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Lots more current info is available. It is the

Posted By: me on 2009-08-28

worst company I ever worked for.  Sound quality horrible, the worst ESL dictators, management problems, low pay for the dictators, owners have no MT background, which means they are in it for the $$. 

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There is lots of current information in the archives.

They offshore, but they don't want you to know that.


Lots and Lots of info about them in the archives. nm
Lots and lots of info in archives and several
posts just down the page.  Open your original post and near the bottom click on the blue see related posts and you'll get the most recent posts. 
Current info on Diskriter?? Past info was very mixed. Either MTs hated it or liked it, does anyone

love working there and why? Do you easily meet your incentive pay or as past people have said, the ESL are so bad that you never meet the line count. I need current and new information. Isnt there a company out there that has a handful of happy employees or does all of them have both the haters and lovers. It is so hard to sort out fact from fiction sometimes and all of us have different expectations. It kind of goes along with the one man's junk is another man's treasures theory, I suppose.

Lots of info on them, none good. nm
Lots of info on them, none of it good.
Very hard to make lines, can't make $$, pay scale isn't easy to figure out, mgmt problems. 
Lots of info in the archives. nm
Lots of info in the archives. nm
There's lots of recent info...
you just need to scroll down the page and maybe to page 2 or 3.
Use the "search for" box instead. Lots of info.
Lots of info on all in the archives.
SS is a horrible company.  They are constantly hiring and new accounts isn't the reason.  I don't think Keystrokes hires for PT. 
Don't have current ins. info (sm)
because I don't have to use it, but the line requirement is 12,000 per pay period for full-time employee status.
DSG current info?

Anyone have any comments on DSG? Looking for current info. How long does it usually take them to get back to you when you send in a resume? I know I've sent one to them a few times before but never heard anything back at all, even whether they got it or I wasn't acceptable or what. Just wondered if it was worth it to try try again...TIA!

it is current info
your contact must have not been hired, but that is what was offered and I have been quite happy with Medware as an IC, plenty of work and 24 hr TAT
Not current info but
My history with them is that they didn't give me a response on my testing until *after* I posted negative feedback about them. Then I received a very delayed, very vague email that informed me I had not passed. Right. (The instructions they sent with the test contained several typo's). Remember to balance negatives with positives - my experience may be the exception. :)
Any current info on
in regards to pay on time, work load, general info needed and appreciated. TIA
Any new/current info?
Is there any current information on Davis Transcription.  I see the archives and also saw/heard that they supposedly had been sold last year?  Been offered a position, so any help is greatly appreciated!
CURRENT info please!

I have searched through the archives and most of the info posted is old.  Could anyone please give me any info on the following companies???  (Not just bad info...good and bad would be appreciated!) 

American Transcription Solutions, Inc. or ATSI

Transcription, Technology and Support or TTS (pay seems low)


Axolotl  (I have read nothing but WONDERFUL things about this company!)

I have offers from these companies and I do not want to jump around anymore.  I want to get in with a good company and stay there.   Thanks in advance!!!

Current DSG Info...

Can someone give me some current (nonbashing) information about DSG. I'm interested in how are the benefits, the work flow, do they have ASR/VR etc.

Any current info on QED
Line rate (average pay), platform, how hard to get lines for FT? TIA
i would really appreciate any current info on TTS.
Archives are over a year old.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Any current info on DTS? sm
I did a search, but I am not coming out with anything.  Thanks
Any current info??
Sunny, I accepted a position with ZyloMed and currenty work for MQ.  They have an account that was supposed to start this week, pushed to next, but I am just worried I will not make line count because of lack of work and the such.  I will need benes, PTO not a big deal, but just concerned.  It is hard to switch but I have had quite a bit of trouble w/my super at MQ and really not up for that fight and the 10 accounts I type in 1 day!!  If there is anything more you could share I would really appreciate it.  You definately seem like an upfront person and just gives the facts, which I really appreciate!!  Thanks!
Any current info on MDI-MD?
I am only finding old stuff in archives and I have tried both search boxes. How is the workload currently? Is MDI-MD the company that only lets you do 5 dictations a day to start? How long does that last?
My info is not current, but....sm
I worked for them a few years ago....the owners were very nice people, got paid incorrectly a few times, but they corrected it ASAP.

