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Posted By: GL on 2009-08-10
In Reply to: Radiology Transcription - rmt

I typed in Radiology in the keyword search on this site, and it pulled up a bunch of job postings by companies looking for Radiology MTs.  Have you looked there already or tried those companies?

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Honestly, I am looking for something similar.  Unfortunately, have been and nothing.  Twenty plus years in this business and it is getting worse.  The pay is horrible, what the companies get away with is unbelievable, and this industry is going down the toilet fast. 
mtjobs.com has nothing to do with
What is your point? I don't understand. Did you read the posts in this string?
They have an ad up right now on mtjobs.com, #6. nm
i mean mtjobs sry
What is it with all of these companies that keep posting over and over on MTJobs.com???  Same companies, over and over and over and over.  My suspicion is because they absolutely can hold on to NO help.  Any other opinions on this and just how much stock does anyone else take in those companies?
Here's their ad inside. It's from 12/22 from mtjobs.com. sm...
NetDictation LLC
Contact: Anita Karan
22895 Savi Ranch Parkway Suite F
Yorba Linda, California 92887
Telephone: (714) 685-8621, Fax: (714) 685-8623
Title of position: Transcriptionist
Experience: 1 years as a transcriptionist.
Location of position: United States: nationwide position
At home or company: Work from home
Full or Part time: Full-time position
Type of Transcription: Many types of transcription.
Specialty: Any Specialty
Job Description: Hospital and STAT Radiology
Hardware/Software: Windows 2000 or XP, High speed internet access
Method of sending/receiving dictation: Will be provided
Compensation Information: Based on 65-characters
Date Posted: 2005-12-22 20:40:26.0

Check out MTJobs on the web.
it think it is on about the second page of jobs... a company out of California that starts with a P
mtjobs.com and the job bank here..sm
Both have employee jobs listed.  I know Med-Scribe, Focus (don't automatically count them out, not all have had bad experiences), WebmedX, eTransPlus and a couple others are hiring employees. 
MTjobs is another good one
Google *medical transcription jobs* and see what happens.
Check the ads on mtjobs.com. Remember seeing a few. nm
She's in Connecticut and she had an ad on MTJobs at the end of June. nm
Spheris Bonus Ad on MTJobs 10/30
If you're interested in working on a prestigious Northern California account and you have at least three years or more of large hospital experience with a strong emphasis in pediatrics, receive a $750 sign-on bonus! You must mention this ad and code 101507.

Post your resume at mtjobs.com (sm)

I did and have been contacted by 4 companies.  Talked on the phone to 2 different people and 1 was definitely better than the other in terms of pay.   I'm just doing this to fill a gap until I get more clients for my own company but it's a living.

Ad on MTjobs dated 06/23/2008. nm
sorry... meant one here and one on MTJobs.. it's been a long day.. nm
Look back thru the jobs pages here or go to mtjobs.com. nm
You can go to mtjobs.com and search by work type. nm
Several posts recently on mtjobs.com for Rad. Don't know specifics. nm
If you go to the MTJobs web site, there's a link for HIP right on the home page. nm
Radiology job on MTJobs paying 75 cents per report...
Will we be reduced to pennies?  There is no way you can make a living at 75 cents per report.
Their listing on mtjobs.com (#11) still has them in Wisconsin. A contact likes working for them,