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Medrite XL and it's said to be some very nasty software. nm

Posted By: NM again on 2007-03-25
In Reply to: What is NTI's program? - nm


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They use MedRite software, only offered 7-8 cpl on a 70-char. line w/spaces. Supposed to offer
LOVE Bayscribe, HATE MedRite! MedRite when I used it was slow sm

and cumbersome -- would type and wait for it to catch up!  Plus it had some annoying thing where if you were gone too long, a pop up window came up and you had to explain why you were gone.  Bayscribe is fast, smooth, user friendly, and at the end of each report you can see how many lines you did and how much money you made, for that report and for the total day. 

Good luck to you whatever you decide! 

MQ Medrite
I am surprised that there are still accounts on Medrite. The goal of MQ from what I can see is to get all of the accounts that they possibly could up on the new platform. I believe that the Amherst office has changed or done away with all their Medrite accounts--they are nothing but the new platform with the Foxboro office being the MTs office, which I would think that they would be working on getting those accounts up on the new platform and doing away with MTS just like Medrite. Wasn't the Medrite system what got MQ into the billing issue to start with or was it just bad billing practices all over.  My girlfriend just went thru the training for the new platform with 14 other MT's which included newbies which we still can not understand as we are running out of work and having to deal with 4 and 5 accounts to get our lines but that is the MQ choice of the future

I have done a search on this board but not much info on MedRite.  I know they have their own Expander but can you use Shorthand with this program; I really don't want to have to start from scratch building lists.  Will do what I have to do though.




I replied to this message but it was posted as a reply to the wrong topic so here I go again:

I've been trying to get someone to answer this question for me for months now. The Expander in Medrite is extremely limited and the 'techie' in my company has a copy of Shorthand that he can sort of test to see if it works with Medrite and he still has not gotten around to it..that was 2 months ago. If there is ANYONE out there that can answer this question, please let us know. It would surely increase our production, because at this rate, Medrite is holding me back.


The Medrite I use is in Windows.

I have been using it for two weeks and they have been two weeks of hell. This is the worst work nightmare of my life. Working in their version of MSWord is like being in a straightjacket. If you have an IQ below normal, maybe you will like it since everything is managed for you by the supervisor.
Could it be MedRite?
I loved working on MedRite. Would love to find it again. Would you share what company is using it?
Medrite XL, etc.
Thanks for the feedback. That's the type of thing I was looking for.

Incidentally, is MedRite XL a good or bad software to work with (for future reference)?

Thx again!
VR and MedRite
We currently use an upgraded version of MedRite for transcription and just learned that some accounts in my company are going to VR. Does anyone know if MedRite has its own VR, or does this mean that my company purchased a VR platform that is compatible with MedRite? If anyone know anything about MedRite and VR I'd really appreciate hearing about it. I use Instant Text with MedRite and currently do about 300+ lines per hour straight typing. I'm really nervous about VR since most of what I hear is negative. My husband lost his job and so I can't afford a paycut, but want to be prepared. Any good/bad concerning Medrite and VR would be greatly appreciated.
VR and MedRite
We currently use an upgraded version of MedRite for transcription and just learned that some accounts in my company are going to VR. Does anyone know if MedRite has its own VR, or does this mean that my company purchased a VR platform that is compatible with MedRite? If anyone know anything about MedRite and VR I'd really appreciate hearing about it. I use Instant Text with MedRite and currently do about 300+ lines per hour straight typing. I'm really nervous about VR since most of what I hear is negative. My husband lost his job and so I can't afford a paycut, but want to be prepared. Any good/bad concerning Medrite and VR would be greatly appreciated.
Productivity of MedRite
Anyone experienced with MedRite?  Is this productive for the MT or time-consuming.  Thanks
I LOVED Medrite!
I was a lot more productive on it than on DQS. It was a lot more user friendly as well. DQS is set up for VR, not for the lowly MTs.
As far as I know, nothing is compatible with Medrite, sm
especially if you are working in DOS. I worked on it for over a year and never did get the hang of remembering my own word expansions. I used IT too long and could not get used to anything else.
Medrite Expander
How do you activate the Expander in Medrite? Does it show a list of what you have added in case you don't remember your entries, i.e., like the little yellow box that is available in Shorthand?
I used to work on medrite and
loved it, wish I could go back.
Transolutions uses MedRite..nm
Post from Jan. said still using Medrite XL and they pay on a
DTS (Oklahoma) and Medrite
Does anyone know anything about the Medrite platform used by DTS. Old posts say it was slow, but wondered if it has gotten better, like other platforms that have made improvements. Any info about expansions, demographics, loading data, etc. appreciated.

