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Posted By: Ruthie on 2009-02-04
In Reply to:

I just recently heard about the Medquist lawsuit and settlement regarding inaccurate line counts.  I'm not a MedQuist employee, but was wondering - what are your thoughts on AHDI receiving the million dollars instead of it not being dispersed back to the MTs?

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I received the notice via the State of Texas and other than the fact that I am going to have to hire an attorney it would actually be funny as I have never said anything about them that wasn't true and they cannot prove otherwise.  I will be seeing my attorney on Monday and you can bet there's going to be a lawsuit going in their direction too    The monikers of the other 5 are noted in my citation but I won't post them, at least until I speak with my attorney.
Yes I got the citation from the court.  The complaint is for Defamation and Libel for posting on this board!!!!!!  Of which I might add, I am NOT guilty.
I just want to thank everyone for their support.  I think I should not discuss this farther at this time.  I'm sure everyone will follow the case as it is a matter of public record and I will be sure to let you know the outcome.
They will when a lawsuit results from it and
In their wallets. Publicize the name of the hospital SOMEHOW, because I personally would NEVER go to be treated in an institution run by those kinds of physicians.
VR is a lawsuit going somewhere to happen! And.... (sm)
you better believe I request a copy of every report generated whenever I visit a doctor. Heaven help them if I find a mistake-ridden report transcribed by VR. I hope the people falling for the VR joke have DEEEEP pockets!
RE: Gourdpainter and TT lawsuit,...sm

Do you think you could go to work at ANY company and continually bash them, either online or to other employees and NOT get fired or sued.  There is such a thing as libel and defamation, and that has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.  I have gone through the archives and am shocked at the things people say on here about the companies they STILL WORK FOR.  I cannot imagine going to work for a company and to continuously badmouth them and to be able to keep my job!!!  Someone else said on here in another post I read about not having to use your real name or be accountable for what you write on here and that is only to true, which is why I use my name!!!  I have nothing to hide.  If what you say is true, then you should be able to show your identity!  You cannot knowingly lie or defame a company  ANYWHERE, especially where it could potentially poison the pool of current or potential employees.  If you are SOOO unhappy with the way things are where you work QUIT!!!!  I have been through the ups and downs on work flow with Transtech too, but my intelligence tells me this happens everywhere!  There was no change in payroll company since I have been here, almost a year, or if there was I had NO PROBLEMS and did not even notice.  I had no rush to get my paperwork in or mistakes in my paycheck and whomever implied those things about TransTech's questionable payroll practices, deserves to be sued.  You cannot say those kind of things about a company, especially  when to my knowledge they are UNTRUE.  That is defamation of character and NOT Freedom of Speech.  They are owned by a parent company and THAT company does our payroll NOT TRansTEch themselves.  Everyone really needs to do their homework on this sort of thing.  This is EXACTLY what people get sued over and as well they should!!!  There is a difference in stating you were unhappy, or if you did not get paid on time or not at all, but to continue to work somewhere, and then get on here and CONTINUOUSLY bash them, is just plain WRONG!!  There are plenty more companies out there... find another one to work for if you are that unhappy!!. Again, I am NOT management and I have had problems that I needed to work out with them, but that is exactly what I did WORKED IT OUT WITH THEM!  This is a company just as if you were working in an office, and there is protocol when working in a business environment that many of you just do not get!  For those of you that do, this is obviously not meant for you!!!   For those this does not pertain to, I know you will not be offended by this.  If you are offended by this, this is obviously meant for you.  Have a great day!

Believe me, filing this lawsuit sm

has damaged their reputation FAR more than whatever was said in the post that prompted it.

Had they just left things as they were, it had already blown over.  Now, they have actually seen to it that anyone who wants to work for a company with any decency will stay far, far away.


Sounds like a lawsuit to me.
Find out how the company reported this liability (PTO owed) and the related salary expense on their income taxes.

Usually, companies work on an accrual basis - meaning that an expense is recognized at the time that it is incurred (and hence, at that COST). I'm betting Acusis reported the PTO expenses at the rates that were being paid at that time...and if so, there's two issues here. One is that the expense they have been reporting will have to be adjusted downward and they will have to go back and pay more income tax on the profit that will therefore be increased.

