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Medi-Script Plus

Posted By: Nee on 2007-02-19
In Reply to: Any negatives to report on Mediscript out of FL? - Just Looking

If you are checking into Medi-Script Plus out of FL, I have been working with them for over a year and they are great!! Always work available, pay ALWAYS on time and DIRECT DEPOSIT, too. Great owner and office personnel. If you do your job and meet TAT, you are left to your own devices. One of the best jobs I have ever had hands down.

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Sorry, that's Medi-Script. Don't know about ATS. nm
Medi-Script Plus
Wanted to know if this company is in Allentown, PA by any chance? If so, would very much like to talk to you. Thanks.

I was contacted today by this company, and in trying to determine how they reached me I searched the job listings and found nothing, any clue on who and how they are?  I find it interesting that I have not posted my resume and they make contact.

They stated they got my resume off mtjobs, but again they do not even have a listing there, past or present that I see for me to review.

Any information would be helpful.


Medi-Script Plus
Okay, I have been working for this company for over a year and I think these other MTs are getting them mixed up with another Medi-something company. The owner does not offer employee status and that is why I believe that you guys are mixing this company up with another one. Louise is wonderful and as long as you get your work done and within TAT, she leaves you alone. They offer direct deposit and this is by far the best company that I have worked for in a very long time. So, anon, please do go for it because trust me, these other people are mixing Medi-Script Plus up with another company.
I am going to try this one more time, since my posts are being deleted!  Does anyone have any information on Medi-Tran America out of Florida?  I can't find anything on them, but it may only be because they are a small company.  If anyone has any info, I would greatly appreciate it!
pro med or medi-task???
I have been contacted by both companies and just checking to see if anyone knows anything good/bad about them or at least credibility?  Thanks!

From time to time, I search these boards for any posts regarding my company, MediTask.  Yeah, I know I'm late (really late) posting, but some time back someone had asked about my company, asking if it was the one in Houston, owned by Matt Read, or what.  Nope - not me.  Here's my story:  

I own Medi-Task (Hill Country, TX).  I started this business in Houston in 1989, and moved to the central Texas in 1995, selling that portion of my business to Matt Read.  He didn't change the name (another whole story there) but just added -"Houston" to the end of it.  I fielded calls and inquiries for a long time until they died out.  I understand he sold that business several months ago. I've tried calling but they sometimes have a message giving a pager number (?).  Ouch... I wish people weren't confusing the two companies! 

Being an MTSO, I did hear things through the grapevine to the tune of MTs not getting paid, or paid on time... I can't really comment on that because I had nothing to do with how Matt ran his business, and basically kept my nose to the grindstone where growing my business was concerned.  So, you'll have to raise those questions with someone else who was really there.

MediTask (my company) has clients in 7 states, and MTs in as many.  We're a smaller, close-knit group.  My MTs have never gone without pay, and I believe in behaving honorably in those matters.  My reputation is important to me, and I hope to never see any negative about myself or this company.  But, people are funny  - - some move from company to company peddling their wares (which are sometimes rusty), and then get bent way out of shape when their services are no longer needed.  Some are just bent on getting out of shape.  However, that said - I have MTs who have been with me a long, long time.  In fact, the first MT I ever brought on board in 1989 is working with me today. Others have been on board since '92 and '94, 99, etc.

All the MTs here are subcontractors, so I don't offer the big perks that the nationals do.  Sometimes I feel bad about that (and have lost great applicants who are looking for more), but also understand that there are pros and cons to both ways. There's not a corporate bone in my body, and I never really want all the headaches associated with handling a huge company.  I like it smaller where we all know each other's names, and work close as a team.  We actually get together whenever we can in Austin or Marble Falls - that's pretty cool.

No one asked me, but I thought I might clear the air on the "MediTask Houston or Austin or what?" posts, let ya'll (yep, I'm from Texas) know who I am, and what this company is about.  I'm proud to be associated with the people who work with me, and so lucky to have such dedicated, helpful, spirited, intelligent colleagues such as them.  I'm blessed. 

Anyone who has curiosity beyond this, I'm happy to answer any questions I can. 

Sarah Mayor, Owner

MediTask - Central Texas



Medi-Script Plus - Any info??

Anyone worked for them?  What was your experience?  TIA.

Anyone get a reply from Medi-Script Plus yet? nm

I was just hired by PT by Keystrokes, and all I know at this point is that I will be using a C-Phone, Medi-Tech and transcribing ER.  I read below something about word-based Medi-Tech being different from another vesion.  Are there any Keystrokers out there who can tell me if they know whether this may be word-based Medi-Tech or not.  I hope it is word-based.  How do you guys like Medi-Tech?  It is productive??

Medi-Script out of Florida
Anyone have information on Medi-Script Plus out of Florida.  Thinking about a job offer with them and wanted to know any good or bad information if anyone knows anything about them.  Thanks for the help.
s meditask.net the same as medi-task.com

Does anybody work for them? TIA

Any info on Medi-Script Plus out of FL? sm

I did a search and can't find anything.  If anyone knows of this company or anything, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

Does anyone have any information on Medi-Script out of Austell, GA?
Do you mean one of the Med-Scribes and not Medi-Scribe? What state is your