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National Transcription Services - SM

Posted By: Don't do it on 2005-11-16
In Reply to: Looking for info on National Transcription Service. I went - info please

Disorganized is an understatement.  The company is run by people who have absolutely no experience or understanding of the transcription business. They work on ChartScript.net, SoftMed's web based platform.  There are numerous complaints on this site in regards to this platform. 

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i work for one national, 2 services, and have one private account...
I have four kids between ages 18 and 5. Right now I have bitten off more than I want to chew with all the accounts. One pays 10.5, one pays 9, and one pays 8.5 with incentive. My private account, believe this, pays 21 cents per line, but they only dictate about $500 per month worth. I need to get rid of one but don't know which one yet. The good thing, if there is one.......I never run out of work.
National Transcription Providers
I've only worked for hospitals, except for a brief run with Medquist when I was still green. MedQuist happened to have a local office and that's where I went to be tested and interviewed. I can't imagine the smaller MTSOs having all those local offices, so how do they interview?  Hospitals may pay better and have better benefits, but you have to put up with their corporate culture and lots of mandatory meetings and seminars that have nothing to do with medical transcription. I'm thinking it would be great to be free of all that crap, but mostly I'm wondering if smaller MTSOs interview you by phone or if you actually have to travel to one of their offices. Thanks. 
Looking for info on National Transcription Service. I went
back in the archives 3 months and only find 1 post.  Looking for info on platform and pay range, do they have lots of ESL, the usual stuff. 
Any national companies out there that allow at-home radiology transcription?

TRS Transcription (Transcription Relief Services)

Please let me know if you work for this company and what you think of them. I am testing right now and hope they are a good company! :)

Thanks :)

Transcription Services LLC in NC???
Does anyone have any information on Transcription Services LLC located in North Carolina?  Anything is appreciated!  Thanks so much.
Transcription Services LLC out of NC
Does anyone out there work for this company? Having hard time logging in and wonder if server is down.
JLG transcription services

Does anyone here work for JLG?

Their website is a little cryptic about where they are, etc.



RI Transcription services

Does anyone know anything about RI Transcription Services.  I cannot seem to find anything recent about them.  Any information good or bad would be appreciated. 

Thanks a ton

Q-Med Transcription Services
Has anyone heard of, or worked for Q-Med Transcription Services in Holland, Michigan?  If so, could you please share information on them.  I tested for a job and want to know if they are a good company.  TIA.
Specialized Transcription Services
anyone know any info on Specialized Transcription Services out of Renton, WA?? 
Can anyone tell me about Physician Transcription Services, LLC?
Medical Transcription Services, Inc

Does anyone have information on Medical Transcription Services Inc out of Wisconsin  -good, bad


Van Belkum Transcription Services


I have been offered a job by Van Belkum Transcription Services.  Does anyone have information about this company?

Georgia Transcription Services...

has job posting. Anyone know anything about them, not much info there. Thanks!

Breitner Transcription Services
I saw on here a couple weeks/months ago that Breitner was not paying their employees.  I remember because I had an interview with them and was thinking of working for them but then got sick.  I've searched the archives and cannot find the messages.  Does anyone know if they've fixed this problem?  i see that they have an ad for DS and weekly pay.  Thanks.
Breitner Transcription Services
Thanks, Guess I will look for better.
Your take on Transcription Relief Services? Thanks. nm
Transcription Relief Services
TRS is an awesome company! I have worked there for a year and a half and have absolutely no complaints. The employee has a lot of control over how much they earn, dependent on several factors. The line-counting system is fair and accurate, and I have never had trouble getting my lines in. I have never worked for a company that truly cares about its employees the way TRS does. They have been honest and up front about what the company is doing, why, and what the future holds. I can't imagine working anywhere else.
Transcription Relief Services
Anyone know anything about Transcription Relief Services
Breitner Transcription Services
I am appealing to the masses of MTs, especially the ones who have had any experiences with Breitner TS based in Massachusetts.  I am at a crossroad regarding them and what they did to me and wonder if they have done this same thing to anyone else.  Please email me if you have experience, good or bad, with Breitner T services.  Basically, this is the story: I tested for them, they called and offered me a FT position, but had to use my own computer.  My older PC was tested by them and it did not pass, so I bought a brand new computer to work for them.  I had 2 days of training and they let me go.  They eventually paid me for the training.  I do not understand how a company can do this and get away with it.  Believe me, I cannot afford to buy a computer and now I have to pay for it and I am not working for them.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks so much.
Transcription Services of Illinois
Does anyone have any information on this company?  I've been contacted by them and have had several email conversations with one person in particular.  She seems pretty sure about wanting me to help out and said she would contact me today but so far I have not heard from her, even after sending an email to her regarding this this morning.  Just wondering if I should persue this or not.  Thanks in advance.
TRS (Transcription Relief Services).