The work was mostly clinic, but I HATED those letters. I had to find addresses all the time, which was time consuming and most times, the wrong address was used...They sent these phone books to you...that didn't really help...

There was one QA person i had issues with...this woman confused me so darn much, I wound up quitting. She would contradict herself all the time and was anal about those doggone COMMAS....She was RUDE also with a thick New York sounding accent....

But as i said, this was quite a few years ago, they may have changed or changed QA folk.

I would like current info please.....not archived junk......thanks

Search the archives, lots of info on them.
Lots of info, posts weekly about them.
They offshore, pay is average.   Didn't accept position so don't know about platform. 
Read the archives, lots of info there.
Almost daily something is posted about them. Lots of info in the
Medquist Board all by itself ! Lots of info there ! nm
Lots of info in the archives. Seems to be a mass
exodus going on. 
If you scroll down you'll see lots of info.
LOTS of good info can be found in the.....nm
Anybody Have any current info on UnitedTran, NY? nm
Transcripts USA - anyone with current info such as ...sm
pay on time, work load, platform, production potential, benefits.  Any and all info appreciated.  May email me if you wish.  Thanks!
TransTech, any current info? sm
The information in the archives is pretty dated.  If anyone has any recent information such as ease of platform, pay, incentives, etc., I would appreciate it!  TIA 
Current ScribeRight Info?
Can anyone give me current info on ScribeRight? Employee or IC status? What type of Expander do they offer? What are the production incentives? You can e-mail me if you want. :)
Any current info on SecureMTSource out of KY? Thanks! nm

Any current info on Zylomed?
SoftScript - current info?
Anyone working for them now?  Can U tell be about platform, work assignments, running out of work, quality of dictation, etc?  Tks.  Got an email from them, don't really like where I am, but don't want to go from frying pan to the fire.
Anyone have any current info on SoftScript?
Checking checking archives but most recent 9/05?  Will check again - was hoping for something more recent.  Thanks so much!!
Any current info on AccuPro?
enough work, pay on time, anything you would like to share about this company would be greatly appreciated. TIA
Current Translutions (IL) info please sm

I see Translutions has an ad out for MTs.  I only see older postings here regarding them, looks good so far.  Any current Translutions MTs out there willing to share experiences.  Do they value their MTs.  How about software package, is it user friendly and easy to produce quality and quantity?


Does anyone have any current info on Shapin?
I check past posts, but they are from like a year ago. I was wondering if things have changed for the better. Thank you.
Transcend current info - sm

Any current info on Transcend.  I am considering applying since they had an ad in the last few weeks.  Their website says they use BeyondTXT.  Is it productive.

P.s. I know they offshore 7%, says so on one of the links on their website, this is not an issue for me as most of the nationals do and as long as I have work I don't care - don't yell at me in a post about offshoring, I don't like it either but have learned to live with it and complain via the appropriate avenues and not bash people who work for companies that do it, so don't get on me for looking there for that reason only please. (I want the facts about actually working there from people who know!)

Med-Scribe FL - Anyone with current info?
Hi, Could anyone provide any updated information regarding Med-Scribe FL? I am interested in the radiology position they currently have.
any current info on All Transcription?
Execuscribe..any current info?
Anyone have any current experience or feedback with regard to this New York Company---? thanks
Any current info on Scriberight?
Just wondering how they are to work with, pay on time, what is scheduling like? Any major down sides? I see some very negative posts from awhile back, wondering if anything has changed. Thanks!
Current Diskriter Info

I realize someone just asked yesterday about current info on Diskriter, but responses only addressed pay from August 2007.  Anyone care to share about current pay, ease of platform, amount of ESLs, etc.??  Thank you very much.