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Not meaning to argue...

Posted By: MTSOs need to stop lying on 2008-09-11
In Reply to: Maybe it's to get your QA scoring - yourself out of the way. Just because

but they DID lie. They initially told me that typing was not required. Just as they will review what I type, they could allow me to QA and review what I have QA'd. Very simple.

Whatever their reasons are for requiring this - they should be honest and tell the folks to whom they make an offer that typing is required.

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I can't argue with you. Not one bit.

I left a fairly major company a while back. Was the head of QA. I failed MT after MT on reviews, sometimes repeatedly, and couldn't get rid of them to save my soul (upper management politics SUCK). I'm talking about the really bad apples here, not people who were 96-98% folks. Everyone can have a bad day, or even a bad month. I'm talking about hateful attitudes, defiantly chronic line padders, blatant cherry pickers, and medical error after medical error.

To this very day every one of them is STILL there, some having been promoted to special teams, etc. All too often it's truly about who you know, not what you do. Now, I pretty much follow BOS2, adhere to client wishes, and I was actually quite lenient in my scoring, but to see people who are unethical, undeserving, and just plain bad MTs get rewarded for their behavior, well, it chaps my hide. If I ever get into QA management again I'll make darned sure beforehand that if I say "yer outta here!" they truly will be "outta here."

On another note, God bless every MT who cares about the patient, cares about quality, and can look at themselves in the mirror every day and say "I did a GREAT job today, and I feel good about being me." If it were within my power I'd double your line rate, triple your incentives, give you a hand and foot massage and buy you a drink!

I'll get off of my soapbox now!



Yep, no one can argue with that. And you can add
I am not going to argue with you about it. - sm
I'm glad you are happy. I will caution you not to believe everything they tell you. The offshore MTs are NOT a small percentage, no matter what they tell you. And yes, I read the memo.
To those thinking about taking a job with MedWare, they have many good points but also be aware that they are sending much work to India and VR and will continue to do so as that is the way of transcription in this day and age.
Don't want to argue with you, but....sm
I DID send in 30 minutes of dictation in February 2007. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I signed a contract and everything.

I still have the emails and the dictation. I will be happy to email you this to show you I'm not making this up.

Heck, I just wanted to give heads up, not fight with anybody.

Yes, 30 minutes of dictation is tough. It took me a long time. I was testing a LOT with companies back then and having a very frustrating time. Just seemed like par for the course at the time. I was trying to gain individual accounts.

I truly did do 30 minutes of dictation per his request. I can prove it. I don't appreciate your insinuation.
Not going to argue with you
A fax machine is not something that an MT uses while doing MT work. MTs should not be expected to own fax machines. It is still my opinion that it is the employers responsibility to mail a hard copy of the required new hire paperwork to all employees and provide a paid means to the employee to return the paperwork.

IMO, it is very unprofessional to email documents to a new hire and expect them to print it out (MT may not have a printer) and mail or fax it back (MT may not have a fax) to them at their own expense. Very tacky.
Can't argue with that......
I'm not going to sit and argue with you...
..and I certainly will not sink to the depth you have and question your credibility or insult you in return.

Whether or not you find me credible is really of no great significance to me. There are enough MTs on this board with decades of experience claiming the same insulting 7 cpl offer.

You've obviously found your pot of gold with WMX. I on the other hand was offended by their offer, laughed at the recruiter as I declined and made the choice to apply elsewhere until I found a job offering a better rate for my skills.

Yes as an IC, the pittance these nationals pass off as benefits and incentives attached to a string do not entice me. I do not feel a need to work harder than I already do just so I can finally earn the cpl I should have been earning all along for my skills.

I earn incentives too for all my weekend and holiday work and I earn it without having to kill myself transcribing a minimum of 800 lines to earn it; tack on another 15% or 20% to my IC rate.

Just as an additional FYI, there are tiered incentives offered at FN too, but I'm not sure exactly the total lines required before they would be applied.

You seem happy at WMX, just as I am happy at FN, so leave it at that. If I wanted to argue, I would just call up my ex.
why argue about it. Either the she will sm
have to go there or she won't go there and won't have a job. I didn't say I agreed with them. I am telling you that they are doing this and if the poster wants to work for them that is what she will have to do.

Personally I WOULD NOT DO IT but she didn't ask if I would do it, she asked if it was legal. Then comes all the dialogue! Go to work!
Can't argue with more money!

Best of luck on the new job!

