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MedQuist, OSI, Transtech, New England Medical Tx

Posted By: nm on 2009-06-30
In Reply to: QA Pay - KYMT

Unless things have changed. Have not worked at any of them but know people who did.

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New England Medical Transcription
The pay per line is not the greatest, but I find that I do better with them because I always have the same dictators (about six, shared with a couple of other transcriptionists) who are easy to understand, so I can do more lines in less time. Rarely bothered by anyone in the office. IC status only, I believe.
Anyone know anything about New England Medical Transcription? sm
They have an ad on MT Jobs.  Mostly, is the pay on time, people decent to work with, etc.?  Any input is greatly appreciated.
New England Medical Transcription
I work for them and work is only done in Word.  Work is very, very easy.  They only hire IC.  Pay is every week.
New England Medical Transcription (nm)
New England Medical Transcription
Does anybody work for New England Medical Transcription or know any information about them, good to work for, etc. and pay rate? Any information appreciated!
New England Medical Transcription


Considering employment with New England Medical Transcription and was just wondering if someone could give me information, pros and cons of this company, etc.

Thanks in advance


Does anyone know anything about New England Medical Transcriptions and the ad they had
posted for pathology last week?  Thanks.
New England Medical Transcription...sm

Does anyone know if they pay weekly?

Also, could anyone please share any experience you may have with them?  I'm interested in applying and would like some feedback.  Do they use FTP?  Is there a lot of search for demographic information or is that built in to their platform -- i.e. information is supplied by client? (Not sure how to word that question.)

Thanks so much!

New England Medical Transcription
Any info on this company?  Thanks. 
New England Medical Transcription does (nm)
New England Medical Transcripion...how are they?
Looking for any insight into this company related to workload, work flow consistency, management staff, sound quality....the usual. Appreciate your help.
New England Medical...my experience...

I have been an IC with them about 3 months. I agree with other comments that the management is a cut above all the other companies that I have been with, good communication, friendly and know their stuff. Once off QA they don't watch your  every move, but they give good QA feedback. And I absolutely LOVE ChartNet, not sure how many of their accounts use it, though the one I am on does.

I'm part time with them and there is always more than enough work.

As far as I know they only hire IC...but you would be best off confirming that with the company, because I'm not positive.

The only downside is their pay is low -- but to be honest, they've got enough other positives going for them that I'm hoping to be with them a long time. Some things you just can't buy, if you know what I mean.

Feel free to e-mail me if you would like more information. Good luck!

New England Medical Transcription. NM
New England Medical Trascription
Anybody work for New England Medical transcription?  How is it?  Their platform?  Plenty of work?
New England Medical Transcription
I just tested for New England MT, and from what I've read on the board it seems like a wonderful place to work.  Can anyone who has applied there before tell me how long it was before you heard back after taking your test.  I took a couple of gets for GT work about three months ago and not one word back so I was curious to see if you heard back one way or the other in a reasonable amount of time.
New England Medical Transcription
New England Medical Transcription
located in Maine.  Could you share your experience regarding their platform and pros of cons of this company, please.  Thank you.
New England Medical Transcription nm
New England Medical Transcription
They pay weekly and I really enjoyed their work.
If you work for New England Medical Transcription...sm

would you mind e-mailing me? I have a few questions.

Thanks so much!  

Nerw England Medical Transcription, Inc.
I have heard that New England Med. will consider new grads. Does anyone have any info on them?
Testing with New England Medical Transcription
Has anyone else had problems getting test files from them with IE7 and Word 2003?
New England Medical Transcription - Info
THinking of applying with this company. Any information. Good/bad.  I know IC and pay 7 cents for clinic, flexibility with schedule.  Anything else would be much appreciated.
Update on New England Medical Transcription
I heard from them today.  I was offered the job and am in the process of sending back the contract.  I'm excited to be starting something new, but nervous at the same time.  I'll be starting a whole new speciality since they don't have any nephrology, which is what I do now. 
Info about Peachtree and New England Medical please?
Any recent information about these two companies would be appreciated. 
New England Medical Transcription pays weekly. nm
New England Medical Transcription company - info??

Anyone have any info on this company?  Anyone ever work for them?  Thank you!

