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MT Companies that accept satellite internet

Posted By: Scooby's friend on 2005-10-30
In Reply to:

'Kay, Im taking a chance here by asking this, I hope no one yells at me...I recently saw a post, but I can't remember what board I saw it on, it was a post about companies that will accept satellite internet and they had the companies listed.....Can someone PLEASE tell me who the companies are????  I am going satellite soon and would like to know who they are!  TIF

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Which companies accept satellite internet?
Just moved to rural Maine and found out the company I work for currently doesn't accept satellite, so I'm looking for one that does. Anyone know of any?
Are there any companies that accept satellite? sm..
What are you supposed to do if your only choices are satellite or dial-up?? Thanks.
Anyone know of any companies that will accept satellite AND Vista Home?
Just looking for something part-time to supplement my full-time MT position.  Work running low consistently.
COMPANIES & satellite internet
Sorry about the error there, I hit the button before I caught that!!!
Companies that allow Satellite internet?
Are there any that allow satellite internet?  I may be moving to an area that does not have internet connection yet which is ridiculous since I live in a smaller area now that has it.  Oh well, any info would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!!
Will companies allow AT&T high-speed internet via satellite? (no msg)
Milner, accept satellite? nm
Does Axolotl accept wireless or satellite? nm


I believe Precyse Solutions will accept satellite. NM
This company sounds great, but they don't accept satellite users. :(

Other than that, from what I can see, they provide equipment/software, etc.  Sounds like a really great company.  I would apply if they could look over the satellite situation. I have had no problems with three other companies using satellte.

You can get a satellite system to get internet

though I am not sure that this is what you are looking for.  It is a huge dish, about twice the size of the TV only dish, plus 2 modems.    Supposedly the satellite cannot be mobile, but we received certification in setting it up so we were legit.  There are companies that sell the same dish/equipment with their equipment that automatically raises the satellite and locks on the signal, though this needs to be mounted in a permanent place, like on top of an RV.   This system costs about $5,000.  You can get certified and just set the thing up as you need to, after you get the hang of it, it doesn't take long to do.   Google DirecWay and Starband.  Also google Motosat or Datastorm for the expensive one. 

Another option is an air card.  There are various brands out there and cost about $300.00 for the card and not sure about monthly service.  Google air card and you'll get more info.   Service is limited at this time. 

There is a new service called ClearWire that operates off of a cell phone tower.  You have to have a modem that plugs into an outlet and then you plug your computer into the modem.   Again, service is limited at this time.

As far as I know, other than WiFi these are the options available for a wireless mobile service. 

Can we use satellite internet with Webmedx.?nm TX
Satellite Internet blues

I like in the sticks so the only other option I have for internet is dial-up.  Satellite internet has been a God-send for obvious reasons, depending on your package it can be 10, 20, up to 50x faster than dial up, but I'm finding that MT companies won't allow this.  Is it because it's a security issue?  Are they worried about confidentiality or is it something else I'm not understanding.  It's no more or less dependable than dial up or cable even.

I'm not even being considered for some jobs because of that.  I can always go back to dial up but why should I have to?  I'm feeling very discriminated against here.

Most companies will not allow satellite. nm
lots of companies just don't know that they CAN use satellite
The VPN, (virtual privacy network), is what makes it HIPPA compliant or not, so it would depend on what VPN your satellite company uses.  Satellite works w/ EMDAT, so any company advertising EMDAT should work for you.  I basically begged until one supervisor looked into it and discovered they could work w/ me regarding satellite.  Then too, some just WILL NOT work w/ satellite.  I have had people offer to try to work w/ me, but there was no working it out. 
Companies that definitely allow satellite connection. sm.

I have done an extensive search here and have noted the names of a few companies that allow MTing by satellite besides MedQuist. I'd just like to see if there have been any recent additions of companies that I can go this route with.

Yes, I do know the limitations of most companies with regards to the satellite connection but it is the only high-speed I have available and I need to make a change from MQ and just need to know what companies' systems are compatible with satellite.

Thanks in advance.