Obviously I have more integrity than you do. Argue with yourself.
Good bye. You are a joke.
Not even gonna argue, as I can tell 100% from
your dialect that you are Indian.  So, you don't understand our US point of view.  I do not want to work for an Indian owner, a Japanese owner, or an owner from Mars who has, in their own written and published mission statement, to eliminate the US MTs, as they are inferior to Indian MTs. Not my words, CBay's words, and I don't care if they came from Santa Claus, or Mr. Hoffmann, or Tony Soprano. I ain't gonna work for someone who wants to eliminate me and my coworkers. Buh Bye.
Not trying to argue your point, just
asking you to explain, so I know, LOL. Thanks much!!!
I am not going to argue with the likes sm
of you. Your word structure doesn't even sound like you are from this country. If not, you don't even belong on this board. Oh but I forgot, Why should this be?
You're just looking to argue...
I got your post completely. And you don't need to lecture me regarding education and getting involved. I've been doing both for quite some time now.
Yes, I hear what you're saying and can't argue with you at all ...sm
It's so disappointing though. In other aspects I think that they're a very fine company, but the other aspects aren't what pays the bills ... =(
It is Latin and means "without delay", or "immediately."
??? not clear on that.
Different take on the meaning of this
If your testing did not qualify you did it ever occur to you that you did too well? Perhaps you did ace the test as you believe (I do not doubt your feelings at all), but that would mean they would have to give you top dollar, and they don't want to hire someone like that right now, or ever. Don't know this company, but I have been through this. But I go one step further. I always am flexible with my cpl rate in the cover letter, and so when I ace a test like you did they do get back to me. But, I have been offered 6.5 to 7 c/line, no kidding. Then, I say no. What do they think flexible means? Stupid! Yes. They think I am stupid so offer me a job. They know you are not stupid because you aced the test, so they say you are not qualified for their low pay scale. That is just IMHO. Sorry to take the opposite position from the other poster who says you are not as good as you think. Since this person does not know you or your skills, I think that comment may be way off base. So, don't let these things ruin your day. Count it as a blessing and find a decent place who will appreciate you. IMHO. Good luck!
Meaning and substance???
If you are an editor, you will soon be out of work.  What exactly do you mean when you say 'meaning' and 'substance'?
Meaning, you are not getting 1000....
which I thought was the requirement. I have a friend who tried them out and went days without work.
Meaning you don't get paid for it
Ah, but you miss my meaning.
If she does not know that a lot is two separate words, I can only imagine the other kinds of errors that she makes.  That is so very basic.  I am not jealous of someone who does not know that a lot is two separate words.  I am not QA and I don't work for TT and I am not policing anything.  I am just really, really tired of the seeing ALOT and other inexcusable errors from people as they are bragging about their awesome quality-oriented companies that hired them.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who is tired of it. 
meaning of initials
rolling on floor laughing my butt off ROFLMBO
Thank You all and I wasn't meaning ESL accent...
I was meaning ESL who can't speak English, but make up their own form of Americanese language (broken up/half-English)i.e. physical thrappy for physical therapy and palawong is echocardiogram, therefore the whole report is a big fat blank because I still couldn't figure out how palawong sounded echocardiogram. Thank MT@diskriter, I will give Diskriter a try and I hope to get 2 accounts and stay on those 2 accounts besides rotating accounts 4 or 5 times a week. The downtime sounds like some good insurance. Last job work 2 hours and had no work so I would sit and baby-sit the computer catching job here and there for about 19 hours for 600 lines due to no work and no pay. Thanks again all.
" FOR NOW "... 2 small words with a very big meaning. nm
If the error changes meaning of the report
Because that's dangerous. It should be something that almost never happens though.
Meaning I sure hope the above poster
isn't a manager at Ax. That is what I meant. Obviously they must work there because they are aware of e mails.
Well, I really wasn't meaning to imply that something ... SM
was wrong with the line counts. Just for some reason, I have a very difficult time making my lines. Yes, what I am typing for the day definitely has something to do with it. I feel that the fact that I get reports from 2 different accounts mixed in with each other also is not conducive to speed. But I really brought this up, just kind of thinking out loud, that I wonder if the fact that it is a good company outweighs the fact that I am not making any money! That's what I'm trying to resolve in my own mind.

Production incentive meaning overtime
Then it would be legal.
meaning that some accounts have assigned doctors...
She is meaning you will see lazy MTs while doing QA that no longer care
and do you mean "THEY" meaning DeVenture or in general?
If in general, that's nothing new. If you mean DeVenture, then I'm glad I got turned down.
SC meaning SE (statutory employee) and or IC contractor.
Still looking for help on employee positions with no VR which are good. Thanks.
So, Yes, they were once OmniMed, meaning the same people. Thought so! BAD company! x
No we won't. I said slow, meaning slower than usual, should have clarified.
I understand!! Really, it doesn't change the meaning or context and
it is not a medical error, so why are they wasting their time on such trivial things. I call it trivial, because in my opinion, it is.

QA is for editing and correcting gross medical errors and errors that truly change the meaning and context of the document. Some QA folks are ridiculous and feel the need to be important.

I have always ignored those types of corrections. Now, if I made a big boo-boo, I would pay attention to the feedback.
You're right! Hahaha My typo totally messed up the meaning!
Yes, MQ is aware of my other position. I was very up front with them when I took their offer. Spheris probably would not be happy about my situation, I agree.

My other comments were made because no matter what I post, someone has got to be interested in what I'm doing or not doing, whether they think it is right or not, etc.

My whole post on this thread was an answer about great companies. I posted. Then, if you'll go back and look at this entire thread, I am the one getting all the virtual "you can't do that" complainers on my back.

It's not anyone else's business. One of the OPs started it I suppose with the trying to tell me I can't post on this forum because I work for Spheris and I can't use their computer. Then others chime in. Then others start in with what they think I can and cannot do.

It's none of anyone's business. I wasn't addressing any of those subjects whatsoever.

I seem to be prime fuel for the flaming activities, regardless of the subject of my posts. Even if I respond to others, 9 times out of 10 I get flamed and for other subject matter most of those times.

Hahaha, you are right in your answers to some of the other posters. You and I are having an adult conversation and understanding each other well, even if we disagree. THAT is how it should be.

As I answered you somewhere in this same thread, I understand what you were bringing to light for others who may not realize about working for more than 1 company. It is a gamble. I agree wholeheartedly.

It isn't just the competition between Spheris and MQ though. That expectation is with other companies as well, maybe not all, but most. And most, if you read the employee handbook imply that they do not want their employees on forums like this.

One of the OPs stated that I signed a contract with Spheris forbidding me to be on this forum. No ma'am. That simply isn't true. I went back and looked at everything I've signed. I've signed no such contract. There may be an implied policy but I have not signed any such contract.

I personally think that each company has really good aspects. I can also see where each could improve. That will be with any company though. As long as I am well paid and have flexibility and opportunity, I'm a happy clam.