Any information on this company?  I did a search but couldn’t find much. Is there plenty of work available?  Is their platform user friendly?  Overall, is this a good company to work for?  TIA

Allegiant Transcription Services
Anyone have any info on this company?  Looking for some extra cash...
post about Transcription Services LLC
could the person that responded to the message about this company and said they were thinking of responding to job offer please contact me.
Transcription Relief Services
Any feedback on Transcription Relief Services would be appreciated.
Southern Transcription Services
I hear this is a good company. Any info?
LogosBPO transcription services

My hospital is interested in using Logos BPO transcription services.  Their web site is www.logosbpo.ca if anyone wants to take a look.   It looks to me like they send all their transcription to India for typing.  Does anyone know about this company?  Any problems?


Midwest Transcription Services
Does anyone know anything about this company, good to work for, steady work, pay on time, etc? 
Medical Transcription Services, Inc
Can anyone tell me if they are working for Medical Transcription Services, Inc and the particulars of the company; such as work flow, system, personnel, etc. ?  Thank you in advance. 
Medical Transcription Services
If you hear any thing, please let me know.  They called me last night and I am suppose to test.  I don't want to jump from the frying pan to the fire.
Transcription Relief Services
Can anyone tell me about them? I tried to find info on them by doing a search and nothing came up. Good? Bad? Pros? Cons? Thanks!
Radiology Transcription Services

Anybody know of this company?.....If so, any and all information would be appreciated.

Medical Transcription Services, Inc.

Any information on this company.....such as system clearity, work load, pay on time, etc ?  Would really like to know.  Thank you.   

Soap Transcription Services

Hello everyone

Has anyone ever worked for SOAP Transcription Services. I cannot find anything about them.


Transcription Relief Services...
Can anyone give any info on them? I have searched, but not finding much of anything. Thanks in advance.
Transcription Relief Services

Have your looked at their website?
Central Transcription Services
Where in Michigan are they located?
Department B transcription services

Has anyone ever heard of a company called Department B or older name PM&R?? I have an interview scheduled for Tuesday but I was just wondering if anyone knew anything on this company.



SOAP Transcription Services, Inc.
SOAP Transcription Services, Inc.

Any word on this company, good or bad?

TRS/Transcription Relief Services
Hey all.  I was wondering if anyone has any info on TRS?  I just passed their test, but would like to know what they are like before I accept a position.  Any info on accounts, workload, etc?  Thanks!!!
Digital Transcription Services

I too tested for Digital Transcription Services back at the end of February.  I sent my tests in and never heard a word from the company.  How inconsiderate in my opinion.  I'm sure I wouldn't want to work for a company that is run this way.


Medical Transcription Services
Anyone ever work for this company?  They are from the midwest.  Just wondered if they are a good reliable company. 
Integrity Transcription Services, LLC
Does anyone have any information on Integrity Transcription Services, LLC?  Thanks in advance.
Central Transcription Services
Does anybody have any experience with this company - good or bad?

Transcription Relief Services

Regarding Transcription Relief Services: on April 24, 2007, Bonnie Monico posted the following:

Yes, we have training classes. No, we do not off-shore our work. (Underline added.)

I believe this is incorrect. TRS does train and hire MTs in Trinidad and Guyana, and are launching another training program in Barbados and will hire some of those graduates, too. To me, this seems like off-shoring.

Transcription Relief Services

Anyone presently working for this company?

Curious to know the pay scale and cost for health insurance for employee plus spouse.  Flexible work schedules?




Aubri Transcription Services
Anyone heard of this company?  If so, what are they like to work for, etc.
Transcription Relief Services
Any current info on this company?  Pay on time, good benefits?  Any information appreciated!!
Transcription Relief Services
Their website is transrs.com
Transcription Relief Services.
Anyone have any info on Transcription Relief Services - good? bad? middle of the road?  Any info would be appreciated.