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My Apolgy

Posted By: SG on 2009-02-27
In Reply to: AMM - K8

Most people when looking for Transcriptionist work especially on MTstar, will if they are responsible, look at what the company is offering and what qualification they are looking for and also do some asking around/research on the company to see that they are not being taken for a ride (get hired and then running out of work).  I believe we have all heard about such situations.  Asking questions about a company on MTstar or other forums helps you to either accept or reject an offer or helps you decide whether it is even worth applying.

By asking questions on the board you find out if anyone else has worked or had any experience with a company, who it is run by, pay rate, health, vacation, etc.  As I have stated in my previous post, I Google the company’s name and came away feeling disturbed by what I found.   If someone enquiring about a company on this board or questioning what they have found is “company bashing” then please accept my apology for expressing my concern.

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