Also, any info on DTS in Oklahoma. Good, bad, ugly? Thanks in advance

Medrite Platform
Does anyone know about the Medrite platform in terms of ease of use, productivity, whether or not you can use ShortHand with it, etc. Saw some old posts with mixed reviews, but wondered if anyone has had any recent experience and can give me more current feedback. Thanks in advance.
Wow, MedRite, haven't used that
since started years ago with MQ, was my first platform.  Is it the old MedRite or MedRite XL?  Don't remember all the ins and outs of it now, and since it was my first, I didn't think it was all that bad, hated switching to DQS.  I still have the little plastic strip with the shortcut commands that I had taped to my monitor for reference.  Do you one of those? it helped me back then I think.
Does anyone know which MT companies use MedRite? nm
I think Medrite is what I worked on...sm
right after MQ gobbled up the little company I worked for. This has been about 10 years ago. From what I remember, I liked it. Hope that helps.
About MedRite - Ain't It The Truth!!!

I don't believe anyone could come up with a slower program if they tried!  It is just awful.  Also, I work on an account where every single demographic has to be entered manually.  The only thing you can get to automatically populate is the date!  I am new on this (a little over a month).  I am up to 1800 lines, which is awesome but I cringe to think of the line count I could have were it not for this platform.  I do get paid by the line rather than the page though.  Everyone else says they have just gotten used to it.  Guess I will too, but I wish I could tell the company what I think of it and how it has a negative impact on production but like I said, I am new and don't want to give off negative vibes.  I am sure they have heard it before.  Besides, I love everything else about the company and account. 

P.S.  If you named your employer, did you get the solicitation from IT platform business about wanting to contact your company?

Thank you all !! (MedRite users)

I copy/pasted your replies.  Dang.  I have made up many quick referral lists, such as a list for various medications catagory like GI, cardiac, cholesterol, etc  so I can find quickly all made in MS WORD. Will have to thunk on this.

thanks again for responsing.

MedRite XL users - please tell about this platform!?? sm

I haven't worked on the MedRite XL for Windows platform. I  did work on the DOS platform years ago.   To be honest, I forget how it was.  After a while, all of these platforms run together.

Could you tell ME if it is user friendly, productive, can you look up patient reports, search for certain dictator's reports, etc.  Any info is greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for your input.

CentraState MQ MT's/MedRite Question

Do you know if CentraState is going to the DocQScribe program soon? I understand currently they're still on MedRite?

Also, are any of you MQ MT's still working for other accounts that are still on MedRite? If so, do you think that will continue for a while or be changing over to the new platform soon? I understand the Salt Lake City office will be handling MedRite from now on...has anyone else heard that?

Thanks! I have some decisions to make...soon!

It depends on the account. I don't use MedRite.
...got played. They also had accts using MedRite, so maybe
Hi, I currently work in MedRite XL and love it, have been using it,,,,sm
for a year, it is a very user-friendly platform that has built-in expanders, dictionaries, spellcheck and autocorrect, I find it to be quick with virtually no learning curve.  Happy here!
MedRite XL versus Bayscribe
Has anybody used both platforms? I have two job offers and I have the impression that I will make more lines using Bayscribe. Also do either of these support Shorthand? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I've used both and I prefer Medrite
It's more user friendly as far as someone who's used to Word programs go. It's got its little idiosyncrasies like any program but I've tried several different ones over the last few years and so far I'm favoring Medrite over the scribe platforms I've tried. It Is slower tho, that's the only thing. It's slow loading up when u first turn it on, slow to look up past reports but its not significant enough to warrant me looking elsewhere when I consider that for me its just easier to navigate.

Plus it has its own built-in word expansion which again is a no-brainer. It's just like autocorrect. And you don't have to start from scratch, it already has a lot of the more common words already in there, you just add some as you go. For me, Bayscribe took much longer to learn, it seemed like everything was more complicated than it needed to be but I did manage to learn it so it's not impossible.

Also, Medrite has a problem with using ShortHand but as I use their word expansion 100% I don't even miss it.

