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No, just someone who is not an accountant. Responsible for 200+ employees, ICs in several states. No

Posted By: Veronica on 2007-04-03
In Reply to: Was it a relative? - Susan Drusan


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I though unions not legal in some states (right-to-work states) nm
Should have been accountant -
Get an accountant - best advice I can give you. nm
To Winnie - I do my own taxes not an accountant
I fill out Schedule SE which is the social security and medicare tax form.  However I have thought about hiring an accountant if I am paying too much or tax that I don't need to be paying.
It is normal contact accountant
if the corporation is legit (has filed with the state and is active) and that corporation is paying you for services than they have the right before paying you to have either your social security number or ein number if you are incorporated. At the end of the year that company will send you a 1099 and you will have to pay whatever taxes on those funds you earned. There are advantages to both you and the corporation by having you as a IC. You are now able to write-off more things than a traditional employee being paid w-2. As long as the company does not demand that you be available at certain times than you would not be considered an employee.
Best advice I can give is talk with your accountant. sm
If you don't have one, seek one out. They would be the best source of reliable tax information.
The payroll dept isn't exactly qualified. There's no accountant on staff. sm
I wish they would just let ADP or something similar handle it. So many things are incorrect so often, taxes, PTO pay missing, etc.
No kidding! She shoulda fired her accountant, or perhaps hired one.

As an IC you are responsible
for all of your taxes, including the employer match portion to social security. As an SE, taxes are taken out and the employer pays their portion of SS. SE is like being an employee without any benefits.
WE are responsible
Nobody is responsible for how we invest our 401K's but US! If you have a 401K and can't tolerate investment risk, don't put your 401K money in the stock market, put it in a fixed investment. The investment company has nothing to do with how we choose to allocate our 401K investments. If you have a 401K and don't understand how it works, learn! This is vital to your personal financial survival!
I am only responsible for me
If others are so against what the companies are doing, then they need to do something as far as turning them in, etc. I hear a lot of complaining on this board but to tell you the truth, I do not think it is going anywhere with actions.
YOU and YOU alone are responsible for
letting people take advantage of you. Who else is to blame? People sit here talking about not being able to go out of the home, sitting waiting on work. Do you think the MTSOs do not read here. I know they do because 1 day I got an email from 1 replying to a posting I made. As long as you allow someone to make a door mat out of you, it will continue. I know exactly what I am saying. I would make suggestion but it might be construed as being ignorant.
ICs are responsible for taxes... sm

and insurance and all withholdings (1099 status).  A statutory employee has FICA withheld and usually Social Security (W2 status).  Both have to turn in schedules to their companies, but ICs have a little more flexibility.  Also, ICs supply their own equipment.  Statutories have the option of company supplied (with a rental fee taken from their check, which is waived a lot of times for high production) or use their own equipment.  No bennies for either.  An IC just usually needs to meet client turnaround times and can stop and start a lot more than a statutory or full employee status person does. 

Not sure if company responsible
for this way of counting or not. They don't pay for headers that you have to look up info for which takes time. I would say about a 30% reduction in line count per report disappears. Where it is going? Right back in their pockets I suppose. Im definitely looking elsewhere
Are you responsible for your own taxes?
Do you have benefits?  How fast do you type?
Transcend is responsible for this.
That company has some of the worst managers in this business. They do not care about anything but themselves and think if they just slam the accounts with a lot of MLS to keep them current that is called good management. Some of the good managers take the time to balance out the work so everyone has enough but the lazy ones do not care whether or not we can keep our benefits or pay our bills. But you can't do a thing about it, these are the big boss's pets. You can do what I did - find a second company to work for so you do not rely on them for all your income.
Ultimately, doc is responsible.... sm
Ultimately, it comes down to the responsibility of the physician. I used to have physicians that would put things on the reports like, dictated, but not read. and they would think that got them off the hook, but ultimately, it is their responsibility to review the report for accuracy.
MTSO and client responsible here.
As a former transcription manager I can tell you without even thinking about it that ExText does what it is programmed to do. Your MTSO signs a contract with their clients and all of these things are negotiated. Remember that the new ethics takes the consideration out of whether or not the MT can make a living. It is,however, all about cutting the cost of transcription and I would say it is about time MTs made it their business to be informed about how they are paid and then not rushing to work for companies that do not respect their talents. Why validate people who have no respect for what you do to help their business each day.
You are so right, I stand chastised, we are responsible!
reflect how responsible you are in other things.
Don't jump to conclusions about Wbx being responsible here - sm
you never know what is true in advertising. I'd be questioning the integrity of the J&J recruiters, rather than Webmedx!
who is made responsible for the mistakes
that slip through into a patient's report?

