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Posted By: me on 2008-12-02
In Reply to: QA per-line pay? Guess that accounts for all the nitpicking...sm - Bayou MT

You must remember QA staff also works by a set of rules and we get dinged or in trouble if we miss something.  Most accounts now go strictly by the BOS and heaven forbid we miss a semicolon.  Remember we are NOT in charge, our job is to do what they tell us to do and find anything that is now incorrect and let you know so you don't repeat the error on a report sent directly to the client.  If you haven't been on the phone with an irate client, it's not pleasant.  It all rolls downhill, we are only trying to help.  Sure you get bad apples in any job who let it go to their head, but by far we all work very hard and try to be very fair and correct.

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Nothing but nitpicking - very rarely anything useful
Talk about nitpicking audits?!?!?!
I have 14 years' experience as an MT, plus I'm an EMT and wrote two books on first aid, so I know how to construct a sentence and spell.

I never ONCE got a 100% audit at OSi, whereas at another highly-respected MT company I got nothing but 100% audits. The QA folks are definitely too big for their britches! It was so ridiculous that I could just not continue to accept these ridiculous audits.
Time & skill is what MT has to offer. Not nitpicking
QA per-line pay? Guess that accounts for all the nitpicking...sm

If they have to make their lines, they'll nitpick you to death with their corrections du jour.  And back and forth amongst them, if there's nothing there they'll find something there. 

Maybe, or maybe they realize this is an informal board. QUIT THE NITPICKING! nm