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Merry Christmas

Posted By: MT LITTLE on 2005-12-18
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Merry Christmas to all.

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Christmas morning here and not even a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to you, too!
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all! sm
Hope you all have a very nice day whether you are working or not and may God bless you all!  I'm working today and don't care if I get all my lines for the day and I don't even care if I get any gifts. I'm just glad to wake up and see the beautiful sunshine and pure white snow outside! For me, that is the best!   
Merry Christmas to you, too. I meant it.
That is so neat about your pandas. The nearest one to us is in DC. My kids have been watching the panda-cam forever. One of these days I have to bring them to the DC zoo. It will be worth it. Now I just need a day off...
What a charming individual you are -- thanks, and Merry Christmas to you. :-) nm
Merry Christmas to you! I would definitel;y tell your manager; a lot of things could have happened
I would not just forget it, and I disagree with you, it is relatively easy for things to happen - the mail could be lost, any number of things could have happened and have happened in the past. I would definitely tell your manager at Transcend that you did not get a card or gift card -- as the intent was for EVERY PERSON TO TO GET A CARD.

With that said, I would think about your employment. If you are not comfortable enough talking to your manager and would rather come out to a message board, you should seriously think about finding a company that you can be more comfortable with and truly enjoy.

It's a shame that Transcend tried to do something really nice for their employees and there are always one or two people that will still come on and bash. It does happen with every company though, I actually saw someone post about another company and asked Why did they only send us $25, that was cheap!.

LOL --

Merry Christmas mlstoo!! & All! Beautiful post, feel the same!!! nm
Merry Christmas to you too! I think it is great that Transcend sends out gift cards to employees.
I wonder how many other companies do that. Let's see, with over 1000 transcriptionists that is 25,000.

Again, thank you Transcend!
Merry Merry for Disgruntled Employees
A few of the posters on this thread - obviously disgruntled employees gone from TTS - have been posting the same hate for
2-3 years now - at least - that I can recall. I am usually pretty patient with angry people - they all seem to have been hurt in some way - but I really feel like I want to say to the complainers about TTS in this thread: We have all one time or another been treated unfairly, been misunderstood, had things not work out. It's called life. The bitterness that seems to consume you, the hatred that fairly drips from every one of your posts - make me - and I am sure everyone else reading them - think if you have this kind of attitude, this kind of insatiable anger and neurotic need to have the last word - it is pretty apparent whatever happened to you at TTS - and I am sure other companies - was most likely due in large part to you. Being unteachable, stubborn, seeing yourself always as the one who was wronged - and who is always right - does not lend itself to success - anywhere. I am sure you have found this to be true in your life, not just your employment. For a lot of MTs I know cpl and the going rate is not the most important thing. Yes, it is important - and up there no doubt - but there are other things to value in a job, some of them you can't put a price on. I am very happy at TTS, not in management, and so are many others. It is clear you were not. Once again, itís called life, it's not always fair, we all do things that need forgiving and have things happen to us that need to be forgiven. None of us is perfect, whatever label or job description we may have. My wish for you this Holiday, for all of 2009 - that you get over it, you move on, see yourself more clearly, and find someone who will remind you everyday of all the good there is in each of us -- and that 2009 will be the best year you have ever had.

No, Merry Dukes of Ireland.
Heard on the new last night that Coca-Cola will not be using Santa's image this year on any of their Christmas products. They will use a picture of a polar bear instead.
Nothing for Christmas
The company I have worked for for almost 2 yrs send me a $20 thing of candy.  The other company I got nothing, not even a Merry Christmas.
If Only...What I wish for this Christmas.
Reading posts below how so many MTs just wish or hope that they may get some sort of recognition - a bonus or a gift or anything for their hard work for the year.  I cannot say how angry I am - steaming mad - to read the derogatory posters who call these hopeful or disappointment MTs childish or greedy.  Its so heartbreaking.  American workers for decades regularly received Christmas bonuses in every single industry, period.  We all did. Our parents did and our grandparents did. If they didn't, that probably meant they were the bosses or business owners, and they happily were the ones giving out the bonuses or gifts to their beloved workers.  THIS IS SICK that other MTs can bash those who still have hope, or those who desperately need the $$, anything. A lowsy $25 gift card might feed their kids for a day.  Yet its A-OK in our country that the CEOS and our OWN BOSSES get 6 and 7-figure Christmas bonuses every year, whether they run our companies into the ditch or not.  They aren't called greedy or childish. We continue to work ourselves to the point of breaking 24/7, and darn sure do have the right to hold out the most meager of hopes that yes, MTs, there is a Santa Claus, he does care, and maybe we might get a $25 token of appreciation from our employers, who are darn tootin' making a boat load of greenbacks thanks to our labors.  Merry Christmas, and I wish if I were rich that I could find a list of all US MTs and send each and every one, newby or seasoned pro, a $25 gift card and a Christmas card.  I truly wish I could do that.  Maybe someday I will. Don't be ashamed to hope for a present - good grief we get nothing else, nothing. 
It is coming....already spent mind....
Are you allowed to say Christmas?
Pretty soon, everything is becoming so politically correct, we won't be allowed to use the word Christmas anymore. Maybe they were insulted - you should have sent a holiday card instead.

