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Lots of people work for Adept and LOVE us

Posted By: Beth on 2007-07-30
In Reply to: Adept Word Mgmt. - Tired Fingers

Would Adept hire you back? It's a two-way street, you know? This is irresponsible.

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Lots and lots of work. You will love
I love Transcend. Lots of work, sm
great communication, flexibility.
Lots of people work PT on the weekends
as a second job, so no, all full time people don't have to work weekends.
exactly....all of the people that I know that work for Keystrokes are happy and love their job...
move on if it is not the right fit for you...there are plenty of other companies out there...
I love it there. Tons of work, great people. I am 100% happy.
Did YOU work for Adept?
Did your friends do a good job? Did they get jobs working anyplace else? Maybe they aren't very good at what they do and that's why they had a bad time at Adept. Hard to say, since you don't mention any names.
Does anyone work for Adept Word Management
and if so are they are good company?  Do they pay on time and are they flexible with schedules?  Is the work steady?  Thanks in advance for any information you can give.  Have a great day!
More people will come into VR because the qualifcations to do MT are not the same. Lots of people w
to work at home. It's all relative to what you are used to. The nationals are counting on this. I think MTs will work cheaper rather than reenter the work force with no other skills than MT. The nationals are counting on this.
I don't think we work at the same place, but I have been working lots and lots of hours.
Very thankful to have a decent job.
Have to agree with you on that! Love ES. Makes lots of $$$$$. nm
I absolutely love it and make lots of $$$ on it. sm
Been working with eScription for about 6 years now and absolutely love it. Would not want to go back to straight transcription ever.

I also make great money with it ~ at least $50 an hour, consistently.

I count my blessings every day!
Well, lots of people....
have husbands that work the weekend as well, so they dont mind hanging out at home working that schedule.  For me personally, that doesn't really work for me either.  I have never had a job where weekends were required though.
I think in the last few months, lots of MQ people have gone there. SM
A few ex-YOGGERS have been there for awhile, but some aren't there anymore.  The ESL accounts at YOG, where I used to work, are NOTHING compared to FN.  Not even close.
Thank you for saying that. Most people here just love to trash people.
It is against board rules though.
Lots of people using an ExText system can really
Lots of people like it here even though the ESL load is supposed to be heavy. nm
Most generally lots of people on here to start trouble????

Bringing this back up from below posted by Babe  People come here to get advice, and seeking opinions on companies good or bad.  Sure, there are a few bad apples that will not be happy anywhere they go but I think most of us all want the same thing, an honest and good company to work for.  To post only the positive would be great, but then as we all know, there are companies that do their advertising right here posing as MTs, only to find out later when we get burned and have to start the entire process of testing and bouncing yet to another job.  You are either very naive about the MT world we live in today, or more likely you are a company official that doesn't like anything negative posted about your company, specially when its lots of it.  I don't think anyone is stupid enough to believe everything they see here, but if you see a  lot of  specifics about a particular company and you experienced it yourself, then you have to give that some credibility and back that person up - this could be good information or bad information.  My assessment of KS personally is that I have not seen anything that would sway me in any way.  Any information I have seen here leaves me as feeling neutral.I think people just want an honest opinion, thats all.  I guess you perceive a negative post warning about another company's ripoff techniques starting trouble  Hmmm.. makes me wonder what chair you're sitting in, sure don't sound like an MT. 

You are gathering wrong. Lots of posts of people
This is like beating a way dead horse at this point. So many just can't follow the subject of posts. The poster you are responding to is stating the fact that this is JUST LIKE the fiasco that used to go on here regularly with Keystrokes, with management and owners freaking out at any perceived criticism and posting over and over and over defending the company, calling the MTs liars, fakes, whatever. Yes, it is exactly the same, and it shines a very negative light on the company name, worse than the original posting. It is very yucky to see companies posting on here. It does tend to validate the MTs who have complaints. Its just plain old weird.
Lots of people are happy with them, but you DO have to "clock out" every time you leave your
Spheris will hire you. They have lots of Career Step people.
As long as you do not need health insurance, they are fine for a new grad.
Call them. I have lots of work, had lots of work
during the holidays too.   I don't know who routes the work, but one of the office people is on vacation this week.   I occasionally have to call to get work depending on what hours I'm working, but I have never not gotten work when I've asked for it.  
the more I know people, the more I love my pets
I love it when people are jealous
and post negative remarks because a fellow MT is doing their job!!!! 
Places love people who can do
the lousy accounts. That is one less problem for them. Have you thought about going elsewhere?

I was a CMT once. Big waste of money.
The one in Houston is the one people love
Lots of promises, no follow through. Lots and lots of internal sm
problems. She is recruiting heavy right now as she has a CHANCE at getting a big account back. Even if they get it back, they'll blow it again from poor management.
Some people just love to stir things up.

