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MTSO bait and switch when hiring QA staff

Posted By: sm on 2008-09-11
In Reply to:

I have applied to several companies for QA positions in the last few weeks. I tested for about 5 and received offers from 3. I accepted 2 of these positions.

Job #1: Told me that pay was hourly and that I would not have to do any typing. I signed paperwork and completed the 1 hour training. Was told again during training that pay was hourly. As soon as training was over I was told that I would have to type on the account first and would be paid by the line for what I typed...NOT HOURLY.

Job #2: Told me that they will pay by the line for QA and that no typing was required. As soon as I finished the 1 hour training I was told that I would have to type on the account first and would be paid by the line.

WHY DO MTSOs do this???? Why not tell the truth up front? I resigned from my original position to take these jobs. Had I been told UP FRONT that I would have to be a Transcriptionist before becoming QA I would have remained where I was and would not have accepted either position.

I have carpal tunnel issues which is why I am not a transcriptionist anymore. I DETEST LIARS AND DECEPTIVE RECRUITERS.

MTSOs, PLEASE STOP THE BAITING AND SWITCHING!!! Please be honest with people that you make them an offer!!

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MTSO Hiring Bait and Switch (sorry- long)
There's a posting on one of the other forums here and it sounds similar to mine, and I just wondered if I'm having a grassy knoll moment or if it's just coinkidink.

I, in addition to 2 other people, was recently (in the last 4-6 weeks) hired IC to do M-F 9-5 clinic work in a specialty that I have years of experience in. Within the 2nd day, I was making my line counts because of the ability to short-cut the heck out of the very repetitive nature of the specialty and the doctors. At the time I discussed with the recruiter that based on my prior experience, 3 people seemed overkill for this type of account, but that was tut-tutted. Okay...they know the hospital this clinic is affiliated with, not me. Within 1-1/2 weeks, the 6 week old backup was gone. A week later, about 21 jobs came in. Two weeks go by, 17 jobs. Nothing since. Last I heard mid July, there were some technical issues and the account should be up in August. Well, here we are the 5th, nothing.

Needless to say, I've had to request a secondary account, which as it happens is acute care. At the time I talked to the recruiter, she quoted me a 0.5 cpl difference between clinic and acute care. I have not been getting, despite invoices including the extra 0.5. I sent an email off to the powers that be, and was rewarded with a phone call saying fine, but from now on my primary would be the acute care, that my hours would no longer be able to be 9-5, and that M-F is also out the window as acute care doesn't work that way. When I inquired about the status of the clinic, the response was they didn't really know what was going on, but it likely wouldn't be enough work to keep the 3 of us in lines anyway (going on to state that it's our fault a ICs since we can't be counted on to work when we're supposed to as much as we're supposed to). I said okay at the time since I don't work because I want to but because I have to, but needless to say I'm searching again.

So to summarize, I'm an older, single, empty-nester and looked forward to easy lines with little or no brain power required and the freedom for a social life who thought she had stumbled onto the ideal job- perfect shift, perfect days, easy account with great lines, only to find it has vanished, and I'm back to working weekends and into the evening on an account that while not overly difficult is not the joyfully mindless line-accumulating stuff I was looking forward to. Is this common, or do I just have the world's worst luck?
Bait and switch
Was hired for a gross line account (this was put in writing), and then shortly after hiring was switched to a regular line account. When I did the math, I found I was losing. I contacted them, showed them the math, and the response was unfriendly, to say the least. When I was there, the QA staff were the absolute rudest I've ever encountered, also (and I work in QA now).

Unless they did some major housecleaning of their nasty QA staff and quit their bait-and-switch gross line tactics, I would stay away from this company.
They must bait and switch because...
Their ad says pay is 8-10 cpl for straight typing and 4-5 cpl for editing which is pretty normal for Escription, but as I stated above, you could get paid 15 cpl but if your not really getting paid, then it means nothing. I hope no one goes to work for and supports companies who do not pay their employees. What a disgrace. I am pretty sure the owner and/or managers are not going without pay.
Switch and bait????
You do not have to have WP5.1 to work for WRU, you just have to know how to convert files from Word Perfect.  I do not switch and bait anything.  It is straightforward, and you have to know what you are doing to understand it.  It isn't difficult when you understand directions.
Bait and switch

Has anyone else noticed that MTs are being hired and promised, say 100% radiology, then suddenly radiology isn't ready yet so they need you to do acute care (which you *can* do but not so well).  And then you never really ever do get moved to the promised specialty?

Or been hired for a new account coming on that never seems to materialize and then you are one among 30 new MTs sharing the work that the prior MTs were covering just fine, so NO ONE is getting a livable wage?

I think bait and switch has become the new incentive for recruiters.  Promise them anything, give them nothing like it.  And they wonder why people want OUT of MT!