But, no - I don't think I've seen a Christmas card or bonus in years. Boy, in the good old days at MQ, a few years back, we actually used to have Christmas parties - imagine that!
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Majority rules here in America. MOST people celebrate Christmas in this country. If I were in a Japanese country I would expect to see oriental things all over the place and if I were in Israel, I would expect to see Hannukah all over. What is wrong with people? The world has gone totally nuts.

Maybe it's a Christmas gift
in appreciation of a year of hard work.  Does Amphion ever send Christmas gifts to MTs?  If so, why gripe?
Christmas Gift
Those morons sent me chocolates for Christmas.  Unfortunatley my son was here to accept delivery.  I would have sent it back.  I'd much rather have my PAY!!!  They have the nerve to have BONUS pay in their ad for new MTs when they can't even pay the ones that are working there now.  I was on their payroll, so it had nothing to do with IC invoicing.  I think they guesstimate at lines because they are never close to what I have actually typed.  Glad I'm done with them!
Christmas Gift?
My gift  was an email from the company wishing me a Merry Christmas and then they sent out emails Christmas Eve and Christmas day asking MTs to log in and work some;-)
Christmas present
I also received a nice present from mine this week,as well as nice thank you gift at Thanksgiving! I've never received a single, solitary thing from any other company that I've worked for before. I feel appreciated.

Now THAT is what the spirit of Christmas is all about. (sm)
When I worked in house at a local hospital we used to adopt a family each year and had a blast doing it. We were a large department and would provide food for the holiday meals and all the Christmas gifts. One year we took my little truck with the camper and literally had it filled with boxes of food and presents. One lady in our department is of a religion that didn't believe in Christmas, but wow, did this lady come forward with food products for the family. One year the mother of the family we adopted even sent us pictures of Chrismas morning. That was truly a heart warmer too.
Christmas card
Thinking back over the years we used to get a corporate card but now I think we only get a card if our supervisor and/or manager decide to remember us, some do and some don't. Since I have had about 6 supers this year, I doubt it. Once I got a $5.00 gift certificate for Starbucks from my super, that was nice but the nearest Starbucks is 50 miles away as I live in South Georgia boondocks. Seeing that I haven't even had a cost of living raise with MQ for 7 years, I don't look for a CHRISTMAS BONUS!!!!! Do you work for MQ? Hope you get one if you don't.....
Thankful at CHRISTMAS
I want to thank my company Transform for always have lots of work, great pay, great people and just a great place to work.  I am not bragging either, I am THANKFUL and would like others to know that there are companies out there who actually do what they say, pay well, and treat their people nice.  It's a shame that some others on this board will not allow us to post on the COMPANY BOARD about our COMPANIES. 
I have from a private account.
I got an e-mail Christmas Day
It says Merry Christmas, work is behind and overtime is approved!
christmas acknowledgment

Hey....our bullentin had Christmas trees on it....what more do you want? :)


Christmas gift-OSi
Got a card,coffee mug with coffee, and lines that day. Also had pay deposited a day or so earlier, and that's much better than I've heard from other companies, at least pay-wise.
AX Christmas Bonus
Yes, they have given in the past. Usually in the form of a 50 dollar Visa card, which can be used anywhere. Don't know if we will get one this year or not.
Christmas bonus
I've worked at SoftScript, Medi-Max, Spheris, and several other smaller MT companies and in 15 years I've never once received a bonus or a raise from any of them, Christmas or otherwise.

By the way, Spheris is the worst company I've ever worked at in my life, and I've had several different careers. They lie to, cheat, and steal from their employees, pay slave wages, and constantly harass you to produce more and more and more while cutting your pay. Even in this economy, I just quit that horrible, horrible, inhuman place. Horrible.
This is EXACTLY why I work every Christmas now and with TT sm
shoot, today I hit a pocket of the good stuff on my morning shift and spent an hour with simple normals I have for doctors who don't have them on the system...I had close to 1000 lines for morning part.

Unhappy? NO
I was just told before Christmas

That's all I really know.  I only wanted part-time.  The recruiter got right back to me though and I applied through their website.  Basically, I just sent them a resume.  Things may have changed.

Christmas in April

Company bonus just extended....guess I didn't need to get up at 4 AM! 

