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Mediscribes, Inc.

Posted By: Bonnie Wild on 2007-04-30
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Anyone have any information about Mediscribes, Inc., I believe out of Indiana?  Am thinking of working for them and any info. would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Anyone working for Mediscribes out of KY?
Mediscribes -- Any info?

I've just recently took a job with Mediscribes. Has anyone ever worked for them? Are they a good company to work for? Need info quick as I'm to begin working pretty soon! Thanks.

Except MediScribes does have MTs in India......
Global economy, can't get away from it, blah, blah, blah. No problem with companies offshoring, IMHO, (it's like having a problem with the ocean because it turns) but doesn't it kind of count that the sister company has MTs in India? Great that you feel like they're loyal to the US, but there's another side to it. Just FYI.
Anyone have info on Mediscribes, I think in San Antonio?
I have worked at Mediscribes since April 07
I have never had a problem getting paid, have always gotten immediate tech support, and cannot imagine a more competent group of people to work for. Any doubts about working for Mediscribes, please ask away. I love my job. And anybody who would like to air their complaints, please let us know how long you have been with the company. It's easy to be new and run into some problems. How you react/learn/resolve those problems defines your success with the company. It's all part of the process. Mediscribes is looking for competent, hard-working, honest team players who are secure enough with their skills to learn to type for many clinics. If you meet those qualifications, you will get regular work. SIMPLE AS THAT.