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MDI-MD workload

Posted By: MDI-MT on 2008-04-04
In Reply to: I have had the same problem - SufferingHereToo

I honestly have never run out of work with MDI (2+years). My primary has been quite busy. The owner told us they had 3 new accounts starting in April, so I would guess that is what you are waiting for. I'd give it a while longer--they really are a great company.

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I work at Cymed and I have never run out of work. Do H&P, consults, DS, etc. for a hospital account. Not sure if it depends on your account or the office you work out of, but I have always been able to get my lines in. And they pay on time, direct deposit, which is always GREAT. Good luck with your decision.
How's the workload there?
It seems I keep hitting walls with companies that don't have enough work for me.
I also work for Scan.  I don't think there is a shortage of work.  It seems like she is always asking for people to work and when they don't she has to adjust the amount of work that comes from the client. It's like people want to work only when it is convenient.  I personally thnk she should get rid of the ones that don't do their required lines and find people that actually want to work.
Thanks, TT...How about workload?
I would rather sacrifice a little in the pay department in exchange for a reliable employer. Is there always plenty of work?
I don't know what region the OP works in but I have accounts in three different regions and there has not been a no work situation in many months. usually they are asking people to work overtime. Sometimes it might be light for a day or 2...Like last week (not in my primary) but I saw in my secondaries that work was a little lighter than usual but I figured it was people taking the last vacation of the summer as I know in the south and west kids started school and here in NY college started this week. This week, back to OT.
Ever changing workload
If those people had any clue what they were doing, things would not be the way they are.

Have you ever worked for a company who suddenly sends out an email that says -we got a new acount- -it's already been added to your pool- -here are the account specifics- ...and has done this repeatedly with no warning whatsoever.

No human can keep all of those account specifics straight. If they had a brain, they would divide up those accounts and lessen the number of accounts in the MTs pools. In other words, if there are 100 MTs, put 3 accounts in 50 MTs' pools and the other 3 accounts in the other 50 MTs' pool. Does this not make sense?

They are so thoughtless and inconsiderate...will assign jobs to you without telling you or asking you if it is ok to do so, and then will send an email ordering you to stay on the system until you have completed all jobs assigned to you.
Unbelievable! I'm outta there as fast as I find something else. Hate it...hate it...hate it.

How's the workload at QT this week? NM


Not a good workload at all EVER
This company overhires too.  All the good dictators are assigned or MTs choose those over the hard ones.  All the crap is left.  They are flexible, but as the saying goes, early bird gets the worm and if not, you WILL not have work.
Is the workload picking up at MDI yet? nm
Transcend Workload
I've been with Transcend 5 years. We get 4-hour updates on our individual accounts including the number of jobs available as well as the number of MTs assigned to each account for that day. I just checked. There are 20 jobs to be transcribed with a total of 12 MTs available to transcribe. Do the math. There is never enough work to keep your benefits for full time.
One word, they do not monitor their workload
Simple thing to do, then everyone would have enough work, but they refuse. You will never have enough work, they do not care, they just want the work done. You are just a number, they will promise you the moon, and definitely not come through.
Oh great, just what I want to get rid of. I am looking for a steady workload. nm
I agree with what you said, high workload
all the time. I could work 24 x 7.
Yes, editing (Escription) workload has been very low.
I agree with you there and if that is what everyone is talking about, yes definitely. The rest of the accounts are not slow. However, Transcend does have a lot of editing for people that want to edit. MDI doesn't specialize in it, so when Escription is slow - there is not a lot to fall back on.
Low workload 70% of the time and was told


I meant a consistent workload.
Sorry, it's been a long night at the computer. I should have caught that.
Are there any companies with consistent workload?

No matter how many accounts I get, there never seems to be enough work and now, with the holidays almost here, all of my accounts are picked bone dry.  Bah humbug.


Has the workload at MDI picked up for anyone? My accounts are still really low. nt


Friend is with them. Workload is very inconsistent, even before the holidays. nm
It is not FutureNet's fault for the problem with workload..sm

They have a priority to their clients - get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible.  They had hired sufficient amount of employees many months ago and was told that everyone was not helping out like they should. I, for one, happen to have fallen into that category due to family illnesses and some problems of my own.  So they were forced to go out and hire enough people for coverage.  I was not one to complain, because I had no right, about the overhiring.  The work was there and we had a chance to do it.  Bottom line - everyone was not doing what they were supposed to be doing for one reason or another.  So it was our own faults that the overhiring or whatever reason it was.  This time I am not letting that happen.  I don't know what has changed the circumstances for their to be plentiful amount of work lately but I like it and I am going to do everything in my power to keep the work going steady and not be delayed.  We all have to do that.  Actually instead of complaining about them we should be putting that energy into our work and we would see a difference. 

Otherwise, they are great!  They understand problems when they occur.  Also, pay has NEVER been delayed or wrong in the whole year I have been with them.  They are professional and always there to answer any questions that you need.  QA gets back to you if you request a report to be sent to you for future reference.  And the staff that they have to coordinate everything is NOTHING BUT THE BEST! 

So, if you are complaining about them I feel that we would have never been in the situation we were for the past several months if we ALL had not done our job like we should have.

Again I, for one, feel like I had let them down somewhat, even though most of my problems were uncontrollable so I am now going to show them that I can be the dependable MT that they once hired.  Let's all work on that together so we won't have this problem again. 

Not being rude with the above post - just hoping that my co-workers will work together so we can have plenty of work but get done ontime.  Hope no offense was taken.

How is workload at Futurenet and income potential? sm

I will soon be starting with Futurenet and I wanted to hear from some of the current Futurenet MTs.  Thanks for all the information.  You may e-mail me privately if you wish.

High turnover of MTs. Inconsistent workload. SM
I have a friend who works there. I've resisted the urge to join her because she hates it, but it pays well. The owner can't seem to manage workflow and threatens MTs with cutting them off if they don't work extra. Now that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? I don't need the hassle. Proceed with caution.
Dictaphone controls Transtech workload, for the most part.

If you search, you will find plenty of recent info on Transtech.

I meant your WORK or WORKLOAD. Gads, need more coffee!
Workload has reached a manageable level with everyone working scheduled hours.
Voluntary OT is still available on some accounts.
Pay on time, direct deposit, incentive bonus, nice management but at times workload can be a problem

requiring several accounts to stay busy.