Cyber-terrorists are horrible, but turned out to be a financial blessing.  Those of you who work for our company know what I'm talking about. 

YES! On MTStars you are allowed to say CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Past - dream on
.... Just wanted to share what was done at a hospital I worked at in the good old days when I was a young one ..
Hospital gave each employee $300.00 to $500.00 dollars each as a bonus. You got a turkey for your family. AND, the grandest catered Christmas party at a local exclusive private club with dancing all night!!! Can you believe that?!?
IF you stop calling it Christmas
First of all, I don't think it's possible. People would never totally adapt to saying Holiday instead of Christmas. But second of all, I think that if we did stop saying Christmas, lo and behold, whatever word we used instead, be it holiday or whatever, would then become an objectionable word. They just are jealous of us and want to bully us around. I can imagine maybe we just change the date? Christ was born in September anyway. It all goes back to converting pagans and having a celebration to coincide with their big winter celebration.

and pre-Transcend, we at least got a Christmas card and even
a very much appreciated gift certificate, but guess Transcend is too cheap to allow that for MDI
Any Christmas gifts/bonuses from...
Any Christmas bonuses or gifts from Futurenet Technology?
My company did not acknowledge Christmas.. so
I'm guessing MT Week is not a holiday on their calendar. 
I got a nice Christmas gift from
This is my second Christmas with this company and is my second gift so there are MTSOs out there who do care about their MTs and do show their appreciation for hardwork!
Christmas weekend, and once again, pay is late.
I've had it with them.
I hear you, only it was my daughter at Christmas
$500 per a 2 week period was just not cutting it and not even able to verify my lines with the worst dictation imaginable, 2-3 minute reports with not one ESL spelling their name, putting their correct number or correct patient name, or being courteous enough to spell anything. All I did was constantly search or send to QA of which they did not think I was digging hard enough!!! That is what our profession is now.
Hope you like to work on Christmas
You have to work holidays and weekends.
Still have to work on Christmas or Thanksgiving
alternating years, one year Christmas, the next year Thanksgiving and that is in addition to NY Day and Fourth of July and Labor Day. It's depressing. Especially to work on Christmas. I worked on Thanksgiving and after that I said never again. I missed seeing my family and I live 2 hours away from where Thanksgiving would be celebrated. No way was I going to still be at Medscribe when it was time to work Christmas.
Hope you like to work Christmas
and Thanksgiving
ALSO my pay was usually wrong and never in my favor.
Thank you DR - love christmas with you every year. sm
Once again - DR has provided a nice Christmas bonus in time for last minute shopping.  I know you have to be there for so long to get it, but not sure how long.  This has got to be the best company ever.  I don't see other people posting about nice bonuses - usually cheesy gifts.  TY Diskriter, you really do care.
I guess I assumed I was not getting anything because it's Christmas Eve..
and the mail has came.  I'm sorry but I do feel it is extremely disorganized to miss people on a holiday. My opinion is this... send everyone something or no one anything. It's not like I'm an IC. I am employee, I'm on the payroll and they never miss me when they are screaming for extra help on an account.  I've always gone out of my way. I'm just going to assume it was an accident and ignore it. I have a job and I'm grateful for that.

Well, last year I received an email from the owner of the company that indicated that a nice surprise would be arriving in the mail.  Initially, I was impressed; thought that was very nice; I thought that maybe they were sending a gift card or something.  However, It turned out to be the company calendar.  All during the holidays, there were absolutely no personal greetings from any of the supervisors, managers or company owner with HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY NEW YEAR, etc.  The only mention of the holidays was an email from my supervisor with a request to give my preference for which holiday I would be working, and then to receive an assignment back from her, indicating whether my preference was approved or not.  My first choice was denied. 

This year, I'm with a different company.  I have received no calendars or cards or anything solid.  A few of the managers and QA had holiday greetings written in their status sections on the chat board. Despite the fact that I am an employee, nobody forced me to work on any holiday, just asked me whether I would be working or not.  Despite there being no SPECIAL TREAT arriving in the mail, I think I prefer my current company's approach.

Last year's company could have kept the calendar, as far as I'm concerned.  The company owner could have sent everyone a freebie ecard and I would have been more impressed, had more warm, fuzzy feelings, etc., etc.  She could have done this without spending a single cent.

Bottom line is that I would much rather receive a kindly greeting from the major players than to receive a calendar or a mug or pen with their advertisements displayed on it. 

Just my opinion, of course.

Axolotl Christmas bonus? sm
Has Axolotl given Christmas bonuses in the past?   Do you think we'll get one this year?  I am fairly new there and was just curious.  TIA
LOL. That's my daughter's Christmas list.
Just hold your horses, ain't Christmas yet!