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Not them but CorT bounced my friends 3 checks. nm

Posted By: Algernon on 2005-07-12
In Reply to: Anyone else having problems collecting from JYT (nm) - mk


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Is it true that CorT is bouncing checks and LYING?

RE: Bounced checks
I had this happen to me recently too twice and I will never work for that company again. That is not good business. 
Bounced checks
Check with your state. Bounced checks are a criminal matter, and each state has guidelines for you to collect your money. Here it's through the DA's office.
Bounced checks again at D&L
This is not the first time this has happened and there was always a good reason but has anyone else had checks bounce from D&L Typing Service lately or is it mine and their reason is valid? They seem to be hiring, so they have money coming in - and always a lot of work for me - what is going on? do these people really have that many problems with a bank or do they not put the money earned by their company into the account like they should? I am not working for someone else's bills to be paid, I am working for mine. I see a lot of posts asking about them but no one ever responds - is this the norm for D&L Typing Service - have I just been lucky until now? Does any one pay their employees without bouncing a check? Can anyone be honest with me please.
bounced checks
I just want to remind everyone who has allowed the MT companies that bounced checks on you all, and in turn causing you to have bounced checks - that even if they reimburse you - your credit is screwed.

D&L is scrambling to make good on checks and if they succeed many of you will forgive, may not forget, but you will continue working.

Have they paid you late fees, interest, have they made up the credit problems you now have.

Why do we allow this to happen? I am so fed up and tired of this nonsense. If any company does not pay you on time as stated in their hiring information - fine them, charge them, and certainly if they bounce checks Press Charges. Do not accept their wink and apology - they will continue to do this with you or others.

bounced checks
There are multiple posts here on the subject especially lately - contact the DA office and press charges, contact the labor board and file claim. If they decide to cut and run, claim bankruptcy - your claim will be there and you could potentially be reimbursed, otherwise potential loss. Do not let these companies get away with this. Post the name so we can all be warned. A bounced check from another person could still ruin your credit - nothing can make that up.
bounced checks
Donot let them get away with it - Recently a company hs been noted on here bouncing thousands of dollars worth of checks - sent out replacement checks and those funds are no good either - there is a web site to post for civil charges and national charges - you are entitled up to 500.00 for each check they bounce once demand has been made - file your claim now. If I could post the site I would - Google - national check fraud center - all information is there
Pay cut/bounced checks
Hello I have been working for MedTrans for quite a while now. I have had 2 checks to not clear my bank, and I have just been informed that I along with other hard working people will be receiving a 10% cut in our pay, because after 3+ years they have just realized they are losing money. Beware!
What about pay..on time? bounced checks?
present those bounced checks to your employer - sm
when you were hired, you were told when your paydays would be. There was no warning or notice made ahead of time that paychecks would be late. THEREFORE, your employer is responsible for the bounced check fees that were caused by the direct deposit being late!!! This is for direct deposit only - NOT FOR PAYCHECKS arriving by mail. Checks arriving by mail could be held up as a result of the postal service, carrier, etc. Therefore, your employer is not responsible for checks bounced because of that.
If ONE of my checks EVER bounced, I'd be gone. Obviously there are pay issues. I agree with you
in that I also smell mgt. I mean truly numerous people always complaining about pay issues and yet ONE person does get paid on time.. very fishy to me. I smell management. Time to move on
Cut in pay/bounced checks/losing money
I have worked for this company for quite a while now. I have been very happy with them, until recently when they decided that they were going to cut my pay and other hardworking people's pay by 10% because they are losing money. They have had these accounts that they are losing money on for 3+ years and are just now realizing they are losing money. I have also had more than 1 of my paychecks to bounce. Beware!
response to bounced checks and "too picky"

Please, do not let those untrue postings affect your decision to work for The MT Group.

