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Need info on TASK in California

Posted By: amj on 2006-05-06
In Reply to:

Has anyone worked for TASK Document Service in California?  Need the good, bad and ugly! I might consider working for them soon, any info is appreciated? Thanks. amj

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Need further Task info
Even though comments about Task have been negative, do you have any info about them (hopefully something positive)? amj
Additional info on Task
I have been pretty proficient in this type of transcription for about seven years and it sounds like it is what they mostly offer. What is the low pay scale they offer and what type of a payment delay is expected if I decide to take on this company. How long have you worked for them? Thanks for the info! amj
A little info on Task Force Pro and America's Pride
I don't have any info on them from personal experience but did find this info on a search. I'm assuming I'm allowed to place these links.

VERY interesting article. Sounds America's Pride had a contract with Medquist who was accused of sending active and inactive veterans' info overseas to be transcribed. Don't know the outcome, but for your reading enjoyment:



If anyone is or has worked for them I would also be interesting in hearing about them.
Any info on DRC out of California? sm
Line rate, platform, insurance?  Any information appreciated.
Need info on Windrix in California... how are they??
Heard about Windrix Transcription in San Fran and heard that the pay is really good for IC people.  Any feedback on this company would be so appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
Hi, Any new info on Teletrak in California? Just spoke....
with the recruiter and she is super-nice, everything seems great for an IC, just wonder if anyone has worked for them and what it is like....doing a balancing act here, any info would be sooooo appreciated!
California Transcription Unlimited...any recent info??

Searched archives but all I saw was from 2005.  Anything recent??

Anyone have any info on Transcript USA in South Carolina or Write Now Transcription in California??
Any info out there on TASK out of California?  Thanks!

It is transcription typing for attorneys and the pay was 7 cpl and not sure if it included spaces or not.  I sent my resume and when they contacted me via phone they told me it was the 7 cpl rate.

Then the pay has gone down. I worked there about a year ago briefly, and the pay then was 8 cpl. But they are very disorganized, you're a month in the hole on your paycheck, if you get your paycheck, and they can't seem to pull their heads out of their butts. The work was fun. TAT was strict, but doable. They just couldn't seem to get it together. A friend of mine worked for them for almost two years and she recently quit because she got tired of the constant state of confusion. I would find another legal company or general transcription company to work for, if you don't want to do med.

I heard from Task about two weeks ago. I also received the information packet and I do believe she told me it was 7 cpl also. She seemed very interested and wanted to interview me. I had told her when I submitted my resume that I wanted to work approximately 20 hours a week and she seemed fine with it. When I spoke to her for all of 1 minute she decided that she needed more of a time commitment and since I already have two jobs I wasn't able to commit to more hours at this time. If you look back at the archives I think there are posts regarding non-payment

Does anyone know anything about this company out of Concord, California? They are advertising for general transcriptionists. I would appreciate any information..Have been looking for part-time evening weekend work. Do not want to work for a national...Just quit a national, they were just awful...

Thanks, Lucy



Does anyone know anything about this company?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone work for Task in Concord, California?  I have heard good and bad, confused! amj
Feedback on TASK
Thanks for your feedback. amj

I was contacted today by this company, and in trying to determine how they reached me I searched the job listings and found nothing, any clue on who and how they are?  I find it interesting that I have not posted my resume and they make contact.

They stated they got my resume off mtjobs, but again they do not even have a listing there, past or present that I see for me to review.

Any information would be helpful.


The Task Force
Hello out there!  Does anyone have any info on 'The Task Force'?  Any info Appreciated!
The Task Force

Hi!  Any info on this company is appreciated. 


pro med or medi-task???
I have been contacted by both companies and just checking to see if anyone knows anything good/bad about them or at least credibility?  Thanks!
All the commands are on the task bar at the top...sm
under EXText - those should help lead you through.

From time to time, I search these boards for any posts regarding my company, MediTask.  Yeah, I know I'm late (really late) posting, but some time back someone had asked about my company, asking if it was the one in Houston, owned by Matt Read, or what.  Nope - not me.  Here's my story:  

I own Medi-Task (Hill Country, TX).  I started this business in Houston in 1989, and moved to the central Texas in 1995, selling that portion of my business to Matt Read.  He didn't change the name (another whole story there) but just added -"Houston" to the end of it.  I fielded calls and inquiries for a long time until they died out.  I understand he sold that business several months ago. I've tried calling but they sometimes have a message giving a pager number (?).  Ouch... I wish people weren't confusing the two companies! 

Being an MTSO, I did hear things through the grapevine to the tune of MTs not getting paid, or paid on time... I can't really comment on that because I had nothing to do with how Matt ran his business, and basically kept my nose to the grindstone where growing my business was concerned.  So, you'll have to raise those questions with someone else who was really there.

MediTask (my company) has clients in 7 states, and MTs in as many.  We're a smaller, close-knit group.  My MTs have never gone without pay, and I believe in behaving honorably in those matters.  My reputation is important to me, and I hope to never see any negative about myself or this company.  But, people are funny  - - some move from company to company peddling their wares (which are sometimes rusty), and then get bent way out of shape when their services are no longer needed.  Some are just bent on getting out of shape.  However, that said - I have MTs who have been with me a long, long time.  In fact, the first MT I ever brought on board in 1989 is working with me today. Others have been on board since '92 and '94, 99, etc.

All the MTs here are subcontractors, so I don't offer the big perks that the nationals do.  Sometimes I feel bad about that (and have lost great applicants who are looking for more), but also understand that there are pros and cons to both ways. There's not a corporate bone in my body, and I never really want all the headaches associated with handling a huge company.  I like it smaller where we all know each other's names, and work close as a team.  We actually get together whenever we can in Austin or Marble Falls - that's pretty cool.

