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Need any info at all on Transcription Relief Services, LLC

Posted By: cc on 2007-10-10
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Anyone have info on Transcription Relief Services?

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that used to work for TRS or is currently working for them.  I would like to know the good and the bad.

Transcription Relief Services LLC info? sm
Is this a good company?  Anyone had problems?  What is their pay?  Do they have good accounts? 
Transcription Relief Services...any info?

Anybody have any info on Transcripton Relief Services?

any info on TRS (Transcription Relief Services) - sm
I am most interested in flexibility of schedule (ad says that most account have 12-hour window) and pay (I have heard the pay scale is strange). I did a search but did not find much info from current employees. Feel free to contact me by email if you do not wish to post. Thanks!
Your take on Transcription Relief Services? Thanks. nm
Transcription Relief Services
TRS is an awesome company! I have worked there for a year and a half and have absolutely no complaints. The employee has a lot of control over how much they earn, dependent on several factors. The line-counting system is fair and accurate, and I have never had trouble getting my lines in. I have never worked for a company that truly cares about its employees the way TRS does. They have been honest and up front about what the company is doing, why, and what the future holds. I can't imagine working anywhere else.
Transcription Relief Services
Anyone know anything about Transcription Relief Services
TRS (Transcription Relief Services).

Any information on this company?  I did a search but couldn’t find much. Is there plenty of work available?  Is their platform user friendly?  Overall, is this a good company to work for?  TIA

Transcription Relief Services
Any feedback on Transcription Relief Services would be appreciated.
Transcription Relief Services
Can anyone tell me about them? I tried to find info on them by doing a search and nothing came up. Good? Bad? Pros? Cons? Thanks!
Transcription Relief Services...
Can anyone give any info on them? I have searched, but not finding much of anything. Thanks in advance.
Transcription Relief Services

Have your looked at their website?
TRS/Transcription Relief Services
Hey all.  I was wondering if anyone has any info on TRS?  I just passed their test, but would like to know what they are like before I accept a position.  Any info on accounts, workload, etc?  Thanks!!!
Transcription Relief Services

Regarding Transcription Relief Services: on April 24, 2007, Bonnie Monico posted the following:

Yes, we have training classes. No, we do not off-shore our work. (Underline added.)

I believe this is incorrect. TRS does train and hire MTs in Trinidad and Guyana, and are launching another training program in Barbados and will hire some of those graduates, too. To me, this seems like off-shoring.

Transcription Relief Services

Anyone presently working for this company?

Curious to know the pay scale and cost for health insurance for employee plus spouse.  Flexible work schedules?




Transcription Relief Services
Any current info on this company?  Pay on time, good benefits?  Any information appreciated!!
Transcription Relief Services
Their website is transrs.com
Transcription Relief Services.
Anyone have any info on Transcription Relief Services - good? bad? middle of the road?  Any info would be appreciated.
Transcription Relief Services

  Hello Everyone,


I am trying to get some info on TRS (Transcription relief services) ASAP! If anyone could let me know what they think of it.  Prefably anyone who is working there now or who as worke there recently.  Thank you!!  I found stuff in archives, but it was old.  I need new info.  Thank you!




Nissa.  Have a great day everyone!!!

Try Transcription Relief Services nm
Transcription Relief Services???
Has any ever worked for Transcription Relief Services?  I am thinking about changing jobs and from their ad they sound like a fairly good company to work for.  Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them?
TRS (Transcription Relief Services)

Does anyone know how many hours a week TRS requires you to work part-time and/or full-time?  How many hours to qualify for medical insurance what insurance company they are with? 

Thanks in advance.

