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Meridian Healthcare Solutions

Posted By: Tara on 2009-02-28
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Current information sought regarding this company.  Pros and cons please.  Thank you.

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Meridian Healthcare Solutions
Anyone here work for Meridian Healthcare Solutions. I'm checking them out (thinking of leaving MQ - gasp!) Any info good or bad would be appreciated. I am looking for PT work. Thanks.
Meridian HealthCare Solutions
If this is the service out of Indianapolis, they are excellent to work for. Many great accounts, work is overflowing, no hassles, no fuss, great pay, direct deposit, great training and hourly pay while training.
Meridian Healthcare Solutions sm


Are there any MTs/QA with information about Meridian Healthcare Solutions?  I could not find a website for them and searched the archives and found just a little info.  Interested in the salaried QA position they are hiring for at this time.  Any information would be greatly appreciated, even just a website.  Thanks! 

Meridian Healthcare Solutions


I have been offered a position with the above company.  I cannot find anything on them since January of 2005.  Does anyone have any recent experience with them??





no, Meridian Healthcare Solutions
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I am looking at a few companies right now and want to get the good, bad and the ugly or indifferent if anyone has any info. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info you could share.
Meridian Healthcare Solutions
I work there.  I am quite happy.  My account managers have been very flexible about my schedule, which is important to me.  There are several different accounts and different account managers, so everything may not be equal, but my pay is always right, always on time, and there is usually work.  If there is no work, you are not penalized for not having your quota in.  I wish my work were a little more stimulating (I do clinic work), but there is nothing else for me to complain about.  The issues that are important to me are present at Meridian.  They have been a great company to work for.  I don't think that the MedRite program that some of the accounts use is technologically up to date, but I have seen worse.  From my own experience, I would encourage anybody to work there.  However, I haven't seen things from the QA standpoint, and I certainly haven't been on every account or had every account manager.  If you are good and an account doesn't work out for you, I'm sure they would work with you to find a good fit. 
Meridian HealthCare Solutions
Any info on this company?
do you mean Meridian Healthcare Solutions? (sm)
If so, while I've never worked for them, my mother-in-law has and she was very happy with them. She had to quit due to health reasons, but she did so reluctantly.

The only thing keeping me from trying to get on with them is the fact that their platform doesn't go with Word/Office 2007, which is what I have.
Meridian Healthcare Solutions?

Looking for any current MTs working for Meridian.  I have an interview on Monday and I am thinking about accepting this position, but I do not want to get burned again.  PLEASE!! if you have any information good or bad, work or no work, bad managment or good management, please let me know.


Anyone care to share info on Meridian HealthCare Solutions?
Is it a good company to work for.  How is the software, is it user-friendly, how is the response from tech, supervisors, QA, etc.    Thanks
Meridian Healthcare

Meridian Healthcare used to be PTS. I worked for PTS, and we ran out of work a lot. There was very poor communication when I was there.  When work was low, manager wouldn't respond to emails or voice mail.

Hope that helps!

Meridian Healthcare
Meridian Healthcare
I have been with Meridian for about 6 months now. The account I am on uses MedRite and is a pretty busy hospital account. My pay is good, always right,and always on time. The QA staff is great - I have learned a ton from them.

I have to submit a schedule every week with what I plan to work the following week, but it hasn't been a problem when I need to stray from that.

Overall, I am very happy. The platform is great. The account is fairly easily, though it has a few really tough ESLs, I am getting used to them. I have been able to create a ton of normals, so I am pretty fast. My account requires 12,000 lines a pay period to be eligible for PTO.

Good luck!
Meridian Healthcare

Does anyone currently work for this company or have you worked for them recently?  How is the pay?  Is the work acute care only?  What type of platform do they use?  Is there a minimum line requirement?

Thanks for any info.

meridian healthcare?

any opinions on meridian?


Meridian Healthcare Services
They had a QA post on MT Jobs.  Thanks!
Meridian Healthcare--Beware
For anyone thinking of taking a job with Meridian, you might want to think twice.  Their server or the hospital server seems to go down nearly all the time, and they don't credit you downtime when this happens for hours on end.  It is very frustrating.  They are also now telling those of us with newer versions of Word 2002 or 2003, and Windows Vista that we need to downgrade our computer software to Word 2000 at our own expense, and if we have any issues, we are basically on our own.  So we have to cross our fingers that everything configures okay if we do this.  Not sure that will solve their issues with the servers constantly going down.  How's that for taking care of your employees?!! I personally am seeking employment elsewhere after putting up with these server issues for over a year. 
Anyone here work for Meridian Healthcare in Indiana?
How is the work load, do you run out often?  Is the company pretty much on the up and up about what they offer in their ads?  Any problems?  Any good experiences?  Please share.
Meridian Health solutions

Can anyone offer any info on this company.  I cannot find much in the archives. 



Meridian Health Care Solutions
Has anyone worked for Meridian Health Care Solutions doing radiology?? If so just wanted some info on the company good or bad. Thanks so much:)
Info on Meridian Health Care Solutions

Does anyone have any information or ever worked for Meridian Health Care Solutions as an MT?  Any info will be available.  Thanks



Meridian Health Solutions Indianapolis Indiana Pros/Cons or know anything about this company????