I think New England Medical Transcription in Maine hires newbies. nm

Testing with New England Medical Transcription - follow up to original post
I sent an email to the recruiter when I was unable to access the files and received one back from her this morning (Monday) informing me that apparently someone who was also testing had inadvertently deleted the files off the FTP site.
How is the medical/dental for Medquist?
Curious to know before I take the test. Cost? Coverage?
Medical/Dental MedQuist

The coverage just switched in July from Aetna to United HealthCare.  I have single coverage and pay $63 per pay for health and $8.58 for dental. I don't know how good this United coverage is because I haven't used it yet. But I know there are 2 or 3 different plans you can sign up for.  I have to pay a little more because my doctor is an out of network doctor. I know if you have a doctor who is already in their network it's cheaper. I also have short-term disability that they take out about $11 for.  I don't know about the dental because I haven't used it for a while. The only dentist on their list that was in my area was about 50 miles away. So I'm hoping nothing happens to my teeth!  If you have any more questions you can e-mail me.

JJ Medical ad - using only Medquist DQS program? (sm)

Anybody know anything about this company?  First time I have seen anyone advertise stating they were using only the Medquist Docuscribe platform. 

TRS, TransTech or MedQuist?
I have been testing for a new position and have been offered a position with MQ, but after reading all of the posts I am not sure about them anymore? I am waiting to hear from Transtech and TRS as well and wondering if anyone has any advice on which is the best to go with?

I am still a newer MT and would really like a stable, good company to work for. The company I am with now is going through some problems and lacking in work as well as structure and my pay keeps getting cut back due to switching accts and mandatory editing for these new accounts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am really eager to be with a great company and improve my skills, knowledge and speed.

TRS, TransTech or MedQuist

I would love to work for Transolutions, but only received a 93% on their test and needed a 96%.  I will try to retest after the 6 month waiting period and will hopefully have more exp and knowledge?  I will check into the US based MT aspect with these other companies.  I did not know Medquist hires other than US.




Medquist or TransTech? Comparable offers from both. Who has the better accounts

better platform, reliable pay days, etc.


Transtech Medical
I'm looking for someone who works (or has worked) for this company.  Any information would be helpful. 
Transtech Medical

Just wondering if there are any Transtech Medical MTs out there that are running out of work a lot in the past week or so?


TransTech Medical does. nm
try transtech medical solutions

TransTech Medical Solutions

What do we know about Transtech Medical Solutions?  I tried a search and found nothing.  They don't just use ICs, do they?  You can get employee status?  Pay range?  Ease of use of platform?  Anything?  Will my GearPlayer work?  ShortHand compatible? 



TransTech Medical Solutions does. (nm)
TransTech Medical question

I tested with them the other night and was offered a position via e-mail yesterday. I e-mailed the recruiter back stating I was interested and she then e-mailed me saying she had some things to take care of and then she would call me. She never did. I e-mailed her stating I was available all day today and I still haven't heard from her. I know they're very busy hiring now and things could be a bit chaotic there, so should I be concerned that I haven't heard from her yet?

TransTech Medical Solutions
Like I said, they are a great company to work for, really starting to grow. I have been with them for almost a year. You set your schedule, though they do have a minimum # of hours. They have been flexible with me in that when something comes up, and I need to do something, I can usually ask ahead of time and there's no problem taking the time off. Good luck!
TransTech Medical Solutions is (sm)
the one always being talked about on the board.  Never heard of the other one.
Any info on TransTech Medical
Was made an offer and am thinking about it. Pros, cons?

Thanks in advance :)
info on transtech medical

good company?

webmedx vs transtech medical
webmedx or Transtech medical input please.

I really would appreciate some input on these 2 places. I appreciated all the in input on Precyse. After working at Spheris going to another outsource company is terrifying, but see the writing on the wall with the local hospital I am working for now. Need something to get me to retirement in 4 years. TIA
TransTech Medical Solutions
Would anyone that works for Transtech be willing to share some information with me?  I am thinking of switching to TT but would like to know if all their work is on a VR platform or do they do any regular transcription?  And also, what kind of line rates do they pay for either one?  I need a steady paying job with a good income and lots of work, as I am a single parent with a child starting to college in the fall. The company I currently work for does not have enough work for me to make a decent income even though I am working full-time.  Any information about TransTech would be greatly appreciate before I consider making this move.  Thanks!
TransTech Medical Solutions
Transtech Medical question
Can someone tell me about this company. I know they're based in Houston. I kinda need to know what platform I'd be working on, basic pay scale for someone with 10 yrs exp, do they use c-phone, percentage of ESL work, just stuff like that. Please email me if you'd prefer not to advertise your answers.

Thanks so much !

Transtech Medical Solutions.com or look on the job listing here.