Bait and switch
I have to agree with the other poster who said no matter what you are offered now, it will change and not to your advantage. That's how they lure you in. And yes, they do a huge amount of offshoring.

Here's the scenario:  A company posts here at mtstars that help is needed immediately for a daytime account with no set hours, paying higher than most.  I submit my resume.  About 2 weeks later, I receive testing materials via email, which I complete and return within 24 hours.  Two weeks after that, I email with a query as to the status of my application.  Yet another 2 weeks later, the company responds to my email with we're working on it.  Yet another 2 weeks later, I am offered a phone interview.  I'm wondering what might have happened to that account that needed immediate help?  To prepare for the interview, I go over questions and answers in my mind, and wonder what to say when I am told that the previous position is filled or whatever.  Am I totally out of line to ask what took them so long to get back to me?  Or, might I ask if someone else started that position and already resigned and, if so, why?

Am I a fool to continue to communicate any further with this company?


The old bait and switch ....
currently happening at my current company. I can't name the company here because the CEO threatens legal action if we say anything about it. It has always received high praise here and everywhere else but now that they are practically forcing everyone to speech and cutting pay to lower than what was told previously I am moving on as soon as I find another job that pays me what I am quoted. I feel your pain.
Bait and switch, but need this job!!
I tested for a company and jumped through hoops to take their many tests.  I had to take a 3 hour grammar, spelling, verb, etc test.  Then, I had to take a transcription test and then interview with the owner, manager and team lead.  I got the call yesterday with an employment offer, in which I accepted.  Then, when I received my offer via email this morning, it stated that per our discussion, your account will be all ESLs.  I am mortified.  All ESLs were never discussed and I accepted verbally.  I am scared to death because I really need this job.  Should I keep looking?
bait and switch on QAs
Your post really hit me. I am an experienced QA Editor and have had the EXACT same experience. My resume is on here for specifically QA work and they still call me and stall before telling me they really want an MT. I was even hired once for a postion that didnt exist! I am about ready to get out of this business. There is a lot of dishonesty and abuse in it.
Typical bait and switch
They are nice in the beginning, then you get lost in their shuffle. You get mass e-mails that maybe do not even apply to accounts you work on - to the tune of sometimes a half dozen or so per day - that you are told to read NOW, before you start typing. Trying to get an answer to a specific question is like trying to reach the president himself. They tell you the accounts are good, then you get put on pure garbage accounts where you will struggle to make your line counts.

The thing is, a few years ago when I began with them they were great. It seems as they have expanded, chaos has taken over. I am currently looking elsewhere. Others have already left. Notice how they are always hiring now?!
bait and switch tactics

in addition to all negative reports from other posters.  I would say don't, unless you can afford to gamble that all the posters were indeed crackpots as the recruiter will tell you. Good luck whatever choice you make.


Bait and switch happened to me too
I was promised everything that I wanted and was given an account where it was impossible to make any money - what a waste of my time. Only when I gave my notice did they promise what they started in the beginning but TOO LATE. Bye bye liars.
It's on this page under BAIT AND SWITCH
Bait 'n' switch is ILLEGAL ---
How do you spell Bait and Switch?
Sorry, but that was my experience. I don't like to give negative feedback on things, but like E-bay you have to be honest about your experience. I ran out of money and patience so I just ran and never looked back. Hope your experience is different. Oh, and forget the sign on bonus. You have to be full-time pay in 3 months and 6 months and for some unknown reason (sarcasm), a person may just always be short of that.
I do not want to take a job where it's the bait and switch. Tired of that game.
If you could email me that would be great. This profession is going down hill fast. You get a ton of job offers but no one wants to pay you anything. I wouldnt have a problem with some of the wages, IF Iived in India.. or somewhere else that the cost of living is lower, but unfortunately when you live in America, we need American-ized wages.
Ditto!!! I have experienced bait and switch
more times than I can count. I have spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and software only to start work for someone and have them act like they never heard of me. They tried to give me work that I don't do, change my hours, and even change the pay promised. Be very careful out there.
FOCUS! Run the other way-bait and switch experts!
Was interviewed by American, tested with same, was offered job by same and took job. Then, suddenly everyone else was East Asian! After specifically asking for no more than 40 to 50% ESL doctors, first job is all ESL! When I called to ask questions of the American people who hired me (such as what the instructions actually meant as they made no sense in American English, and why all the Drs were ESL) I was told that almost all of this type of doctor was ESL and I should have known this with all my experience! With all my experience I know that only a portion of the physicians who perform the type of medicine I was discussing are ESL. So, I quit before I began!!! Can you say Bait and Switch?
I had a terrible experience with them with bait and switch.
I am assuming that the Bait and Switch tactic
people smell the coffee and leave. That is just IMHO. Of course, if you don't make that great sign on bonus, and you decide to stay for making about 300.00 a week is your thing, then go for it.
Sick of it too. Bait and switch, always happens. Will look at my contract closer too. nm
Sound mediocre - bait and switch game with them thought. nm
Bait and switch and rudeness puts them at the bottom of mine. nm
Bait and switch? Hard dictators? Easy accounts?