This is Melanie (the one who posted the job for The MT Group).  The MT Group was started in 1996, and we have NEVER EVER EVER EVER bounced someone's check nor shorted the check.  We ask all of our ICs to turn in their line counts at the end of every pay period.  If they do not match what we have, I contact the IC so that we can compare.  Very rarely do I need to go that far.  When I put in our job post that we are honest and fair, I was being honest.  I was very discouraged to read that posting. 

As far as pickiness about spaces.  It is common knowledge that there should be two spaces after a period, and yes, we do expect that.  I can't help but think that the person who posted that reply just had a big problem with using two spaces.

And moodiness??  Who was moody?  The transcriptionist?


Klaar....habitually late and a multitude of bounced checks..

The owner has no sense about this at all.  He will wait until you call to say your check is late and then say he will over-night it...right.  And there is NOTHING like paying your bills with your paycheck only to find out 10 days later that the paycheck bounced. 

Burn me once....shame on you

Burn me twice ... shame on me...I moved on.  Some people are still struggling.  Also, just if anyone is interested.  It is actually illegal to bounce checks and you can hire a constable (around $75 I think) in the town/area of the office to arrest the person writting the bad check.  The person will be taken to jail and will have to post bond to be released. I have considered doing this but I am from a different state and haven't looked into the details of doing it out of state.   

Maybe search for Cort or CorT..most posts were negative so maybe they were deleted. nm
those bonus checks aren't extra money...you would just get tw bigger checks rather than 3 checks

don't kid yourself

A few days ago, there were messages they were bouncing checks, writing bad checks, etc. Search the A
I dont mind background checks, but why credit checks!!!! nm
Last I knew, there was only a handful amount of people who still work for them.  Most of them on the last straw with them.  Communication was worse than ever and the don't even pay their people.... big surprise there.  Couple of MTs still waiting for there last few paychecks.
Ex-CorT MT

I would like to chat with you if you are willing.  I am a recently ex-CorT MT.  In same situation.

Another Happy CorT'r
I started on the apprentice program in Jun, with no experience.  Through the excellent QA and correction process they have, I have greatly improved my % and have been given an increase in pay.  I was not paid on time when I first started out because of the problems in the company not getting paid as stated in other posts. I have now been paid in full for the work I have done there, just as they promised.  The work load is consistent and VERY plentiful! I feel respected and part of a team. I will NOT be looking for another company any time soon!  Good luck to you.  Hopefully, you will be able to find the perfect fit as I have.
CorT...anybody work for them?
I received an offer for an MT/Quality Asessor job with these guys, and a couple things about it sort of seem odd. Firstly, I've never spoken to anyone there, never had a phone interview or anything, just filled out the online application and took the test and boom, job offer. Is this common? I've only worked for one company from home, and I had a phone interview with them, so I could be just inexperienced with how many companies hire their people. Secondly, am I understanding the offer correctly? There's an evaluation period where I don't get paid for the work I do???
maybe search for Cort

I appreciate the info..I thought it sounded too good to be true!  Thanks!

I work for CorT

thanks for the input..like I said I could find absolutely nothing for them in the archives, so I must not be looking right if there have been past posts on them. Do they have health benefits for FT employees? And if you can tell me where exactly in Ohio they are located I would appreciate it. If you want you can e-mail me. Thanks.

CorT Medical
I am suing them for the money they owe me. They have not even responded to the lawsuit. I don't even know what else to do.
CorT is a client of Focus actually. sm
Focus subcontracts work to CorT as well as a few other companies.
I work for CorT and love it!
Have been working with them for about 6 months now.  There have also been good posts about this company.  It's amazing how people forget the good.  They are great people to work for.  They have had problems in the past with pay, but that has been resolved.  I've had no pay problems since then.  They have consistent work.  The owners actually care about the people that work for them.  I will not be looking elsewhere for a place to work!
It's more than what Cort Medical was offering at first. Is anyone still with them? nm
I was IC w/them and checks came on time. First checks were FedX'd to me on time! I left due to an
I have bounced around (sm)
from company to company looking for a job that I enjoy, pays a decent rate, respects me as an employee, and understands I am a human being with a family, home, etc. And finally I found all that at DeVenture! I could not be happier.