No one asked me, but I thought I might clear the air on the "MediTask Houston or Austin or what?" posts, let ya'll (yep, I'm from Texas) know who I am, and what this company is about.  I'm proud to be associated with the people who work with me, and so lucky to have such dedicated, helpful, spirited, intelligent colleagues such as them.  I'm blessed. 

Anyone who has curiosity beyond this, I'm happy to answer any questions I can. 

Sarah Mayor, Owner

MediTask - Central Texas



Seeking someone who currently works for TASK
Can you please provide some information on quality of the audio...quality of the speakers...and any other helpful information.
s meditask.net the same as medi-task.com

Does anybody work for them? TIA

Sten-Tel does the late first pay thing. Comments about Task have been negative. nm
Thanks! and not in California
Thanks for the good wishes.  We are not in California-we live in Nevada.  Like I said, I've known her for years and she's always known I was a transcriptionist--thank goodness!  In light of the decline in pay we've seen in recent years, this was just a great offer! 
DRC, California
Any info. on Digital Records Corp. in California?
DRC California
Have been there almost 2 years. They have been good to me. Work is good - less ESL's than most. Benefits could use a little work, but better than some companies. Insurance is expensive for dependents. Hope this helps.
WPU in California
Has anyone ever heard of WPU out of California?  Thida Win is in charge.  Thanks.
MTs from California

My company won't hire from California either.  They said they can't afford to pay what the California MTs want because of their higher cost of living.  All CA resumes go in the trash unread.  Just passing on what I heard.

TTD, INC in California
Anyone have any info on this company? Looks like the pay is pretty low, but other than that, anyone have any experience with them? Good or bad?  TIA
You should be in California--
the entire state is being overrun with people who cannot speak English.
DRC was in California... sm
Acusis is in India and headquartered in Philly. DRC was in California. Acusis bought DRC, and so then DRC became Acusis US.

If someone slips up and says DRC, they really mean Acusis US, not Acusis India.

Confused yet???

Anyone know anything about AssistMed in California? TIA
I use Meditech in California

If you have some specific questions, feel free to ask.



Walnut Creek, CA

Chronicle California

Anyone work for them? How is/was it?  Thanks in advance.


Seem like they were in California but I'm not sure if that is where all of their accounts are.
I think for the most part people have said good things about them. I talked to one person who had worked there a few years and said there seemed to be a high turnover but no more than anywhere else. She also said a lot of days it was really tough to get the line count as some of the accounts were harder than others. That is all I know and they really don't sound any different than any other company out there. You never know until you try.
California Transcription
I was also wondering the ease of the equipment that the company uses and degree of ESL dictators. I tried to research this company, and past comments have stated that they pay once a month.
Outsourcing in California
Not true - I live in California and many transcription companies outsource offshore. In fact, it's a trend that is increasing.
Snobbing California

OSi shouldn't be posting it as a United States: Nationwide position if they won't consider hiring from California.  It wastes people's time applying and waiting for a response when they have no intention of using people from here.  Chumps.

Are you a California resident?

If so, if a company ran a credit check without your permission they could be liable for 10,000 in damages.  CA Civil Code 1785.20.5, 1786.12 explain and 1786.50 explains damages.

If you are not CA resident, Google your state civil codes credit reporting employment, etc.  I would also send a certified letter to the credit bureau who ran your report and tell them this was an unathorized inquiry and you would like it removed.

roi - pretty sure california
FutureNet in California sm
Does anyone know if the lady that runs this is the same one who used to be with the old company YOG?
Chronicle in California
Anybody heard of this company?  How is their platform?  Do they pay on time?  How is QA?  TIA
Can't live on $35K in California either.
J&J transcription-California
Anybody got any pros/cons re: these people?
In California hospitals
things are especially tense. The unemployment rate in California is 12.5% and the state is ready to go bankrupt. I am just ashamed and disgusted that such a beautiful state has gone the way it has.
Please DO NOT mislead the MTs in California
You might want to look this up before you resume doing business in California:


It's my belief that California also has bumping rights based on Seniority. As I understand, if the person(s) who laid off people for no reason at all (which violates the covenant of good faith and fair dealing under California law and for termination in violation of California's public policy which defeat the at-will employment in California) lacks seniority at the company, then he/she can be bumped off by someone with higher seniority than him/her and with equal or more qualifications than him/her at the company.

In such a case, that person(s) who started the unfair layoffs would just be waking up a sleeping enemy!

You need that money in California
Fresno area's not quite as bad, but in the SF suburbs, it's $1000/month for a 600 square foot studio. Even at 10 cents a line, you've got to do a lot of lines to handle that. It's one the biggest reason I moved to the midwest.
What you get here compared to California
Had my SIL visit last year from Sacramento, CA and she could not believe what we paid for our home. She estimated my home and the homes around in the $500,000 range and up, which was more than most the homes here. I watch the home shows and shocked at what some people settle for when looking for a home there. They have nothing to show for say a home $200,000 or more. I used to live in Atlanta but moved to a more rural area where you can get a show piece for not that much.
California Transcription
Just wanted to warn anybody who may consider taking a position with this company.  The pay is never on time.  I'm still waiting to get paid for work done in JULY and today is September 27.  And to anyone who starts to accuse me of libel--this is the truth and I can prove it.  I can also prove that when asked about my paycheck, they lied to me and said it was in the mail, and it was not.  And yes, I have reported it to authorities.  Just wanted to warn anyone else who might get taken in by them. . . hope I can help someone else avoid the same pitfalls I've fallen into with these people (the Bartons).