Lets be reasonable here.

I see complaints because we get put on a difficult account when you know there are easier ones out there.  I see complaints because when you start working for a new company you are put on an easy account and then switched to a more difficult account. 

Face it.  Every company has hard accounts along with the easier accounts.  What should these companies do?  Start you out on the worst accounts so you cannot possibly get your line counts when you are starting and as nervous as a shaky leaf?  Start you on an easy account until you lose your fear and have passed QA to ensure you know the basics of transcription?  (That is what you are calling bait and switch.)

I just do not think these companies can win.  They certainly cannot meet your demands of easy accounts, especially those who are just starting for them and think you should get the cream of the crop.   Are they supposed to penalize their long term MLS and give them all the hard work just to accommodate your every wish?  Is this how you would want to be treated if you had worked for a company for 5+ years?   I don't think so.




My MTSO only gives bonus to office staff. MTs do
The staff and the attitudes of the staff. Very helpful, cheerful. (sm)
They seem to work extremely hard to balance everything out, enough work, enough MTs and always making sure they let the MTs know they are a valuable asset to the company. That means a lot. Not to mention the bennies are pretty good, too.
Somebody took the bait
because I just got an email stating the position had been filled and they would keep my resume on file.
when docs give mtso a check, then mtso pays you?
This is obviously a bait post. I am not biting
They will try anything to get people to work for them.....WOW..what a bait trap!

yeah, they are watching and people take the bait



Keep it coming - you apparently take the bait every time.
Isn't she an MTSO owner - which MTSO ? Just curious. n/mnn
Pay is only so so, but the staff was very
rude, software was okay, they did pay ontime. Only thing was, when you ask how you are doing, they will say great and then let you go with no word as to why. Very awful company!!
I am NOT staff. I am an MT. nm
Pay was okay, staff was extremely
rude, they will fire you for anything and you cannot trust them at all!! Worst company out there IMO
the staff there is very nice and
very understanding. you should not hesitate to communicate with them while you are unable to keep your schedule and tell them why. don't wait until after the fact because they have no clue what is going on. you have a wonderful way to communicate with Future Net
Amdin Staff and MTs are not the same
And even though you surely went through a very hard time with your family and my heart goes out to you. You were not one of DeVille's managers. You were a new employee typing from home. I am sure his relationship with his managers and his MTs are on two different levels.
I like TT because the staff is nice, sm
they leave you alone to get your work done and are supportive and understanding.
I think the non-MT staff puts in a lot of
hours to get new accounts up and running, training new people, and ironing out the details.

I think start-up time is probably triple the work for them, so yeah, I think they should get paid for all the prep work they do so that the work can actually be transcribed.

Office Staff TT
I think they are more aware than ever with the new accts. that more office and management staff is needed. Lately they've promoted a couple from within the company to act as lead transcriptionists to take some of the burden off of the acct. manager and others in the supervisory position to give them more time to answer other questions. There is Eyvonne, who I think is the actual supervisor and Diana, Donna, Nancy and another one I do not know the name of that are doing jobs that once only one person was doing. I think it's super they did this. It helps out a lot having someone always there to ask questions if you need an answer. Eyvonne is always responsive and Donna and Diana are simply fabulous. They are so kind and try to answer your questions quick. The other night I had a question and emailed the lead MT address and even though Donna did not know the answer, her answer was I don't know but I'll find out for you and she DID. How many times do you hear of someone saying that and really doing it? Not often. They needed to do this a long time ago. I've only been with TT for almost a year but I really like it here and they seem to really be conscious that we are what makes this company work. Agree with you too, I love all the work recently.
Can QA staff at precyse use their own PC
or are QA folks required to use Precyse's PC? Again, this is related to QA only...not MTs.
do they switch your
account once you become really good on it?  I was not sure if that is infamous for all companies or just MQ.  Thanks!
Yes, you can use a KVM switch.
So why don't you switch to VR? Don't
Yes, if don't switch to EMR, will pay
And they wonder why we switch

I am so frustrated with companies pretending to be wonderful and have tons of work and then once you start working for them they are a joke and you can't any money.  Where are the good reliable companies anyway?   

You are kidding - right? At 2 cpl he treats his staff well!!! nm
The staff is so rude that they got banned
from this site for being extremely rude to an ex employee
yes, about five yr ago, not a good exp, very rude staff...nm