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Not the worst, but toward the lower end of the middle.

Posted By: MT in MT on 2007-02-06
In Reply to: While I agree that they have some pay issues - J

I was paid late/wrong often. I always tell people if you can afford to be paid late, then it's an okay place to work. If you rely on them being on time and accurate, go elsewhere.

Several of the shift leads are very nice. However, one never answers you because she's busy looking like the production queen. One had more drama than Jerry Springer. The owner answers you when she feels like it or not at all. My training on my account consisted of me doing 3 notes and then I was on my own. I was told I couldn't pend to verify information if it didn't cause more than one blank. I like being left alone to type, but I like to be comfortable with the account as well.

So it isn't the worst company out there but it certainly is not the best.

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60-thou a year is lower middle income if -
Unfortunately, the "many MT jobs" have very low pay rates, and getting lower and lower. nm
Getting the worst shift and worst work are two different things...
If you are new, you may not get the best shift, but everyone should share in the difficult work. No one person should be stuck with ESLs because they are new. Maybe the new hires won't get first pick of holidays...things like that, but shouldn't get stuck with all ESLs. Doesn't make sense.
Worst of the worst...I agree with RUN
Please - don't learn the hard way!  You will only waste your time and run the risk of not making anything to boot unless you have a relative who is a big city lawyer.  Under the sugar coating is something very bitter.
Middle of the pack - per se! sm
Not the worst, but certainly not one of the better companies. Good luck.
60K middle income?
Heck, I work for a small community hosp as employee making $35K, which is middle income in rural WI. 
Its odd, but they are basically a middle man, which
I personally didn't like. It was frustrating at times. Also, in my experience, we got the bottom of the barrel work from the hospital, even more than usual for a national. The pay was low at 8 cpl, which I understand is still the current pay, so I'm sure DiskR gets a big hunk of what the hospital is really paying. Obviously, I know, its business, but it seemed odder than the usual set up of working for a national. I found it would have been more pleasant just working for the hospital, because you are 100% an employee of the hospital and not Diskriter. I just did not care for the whole atmosphere, lots of cherry picking and more than usual politics, but nobody really to turn to, as the hospital didn't want to know from beans, and DR had its own issues. Very  much a stuck in the middle feeling...but not a good one.
Why should I take a Xanax in the middle
of the DAY when I am working?
Xanax is to be taken before 'crawling' into bed, it makes you fall asleep. Do you still not get it?

OMG, are you taking Xanax in the middle of the day when you are supposed to MTing? I bet you fall asleep in the middle of the day and then you cannot sleep during the night. Then you take another one, oh me oh my, you do not even follow doctors' instructions.

And one should definitely NOT DRIVE after having taken XANAX, it makes you drowsy and abstain from alcohol.

All things you do not know!


Wow! This is toooooo much!
Middle ground
I know how you feel.  Many of us are taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.  I'll bet our collective plight has done wonders for the pharmaceutical industry's profit margin.  I can't tell you what to do, but it won't hurt you to look around and you likely can find a better employee situation with better benefits.  Taking action is a good antidepressant as well.  Try not to be in a slump.  Stay active and proactive.  I know it's easier said than done. 
There is a not enough of a middle class to keep
Paranoia is my middle name...
I don't work for the company you're talking about, but in addition to Tech Support Guy's very valuable advice down below, I would add this thought:

If you are working as an independent contractor on equipment that you provide yourself, I would strongly encourage you to perform your WORK ONLY on a separate computer from your personal activities - emailing, websurfing, gaming, Netflix, whatever.

This will actually serve 2 very useful purposes:

1) You won't have to worry about accidentally wiping out your work computer (and means to earn your living) with a random virus caught via email.

2) You won't have to worry about your general contractor snooping around on your personal computer - they won't have access to it in any way, shape or form to start with!

Wal-Mart, Target, and other places are selling small netbook computers that still run Windows XP on them for under $400, and in some cases under $250. You can hook one of those up to a full size keyboard, and even a full size monitor if you can't work with an 8.9' screen.

Isn't peace of mind worth less than $400?
I was in the middle of training...

I was paid during training and on-time which is another plus for me.  You can read through my post and pick it apart all you want, but the endorsement is there from me personally experiencing the hiring process.  It was quick, easy, and I was offered a good line rate.  You can believe what you want.  I didn't enjoy anything about the death in my family for your smart alecky information; it was my mother who died.

What's the point of your post anyway?  to tell me I am a liar???? 

Transcend offered me my specialty and yes I was training on BeyondText and I was able to get my specialty as well and I was doing great until my Mom died and I had to tend to her affairs.  I didn't think it was fair to Transcend for me to go at as a half-wit at that point. 