Transcription Relief Services, Inc.
Can anyone who has worked for TRS or is currently working for TRS give me the low-down on them?  Pay, etc.  TIA
TRS (Transcription Relief Services)
uses DQS on some accounts, and other platforms for others. It depends on the client. And it's a great place to work. E-mail me at crankybeach at yahoo dot com if you want to know more about TRS.
TRS=Transcription Relief Services
Was bought out by Transcend In april.
Transcription Relief Services/second post?
Having trouble locating my first post. This may be a duplicate, but:

Can anyone tell me what kind of daily line count TRS requires? Any info on line rates or current cost of benefits? Platform seem productive?
Transcription relief services? What platform do they use?
I understand it is word-based - is this correct? Would like to email someone who works for them. Thank you
Transcription Relief Services. Any information..
on them as to reputation, pay scale, accounts, flexibility, etc? 
No, it was Transcription Relief Services LINK
The merger link

ATLANTA - (Business Wire) Transcend SERVICES, INC. (NASDAQ: TRCR), the third largest provider of medical transcription services to the U.S. healthcare market, today announced that it entered into a definitive agreement on March 26, 2009 to acquire the assets of the domestic medical transcription business of Transcription Relief Services, LLC (“TRS”).

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Greensboro, NC, TRS provides services to approximately 30 customers across the United States. The domestic medical transcription services business of TRS had unaudited 2008 revenue of $6.6 million and has a current annualized revenue run rate of approximately $7.2 million. Approximately 170 TRS employees will be joining Transcend when the transaction closes, which is expected to occur

Transcript USA and Transcription Relief Services are 2 different companies
I have an interview with Transcript USA on Thursday. I will pass on what info I find out then. I am pretty sure that they do provide the computer though. Don't know anything else right now.
TRS (Transcription Relief Services..any thoughts, opinions???? nm
Transcription Relief Services pays an extra cent for CMT status
Can anyone give me good or bad on Medical Records Corporation or Transcription Relief Services? nm
TRS Transcription (Transcription Relief Services)

Please let me know if you work for this company and what you think of them. I am testing right now and hope they are a good company! :)

Thanks :)

any info on Transcription Services, LLC based in NC?

It is VR.  Would greatly appreciate any info from anybody  that is currently employed with them or has been in the recent past.



Any info on CTS: Cardiology Transcription Services out of NY?
Any info on Cardology Transcription Services?

Anyone have any info about prn Medical Transcription Services?
Not even sure where there are located.  Platform....good company to work for?  Anything  TX
Central Transcription Services - anyone have info on them? nm

Transription Relief Services/CA account

Can anyone provide information on TRS.  There is a position open on the California Hospital account.  It seems like it has a high turn over rate.  Can anyone provide any information about the teaching hospital in California/and or TRS in general?



Info on Medical Transcription Services, Inc. in Green Bay, WI?
They have an ad on the Jobs Board and I can't access their website.  I can't get anything on Google, and I hate to jump from the fat to the fire.
Have anybody have any info on Medical Services Transcription out of Green Bay, WI
Any info on Medical Transcription Services, Inc. Green Bay WI nm


STS (Skilled Transcription Services) - Any info about this company?
Transcription Relief Service...Now I am not sure where they are from...lol
I thought they were from NC....but if anyone has any information, would really appreciate it.
info on AMD Services/AmeriMed Data Services
Please help me. Does anyone know anything about AMD Services or AmeriMed Data Services. I have been offered a position with them and need to know if they pay good, etc. before I accept a position with them. Thanks in advance.

Transcription Services LLC in NC???
Does anyone have any information on Transcription Services LLC located in North Carolina?  Anything is appreciated!  Thanks so much.
Transcription Services LLC out of NC
Does anyone out there work for this company? Having hard time logging in and wonder if server is down.
JLG transcription services

Does anyone here work for JLG?

Their website is a little cryptic about where they are, etc.



RI Transcription services

Does anyone know anything about RI Transcription Services.  I cannot seem to find anything recent about them.  Any information good or bad would be appreciated. 

Thanks a ton

Q-Med Transcription Services
Has anyone heard of, or worked for Q-Med Transcription Services in Holland, Michigan?  If so, could you please share information on them.  I tested for a job and want to know if they are a good company.  TIA.