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Now I'm curious

Posted By: Dano on 2005-12-01
In Reply to: I worked for them and every - Monday there was no work.

I agree DH is a good person, she's the only one I've ever spoken to in the office besides the techs.  Curious to know who the swivel head might be.  LOL  Didn't know they ran out of work, wouldn't bother me once in awhile but if it became consistent....well....

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Curious too!! I am on LOA with them, but would like to know!!
Which "owner" are we talking about?  I've worked there 2 years and never encountered a "moody" person.  Matter-of-fact, I don't even know who the owner IS come to think of it????? 
I'm curious

So many trashing MQ before they've read the new information.  If you're that unhappy why do you stay?  Why not leave before the packet arrives?  Why not quit kvetching and moaning and go find someone whose practices and pay rates you find satisfactory. 

How many of you are MTs with less than "perfect" skills and yet MQ keeps you on?  How many of you work the required hours?  How many of you do what is expected of YOU as an MT?  My guess, having spent many years as an MTSO, is that many of those complaining are the ones not meeting the requirements of being a PROFESSIONAL MT.

Give MQ the benefit of the doubt.  I've known this company since its inception in the 1970s and believe me, the packet is a good thing for MTs, for the MT industry, and for PROFESSIONAL transcriptionists who want to continue doing professional work.

I'm also curious if they
hire IC or FTE?  Looks like an interesting company.  I'd like to know something about them too!
Why,  those 2 last names are partners in OSi
Curious - What is SBC? sm
I have Verizon Freedom. I told them exactly what I would be using it fr and they said no problem, unlimited. I hope they don't call me out on it.
MDI-MD MTs - I'm curious whether you use

another expander?  And if you use Bayscribe, do you use the Quick Bar?   I keep going back and forth.  I have ShortHand and Smartype of my own.  I've tried all different combinations of using them and can't seem to find the right combination.  What I like about Shorthand is that a box pops up to tell me/remind me what is going to play out when I put in a certain shortcut.  The Bayscribe Expander doesn't, unless you are using the Quickbar.  But then when I use the Quickbar I have trouble with it expanding stuff I don't intend to expand, especially when I putting in the header stuff.  But a plus for Quickbar is that is expands instantaneously and I have found Shorthand to hesitate slightly and sometimes by that time I have gone on typing and it will do weird things like capiltalize a letter in the middle if I have pushed the caps key or whatever as I continue typing.

What works for the rest of you?

just curious, but . . .
Didn't the administrator ask OSi to confirm that they were offshoring before making a decision about banning from the board? Of course we all know they didn't get the truth, but I do think they asked them directly. If a co. is going to put ads on this board, don't they owe it to the adm. to be truthful? And I really think they would be. But my biggest question is why some of you people on here just persist on bullying people when they ask questions. It's ridiculous and childish.
I'm curious about this too. (sm)
I spent some time on the AAMT website and can't find it there either. Were you able to get an answer?. I may call the company tomorrow to ask them again before I make my final decision.
as to why you only worked on it for a few days?
Just curious!!

Does anyone know anything about a company called ATSI (american transcription solutions, inc.) also known as MT World? Just wanted some info on this company (the good, bad, and the ugly).   Thanks


Just curious!!
Is the money the only thing that stopped you or was there something else?
To Just Curious
Yes, the subjects are similar and forgive me if this second post bothered you. My first message was directed at how to ensure I could get my first job back within the MT department where I previously worked. In this second message I was questioning whether national employers might hire me if I wasn't accepted back into my department. I was concerned how my two-year lapse working would be received by the national companies as I'm sure the dates will be verified by my employer.
I am curious as well
I have also taken the initial test and will be taking the second portion. Would also like any info anyone may have!
But is that at 4 cpl? Just curious.
I'm curious too!
Curious too
I work for Cymed too, but I'm pretty far out of the loop about anything..just sitting home typing... curious though.
Just curious though...how many hrs PTO
do you get per year and how long before you can start using it. Also, is the PTO and holiday time paid at a flat hourly rate for everyone or based on your average? This is all stuff to compare. Thanks.


Are you considered an employee or IC with them? 

Curious to know...
if the original poster below did indeed report them...or if the previous team lead did as well?
I'm just curious about something sm
What do you have to lose about communicating openly and honestly with your manager? The worst they can say is No, I need you to stay on X accts. If you say look, I'd be more productive on 1 primary - or whatever your magic number- although happy to help with other accounts, maybe they'll say Sure.

All you can do is ask. I asked for 3 primaries and 2 backups at my employer (Webmedx) and my manager was happy to do it for me.
just curious
how many different accounts do you have to work on in that shift to stay busy?
just curious. Who came up with the 40%? nm

Was just curious
I really couldn't care less about the insurance. I was just curious as to how much it was in case I ever do decide to sign up for it. I don't even get the insurance where I work now as I don't need it. I just asked out of sheer curiosity.
curious to know...
how did they change their pay? I used to work for them on an oncology account...stayed for about 1 year. I do like oncology but it was for a teaching facility and had mega ESL dictators.
Just curious
what company is TTS?
just curious
any information on TAIB in Maine.
Curious too
I saw the same add.  Anyone had any experience with them? Their website says they pay 8 cents a line or something comparable, depending on the account.
curious as to
I don't think I would be in breach of any contract (which I haven't signed yet anyway) if I told you that my last day of employment was Monday, September 10, 2007.
did anyone contact them with more than 5 years experience and what did they offer you?
I'm curious too, and about CMT...SM

I started in MT in 1985 and have never bothered to get certified, and it hasn't held me back any.  I've worked in a hospital, a huge clinic, two several-doc offices, and for 2 nationals.  No prospective employer ever asked me if I was certified (as an MT, at least...lol!). Don't really think it's that big a deal.

