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Need latest info on SoftScript.

Posted By: Curious MT on 2009-01-11
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Need info on working conditions, platform, pay, benes, etc. TIA

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latest TSI info is just another lie

I'm posting on this board and will also post on the main board.  But those of you who have been ripped off by Jayne Mattingly from TSI (Illinois) may have received an email stating she would send us the contact info of her 'partner' who 'seized' the acct.  Well, don't bother calling the phone number of the 'partner' as it has been disconnected.  Weird huh.  Also, it's not a partner..its her attorney who is just going to fool around some more and never pay us.  You could email her and ask for the correct one, but good luck with that.  I saw a post about contacting the attorney general (yeah, apparently other people dont get paid) and I plan on looking into that more and will let you know what i find out.  Also, if you are interested the local newspaper is Herald and Review.  Might be an interesting story for them....would love to read the story Local Businesswoman Pockets $1,000s from a Government Contract and Never Paid the People Doing the Work  I sent a quick note...would probably help if others did.

Webmedx-Latest info?
Any recent info on how they are to work for now?  Looking for steady workflow (understand seasonal slumps), is the insurance good/affordable, and what kind of time off do you get?  Any help would be most appreciated.  Thanks!
What's the latest on Axolotl? Any info appreciated!
Any latest info on Davis Transcription?
All I know is that they lost one of their big accounts.  That place is so screwed up!!!
Latest info on Terra Nova? TIA...nm
Any info on SOFTSCRIPT

Does anyone have any info on Softscript?  What kind of company are they to work for, pay, etc.  Thanks

softscript--any recent info?

hi, all.  i searched the boards for recent info on softscript; latest is from august--not very postive.  they say they're interested in an RN w/ MT experience & sent the link to their test.  just want to know if anyone working for them now (or who has worked w/ them recently) has any input.

thank you!    

SoftScript - current info?
Anyone working for them now?  Can U tell be about platform, work assignments, running out of work, quality of dictation, etc?  Tks.  Got an email from them, don't really like where I am, but don't want to go from frying pan to the fire.
Anyone have any current info on SoftScript?
Checking checking archives but most recent 9/05?  Will check again - was hoping for something more recent.  Thanks so much!!
Any info on SoftScript or Medware?
Does anyone know anything about either one of them?
Anyone QA for SoftScript? Any info? nmsg
Thanks, everyone, for info on SoftScript smsg
Needless to say, I passed them by.  I do not need more nightmares such as in my last job.  Thanks!!
recent Softscript Info-sm

anyone have any recent info on SoftScript such as how much they pay and if they are okay.  please do not tell me to look at archives; I have already done that.  I want RECENT info please.  thanks

Softscript has a very poor reputation. Search the archives and you will see negative info going way
What is the latest on OSi?
What's the latest at SS?
Anyone hear or know what's going on at SoftScript? I've been hearing a lot of rumors (or facts, perhaps!). Fill us in....
u mean the latest downfall in mgt or
do tell
OMG just saw the latest newsletter - LOL!
Latest on Amphion?
Hi.  I'm thinking of applying there.  What is the latest on this company?  Do they have a high turnover rate or do they seem to keep employees?  Are you switched around on accounts much?  Do they make you pay for your computer?  How picky are they about keeping schedules?  What is their platform like?  Any info would be appreciated -- don't want to waste my time if they are a bad company.
latest news
You're right. DSG made me absolutely miserable. I finally quit. The lack of organization, the constant changing of the specs for each account, the constant shuffling of which accounts you worked on, now keep a log of all cc's sent per report and send it to operations each day, plus the fluctuations of work available just got to be crazy.
I think this had been a very good company and it's sad that something has gone terribly wrong. They need to step back and look at their management style and their growth, and reassess what's going on. They can't keep experienced MTs or QA people, they are now loaded with very inexperienced MTs. They are in deep waters and need to take notice.
What is the latest with Spheris?
Anybody happy, not happy?  Do they offer statutory?
According to their latest post (elsewhere) she is
She recruits.  It's not her fault they cannot keep people.  Their platform stinks and alot of look-ups are required.  She's got a great job.  Half the time she's never in the office!  lol
Transolutions latest?
Are there happy campers at Transolutions? 
I also tried it. Even bought the latest..sm
version they claimed to be so much better etc. I tried it and it was a complete waste of time and money. It does not work like they say and I spent a considerable amount of time with it. IT is the way to go. Much more worth it and so much easier.
sorry, but what I see is *latest messages* ,,,sm
not *related messages*, unless yours is showing something different than mine.
Latest on Cardioscribes

I didn't see anything particularly recent in the archives on Cardioscribes and wondered if any current or recent employees would care to share any info about how things are there.  Are most accounts straight typing or VR?  On the overall, how are the dictators and the audio quality?  Is the pay decent and on time? 