Transcend - good, bad, middle?
Anyone care to comment? They have oncology work and it's my thang...
disappearance of the middle class...
actually, we have always been 'poor' so to speak, so all this stuff is not affecting us so much...

I feel sorry for those who are now living like we are, only used to be considered well off; needing to cut back on spending, etc., noticing the pinch as the middle class gets squeezed more and more.

the funny part will be when we have some type of revolution in THIS country, which will happen. history only repeats. you keep people down and they will revolt. america is only going to take so much of this loss of liberties and rights, and jobs, total abuse of power and money against the little guy, etc.
You mean WebMdx in the middle there, don't ya? And biggest co. does not mean best,
I'm in the middle of taking the test myself
and I am so relieved to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing significant trouble! I have 10 years' experience, but that is useless when dealing with this quality (or lack thereof) of dictation!
Giggling at middle finger LOL

Not all the middle managers have everyone's email
I personally thought it was nice of the person to answer the questions people were having.

Don't know why it would bother you; the messages are clearly marked, if it doesn't interest you you can pass it by.
Last year, received in middle of Feb.
It's the middle of the night in India.
I think they wait til the middle of the night...
when they think nobody is watching and hope to get replies before the moderators take notice.
(Middle-management Suit.)

That wasn't me. I just dove into the middle of the melee for fun.

Lots of middle eastern and asians in BC....
it's interesting to visit there. Very cosmopolitan. However, where a company is located doesn't mean much. I almost went to work for a company that was located here in the States, but was clearly Indian owned and run and had other Indian holdings involved when I did some deep searching. Not my cup of tea.
sorry, meant to say "say", its the middle of the night here
Oops! That's "its" middle finger - nm
that is either the mtso rate or no middle man at all, betcha-nm
While the American middle class is shrinking every day.
you are ignorant and stuck in the Middle Ages...
VR is not always bad, the bad is that the pay is much, much too low. It should pay the same as straight.
Most doctors now are from the Middle East or India
so you know they are not going to take these holidays. The Jewish are more involved in financing and banking now.
Rml pe - right middle lobe pulmonary edema all in a few strokes.
Who does not use a word expander? My company insists I use one
oh, I thought it was the air sound the middle finger makes
Pray that you never have a pipe burst in the middle of the night. sm
There is still a demand for graveyard shift plumbers, just as there is a demand for MTs with 'odd' hours, etc. Both just have to find the complementary company.
Amen - Haven't seen "SO THERE" since middle school!!!
Probably was sticking out her tongue after she typed that, too. Sad.
Sorry...lower 7 to 7.5 cpl. nm
I already get by on less. How much lower can
Soon most MT work stations will become shopping-carts parked under the nearest interstate overpass.

'Buddy, can you spare a dime?'
Lower pay

I hope that is not true but I bet they try to lower our wages again. I also work for Spheris and I know that we have to meet the QA standards. I do meet the QA and line count standards but I notice lately that I have been having to look up the patient information a lot more, which I know we are not compensated for.  Also, lately it seems like I do more reports but my line count does not seem to increase like it should. Makes me wonder.

So what happens if they lower your cpl? With
my guess is lots of people will fall below the $900 mark, and then they get the added bonus of not having to insure you. Where I work they lowered our cpl pay this year, and now it's nearly impossible to make $900/pay period. If we were figuring full-time/part-time status by earnings, even though I work 60-hour weeks, I'd still be considered a part-timer. How do you spell ' R-I-P-O-F-F' ???
Not really. The middle class is necessary - to support the welfare people and to pick up the slack f
I read online something about a 4-day Middle Eastern holiday, starting tomorrow...nm
Definitely lower than average. nm
so if it is not 8, is it higher or lower..(nm)
Pay is much much much lower than any other national
Isn't their pay way lower than average? nm
I think it goes with the MDI post a little bit lower down
yes. at new lower rate.
Maybe they're somewhere at the lower end?
I know I'm at the top and mine was cut, so maybe someone on one of the accounts that was only making 7 cents/line to begin with, didn't get cut any further?
Starts you off much lower than her ad shows. nm
Generally 3-4.5 cpl. Much lower than transcribing.
Lower rate/better dictators
Again I agree with you!   The MTSO, hospitals should go to dictators that are bad or hard to understand and ask them politely to clean it up.  How are we supposed to do our jobs 100%  when we get crap to deal with? You give clean dictation you get clean reports.  Any fool can figure that out . . . . well maybe not.
Rates are lower than 20 years ago. nm