repeated posting does nothing but turn off potential applicants.
maybe I will get an org. started just for my fellow MTs. nm
Except that I owe it to my fellow MTs to warn them off.
Fellow MDIer
I'm with you on this one. I have never worked for a company that had as much integrity as MDI.