Any info anyone would care to share would be greatly appreciated.  Email privately if you prefer.



MDI's latest propaganda
Did anyone else see the latest missive from Dorothy?  It is kind of a rah-rah piece where she is going to have another conference call next week where we can hear the confidence in her voice (yeah, I would be confident, too, if I had just sold my company for 16 mil) and how we are all committed to excellence in our DNA!  Wow.  Perhaps if MDI folds, their officers can all get jobs writing advertising slogans on Madison Avenue.  Meanwhile, no answers to our practical questions.......
Oh, Gawd, if you could only see the latest newsletter
OSI has been the subject of so much discussion, it just does not get any better. LOL LOL

It is actually a joy to work at OSi because it is so ridiculous that there is never a dull moment. I can't believe that she would have the nerve to post another stupid travelog.
$12.50/hr. is their latest fabulous pay scheme.

Whats the latest on this company?
I had heard at one time they were a great company to work for, are they still maintaining that status?
Latest excuse about OSI offshoring
Offshore labor is used only for accounts that have insisted that we provide an offshore solution to their transcription needs.

No sane MT would ever believe that a hospital has insisted on offshore MTs. They may have asked for lower rates and in order to land the account OSi itself insisted on using offshore labor.

I have known people who worked for the facilities where work is offshored and THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW IT IS OFFSHORED.
Oops, meant latest nm
Download the latest version of
Adobe Reader 9.1, it's free.
If the questionnaire you have to fill out, is given by the company, ask them what's wrong.
So, what is the latest news on the lawsuit?
TT versus MT?  Inquiring minds want to know!
Focus Infomatics - Latest word on them?

Is there plenty of work?  Is it more VR with MT typing the whole report and getting paid at that rate?

Any latest news on Davis Transcription?
They tried to rehire me back last month and I have not heard a word from them.  Heard they got bought out by another company which does not surprise me at all.  Any latest news on this crazy company?
Didn't you just LOVE the latest TT email?

Congratulating us for getting all the work caught up last night and pointing out we weren't EVEN OFFERED A BONUS.  Nice.  Yes, those of us at TT are so desparate for work that when it finally shows up, we don't need a bonus to work our fingers to the bone and those in Management crow about it. 

Made me throw up a bit in my mouth. 

Didn't you hear the latest? They are wanting everyone to submit a name ...sm
change through the local chapters to be able to include everyone.

Who invited the Indians anyway???
The latest large incentive they're talking about is...sm
for the BeyondTXT editing program and details were given to everyone working on that platform. Other incentives are for various accounts at various times and details are provided by the ROM for those accounts as those incentives are put into place. The holiday incentive is for everyone, MDI as well as Transcend employees. This is for 3 cpl for all lines transcribed on the 6 national holidays as long as you meet the criteria outlined in the policy. If you do not have a copy of this and would like to receive it, e-mail me and I'll be happy to send it to you.
Latest, related, same difference. Copy and pasted.
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It worked! Latest suggestion from DJ's email worked. nm
Okay, pay late CONSTANTLY.  ABSOLUTELY no communication from anyONE.  What the heck is going on.  I am RUNING while I still can,  QA SUCKS.  ANYONE ELSE HAVE THESE PROBLEMS OR JUST ME A NEWBIE?
I also worked for Softscript awhile back but never had a problem with the paychecks, they were maybe a day or two late here and there.  I just got tired of being on different accounts.  I think one should have one account and get fluent on that with the same docs.  It is more productive for both the MT and the company!!   But I am EXTREMELY happy where I am at now, which is Keystrokes!!!!  THAT COMPANY ROCKS!!!  Woooo Hooooo
Softscript did it to.
Twice in 1 year and got away with it SO far.

Unless you have worked for all of the nationals out there, how could you possibly know that SoftScript is the worst?  Perhaps in your experience it was the worst.  How many nationals have you worked for? 

Anytime a company changes the way they count lines, complaints end up on this board regarding that company.  As far as stealing lines....I would imagine they changed the way they count their lines and this is not okay with you.  By all means, you have a right to feel that way.

I have worked for SoftScript and as with every company, there are problems but I have also had a lot of positives come from working with SoftScript.  I have been doing transcription for 25 years and in my own personal experience, they are no where near "the worst" to work for.

Anyone been recruited by SoftScript?  They hounded me to take the test, which I did, saying that they were in dire need of transcriptionists because of all the work generated by Katrina.  I tested, was notified that I passed and then never heard another word from them.  I have been emailing but to no avail.  :-(
QA for SoftScript?
I've read the messages here, both good and bad, about SoftScript, but has anybody done QA for them and if so, what was that experience like?
sorry that was MT

sorry that was MT

SoftScript QA
Can anyone enlighten me on this company?  Considering applying for QA position.