Hope this helps. :)
I used MedRite XL and it was AWFUL .. my sympathies. sm

I typed faster than the platform.  It was slow and cumbersome.  I wish I had some tips for you, but the best tip I can think of is try to find a company that doesn't use it.  Sorry.

Good luck! 

Question for MedRite users
If this accurate, if you have Med-Rite open (MS-WORD based) and you minimize Med-Rite and go into a MS Word document in your PC, that you have lists save on, you cannot do this as MedRite freezes???
MedRite platform user

Is this accurate - since MedRite is MSWord based, while in the program one cannot minimize and go into your PC and open another saved Word document ( such as a saved list) ? It will freeze the screen.  Anybody?

 If it freezes does that mean you need to reboot?

try inside link to get medrite info...sm
Company and Medrite platform info.


They use Medrite XL, which is supposed to be a VERY slow platform, and they were paying on a 70
MedRite XL, Cquence, and Winscribe are a few I've noted. nm
Medrite is very easy to learn, transcription friendly...nm
I found Medrite to be slow -- would type and watch it try to catch up with me. sm

I went from 250-300 lph to 180-200 lph with it.  Plus it has this spy stuff (I called it), where if you are gone longer than such amount of time, when you come back, you have to say why you were gone (it has things to choose from).  I didn't care for it, but obviously some must.


Good luck! 

that nasty
over the weekend.
not nasty

pointing out the contradictatory assumptions --first,  the original poster was wrong, the company is wonderful and has great communication and never deceives (or leaves out vital information regarding an account).  Then turns around and says communication must not be good, mgt doesn't know this is happening, who not go over your lead's head.  There is either great communication or there is not great communication.  The mgt should be dealing with these issues with honesty and not leaving it to MTs at home trying to help and getting all tangled up in contraindications.

.Why would a skilled MT give a company a second chance when the company obviously knew about the turmoil over the situation in the first place, and played dumb when confronted with this issue.



maybe she is - what a nasty
What was nasty that I said?
There are millions of people looking for jobs right now, not just MTs. It is almost impossible to find anything at all, let alone something that will let you settle in and feel secure. I would not quit any job (even a sucky one) before I found something else.

There was absolutely nothing nasty about what I said. I do wish OP luck and anybody else who is looking.

Chill out for crying out loud.
if this is the same CC below...you are just nasty...go away! nm
Nasty and
Wow how nasty! sm
I believe it was someone who realizes what this so called career has turned into. It is sad and I feel the same way. We are not appreciated. Worked out in the real world yes, prefer home. I feel after 14 years I am a professional, and used to make much, much more 5 years ago than today. Sound like a bunch of old housewives who feel important because we TYPE for a living. Obviously you are not in this profession or what used to be a profession. Yes, I have many talents and many hobbies and can do so many things it would make your big head spin right off your little neck. Oh I might pee myself to talk to the owner of the company yea, well I doubt it, I like ME, and my touch with greatness was meeting, greeting and talking with George Bush Sr., never once thought about peeing myself, sang with Jerry Jeff Walker on stage, never peed either.

UIMO that was the most creative post explaining the situation now that I have seen in a long time. Thanks for being a team player, NOT YOU (had to say it)!

Good I can go to bed now I have done my anon post on the board and I feel big and important. NIghty night, pleae let the bed bugs bite.

GOOD GRIEF -Love my company/account, Hate MedRite! Any help?
I love the company I work for, pay, schedule, account.  It has it all.  But they use MedRite.  This is awful!  Was this actually designed for an MT?  This is complicated, SO much mouse-clicking, and so SLOOOW - I am boring myself to sleep.  Typing is easy and quick but moving from report to report - Good Grief!  Is there anyone who has used this?  Are there any tips you could give me? 
lets not get nasty.......
1. I am not management.
2. I have been on DocQScribe for about a year and a half.
3. I do not count the headers and footers since obviously they would not copy and paste into the Word Document. Since we don't get paid for them, why would I count them?
4. Not getting paid for headers and footers is wrong - but we are caught in this predicament - the only way to force the issue is to stop filling in the headers and footers and since I am not management and not even remotely interested in leading a revolt, I will not be the one to start this whole issue.

Sorry. I better get back to work. This board is one of the many reasons I don't meet my line count - too much internet surfing when I should be working.
I see that unless you have something nasty to say you get no replies