The other is that the Department of Labor will land all over them like a ton of bricks. As someone who has been in the middle of a DOL audit, I can assure the management of Acusis that it is something they should avoid at any cost.
Get those $$ out of your eyes! No lawsuit here!
No defamation of character, TT Management!  It's all public knowledge.  That's right.  In the good state of Texas, one can look up this case and read the whole RIDICULOUS lawsuit.  Looks like something that would come out of that state!  Like our brilliant ex-Prez! 
MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.
MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.

Link is also below.

Lawsuit for a public board? Who are you going to sue? nm
Grow up
The problem with something like this is that anyone can file a lawsuit. It does not mean someone is
My ex filed 15 lawsuits against me due to bitterness. All were dropped after my lawyer went to court a hundred times, but people saw them in the paper and labeled me as a child abuser, deadbeat and crazy person for a while before it was all cleared up.

Just because a lawsuit is filed, does not make it true.
No more Keystrokes lawsuit topics. (sm)
Take your arguments to email as you cannot leave out personal attacks toward others and toward the board.


So, what is the latest news on the lawsuit?
TT versus MT?  Inquiring minds want to know!
I would advise anyone doubting the validity of the lawsuit
To go back into the archives, at least 6-10 weeks, and check out GPs posts regarding why the work was low at TT and its direct correlation to Dictaphone. While this may not on the surface appear slanderous, it was presented as being fact, not opinion. If her assumptions about TT and Dictaphone were incorrect, and TT can prove this, it is indeed libel. I don't know GP and I enjoy her posts. I'm just a realist/fatalist and see things in black and white most of the time. I'd say it about myself had I left myself wide open and vulnerable.

As for the the unnamed 'Jane Does,' perhaps one of those is that person who types in all caps and says TT 'steals' work from their MTs, 'frauds' the line counts, etc. IMHO, that IS libelous and quite damaging to a company's reputation. What scares off an MT more than the thought of being cheated on their lines or having the good dictators' reports 'cherry picked' by the leads, leaving them with the dung no one else wants?

I'm sure I'll be flamed for my opinions, and frankly I don't care. Libel is what it is; presenting something as fact when it is not fact, and if the person/entity can prove otherwise, they most assuredly have a very good lawsuit.

I am very sorry GP is going through this and I wish her well; however, I cannot condemn TT for taking legal action if she was posting erroneous information as first-hand knowledge of fact.

Freedom of speech is one thing; passing on inaccurate information as fact is an entirely different ballgame.
Or maybe to protect from lawsuit-happy MTSOs, we
are supposed to phrase everything with 'in my opinion', 'crazy rumor has it', 'i wonder if', 'possibly', etc.... Guess we just have to phrase everything with code words to protect ourselves to even be able to share info.

'Crazy rumor has it X company didn't pay me for the last month, possibly, in my opinion...' LOL.
It is only a matter of time. VR is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Good example.  Thank you for your honest input. 
We need to CALL THE FACILITIES and let them know what is going on! OR Class Action Lawsuit
...we need to all go out on strike! If we ALL stopped working tomorrow, called the facilities and let them know why, where would WebmedX be?
Medquist is getting really bad
Been there for a long time (years and years) - am looking for another job now. They don't care about their employees, only their accounts. The pay is horrible and you almost never get a raise. Management only cares about management - not us lowly peons.

I did not like MedQuist's platform at all.  All of the info required to be filled in was ridiculous (wouldn't have been so bad if they paid for the keystrokes).  Also, I was switched between 4 different accounts during the first week.  I was told during the interview that I would have one main account and a backup account. 

Another complaint I have is that whenever I called the office, my calls were not returned.  I had to just keep calling until the manager was available.  I just did not have a very good first impression of them.  Luckily, my previous employer took me back. 

I would recommend anyone switching companies to try the new company out before turning in your notice.  Sometimes you don't know how good you have it until you almost lose it.

I think it's only fair to say, though, that if I would have had a stable account and had a chance to get used to the doctor names, local cities, clinics, etc., I may have had an entirely different impression of MedQuist.  Don't put too much weight into one transcriptionist's impression of a company.  They may have 'easy' accounts.

I also have noticed that sometimes, the less qualified you are, the easier work you get, the more money you make.