Thank you to all the KS people who posted below - Love this board! NM
Love new job, people, platform etc. but BORED (sm)
The accounts I have are under 200 beds, hardly any ops and those are most Csections, EGD, colonoscopies.  Hardly even a chole or appy.  New enough I don't want to really complain to my supervisor.  Thinking about picking up PT job just to keep my skills up in OP department.  Used to working 500 to 800 bed hospitals with lots of exciting ops.  Should I shut up and be glad I like the comany? 
People don't "choose" who they love. My family is broke s/m
as broke can be, but I would not trade my husband or anything else for all of the money in the world. Your comment was pretty rude. The original poster is obviously just feeling discouraged. Who in the h*ll are you to judge who she picked or to act as if perhaps she just get a better husband? You sound like a spoiled child.

Not to mention your grammar. Are you an MT? You SHOULD OF CHOSE a better husband ?? Nice. You might be more careful the next time you want to insult someone that you don't come off looking incompetent yourself.
There are a lot of people who do and it seems that most love working there. I started 6 months ago
and have no complaints at all. It is refreshing to work for a company that treats employees as individuals, not just a number. I also like that they do not send work offshore and that I only have one main account. I do have 2 back-up accounts, but have never worked on them after training. I am lucky that my main account is very busy, too busy most of the time!
Who said people who work for KS aren't happy for people who work for (sm)
other companies?  I'm happy for people who are happy with their jobs, no matter what company they work for. 
I love the company -- great people, good tech support, sm

good benefits.  The pay could be more, but at least there is a production incentive tier that is not too tough to achieve.   Overall, I would say this is probably one of the best places I have ever worked.  If the no work situation continues, I guess I will just have to call them and ask for a secondary.  Everyone in the office has always been very helpful and supportive.   I just get nervous when it is not a holiday or anything and no files are available.  That is just my little thing, I guess.  I still would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.


Hope this helps.

I had several friends who worked for her, but they've all left.  Based on their information, I wouldn't recommend Adept to my worst enemy.
Because I found this post thru doing some SEO research on the company I work for, I feel compelled to answer this.

I am no longer able to work outside my home. It's been a struggle to find the legitimate work from home situations.

Rest assured, Adept Word Management is a great place to work. I'm not even in the MT side of it, I type General Work, things not of a medical nature. There's plenty of work most of the year and even in winter, I made enough to cover my bills.

I've had absolutely no problems with getting paid, as well.

I would highly recommend Adept.
Adept Word
I have a few friends who used to work for Adept Word and based on their experiences, I wouldn't recommend it.  I didn't work there, so I can't offer anything firsthand. Sorry.
Adept Word
I'm new to this board and not too good at it, I guess.  I just posted a reply to this message, but it doesn't show up.  I was surprised to see this post because I worked for Adept Word for a while and I really liked them.  Everybody is really nice.  They do expect your work to be good and they have a lot of work.  I always got lots of support and answers to my questions.  Even though I'm new to this board I can see there's been a lot of chat about fitting in, and I think Adept Word takes newbies.  Everybody's always complaining about companies not taking newbies, but I think one reason they don't is because it's a lot of work to get started in this business.  Adept Word does take newbies, and I think that increases the odds that people won't work out. 
Adept Word

Does anyone have any info on Adept Word? 



Working for Adept

I haven't had much experience with other companies, but I've worked with Adept Word Management for over a year, and I love it!  I've always had prompt response to questions/issues.  Everyone I've encountered connected with Adept has always been helpful and supportive.  I've never had too little work, and there's never been any delaying in getting paid.  In short, I've found the work load very reliable, had positive interaction with the owner and any others associated with the company, and have never been waiting around for a check.  I wouldn't hesitate at all to fully recommend working with Adept. Good luck! 

Lots of work here too. I cannot figure out which accounts have no work.
I'm on the Escription platform
Great place to work. LOTs of work and (sm)
as the other poster noted, somewhat flexible.  Make your lines and they pretty much leave you be.  Communication is great, QA is great.  The platform is extremely easy.  There's plenty of work to go around and then some. 
Escription has been out of work. Dictaphone has lots of work.

Has anyone worked for Adept Word?

Any information (good or bad) would be appreciated.  

Does anyone have info on Adept Word? Thanks. nm

Adept Word Mgmt.
I used to work for them when I lived in Texas and I did not like them at all. Don't bother....
Adept Word Management

I was just wondering if anyone currently works for Adept, and how much they like/dislike the company.  They seem like a wonderful company, and I have been offered a position with them.


Anyone ever heard of Adept Word Management? nm
lots of work
I got bored and tired of MQ not ever having any work, and I have found 2 part time positions that allow me to work whenever I want so long as I can get the required lines within a certain time frame. So far, I have worked for one platform for one month and the other for 1 day and already I am averaging more lph than with MQ. Think DocQScribe stinks maybe? Then add to that the time it takes for that stupid Etime logging baloney. I can't believe it took me this long, but it seems pretty plain to me.
I have lots of work on my
If you don't already have a secondary...ask for one.
Probably everything you said. I have lots of work.
Lots of companies overhire probably because they need the work done and there are always a few MTs who have issues and don't work regularly or don't do their committed lines, so they hire more to make up for it.   It is possible they may be offshoring too.  You can ask about the company here and if they are offshoring someone may know.  Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do about either situation. 
lots of work?
So which company is it you work for that gives you lots of work?