Do you think that all transcribed or VR reports are 100% error free?

This is no reason to stop the ongoing change to EMR.

Same thing.
I would always hope that a responsible intelligent MT...
typed my medical records. However, why should an MT be the ONLY ONE to take the perpetual pay cuts and the increased reponsibilities that should belong to in-house employees...you know those people who get raises and good benefits...such as researching demographics, CCs, etc.

This business is really different than when I got into it almost 10 years ago. I really, really feel for the people who have been in it for longer and have few options for a career change.

Ideally, yes, every member of the team, from those running MTSOs to those in hospital administration, would have patient care uppermost in their minds...but you know without it being said it is all dollars and cents to them.
MTs are just collateral damage, and professional people should not have to take a pay cut for trying to be more professional than the other people on the TEAM.

I shudder at some of the reports that I see, too, but I cannot lay a guilt trip at the feet of MTs trying to make a living when the deck keeps perpetually getting stacked against them.

The last job I went into was exactly this way...if you have a foot pedal and knew speech recognition, you got the job because speech was new to them. Their tech support was also the human resources person, chief salesperson, and CEO, so when my footpedal did not work, I had to figure it out. My QA trial was 3 reports and then off. The office manager sent me the account specifics - updated in 2007, but I had no supervisor. I could e-mail her with questions, do not call please, and she would try to find an answer and e-mail me back. There is no weekend and evening coverage for anything...call Dictaphone if you absolutely cannot work. Otherwise, five blanks is acceptable to send to the client.

To me, these are the people who should be told to buck up, not the MTs. How can you possibly expect to have a quality MT if that is all the time and information you give them? Inferior MTs are being created by the industry and accepted by hospitals so they can pinch a penny.

To ask MTs to switch professions if they cannot cut it is ridiculous, because they will just be replaced by MTs who know less than they do or more work sent overseas because there truly aren't enough American MTs to do the work.

I agree with the OP ... the MT or editor is responsible.

As an employee, the MTSO is responsible.
It is their responsibility to make sure their employees are performing to standards. As a good MT, you try to do the best you can with each and every report, but the responsibility ultimately rests on the MTSO.
They take out for FICA. You are responsible for state and fed taxes. nm

Lawsuits? YOU are responsible for final product, sm
VR doesn't claim to put out a perfect product and never will.
No, the MTSO is responsible for the final product,
and when they give you a garbage platform and force you to fly through reports to make minimum wage, it's too easy to make mistakes. They know this & don't care, and THEY are responsible for the product they are selling. If your brand new Toyota explodes, you don't sue the assembly guy, you sue Toyota... so bwahaha to the MTSO.
It's not being done here in the states!
Unfortunately some states do allow this! sm
Depending on the state in which you live and/or the state in which the company resides, mandatory OT is permissible. Isn't that infuriating? Also, laws state that if you do not follow their mandatory OT ruling, it could be legal grounds for dismissal by the company! Ah, our justice system in the US these days - isn't it just wonderful? NOOOOOOOOOOT!
OSI not hiring in certain states

Has anyone else ever had OSi contact them back to say they are not hiring MTs from their state?  Does this seem like discrimination?  Isn't that kind of like we aren't hiring Caucasians at this time?