Also, paid time off is calculated individually, not some artificially low hourly rate that punishes those working the hardest (and making the most) when they take time off.
check bounced
i got a check from cortmedical and it bounced. they have still not bothered to pay me. it has been over one month since i have been trying to get the check from them but unfortunately i still have not got it yet.
if you're being bounced around
on different accounts -- have you ever talked with your mgr? asked to be left on your main account the majority of the time? Do you communicate?

I see the stats -- as should you every day -- there is NOT a lack of work at SL, and i have seen no difference with the new MTs being on-board (affecting what i am given in the workpool), experience no obvious problem with cherry-picking.

You know communication is a 2-way street -- if you are unhappy about something, talk to your manager -- try to effect a change, unless you'd rather complain of course.
Bounced check?
I would call the National labor board ASAP and report them. They will get your money to you and possibly take legal action against the company. Good luck!
Bounced check
What do I do with a bounced check from an MT company?
Bounced Check
Unfortunately, the owner is avoiding everyone...I want to take legal action.
bounced check
Please let us know who it is from so we do not go there. You can use initials.

OK, another update-- THis chick paid my friend but THE CHECK IS NO GOOD!!

She won't answer her phone.  She gives lies on IM.

So the MT has now worked an entire new pay period and likely won't get paid for that either.  

Says you.
I have friends who are still there and (sm)
are hating it more and more everyday.  They are already putting out feelers for other companies and ask me how I like my new job.  It's like day and night from SmartMed.
What? My friends?
Because of my good buddies, I don't have to pay any taxes. That makes them my bestest friends. As I trot around the globe on the backs of the working class, I'll flush the commode while flying over your state just to say a BIG HELLO! 
Yea, try almost 60!!!! And my friends say I should go
okay, this is what most people do when they get a bounced check - sm
they take the check to the police, who in turn will file a report and then an arrest can be made. I have been in this business 18 years, and yes I HAVE HAD A COUPLE OF PEOPLE ARRESTED!!! The absolute hardest state to get this done in is in Florida, but if you know the right people and can push the right buttons, it can be done.

Now, ETRANZ is in GEORGIA, so start doing the leg work and stop waiting for the checks. If this business files for bankruptcy, you may be S*** out of luck for any check, depending on how it is done. If this company is filed as an Inc, then you may also be SOL because of the laws in various states.

So stop calling them and contact your police department.
Tried to e-mail but it bounced. You download from
a secure site, usually via an FTP site that your company has setup.  You download to a folder on your hard drive, the same as if you were downloading music or a program.  You then use a foot pedal connected to your computer that is compatible with the software program to play the files.  There are still lots of companies who for some reason have not converted to digital files though, or require you to be type into their system live. 
I had the same thing, not bounced but not in the bank. Will never do
it again. Once may be explainable. Twice or more there is no excuse.
Sounds like my job now except I'm being bounced from account
to account with all totally different client profiles.  On the 10th different one today already.
I have been there 4 years and never had a bounced check. sm
I have and always have had FT work, greater than 1400 lines a day.
try All Type. I have quite a few friends who
work for them part time and have raved about them.
If they were very close friends, yes I would let them know. sm
However, I would be very tactful in doing so. Maybe give them a hint to start looking for another company or job that you have some inside information...etc. If they don't get the hint, then just tell them.

Chances are the company may know this is coming and didn't tell the MTs. Most companies know when their contracts are up for bid or they are given 30-90 day notice the hospital dropping them. So, if the owners of the company do not have the common courtesy to let their MTs know, shame on them! It happens all the time in the corporate world.

Little bit of advice - do not get into gossipy detail, he said, she said. Just do it with diplomacy.

Good luck whatever you decide.
new friends - Winefred
Wow, thanks girls!  I had a lot of response and appreciate it.  Looking forward to chatting with all of you. Go TTer's!!