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Nope, FT only.

Posted By: KSMT on 2007-12-03
In Reply to: Keystrokes question RE: vacation time. - No Name


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nope, not me, NOPE Worked to hard and long to sm
know what I know, my expertise is worth more and constant updating . Keep looking on the job boards. Email and ask if VR, pay for space and lowest to highest line rate for the POSITION (generic question) not I have 20 years exp. etc
Not yet!
I'm already in the process of getting in with another company while I can still make the change because I WANT to and not because I HAVE to. 
Nope,they have their own although sm
if you speak to tech support,they may be able to import your shortcuts into their program.
Nope. nm
No, it doesn't make it 10.75 cpl. I thought that it might at first, too. Look at it this way: 15.3% (the actual %) has to be paid out of what you make. As an SE, half of that is paid by your employer, the other half by you. As an IC, you pay the whole. So you're actually only paying 0.0765% more.

What I did to figure out which rate was best. SE versus IC, was to take the base rate and subtract the 0.0765% from it. At 10 cpl, that gives you an SE-comparable rate at 0.09235 cpl.
Nope. Nope and not any more
Nope, not that one! (sm)
The BestPRN I know of does primarily psych and has a system that prevents cherry-picking. The owners are the best I have ever worked for.

There are about twenty zillion services named PRN transcription.
Nope, she's gone.
Nope I don't.

They have their OWN accounts now using several types of software.  I only use one type of software they have, but they have 3 accounts with it.  I work on two of them.

That is how she tests
Nope, I think it is after 2
Nope. :) nm
Nope, never have
Whenever I have applied for a job in the past, I have always submitted it directly to the employer. I want to avoid being contacted by these types of strange places.
Nope. nm
nope. but only been one day. n/m
I don't know a thing, except that I wouldn't want to send my personal information to an unidentified company with a rapper's personal email address as contact information. This is the business world. They can be more professional in their communication efforts.
Nope, not MQ or OSi, but...
but thanks guys for the tip - I know who to stay away from!   I have played MQ before, never ever again - don't know about OSi, but I think I'll steer clear.  This is more of a wish list and a compilation of all the negative things I have experienced over the years and just don't want to deal with again.  I realize no place will be perfect.  I'm hoping some MTSOs will see the post and pay attention - but if they are already operating this they most likely won't change their ways, nor are they likely to care - just a vent.
Nope! nm
Nope... I am
Wendy too! Hi Wendy!
Nope, FT only

Its you.

nope.. but maybe I should be! :)
Not even a message or card. Maybe they don't know about Christmas in India. :-)
Nope. I did not see it, but then again...
I do not always get the emails because of the problems with the server. I know they are looking for a new server. But, never got that email.
I have only heard that there is no communication and no QA feedback. I know a person from India who worked under an American's information for 2 months submitting horrible reports to QA and she never received an ounce of feedback and was never contacted a single time about the horrible quality.
not anymore - new board! lololol KIDDING!

I don't know how many employees they have. I wish that they would come up with a way to spot check QAs work. I have seen entire sentences deleted from my reports...I guess 'cause the QA person could not understand what should go into the blank.

I have noticed that certain QA folks will do just about anything (including typing in garbage) to make sure that the reports are uploaded without blanks.

Are you new to DSG? I know 7 other MTs there and they have all had the same problem with having emails ignored and only getting replies to emails that pertain to working extra or not working...everything else must have gone into cyberspace.
Nope, not that either. sm
They DO ask for help on certain accounts from time to time and they usually don't mind if you work those and it is not your account. If they outsourced to another company, there would be no need for this.  The work gets spread around everyone who is willing and able. 
Nope, nothing
They probably didn't even realize it. That's okay, though, they're good to work for and I get regular raises and a lot of time off. Maybe an email would have be nice.
Not at all. Still full of morons and adding new morons everyday. If you like working for pennies, just to have your hard work turned over the oversea workers than go for it.
I stumbled on it with my fumble fingers late one night quite by accident.  I am having to learn how to type all over again, it seems, since doing nothing but 95% editing for the last year or so.  Can't seem to get fingers to move very fast yet. Hope that keys helps more than just you and me.
Nope, not at all.
I interviewed with them a while back and asked about this as well. They basically told me that no, there is no flexibility. It may depend on whether you are covering a radiology account or doing something else.
Nope... ME TOO. nm