Offered a position with Meridian Health Solutions out of Indiana.  Does anyone know anything about this company?

It's Offshoring Solutions ~er~ Outsourcing Solutions
SPI Healthcare Doc
I work there now and am very happy. Make a list of questions you have and when the supervisor calls you, make sure you ask them. That way you won't be misinformed by what you read on this board.
Welcome to Healthcare
Healthcare is a 24/7 industry. If you want to work Monday-Friday perhaps you should change jobs.
SPI Healthcare out of Tennessee. nm
SPI Healthcare Documentation
I heard they only hire ICs for MTs right now but will get employee and benefit package in near future. Payday is 15th and last day of the month. Scheduling is pretty flexible. Everyone I know there is pretty happy. Depends on which account you are assigned to about the extra phone line being needed. Some accts only require 1. Ask the recruiter any questions you might have for further info. Don't rely on this board for everything.
Need info on SPI Healthcare please.
Presbyterian Healthcare?

My job is obviously losing the Presbyterian Healthcare System account.  This account is affiliated with Novant Health and is located in Charlotte,North Carolina.  Can anyone tell me who picked up this account and where to apply for a job.


Thank you

They pay 6 cents per line. I am training there in QA, but there are a lot of administrative details...
ascend healthcare
Any new information on Ascend?  Are they paying their MTs on time now?  TIA.
Healthcare and recession
we have an aging population, I know I'm one of them. Many actually have health benefits and will have Medicare. Healthcare is pretty recessionproof. Some of your slowdown may be due to the economy, but there is undoubtedly some change in management reason also. If people wait to see the doctor, they will not necessarily get better. Clinic work, however, I think will stay busier than acute care until this medical neglect lands people in the hospital.

Ascend Healthcare?
Anyone care to share your experience with this company?
Try Virtua Healthcare. They have a few hospitals -
Marlton and Voorhees, and I'm not sure if there is another one. I know that Diskriter is currently doing their account, but the hospital is also looking to hire transcriptionists.
Anyone work for Alliance Healthcare? sm

I saw a job opening for radiology with this company and interested in finding out if anyone out there works for them, what you think, what program they use.


Anyone hear of Alliance HealthCare??nm
Alliance HealthCare, good, bad,
Any information would be appreciated.
Alliance HealthCare Services
Looking for anyone who can share information regarding this company.  Did a search on this site but not much available.  ANYthing you can share would be appreciated, particularly concerning the timeliness of pay.  Thanks!
Transolutions platform/healthcare
Actually, the insurance premiums are not going up with United (this was highly emphasized). Also, the platform is improving, and with the newest tweak I am now making a consistent 200 lph without any problems at all. :)
I used to work for a home healthcare agency and we got
one weeks pay for every year we worked there.   They were a non-profit agency and so to get rid of any profits made during the year we got bonuses.  
You need to read up on Hillary's healthcare plan a little better. sm
It was a fiasco from start to finish and in the end would have bankrupt physcians, insurance companies and hospitals alike.  I agree we need reform.  No one stopped Hillary at all.  It was a bipartisan agreement that her 1300 plus proposal for health care was a giant bomb from start to finish. 
Anyby heard of Maxim Healthcare?
Anything at all?
Anyone currently working for Comprehensive Healthcare Services? nm
Excuse me? We are just like any other healthcare employee. Not everyone works on those sm
major holidays. Why would you doust another MTs confidence like that? She says she was excited to begin starting and wants Thanksgiving and Christmas off - 2 of the BIGGEST holidays of the year because she, like many other prioritized MTs, don't or won't work on those very special holidays no matter how much money she could make! It is ludicrous to assume or think that EVERY MT HAS TO WORK on those holidays. You may be and for that I say good for you.

I won't be. I will work 6 or 7 days a week throughout the year at times, but I'll be darned if another MT tells me that should work on those days just because they do. sounds to me like you need to prioritize a bit.
Even companies outside of the home, even outside of healthcare, are paying less and less sm
of the premium. My husband pays $700+ per month to have coverage for all of us, and my sister pays over $500 for her family. My husband is with a Fortune 500 company, ad my sister is in banking. Sad what this is coming to. They are right to call it a healthcare crisis; right now, you are better off on welfare than working in terms of medical care and costs.
Ascend Healthcare info and suggestions

Any info out there on Ascend Healthcare? Any suggestions on a great company to work for when one is just looking for part-time IC status employment?

FYI - Heads Up - Do not Work For "Ascend Healthcare"

Ascend has got to be the worst place in the universe to work for.  I am begging you, please do not work for them.  They are truly a nightmare company to work for.


Association for Healthcare Documentation in India (nm)
AAMT has a new name: Association for Integrity of Healthcare Documentation.

Medical Transcription has been voted out of their title. 

Acsend Healthcare contacted me. They do not use a recruting company
to hire.  They do not charge $25.00 background check.  I have removed the job ads posted and asked that they repost.
Phillips OWNS MedQuist, who bought Lanier Healthcare in 2002..nm