I work for the Ohio MedQuist and have had exactly ONE radiology account in the entire eight years I've been with 'em - I've never even HAD a secondary account. Needless to say I feel like these docs are old, old friends (and a few hated enemies) and the work is always there, easy docs, cutting edge technology and they leave me alone and don't bug me. Give 'em a try, I say.
I work for MedQuist and make $25/hr. doing radiology - I've done exactly one account the entire 8 years I've been with MedQuist and have never run out of work. The doctors are great, they don't bother you and allow you to do your work and pay on time. Seems kewl to me. Radiology pays quite well there.
Despite all the negative press and opinions, they are still probably the best - since they are the biggest they can afford to pay more, work always plentiful (at least in radiology) and they don't bug U to death (U don't have to clock out to go to the John). At least that's how it is at the Ohio Medquist - don't know about other branches but assume they are similar. There ARE perks to being with the biggest, I must say.
MedQuist uses DocQscribe!
Medquist pay

Anybody who works for Medquist, I am wondering what they pay? 

MedQuist pay

0.850..I work at Midwest office..but we're supposed to be starting that scale pay thing in October which I know nothing about yet

They want only the very best for their employees - we're like one big happy family!
The DQS is NOT with Medquist.

MedQuist. nm

VR and Medquist
Yeah, and if MedQ has anything to say about it, we all will be in the soup kitchens pouring up our family the needful food they need to survive on while the homeless shelter people protect us from our bill collectors!!!!!!!!!
Medquist should never be on a list of 10-top companies to work for!
MedQuist! nm


Any info on working for MQ now?  How about its QA department? 

Medquist sm

I love working for Medquist.  I think they are probably one of the better companies, if not the best.  I have worked for other companies part-time along with Medquist.  The other companies just didn't measure up to Medquist, in my opinion.  I thought about leaving after 01/01 because of the changes.  I stuck it out and things have gotten a lot better.


Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  The best thing is to compare other companies and pick what is best for you.

Full medical, dental, vision, life; options of long/short-term disability, supplemental life insurance; 401K; FSA; holiday pay (1.5 x base rate if you work it); ability to advance to higher tiers (higher base pay); daily incentive; shift differentials for evening/night work; difficulty factor pay; discount program to purchase references -- payroll deducted in $25 increments; PTO (up to 20 days off); equipment provided free; 24/7 help desk;...I could go on! Hahaha
I'd personally stay away from Medquist as yes, for me, I run out of work on a consistent basis it seems now.  Can't complain about ESL docs, not too many. 
Thank you!
Medquist (nm)
Is "Q" Medquist?
Medquist. nm
Worked both last year
Does anyone know the time line for hiring?  I am scheduled for a phone interview and just wondered what the next step would be?  Any info on Medquist as far as good or bad to work for??  Thanks

All I can say is watch your step.  I work for Medquist and I can tell you they are leaving in huge masses.  If you want no communication with anyone, no communication with QA and no communication with your managers then the Q is for you.  You cannot get any kind of line count because you have no primary or secondary accounts anymore it is just one giant pool of whatever comes down the pike.  You spend so much time reading the standards for that account, trying to find doctors in that area, trying to find places that they dictate and then try to understand the doctor you can kiss your production good bye.  If you make more than 2 major errors on your reports then your bonus is bye bye too.  Your bonus is almost impossible now because it is quarterly and you have to have perfect QA and you are constantly on a different account.  There is no way you can make any money at all.  They set this up this way and a lot of people like me are in tears as to why?  I would really, really think before I went to MedQuist.  If you being broke, being alone with no help and no communication, lots of change of accounts no two docs the same no two facilities the same and having to meet a production that is impossible to meet now then go for it.  I am sure there are a lot of jobs now.  A lot of folks have jumped ship.  I am still on it and hoping it changes but in the mean time I am going broke.  I will get called on the carpet soon because I have not met my production.  I just hope you like this sinking boat and I will make room for you.  We can go down together. 


I am in Oregon and am isolated from other MTs.  I would like to leave MQ -- anything they can do to decrease our salaries they will do.  But I don't know where to start.  Are, in fact, alot of people leaving MQ?
Good, bad or ugly to work for?
I just took a job with Medquist
If all you people who write in the MQ section hate it so much, why do you stay?
Medquist nm