Companies that allow satellite or wireless?
Currently stuck with slow, slow dial-up and can't hardly stand it any longer! Considering investing in satellite or maybe wireless card.  My current employer will accept this but since you never know what the future holds in the MT world, just wondering about other companies that might allow this.  Would hate to be tied in for a two year or more contract plus any upfront costs on something that I could not use for work, so if any one could give me some suggestions about companies, I'd appreciate it so much  Thanks for any info 
companies accepting satellite connection
Cannot get DSL/cable (no way). Need suggestions on companies hiring with satellite connection. Thank you.
Internet based companies?
I'm probably grasping at straws here, but can anyone suggest any really good companies that are hiring for internet based work?  IC or employee, it doesn't matter!  I'm currently working with DVI and not really happy with it.  I would much rather stick with the internet based companies. 
which companies do internet work -
as opposed to having to have a second phone line? Thanks.
Know of any companies that use C-Phone and MSWord (no internet platforms)?
Companies that require ONLY lines - not certain hours, preferably internet sm
based and part time.  TIA
I use both, internet and books, but mostly the internet..nm
Satellite is secure. Wireless DSL is less secure than satellite but
yet companies accept that. Satellite can be very secure depending on how you have everything set up.
who would even accept a job for $10-15
About to accept...
I've spoken to a couple of current employees who are totally happy with the company, and I'm hoping for a good fit for me, too!
How do you accept
without knowing the cost of benefits and the coverage provided?  If that was an important part of my decision I would know those answers before I accepted.  It should have at least been a part of the interview.  Just my 2c.
would not accept 0

Yes, I tried to leave a 0 but it would not accept that either, has to be at least a 1 or I cannot even continue. 

I have asked the lady that I subcontract for to find out the user ID for me of the clinic's Olympus DSS software, although she is thinking that I will need the ID # of her Olympus software.  I do not know, but I would think it would have to be the # from the clinics since the dictation originally comes from them??   Anyone shed any more light on any of this for me.  I would really rather not have to purchase Olympus software if possible, as well as another subcontactor in the same boat.  Thanks.  Bon

Do not accept that pay
It works out to be more like 0.0575 cents per line. They may not be billing their client for them, but they are getting paid, probably billing company 0.20 per VBC and paying you 0.08.
and before you correct me, it's ACCEPT
yes I could but if I already said I would accept work, I don't
with no work. As they say, your word is your bond.
They offered me 6 cpl for IC. I did not accept. nm

Some newbies have to accept 6 cpl unfortunately - any sm
other experiences with Shapin? Thanx.
Did you accept a position? (nm)
don't accept the wage, but I would!!!!
Only if you accept it. Put your foot down
When you accept so little, you not only ruin it for
Don't accept anything less than $50K and be prepared


...and how do you accept criticism now
Reality: MTs are usually working to support themselves, with bill collectors right on their backs.

If the quality of newer MTs as you say not caring what kind of work they put out, thank the hospitals and insurance companies, the greedy people who demand 100% accuracy, but who do not care about patients or employees because they want us to compete with other countries where their cost of living is probably half of what ours is. They are setting the trend and attitudes in this industry.

As QA you had the luxury of going over a report that was already transcribed by someone else - who sat through the screaming in the background, or struggling to understand the dictator, all while trying to make the lines needed on a time schedule.

The MT is under time constraints - you must type so many lines, you must work so many hours, you must type so many lines per hour...or you will lose your benefits, not be able to pay your bills, etc.

What would QA do without us - it bothers me the way you are judging MTs in categories.

We are losing benefits more and more all the time, told to work longer, work harder, for LESS than we actually made years ago.

Then you have people going over our reports with a magnifying glass sadistically sometimes, almost happy when they find errors you have made.

A company tests MTs, has the choice whether to hire them or not, then starts slamming them with how lousy they are because they are making errors, which is going to happen whenever you work with humans?

Errors are made mostly from older MTs in my opinion because we are now working piecemeal, we are not hourly anymore, we only make what we type, and we have to type a lot of difficult work because the easier work goes overseas. To expect great quality is unrealistic. Something is going to be sacrificed when the compensation is not appropriate.
I did not accept position
I did not accept offer. Too many negatives........
Has the pay come up to average at least? 1-1/2 yrs ago it was too low to accept. nm
Just wondering - did you accept the job?

I was offered the same 7 cpl with one company, but 8.5 with another, 12+ years exp.

She could tell him but probably wouldnt accept.
You have the right to accept no more jobs or if
They use more than one platform. If you accept, (sm)
stay clear of the Mongoose platform. I found it very slow and clunky.
So what happens after accept offer? sm
I have accepted a position with Keystrokes but haven't heard back after leaving message for recruiter. Just wondering what next step is. Should I expect paperwork via snail mail or E-mail, etc? Thanks! 
Then don't accept the offer...

There are many companies who pay much higher than that.  But, what you quoted are not Third-World wages...low, yes, but not Third World.

Anyone accept job with SmartMed, LP?
If so, can you tell me a little bit about it, i.e., dictators, mostly hard, mostly easy, etc.
And we were SO WORRIED you'd accept... nm
yep saw 1 ad 2.5, 4 and 4 VR pitiful don't accept
What questions should I ask an employer before I accept the job?

I am new in this business and have already been screwed by empty promises.  I want to try and get it right this time.  I would like to know what I should ask before accepting this position.