If that is the pay for SR, what would the cpl rate be for a seasoned hem/onc transcriptionist?
Yes, curious as to when that was...
I have been with DSG for 3+ years and never had an email begging me to say anything nice at all!

Really funny how you have to be bribed into saying something nice or in management to say something positive about DSG? I am just a an extremely happy employee loving my job!
Just curious
When did they start having a daily minimum? I've been with them for 1-1/2 years and was never told this. It's IC status and that's not how it works for me. Did something change recently that I'm not aware of?
Why no thanks? Just curious....NM

Just curious...

I just got hired-on at Transcend!  How do you like it there?  So far I like what I'm hearing...


Curious on how you do that....sm
My question is, do you have to do that yourself or do you have it manufactured that way?

Anyone ever been paid per minute of dictation?  How does it compare to per line?  Thanks

I'd be curious to know more s/m

I also work for MQ and applied for DSG and MDI.  I got offers from both and I'm not sure which one to go with.  I'd like to take them both and ditch MQ altogether, but I don't think I want to learn that many new accounts at once.

I know quite a bit about MDI from the boards, but not too much is said about DSG.  Does DSG use ASR?  I know they use the DQS platform, which is the most appealing aspect to me about DSG.  What do you mean about them bothering if you don't work when you say you will?  Do you have to have a set schedule with them or just meet a daily line count?

You're right about the pay - it's definitely decent with either of these companies - beats MQ!

Please state the details of what you deem to be decent pay
Just curious...sm
On the VR do you think you could get double the lines you get straight transcription. Or is the VR not that good and too much to have to correct to get double the lines to make up the cut in pay?
I'm curious why you had to
buy Word 2003?   I'm currently working there and we use the platform Apex.  It's horrible and you do a search you'll find the same opinion from others.  I didn't need to buy Word 2003 for it though.  I know what you mean about running out of work because it's been happening every week since I started.  I was told it was a very busy acct with alot of work.  It's been about three months now and seems every week now there's a shortage.  They keep advertising though for MTs and the ad says lots of work available.  I applied for several other positions yesterday so I'll see what comes of that.  I wish you luck and sorry to hear it's not working out for you either.
Curious too

Sometimes when I read these posts I wonder if there are 2 TransTechs????? 

I've worked for TT for going on 6 or maybe 7 years now.  Sure some things have changed.  My beef is there are now so many people to report to that I don't know who to contact for what.  I have run out of work very few times.  Ran out on the 4th of July, got a couple of reports on my secondary and went right back to my primary.  I'm sure other people know if they run out of work or not so I'm certainly not saying anyone is lying.  I just wonder if those running out of work are willing to switch back and forth between accounts and if they're willing to do any and all work types???

As for someone in management saying that high producers mess everything up.  I wish you would email me and tell me who said that.  It sounds absurd.  I'm a high producer and about all that has ever been said, or implied, about production is you go girl or something to that effect.  Production is what makes the company money so why would they not want high production???

So far as I know, the 1st Amendment  is still about free speech so as long as you speak the truth I don't think there is a legal issue.  I would think that posting innuendos MIGHT be a legal issue but I don't know of TT suing anyone lately for anything.

I'm not a TTer to the max either, I'm a TT112er to the max.

I read in a recent post that they had simplifed the client specs to be more similar than different and streamlined.  Is this true?  Also, how long does it take to seff-schedule an interview with them?  The spots were already taken on the only email I got about it.  I've read posts about MQ, but don't think they can be worse than where I am now and thought I might like to give them a try.  Any information is helpful.  The current account I have is very complicated and huge, the client specs change almost daily, sometimes twice daily and are 26 pages long and it is a 100% US client and not worth the extroadinary low nerbie rate the MTSO pays.  Thank you in advance.
No, not only am I fat, but I also have a cat myself! :) I chose the name Fatcat because it describes me--certainly not rich (hardly, ha, ha) but because I am, well, FAT. And I do have a cat. BTW, I am not of the majority race, either, so I would be the last person in the world to make an ethnic dig. I'm just an old fat kid who likes to type.
To curious
And hugs right back atcha!
Do you paint gourds for a living now?
Just curious
I've always been curious how some people are in the know about accounts.  I was with TT almost 6 years and outside of the accounts I worked on I never knew what accounts they had and whether or not the clients were happy or not.  Shoot I never even knew who their MTs were.  Maybe I was the only one outside the loop.
Also Curious

I was curious about EMDAT also.  Could someone tell me if something has to be installed on your PC before you can use EMDAT.  I'm interested in using it in two different locations and wondered if there was some program, etc. that had to be installed, or is it completly internet-based.




So that is the name of the company, Toth Transcription?  Have they posted on this site?

Right now I am looking for work, and have been applying all over, just wanted to make sure I did not apply to them.

Thanks for the heads up