Nope, not my first. nm
Have been with Wmx for quite some time now.
I still like my work and love the company I work for. Things might look greener on the other side but it's tough all over right now. There are many jobs right now foregoing raises, not just MT.
I accepted a position elsewhere and have 3 days left to work there. For the heck of it, I sat in on a group production meeting, i.e., for those like me who probably mostly aren't getting with the VR program enthusiastically enough and getting faster, ha-ha, like that's truly possible under the current circumstances there. I found listening to the speaker depressing but hey, she's just doing her job, just another company cheerleader type who had little of real value to offer, and it took her over an hour to say what she did have to say. I put the phone down several times and went to the kitchen for coffee. Even though I'll be starting elsewhere where they assure me I'll have no VR, I don't really believe them and spend my days planning out a different future for myself which might include going back to school. My motivation as a transcriber is just about gone after 30 plus years.
Nope, definitely not fixed.....

You have to provide your own computer.  No incentives unless they are super backed up and then it is usually 1/2 cent per line. 

don't have and have never had that problem with Escription.  Love it actually. 
Nope, but let me tell you
That proverbial door wouldn't have time to hit me in the backside before I was off in search of greener pastures (greener being as in MONEY in this case).

Some of these MTSOs just don't seem to understand that our creditors do not give one iota of care about these extenuating circumstances. They want their money when it is due, not whenever our employers choose to pay us.

No matter how nice they may be, no matter how much work they may have or how easy the lines may come, if you don't get paid for it, you might as well be sitting around watching soap operas all day.

IMO, and others may strongly disagree, I'd cut my ties, make sure to invoice her for everything she owed me, given her a 10-day demand to pay in full, and find something else ASAP. Even if it pays a little less, at least you'll get paid.

Good luck to you and I hope somedays some of these MTSOs grasp the concept that we have bills to pay and like to eat at least once in awhile.

I find this so disheartening for my fellow MTs. I hope things in this profession begin to turn around and quickly.
Nope- I'd like to know what everyone is doing -
to pay their bills?:(
Nope - used to - now .....sm
work for the Q's shadow - #2 company
I'm just a minion, like anybody else, bottom of the heap, down in the trenches and doing just fine here. And the only reason I have this much time, right now, to hang out on the board is because for the last couple of days, for the first time since about last Christmas, my team has actually run out of work.... I think some of the docs must be taking last-minute end-of-summer vacations or something.

But despite running out of work 2 days in a row, I have still cracked that magic $900 mark--and there are 3 days left in the pay period.

Just sayin'. And just sharing my own experiences, and what I've been told by people I have not (yet) been given any reason to mistrust.

And I'm a very, VERY fast typist so I can still get a lot of work done. When there's work. Which there actually is, this morning, so I'd better get back at it.

And I'm an old internet geek from way back, so I am fully aware that anybody can go online and say anything at all. If you choose to believe I am not who and what I say I am, that's certainly your prerogative. But feel free to Google 'CrankyBeach' and you'll find out probably more than you ever wanted to know about me.... :)

Nope is right
and apparently has street smarts as well as MT smarts. Think, people. MDI kept us on the hook for MONTHS, telling us it was only a temporary situation. I was told that they were getting two new accounts that were going to be BIG and if I would just hold on until September, there would be pie in the sky by and by. I think they wanted to hold on because the deal was probably contingent on them providing X AMOUNT of well-trained MDI MTs. Once the deal was consummated (so to speak) they they could toss us to the wind. Nice, huh? People, watch your backs. Someone else on this board said it, but I will echo it. TRUST NO ONE. Cover your six o'clock. ALWAYS (now more than ever) HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN B IN PLACE. You could be let go at any time.
nope, no way. NO.
say did
1000 lines a day
125 lines an hour
7 cebts a line
making $8.75 an hour.

We have no medical degrees, yet much know more than the MDs OH yessss. Have to know it all, across the spectrum of drugs, instruments, disorders, and what other disorders go with it, just sooooo much to know and the ever changing advances. Each facility stock different products.