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Never burn your bridges. You never know who is

Posted By: gonna change companies and be in charge of hiring. on 2009-09-02
In Reply to: Who gives 2-week notice? - jen


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don't burn your bridges
happened to me too. there were six of us, they kept one. they kept telling us, don't worry. our job then ended. my advice, don't burn your bridges. i know you are angry. tell them you will be there for them in case it doesn't work, you will edit for them, etc. in my case, they tried their new system or whatever the hell it was and it didn't work. they hired be back to edit and eventually to transcribe again.
Take a leap. Just don't burn your bridges.
my opinion, don't burn bridges, especially in this business...
stay in good standing, if you can.  this is assuming you had a good working relationship with no problems (?) 

I left a few months ago, and only because of needing full-time work and more money.  they were perfectly understanding...
Don't burn your bridges with this guy. With either of the suggestions mentioned below, he may
Yep, just did with TT, well worth looking into if you didn't burn bridges. nm
I'd have to third that motion. In this biz, I never burn bridges I may have to cross later or sta
on. I do my best to work both until I see how it will work. Trust me, I have seen in only a day if there was potential or not at a new job. You get a feel for support, difficulty of work types, and overall general feel of what this new place is like.  Besides that, when I first came home to do transcription and had to give notice, as this is what i had one previously in the outside world. Boy was I shocked when after giving my 2 weeks notice I found out I was locked out of the account. Apparently, my 2 weeks notice ended NOW....so beware and be cautious.  
Very true. Good reason to never burn bridges in this biz.
This is the most classy way to quit. Remember, never burn your bridges either! nm
Burning bridges sm
If at all possible, don't burn any bridges in this business, but if you absolutely will never work for them again, then just quit. There are good companies out there.
No way...TROLLS hide under bridges
And those things are annoying and smell bad.

A good MT leaving with no burned bridges, will likely
Burn-out. You have burn-out.
She tried to burn me bad too. Wonder how many she
tried this on? Always find it interesting when people advertise for account managers also - what their QA/MT not good enough to promote from within? Scary place - so glad I'm gone!
Burn out
In 15 years I've seen my income go from 120,000 a year down to 18,000 a year. The difference is all the waiting for work time -it takes as much out of you as working, but it's not as productive. Somewhere in the last decade MTs lost a lot of respect, and it's a job similar to sweat shop labor now, and no one cares except the MT.

It's not going to improve - it's time for all of us to find something else to do. I went back to school for the third time - a year from now, I'm out of this business. It's the best plan. Only when enough veterans of this business leave will the working conditions improve.
Did not burn bridge, was well liked.
Thanks for the encouragement!
Testing burn out...sm
How many of you are tired, tired,and sick and tired of these EXTENSIVE test?  I know I sure as heck am and one place wanted me to do this EXTENSIVE 5 part test for SOAP notes.  No way, no how, no matter how good they say the dictation is or how easy.  I don't have time for these stupid written test, give me a few files, let me transcribe then and be done with it.  Jeez Louize!!!!
I did it for years.....no more though. Severe burn out. sm
I did it for about 12 years. Actually, I worked 4 jobs, about 4-5K lines a day. To be honest, looking back, it was not worth the toll it took on my psyche, as well as body.

I say if you really need the money and can manage it, do it for a little while. Eventually, the stress wears on you. Don't forget to take some time for yourself during each day, even if it is 30 minutes or so.

For me, I was working and working and working, and never had time to enjoy anyone or anything in my life. I realized that was not living life at all....and the money, while it was nice at times, really wasn't worth losing my friends and enjoying life over.

Would you just go away? Dont you have a flag to burn somewhere?
steady slow burn

When I see MTSO's patting themselves on the back for paying for spaces and actually bragging about it as if it was a fringe benefit, it makes me want to spit.   

I am not impressed, people.  That should be a given!

How about a decent wage you pilferers!  I am sure you gave yourselves an annual raise at our expense. 

I can't help thinking since this is a female-dominated work force that that is the reason we do not have a standard pay scale that reflects the real world and what things cost. 

We really haven't come a long way baby after all.  We're are still being exploited. Anyone care for a Virginia Slim? 

Heartland. I can't wait until they crash and burn. sm
I loved it until they decided to screw us all over in the end. No loyalty at all.
Heartland. I can't wait until they crash and burn.
How were you screwed? I worked there also and while I did I received fair treatment, good pay and great benefits. They gave me 60 days to find another job and paid me when work was low. I think they were always fair. What more did they owe you? If you had been offered a job earning more, etc, while with Heartland, would you have stayed out of loyalty? I'm sad that I - an alot of others - don't have a job there anymore, but I don't hope they crash and burn.

I owned a MT company and the challenges were enormous!! It's a market-driven economy and certainly companies aren't charging lower than they have to...hospitals call the shots and MT companies are competing to get the business. This is driving down revenues for companies that can't change wages to employees. I closed my business and it was no reflection on my loyalty to my MTs. It was a necessity because my bank could no longer be loyal to me. Do you think its personal? How long can a company continue to lose money? It's the way of the planet now and the best thing we can hope is that our industry completes this swing through these low price times and Heartland becomes a company that purchases labor in the U.S. again. I would rejoin them in a minute! In the meantime, let's do ourselves a service with the future in mind: improve our skills, show up for work, stop complaining, and produce awesome reports. That's how to compete for our jobs!! Not bellyaching.