OSI not hiring in certain states
I got the same message.   I live in California.
OSI not hiring in certain states
Well that makes no sense that they don't hire people in California. I doubt they have to be licensed in EVERY state. That would cost them a TON of money, but wait...
They DO outsource to India. What does that tell you? huh
3 states away? try to be realistic
Is OSI still in business in the States?
that's fine if the CP states that, but...
NONE of mine state little details like that. Bottom line, you're darned if you do, you're darned if you don't!!
exactly what my post states sm
I said you had to learn a new skill set if you wanted to ever make money on VR, and explained what that new skill set was (manual skills).  Any MT can do VR, but a MT who has no desire how to learn those new skills will never be proficient on it, and will keep coming here complaining about how little money they make.  And if your pay is too low to make any money now matter how much you learn, then that means it is time to switch companies, because either way it is nobodies fault but your own.  They are companies who pay decent livable wages.  You are pretty much responsible for what you allow people to pay you.  If you don't like it you go somewhere else.  If there is nobody offering the pay you want then you are most likely in the wrong career and should go back to school, and began in a field that has higher pay. That is the way it works in a capitalist-free market. 
Do you think nationals have licenses in all 50 states? Not. nm
Take a look at the reply above... that states don't take this the wrong way but...
Com'on talk about a smack in the face. Proofing my reply? What is that?

Sounds like critisism.

No, I like the idea of uping my line count by 40%. Trying to use the Expander was good advice. I did not knock that at all. I think I said thanks for the advice on that. My reply was solely for the person who proofed what I wrote.

No critisism towards an expander : )
In most states, if you voluntarily quit
even if you know you are losing your job in X amount of days, you cannot collect unemployment. If the people at Heartland want to be able to collect unemployment, unfortunately, they need to stay.
they hire in all states; depending on what
state you are in, determines if you can be SE if that is what you are looking for.
I actually meant this generally, I do not think it's all that different in other states....
from what I've been reading and hearing from others. My husband and I have separate insurance each with our own employer and pay a fair rate of 100 a month or so and they are very good plans and not that HMO garbage. BUT we don't have kids. We have an excellent income and live on the east coast too but that would not make it *okay* for me if we had to pay those rates. So, right now I'm thinking of definitely nixing that whole having a family idea we've been discussing. I was hesitant anyway because I feel this world is just not a nice safe place anymore. So this may just seal the deal for me. What a country, huh? : (
The recent job posting states
discretionary match, which is why I was wondering if anyone got the info yet.

As far as the PTO, the handbook has a chart, as I recall the first increase is after the second year.
Their ad states cable or DSL, I think, but once in a pinch sm

I used dialup when my cable was out.  It was INCREDIBLY slow retrieving jobs and loading the demographic information, but it did work.   I don't know about WiFi -- guess you could call and ask them.   The people in the office are very friendly and helpful.

Good luck!

They do pay benefits if you live in certain states. SM
Last I heard it was CA, FL, and one other, not sure which.
She isn't complaining about not finding a job. If she states
do they even contact her if they don't have that specialty? I don't agree with any MT limiting to certain specialties because it makes it harder to find quality jobs, but I also don't know her circumstances so I'm not about to judge. Maybe she's close to retirement and doesn't care to struggle with learning new things. Who knows? Either way, for someone to try to talk her into doing something else and then be rude when she won't, that's not right either. At any rate, yes, just keep telling them NO, that's about all you can do. Annoying, yes, but no one can force you to do anything. As for the rude people, I find saying have a nice day or good luck finding what you need and hanging up works well.

For the record, the same happens to companies, too, in that they'll advertise for certain criteria but people will still call or apply without the criteria hoping to talk the company into giving them a chance anyway. I guess it's just human nature. lol
Transcend policy states that an (sm)
employee who discloses or discusses their salary can be dismissed.  Their line rates are comparable and you can ask for an increase, but like every other company there is a max.  If you're looking for a ton of work and to always stay busy, they're a great company.
Their pre-employment letter states 8 cpl, no
exceptions.  About 2 years ago I was offered 9.5 cpl, but didn't accept position.  When I reapplied they offered 8 cpl.  I've heard that some MTs negotiated for better rate. 
Her ad lower on the job board states

pay/benefits: $7000.If that's weekly, that would be great! LOL Don't know what she means by that.

The top ad wasn't even completed. Is it that she is frustrated and overworked, or just plain old rushing through the ad? Seems very confusing.

Axolotl's website states

Medical Transcription Opportunities

As part of our company's growth, we are recruiting work-at-home medical transcription professionals to become full-time or part-time employees. If you possess at least three years of hospital or two years of multi-specialty clinic medical transcription experience and want to become part of a top-rate team, please fax or email your resume,

Our website specifically states we DO NOT pay for spaces
so I don't know who or where you got your information, but we are very honest about it. Sorry for your misunderstanding.